Safe and Sexy

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There was a disco taking place that night. While she was dressing for the night, her mum was vacuuming the next room. Misha took a pair of white sneakers, jeans shorts and a white tank top. Nothing complicated, but still hot.

She went out from her room. “Hey, what is that,” Misha heard her mom’s raised voice over the vacuum’s engine. “Where do you think you’re going, dressed like that?”

“To a disco bar, mum,” answered Misha.

“Oh yeah? Look at you! I can see half of your butt. Anybody can touch you there.”

“Oh mum. Really? Please…,” Misha began.

Her mum grabbed her by her ass. “If I can do it, anybody can.”

“Mum! What are you doing,” Misha gasped.

“Look, I am here alone. You can see me. Imagine your naked butt in a crowded bar. How could you tell which of them belongs to your friend? How many hands can touch you? How many of them will be washed?”

“Look mom…”

“The nights are cold. These clothes wouldn’t protect you against that.”

“I will take a jacket,” said Misha.

“That will protect your upper half. What about your legs? And butt? They won’t be covered at all.”

“It’s warm enough outside, mum.”

“Let’s see about that. Let’s too an experiment,” said her mom. She took the vacuum hose and attached it to Misha’s thigh. “Can you feel the air rushing along your skin?”

“Yes mum, but…”

“How does it feel,” continued her mum, ignoring her daughter.

“Chilly, I guess.”

“Now this is just a vacuum. The wind outside will be more powerful.”

“I get it, mum,” Misha sighed.

“Let’s see about that,” said mum. She attached the sucking hose to her half-naked butt. “What do you say now,” she asked.

“This is definitely getting weird,” Misha chuckled nervously.

“We will get to that. Now answer me. Do you feel the air?”

“Yes, I do,” answered Misha.

“How does it feel?”

“Mum, I am not sure…”

“Answer me!”

“It’s colder than on the legs.”

“You see? That’s what I am talking about. The wind outside will be stronger. You should put on something warmer. Besides, those shorts will attract unwanted attention.”

“I think it does right now,” Misha retorted.

“And you said it’s weird. The attention bursa eskort from guys outside will be much worse. More aggressive. More insistent,” said her mum.

“I will be fine mum. My friends will protect me.”

“If they are around,” said her mum and sealed the hose on Misha’s butt.

Misha jumped from surprise, “What are you doing mum? That’s gross!”

“Your friends will protect you, haven’t you said that,” asked her mum sarcastically. She put the hose on the second butt cheek. Misha jumped again.


“Where are they now, I wonder,” asked mum.

“I don’t know.”

“That’s the point. Nobody will come to you when you are in a group. But just go to toilet and anything can happen,” said her mum. “But that’s what you want, don’t you?”

“I…,” said Misha.

“Admit it. You want to attract attention. Dressing like a slut. Well, you’ve just got what you wanted. Now what?”

Misha’s mouth opened and shut. She didn’t expect this. Yes, she was horny. She wanted sex. She just didn’t expect that the attention would make her uncomfortable. She was beginning to understand what her mum was trying to say to her.

“Now imagine you alone, somewhere in a dark corner, with somebody who is stronger than you, taller than you, kissing and touching you on your body as he wants. There is nothing you can do,” she put the hose on Misha’s belly to raise the point.

Misha was actually terrified by that thought. But a calming thought crossed her mind. Mum was definitely horny. She was weird with the vacuum, but Misha began to like the sucking feeling on her body.

“And now imagine he will spread your legs apart like this,” her mum continued and spread Misha’s legs. “Then he will want to touch and kiss this,” she put the sucking hose on Misha’s crotch covered with the shorts.

“Ahh,” Misha moaned.

“Aww, really? Somebody’s horny and likes it,” said her mum. She shook the hose. The vacuum pulled on Misha’s shorts.

“Okay mum, ahh. I get the point.”

“Oh, do you now,” asked her mum.

“Yeah, ahh. I, ahhh, I will get, oh my god. I will get dressed properly. You can stop now,” said Misha, but didn’t move.

“You don’t understand, my girl. Why don’t you stay bursa bayan escort with mummy and let me continue with what am I doing right now? You enjoy it, don’t you? We can have fun here, in the safety of home. No need to worry about dark alleys.”

To emphasize her point, Jana, Misha’s mum, angled the hose so that it sucked some air. This made Misha’s shorts vibrate. Misha’s voice began to tremble and so did her legs. Jana put the hose off Misha’s jeans and stood up.

“What do you say, sweetie,” she asked and sucked Misha’s clothed breasts with the hose and gave her a kiss.

That kiss decided things for Misha. She was so horny. She made out with her mum. She was so wet. Her panties were drenched. She wanted to make her mum wet too. She wanted to see a wet spot on her mum’s purple leggings.

As they were making out, Misha grabbed Jana’s boob, covered in a black shirt and black bra. With her other hand, she took the hose from her mum. She put the hose to her mum’s crotch. Jana caressed Misha’s ginger, curly hair. Some juices flowed her panties, but not enough to wet her leggings. Not yet.

Then Misha’s began to experiment with the hose, it’s angle. She’d got talent from her mum, because she soon found the right angle which made her mum’s leggings vibrate, turning them into a vibrator which trembled Jana’s crotch. And her vocal cords. She hugged Misha around neck to gain more stability.

“Oh, darling, you really got talent with it,” she whispered to Misha’s ear. Then she kissed it.

Misha put the hose off and saw that there indeed was a wet spot on the pink leggings, although small. She put the hose on her tank top while she rubbed her jean shorts.

“No, that’s not enough. I need you here,” she said to the cum-hungry hose and put where it felt best.

“Let me help you with that. Lie on the couch, make yourself comfortable and enjoy it’s power,” said Jana.

Misha gave her the hose, which Jana immediately put on her clothed pussy.

“Hey, you are cheating,” said Misha.

“A moment where is this unused is a moment lost,” said Jana. She was so horny. She wanted make Misha cum in her shorts.

Misha lied on the couch and Jana bursa ucuz escort put her hands to work. She could see that her daughter was as horny as herself, but she wanted her to tease. She sucked her on her legs, toes, then on her belly and breasts.

“Mum, I want it,” squealed Misha.

“What?” Jana teased her.

“Put it there.”

“Behave first.”

“Put it there, please. I want it so bad.”

“Oh, do you?” said Jana and put the hose in between her daughter’s legs. Then she put it off. “How much do you want it, darling?”

“Really, really bad. Mum, please.”

“Like really, really bad,” asked Jana, teasing Misha with the hose. Misha’s body tensed each time Jana let the hose touch her daughter.

“Mum, I beg you.”

“What wouldn’t I do for my sweetie,” said Jana and finally put the hose there.

“Ohh. That’s wonderful. Make me cum, please,” moaned Misha.

Jana couldn’t help but began to caress herself. She moaned with excitement, seeing her daughter riding the hose, the sound of suction and vibration. The arousal was in the air. The atmosphere was so dense you could cut it with knife.

Misha’s body trembled as it went to climax. Her hips, up in the air , sucked by the vacuum, now relaxed on the couch. Her panties just a wetland. She was breathing heavily.

Jana let her relax and put the hose to use once more, this time on herself. She made circular motion with the hose around her crotch. The hose grasped any tissue it could on it’s cruise around Jana’s pleasure zone.

Jana’s arousal was at it maximum. She saw Misha and felt her hand as she gently took the hose from her hands, so that she could enjoy the moment at it’s fullest. Now it was her turn to lie on the couch.

Her legs began to tremble. She moaned as the hungry machine sucked on her. Her body tensed. For a second, it went still, then shook wildly as the orgasm took control over it. Jana screamed with pleasure. Misha was looking at the spectacle with her tired eyes and open mouth. She was beginning to feel aroused again.

Jana collapsed on the couch, tired as well. Misha turned off the machine so that it could rest after the hard work.

“Well, how did you like it,” said Jana between her breaths.

“This was wonderful. No way I am going out. I’ll call them that they shouldn’t wait me. No no. I am going to my room. And I am taking this with me,” said Misha.

She went to her room, pulling the vacuum with her.

Jana jumped from the couch and shouted, “Hey. Wait for me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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