Save Her From Strangers

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“Its time to go to college, wake up Rahul or else I will pour water over you”

Its my mom Rema roaring from the doorway. I got up quickly and looked at the watch. Its 8 o’ clock. I ran to the bathroom to get ready for college. It’s going late and I took the bath and dressed up in a hurry and had a mini breakfast. My mom who is a teacher at the same college is already prepared for the college. She is in her new red silk sari that dad sent from Singapore and she seems to be very happy and above all a bit sexy. Even in her early 40s she look so nice with a tall-heavy figure. She is about 5’11 and her body is every man’s paradise. Since she delivered only me her body is well fit.

“Come on Rahul you are getting late.”

She cried out. I ran out taking my books and she locked the house and we walked to the bus stop. It’s been almost 9 and every bus is rush. It is like that during the morning hours due to the office-college guys. We got into a bus, which was thickly packed and managed to stand only. The journey will take half an hour. In front of me I saw a lady standing. She may be 25-28. I noticed her looking around, to her back and side. In a minute she lean back on me. Her butt hit my front. I was surprised by the act. I saw my mom is too close to me. She stayed on the right side of me, a bit in front of me. It was not able for her to see what I am doing. My heartbeat slowed down when I found that she couldn’t find out if I put my jackey on the lady in front of me.

Grabbing courage I pressed further front and my cock now clearly is pressed against her buttocks. It felt to me so soft and fleshy that aroused my cock. It bean to grow. The lady stood still and seems to like this. I want more action that I brought my one hand down and pressed one of her ass cheeks. That one really is impressive and I got more encouragement, as she didn’t resist. It really is the license for more action as I moved my hand slowly towards her top and touched her boobs and pressed it. She jutted back further and her hair touched my face. I got the smell of it and it again added to my hard-on. There was nothing more I could do in the bus. Only touch and squeeze and I thought not to waste the opportunity and I ran my arms slowly around her risen parts.

I turned my face to notice Bostancı Escort if my mother is watching. She is looking away. But she is not comfortable standing there. Some boy has got himself pressed against her. He is standing face to face of her and I suspect he is disturbing her. So I pushed the lady a bit to front and reached level to where mom is standing. I saw that sight. Her eyes are closed and her big boobs are being squeezed and in return she is rubbing his bulge through the pants. I was really surprised. She is not even bothering if anyone is watching her. My face reddened. I thought of beating the boy. But it’s a shame on her if people come to know about it. So I change my mind.

The boy may be a 8th or 9th class student; I could easily identify seeing his uniform. He is really enjoying the play. I saw his one hand really pressing my moms boobs and the other hand rubbing the front of her sari. I was not holding back anymore as I couldn’t hold back anymore. I pushed the boy away and looked at mom with my burning anger filled eyes. She was really surprised and shocked. I told her to get down at next stop. She obeyed me. We caught the next bus and drove back home.

The door is opened and I sit on the sofa in the visiting room. She went into her room. I seem so frustrated and annoyed by what I saw in the morning. I want to punish her for the immoral act. I stood up and walked in to her room. She was undressing. Without the knowledge I pushed open the door and got in. She stood there topless. Seeing me in she covered her top with her hands and groaned “go away”. I turned back quickly, but something urged me to move towards her. I walked towards the door and locked it and reached near her. She trembled in fear. Her body sweating. Reaching near her I asked,

“What were you doing with that boy in the bus”

“No any nothing”

“I saw everything don’t try to hide” I shouted back.

Her eyes filled with tears and she leaned on my chest. I felt her warm tears flowing down my chest.

“I was helpless” she continued “what can I do? I am a woman. I have desires. It’s been long 1o years since your dad and I had sex. He found pleasure on some street prostitutes and gays”. (Her tears flew down like a river.)

Seeing her tears Kadıköy Escort my anger cooled down and I tried to comfort her by patting her shoulders. I realize that the fault is on dad and his ignorance has created her helpless situation. I decided to help my mother that she never had to seek for sex outside. I lift her face up from my chest and kissed her red lips. She was shocked and she tried to slip away from me. I held my arms around her tightly and her chest meet mine, her big hard boobs pressed against my chest. Her attempts to escape weakened as I hold one of her firm boobs and caressed her nipple. I am sure that this lady is longing for a cock for years. I moved my arms down to her waist and untied the knot of her undergarment. It fell down to the floor. I lowered her panties down and gently touched her cunt-hole. It was wet and I felt slight warmth inside it. Her eyes are now closed and she bit her lips moaning gently. I turned my attention fully to her pussy. I inserted my two fingers and slowly stroke caressing her nipples. Her boobs were round like a big jelly and her nipples about the size of a black-grape.

I bent down on my knees. Holding her back with my hands I kissed her pussy entrance and rubbed my lips over it and then gently pushed my tongue into the cunt hole. My arms around her back squeezed her ass cheeks which were massive that fits her tall body. She moaned gently and her body shivered.

“Uuuuuuuum god son tease mommas cunt like that”.

Her sounds made my cock to pain as it grew inside my pants. Her cunt was soaked in a mixed flavor of my saliva and her cunt-juice. I don’t have to continue for long that she came within a few minutes. Her moaning became louder “Aaaah yeeaa ooooh”. The juice fell on my nose and I really enjoyed its scent.

I stood up and grabbing her face I kissed her passionately.

“I love you momma, I don’t want to see you crying.”

I kissed her again. I slowly unbuttoned my pants and took my cock outside which was large and fat. Her eyes glow seeing my big cock. Her arms suddenly grabbed my cock that was longing for a touch for years. I felt like heaven when she bent down and circled her tongue around my cock-tip. “Mmmmmmmmm” I moaned. She gave me a fair blowjob for 2 minutes and told me “mommy Göztepe Escort cant wait any longer son, please do it in my cunt”. I was ready for the fuck as my cock is well lubricated with her saliva.

Saying this momma lay on her back in the center of the bed. I positioned myself between momma’s wide spread legs and holding her thighs apart I pushed my monster between the wet lips of her open sex. She moaned as she felt the head split her opening. Her cunt was hot, and tight, and wet against my cock. I found that hers is a rarely used cunt. I slowly pushed the whole length inside into her. Momma groaned out loud and was lost in ecstasy as I started a long slow rhythm into her aroused clasping cunt. Fuck me,” she ordered. “Oh son, fuck your mummy!” Mom’s hips began making little up and down strokes along with my thrusts.

Suddenly, mom’s legs flew up and wrapped around my waist, her ankles locking behind my ass. Now, with each downward stroke of my cock, her legs flexed, causing her body to slam up against mine. Her breaths came in short, deep gasps. Sheen of sweat covered our bodies. As my mother shook her head from side to side, strands of hair stuck to her wet, sweaty face, flopping into her open mouth, sticking to her eyes.

“Oh, God!” she screamed out, “Fuck me! Fuck your mother!”

I could feel a slow boiling feeling in my balls.

“I’m going to cum,” I moaned almost uncontrollably, “I’m going to cum!”

I could feel a slight quiver in my mother’s cunt, then her entire body began to shake beneath me. “Oh, shit! Shit!” she cried out. I could feel a spasm in my cock as the first spurt of cum rushed out, spewing deep into my mother’s womb.

Her head was thrown back, her mouth wide open. From deep in her throat, a long, low moan formed. Her pelvis made quick, jerking motions against mine. Now, her breasts were flying from side to side, as her breath came in short, deep gasps.

As I continued to thrust deep in and out of her, her moans become scream. “You’re gonna make me cuuuuummm. OOOhhhhh shiiiiiiit. Make mommy cuuummmm. Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuck. Make me cum, make me cum. Ahhhhhhhh.”

I felt another spurt of cum blasting out of my cock, and then another. Uncontrollably, I let out a loud groan the last of my sperm spilled into my mother. Mom’s body shook in one long, last spasm, then I could feel her go limp beneath me. I collapsed on top of her, our sweaty bodies making contact from head to toe, my cock still buried inside her.

After the day we started to sleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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