Ruby’s Coach Pt. 04

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Here is a story I started several years ago. Recently, I had the time to revisit it, alter it, edit and spruce it up. There are no real persons or characters and any similarities to real people is purely coincidental. All characters are an amalgam of those I have known and experiences of which I participated. There is sex between adults, both heterosexual and bisexual. If that is not your taste, please move on. All comments are welcome.

When we got to Ruby’s Coach, there were several people walking around and admiring it. In fact, five minutes earlier, I had received pictures and warnings from my app. I had the app sound the coach warning to stay back. Approaching them, I asked if I could help them. There were three people, two men and a woman, and all effusively apologized for waking the sleeping giant. They were simply glomming the coach and its paint job. They were from the Marathon, three pads away. Since it was such a balmy night, I suggested that they bring over their chairs and we have some wine outside. They agreed and the men went to get some chairs from their coach. I turned on the coach and put on some music.

“Oh yeah, I love me some Little Feat,” said Sam.

It seemed that everybody wanted tequila shots first. So that’s what we had. Soon, we were like old friends talking about our respective rides. Stephen, Mike and Gloria told us that their fifteen-year-old Marathon was just refurbished and modernized. They thought they were the coolest bus on the road until they saw Ruby.

“I’m loving that paint,” said Mike. “It’s so intricate. It really pops in the sunlight.”

“I think it’s so classy,” said Gloria.

“It’s new. This is our shakedown voyage.” I said.

“Wow! How far have you come?”

“Just from the Sarasota area. How about you?”

“We came down from Canada. We had the coach refurbished in Quebec by Prevost. So far, it’s just minor stuff. It runs like a dream.”

We talked and drank when Stephen pulled out a joint and asked, “Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” said Roger, as he pulled out one, too.

The chat turned to how the sleeping accommodations were. “Well, we just picked up these hitchhikers earlier and haven’t tried out the beds,” I said.

“Hitchhikers! Hmmmph! We already paid our way with sex!” Roger snickered.

“You folks are obviously kidding,” said Gloria.

“You got us. No, we are old friends. We just came from a few days on Little Palm Island,” said Sam.

“Oh, I’m envious,” said Stephen.

“So, who is married to who?”

Patty said, “I’m married to the hunk over there. The owners of the coach are just shacking up.”

Now, Sam harrumphed, “Yeah, like the Ritz-Carlton shack!” This brought laughter.

“I am married to Gloria but Stephen is our longtime partner,” said Mike as the tequila was taking its toll.

“So you’re a threesome? How cool. We’re a foursome,” said Patty with a twinkle in her eye.

Stephen asked, “Do you swap or all together?”

“All together, “I said, “we’re all bi.”

“So are we,” said Mike.

I appraised this threesome. I guessed that they were all in their forties or early fifties. Mike, who seemed to be the leader and more forceful of the group, was on the stocky side but well built. Stephen was somewhat more effeminate. His tall, thin, willowy frame was also athletic. He might be a runner. Gloria was the most outgoing. She was on the zaftig side. Her beauty parlor blond with pink highlights and her deep cleavage made her stand out from the crowd.

“You’re the second bunch of people that we’ve met who are into the lifestyle,” said Gloria. “How long, may I ask?”

Now, I laughed. “Roger and Patty were the ones who broke me in and that was about twenty years ago. “We just accidently reconnected a few days ago. I can safely and honestly say that Roger’s blowjob is one of the very best.”

Stephen interrupted that thought. “What? Wait a minute; I thought it was a tie between Mike and Gloria. Eh?”

We laughed a bit more when Gloria, looking troubled, got up. “I’m not feeling very well. That seafood dinner we had is affecting me. My stomach hurts. I have to lea. We’re here for a few more days. Maybe, we could have a seven-way tomorrow night, eh? But I have to go now.” She patted her stomach.

We cleaned up and closed the door. I set the coach for the night. We talked about our friendly neighbors, the threesome, and the possibilities for tomorrow night. I know that I, for one, wanted to see a blowjob contest. I got the sense that so did everyone else. Right now, we had other things to do.

“To show that you taught me well, I’d like to return the favor,” I said.

Sam added, “And to show that he taught me well, I’d like to help him.”

We ushered them into our bedroom and began to strip them. After they were both nude, we had them lie down. While they watched, we stripped each other slowly. Then we crawled onto the bed, me between Roger’s legs and Sam between Patty’s legs. We explored a bit.

“Your clit is so big,” said bahis siteleri Sam. Patty just sighed contentedly.

I put my palms under Roger’s buttocks and lifted him. I proceed to lick all around his balls, his taint and his asshole before licking his length. I knew that I was torturing him a little bit but I wanted the full experience and really, he did, too. I must have spent fifteen minutes repeating this when Sam elbowed me and we switched.

I was face deep in Patty’s puss. I palmed her butt and lifted her. I spent a good bit of time fucklicking and dipping my tongue in her tight little star. Finally, I moved back to her clit, licking and sucking its length. There was a lot of groaning going on. Patty expelled a queef and pushed her vulva between my lips. I elbowed Sam and again, we exchanged partners.

Roger was hard and at full extension so I knew that Sam had done a good job. I was smiling at a big red helmet and I swear it was winking at me. I licked around the head, piercing his piss slit with the tip of my tongue and taking the whole head in while sucking on it. I moved my head up and down but mostly concentrating on swirling my tongue under and around the head. Roger jerked a few times. With purpose, I placed two fingers on his asshole and gently drew circles before inserting them. My head went up and down while my fingers moved in and out. Roger was rocking with me and we were in a rhythm.

Next to me, Sam was performing well. I could hear the sounds of Patty’s flowing cunt and Sam’s oral slurping. Roger was now filling my mouth and throat with cock and I could feel it tremble. Up and down I went. My fingertips rubbed his prostate. I knew that he could not take much more of this. His ballsac drew tight and I backed off.

“Oh, Ray, don’t stop. I’m close.”

He didn’t have to ask twice. I took his glans back in and ran a nail along the vein. He arched up. I continued my sucking in earnest. His cock felt so good, filling my pie hole with warmth and stiff, hard skin. I went down as far as my throat would allow. I backed up sucking when his glans erupted with his silky, pearly dripping prize. I swallowed the first two shots, let the third, and fourth wash my tongue. My cock, with a mind of its own sprayed jizz allover my stomach, my chest and my neck. Oh man, did that cum feel good. My memory triggered again to my first time and then to my first time with him. Both were the same experience and both were distinct and unique. They say that once you taste a woman, you never forget her. The same is true with a man. Each cock is unique and inimitable. And your mind has a mind of its own, too. We rested with his cock still in my mouth until he slipped out, followed by some cum. I licked my lips and swallowed the rest.

“You learned well, young Jedi.” I just smiled. I looked over at the women. They watched us. They were smiling, too.

“I haven’t seen your eyes roll up in a long time, honey. That must have been really good. No, excellent,” remarked Patty. She turned to Sam, “May I play with your man?”

“Don’t play with him. Get serious. It looks like he needs it.”

Patty flopped my limp and wet dick back and forth. It was very comical and we all laughed. Sam tried the same thing with Roger with the same result.

“Come on. Get hard. I want a penis between us.”

Patty pushed me on my back and mounted me. “Did you ever play a Sybian, Ray? It’s role play.” She slid up and down. My cock was still soft. “No, faster. I need dick.” She slid up and down with a fever. I placed my hand on her clit but I could not keep up with her voracious pace. Also, I was still soft. “Okay, this will take some work.” She hopped off. “What are we going to do with you two?”

“I say you give us ten minutes, you horny cunts.” I said it and I stood by it.

“Good idea. I second it,” said Roger.

With grumbling, we all recouped and maybe slept a little. Okay, we slept a lot, maybe several hours. It was eight-thirty when we began to rouse. There was a parade to the bathroom. I set up coffee and opened the shades in the living room. I noticed that our threesome friends in the Marathon were no longer there. I guess Gloria was more ill than she supposed. I hoped it was something worse. Oh, well, maybe we’ll meet them up the road.

“Wake and Bake?” asked Roger.

“How about fornicate and satiate instead?” asked Patty.

“Why not just suck and fuck?” asked Sam.

“Good idea. You know, we have some work to do, Roger.” I smiled.

Some people like to fuck in the morning. Some people like to fuck at night. My ex-wife and I had this conflict so we did as rational people do, we compromised and I learned to enjoy fucking in the morning. It became a chore, especially as it was always the missionary position. However, this morning sex was not a chore and we never saw the missionary position. No, this was a jolly fuck.

We tumbled onto the bed and right away, Patty jumped on me. Her happy tits bounced on my face as wasted no time and she mounted me. “Are canlı bahis siteleri we playing Sybian again?” Sam and Roger were in a wild, rolling sixty-nine. Next thing I knew was when she rolled off me and pushed Sam off Roger, whom she immediately mounted. Sam meanwhile jumped on me, rocking on my now stiff rocket launcher. In addition, Roger was playing with her nipples! I grabbed for what I could and my hand found Patty’s smooth ass. No, I stand corrected. This was a jolly good fuck.

It was then that I remembered something. “Wait! Hold it! Freeze! Don’t move!”

“Uh oh, Ray is bringing out the heavy weaponry,” said Sam.

I wiggled out from under Sam and reached into the drawer of the nightstand. I removed the black fabric bag, opened it and emptied three glass dildos, a glass butt plug and some lubrication gel.

“What! Look at these! Holy shit!” screamed Patty.

“These were a gift from the Newell factory crew to Ruby. They stashed it in the coach. I don’t think she ever saw them.”

“They are a gift from beyond! Waddya’ say, let’s break them in,” suggested Sam.

“Ooh, look at them. They’re beauties.” Patty picked one up. “Each one is unique.” She held an eight-inch glass cock with an extension to rub the clit. Another was also about eight-inches but it was fatter and had a bigger head. The third was a ten-inch double dick with large bumps along the shafts. With one side curved to stimulate the g-spot, two could have a mighty ride on this stick. The glass butt plug was about four inches, wider in the middle and small bumps to rub the prostate gland (if, of course, it was worn by a man but, of course, it was ideal for double penetration). “Very impressive. That crew must have really loved her. I mean, really!”

I took the fatter one and lubricated it. With Sam sitting across from me, I rubbed the head along her clit. She sighed. She stretched backward while I slowly inserted it in her already soaking puss. She sighed again. I slowly pushed it in about halfway. “Wow! I can feel my walls stretch. I feel so full.” I pushed it in the rest of the way. “Ooph!” It took her breath away. I slowly started to move it in and out, as she arched up and down. “Geez, this is some ride.”

Patty lubricated the butt plug and inserted into Roger. “I’m going to roger Roger.” Roger picked up the dildo with the clit stimulator and Patty immediately sat on it, expending a loud queef. “Oh, my God.”

We were a crazy group intent on the goal of orgasming. We were a loud group, too, with many squeals, moans and assorted exclamations. Sam was the first to give up her toy. “Oh, I liked it. It certainly was different but I prefer you, baby, right now. You do me right.” We lay on our sides and slowly made out. Oh yeah, we fornicated sideways, too, as she threw her leg over me. Nice, relaxing and slow. Just how we liked it.

Meanwhile, Roger and Patty were in the throes of animal sex. Roger was sitting on the butt plug as he jerked off. Patty was rubbing a dildo over her clit. The shaft was in as deep as it would go and the external clit stimulator was exactly on target. Her eyes were rolling. Roger spewed all over her. He spunked her cheeks, her tits, her stomach and even the hand controlling the dildo. Patty closed her eyes and began to bounce and grunt until she let out a scream and shook for a while as her orgasm overtook her.

Sam and I were in another world. We never even heard them take a shower. We had one of those silent, yet rhapsodic, orgasms together. Now that is how you have a morning fuck.

We entered the kitchen where coffee waited. “I think I’m fucked out,” said Patty.

“I’ve never heard you say that before,” said an astonished Roger.

“That’s my Iron Man,” smiled Patty. We sat around and nibbled on some croissants. Mostly, we listened to Patty’s complaint. “I mean it. My thighs are sore, my pussy is sore, everything is a little sore. I wouldn’t mind a good spa…a massage…a hot tub…”

“I think I know how she feels,” said Sam. “We’ve had quite a lot of sex in the past week. I’m feeling a bit sore, too.”

“I agree. I swear my dick has track marks.”

“Do you think we should take a break?”

“We’ll see how we feel tonight.”

“I can give you a massage,” Roger volunteered to Patty. “Come on, lay down and I’ll make you feel better.”

“Okay, you certainly know how to do that…but no happy ending. This old girl can’t take it. I just want a massage, please.”

She stretched out on the couch while Roger went to get some oil. I get a couple of sheets to stretch across the couch. Patty looked ready.

“I want to ask you something,” said Sam. “How did you two get into the lifestyle?”

“Oh, Jeez. That goes back. Roger, do you want to start?”

Roger began to massage Patty. “Well, I’d had a few experiences when I was young. I was shown what my penis could do by an older classmate. We were walking in the woods when he had to pee. He whipped it out and I was amazed. I had never seen a dick before and his canlı bahis was huge and hairy. Over the next few months, he secretly introduced masturbation and oral into the mix. Therefore, by the time I got into high school, I knew what my dick could do and I was very popular with the girls. However, I didn’t really bloom until I got to Wharton. In my second year, a professor and his wife took my under their wings. They showed me how to make love to a vagina and how good a cock felt in my ass. By the time I graduated college, I’d been introduced to orgies, threesomes, bondage, and all sorts of completely uninhibited things. One beloved professor had a country house outside of Philly where a select number of male and female students indulged in nudism and all kinds of sex at any time of the day or night. It was so free and so erotic. Anyway, I eventually graduated and got my first job with Blackstone in New York City. That’s where I met Patty. You want to take it from here, sweetheart?”

Patty picked up the story. “I worked as an analyst at Blackstone. I had had some dissatisfying sexual encounters and I was still a virgin. Roger came into the firm and soon, swept me off my feet. He was so tender, gentle and caring. I have to say that we fell in love almost immediately. When I finally, after holding out and him patiently waiting, gave him my virginity, it was an extraordinary experience. Mind-blowing. He took me places I didn’t know existed. My entire body never felt so good. I asked him how he learned to give pleasure like that and he told me all about the professor and his wife. Believe me, to this little inexperienced woman, it was a revelation.”

“After several months of dating, and reeducating me to my body, we took a trip down to Philadelphia. I met his mentors at their home on the Main Line.”

“Ooh, what was that like?”

“It was a huge old mansion. I remember that when we got there, we had to strip down before we went inside. I was a little inhibited but it was a hot August day…and the pool looked good…and there were people splashing around. It was the first time I was ever among nudists. I was fondled and felt up. I felt free and loose. That night, I was blindfolded and tied to a bed. There were hands and mouths all over me. Then I felt a warm, wet towel on my pussy as someone shaved me. Then they all rubbed oil over me. There must have been a dozen pairs of hands…I tell you, I was in a sensual paradise. That’s when the body parts arrived. Penises all around me, in my hands, in my mouth…and pussies, too, sliding on my legs, using my toes…I think I sucked four of five cocks, I don’t know. I was lost in ecstasy as different tongues licked my holes. I remember when that first cooch descended onto my mouth and nose. At first, the taste and scent was musky and very powerful, then, it was sweet and thick, like a nectar. I took to it right away. I really loved it. I learned how to take control of another person’s orgasm. I couldn’t control my own, as I must have had about twenty little ones, but I could control my partner’s release. As I drank different cum from different sources, I exploded, literally, exploded. I had my first squirting orgasm ever. I was shaking. That night was really something.”

“They took off the blindfold and the ties and we proceeded to have an orgy. I remember seeing Roger swallow a huge dick while being fucked by a strap-on worn by the professor’s wife. I remember being spit-roasted by the professor and a student with a horsecock. Both of them had large, thick cocks. I’d never felt so full. When the professor stuck his finger in my ass, I came again and again I squirted. That had never happened before. That was a night of never-happened-befores…very memorable.”

“For several years, we went down there for a recharge. It all ended when the professor and his wife were killed in a car accident. Nevertheless, the lessons we learned and the orgasms we had changed our lives. We drove down to their funeral and I was surprised by the large turnout. They turned a lot of people on. He wrote two books on sexuality and she wrote one on living a sexual life. After the funeral, we became the teachers and introduced quite a few people into the lifestyle.”

“Gee, it reminds of the influence our Ruby had on her sphere of the world, ” I mused.

“Wow! What a story!” said Sam. “I think I would like to experience that, too. I mean, being blindfolded and restrained and lovingly taken to different orgasmic levels. Oh! It sounds divine.”

“You know,” said Roger, “every year, we, their students, have a reunion. This year, it’s at a plush sex resort near Palm Springs. I think it’s in July, right, hon? Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“You know I am. You two would make perfect initiates, don’t you think?”

“Exactly. You might even have a night of never-happened-befores.”

Sam looked at me and, I think, both our eyes were popping out. “What do you think, Ray? Do you think that’s a good stop on our road trip west?”

“I’ll plug it into the GPS now!”

That brought a few laughs. “I’ll send you all the info when we get home.”

“Meanwhile,” I said, “this day is wasting away. Let’s get our shit together and catch another day in Key West. Waddaya’ say?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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