Say Her Name, John

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**Disclaimer: all characters appearing in this work of fiction are over the age of 18**

This is the story of how a married couple with a taboo kink gets around and over what turns them on.

“Do you like your daughter’s pussy, John?”

The voice and words licking my lust like a thirsty, depraved lion.

“I told you it’s ok.”

The voice is coming from my wife Marie, her round, heavy, ass jiggling abruptly beneath me as I attempt to speed up our love-making and try to stay hard for her.

It’s working

“I told you now that she’s out of the house, you can do it. Go ahead. Get nice and deep… and say her name, John. Call me Court.”

We had played Daddy/Daughter since we were first married. The wickedness never failed to bring us off in an explosive, titillating, shameful climax. But as our 19 year old daughter went off to Cornell to make us even more proud, we both realized that it was inevitable we would discuss her in bed, and take that final perverted leap in our roleplay.

“Not till shes out of the house and we can be loud.” she had said.

“We raised a superstar and I know her future is as bright as we could have made it. I know you’re a virtuous man, a great man, John, but also a horny man… and this wouldn’t be the first time a father had an incest kink. I’m going to satisfy that kink John, rus escort the same way I know you’ve kept the shame of desiring her a secret while asking me to call you dad in our bed. I also know it turns me on, deep in my perverted soul. I’m going to play as Courtney for you, and you’re going to say her name when you cum in me.”

“But not till she’s out of the house”

Marie is 40. She stands 5’5 with creamy delicate skin from her life as a spoiled wife and mother to an honor student. Her italian heritage showing off proudly in her overly large, natural G cup breasts. it radiated in her glowing, dark-brown hair that was almost black. How Rome ever fell is beyond me, unless all the men decided to stay home with their greatest treasures.

She’s striking, and an incredible lover. Her voluptuous frame hiding a small, discreet pussy with fat, soft, outer lips that i adore sucking. She calls it her ‘schoolgirl pussy’ or sometimes her ‘virgin pussy’, knowing proudly how good it is and what she can do to me with it.

Marie wears a size 14, and her big heavy ass has made me see god more times than I can count. Big and white, with a deep crack that could just swallow up a penis, it was all becoming very real for me and I remembered my own daughter’s rounded, young butt. My wifes dark hair trailing escort rus her back just as Courtney’s does.

She doesn’t need to take me in her big butt to squeeze my cock when she cums, but we both agreed that a different hole for this fantasy would put it over the edge as the sensations and naughty words overwhelmed me.

“Do you like your daughter’s pussy, John?”

“Daddy loves you, Court!” I practically cried as I went in deep up my wifes soft ass, her sweet hole sucking me hard like a teenage mouth.

“Cum inside of Courtney, honey. Take your wife’s ass and cum in your daughter. It’s ok, daddy. Go ahead. say her name and shoot your cum up inside me. Get Courtney pregnant”.

That did it.

“Oh fuck, Courtney! daddys cumming, baby! I’m cumming inside you, Courtney!”

My nuts boiled over in thick, painful squirts, as visions of my lush, 19 year old laughter flooded my brain with primal, wicked, lust.

On cue, my wife played the part,

“Shoot it all in Courtney, honey”

“Breed your daughter”

“Get Court pregnant.”

“Knock up your daughter”

She moaned deep and breathily

My balls were firing sticky wads of my dna up my wife’s soft ass.

I was screaming, tears in my eyes, moaning my daughter’s name while my nuts tried to breed rus escort bayan with my own little girl through my wifes fat ass.

She had begun taking me in her wide, fluffy ass when she played the part of a younger woman. It was so blissfully tight and wrong to be using my wifes butt while I came, openly fantasizing about our daughter and calling out her name.

Courtney… Courtney, Oh COURTNEY!!!

“Who are you cumming in, John?”

my wife asked softly through the haze of my orgasm.

”I’m cumming in my daughter’s pussy!”

I wailed.

“I’m cumming deep in Courtney!”

“Oh Court!!!”

I stayed planted deep inside of my wifes ass, squirting and pumping my semen happily into her huge, receptive butt.

She knew this was the hardest orgasm I’d had in her presence by far, and tried to keep it going, reaching behind her with both hands to spread her fatness wide and urging me deeper up her clenching rectum.

As the sensations slowed and the twitches in my overworked nuts subsided, she continued kegeling her asshole on my cock, asking me to make sure our daughter was completely pregnant.

It was the fuck of my lifetime, and for that I was ashamed, after having just emptied my nuts for my little girl, who I loved, right into my naughty wife.

“I hope you enjoyed it, baby” my wife said.

“Because we cant do that a second time. It’s too much.”

I agreed because I knew she was right. This kind of thing was bad. We both knew it. But deep down, we also both knew it might be too much to resist reigniting our incestuous impulses.

“I love you, Marie.”

“I love you, John.”

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