Romance in the forest!


The sound of the gravel crunching underneath my tires as I turn off the highway and onto the little unpaved road is unnerving but welcome. Welcome, because the road will take me to where my heart is. She is only a short distance away now and I cannot wait to be there, in her arms.

It’s difficult to keep from smashing the pedal to the floor, but the roads are steep and winding and I want to make it to my destination in one piece. My mind runs rampant with thoughts of her scent and smile, making me smile in anticipation. The forest around me is thick and it’s obvious the road was only recently cleared. The smell of sap and soil is strong in the air, birds are chirping and the sun is hovering over the mountain tops, it’s been a long drive but I know it will be worth it to have her all to myself for hours.

My train of thought starts to wander back to the first time I saw her; I was at my favorite book store, standing in line with my purchase, when I caught a flash of red hair coming around a pillar. My head turned watch her enter the door. Her cloud of red hair was floating around her sweet, beautiful face, her naturally pink lips smiling mischievously. She stopped at the door for a moment as if debating her entrance, piquing my interest.

She entered the store with a deliberate grace, pausing at the front door again and glancing around. I wondered if she was merely getting her bearings or if she was here to meet some lucky man. She walked purposefully to the right, heading straight to the small Starbucks in the store. I saw my chance and after I finished with my purchase, I walked to the coffee shop myself to get something to drink.

She approached the counter without glancing at the menu; the bemused teenager behind the counter deigning to take her order after a moment. Without missing a beat, she asked for a venti iced caramel macchiato. Stepping up I asked the cashier to get me a regular coffee and handed her a twenty. The girl turned to me and thanked me, though I hardly heard her. I have always heard the cheesy line about “her eyes are pools to get lost in forever” but I had never met a woman who could hold me in place with a glance the way she did. Any thoughts that had been in my head fled, leaving it blank and my mouth hanging open. I finally stammered back that it was indeed my pleasure, and asked if she would like to sit down with me to relax before I was lost in my book.

I round the next bend, dropping my speed to 35 mph. My tires are shifting on the dirt road bringing my car precariously close to the steep grade. The grade and valley floor are full of enough rocks and pine trees to make even the most experienced driver nervous. The trees in the valley and the mountains are still topped with snow, even this late in the season. The sun is out and a brisk wind is blowing, but purple clouds are lingering on the outer horizon. I know there is going be snow this afternoon, if not, this evening and I am even more eager to be at the cabin, wrapped in my girl’s arms, feeling her soft, smooth skin and listening to her breathing.

I am trying to keep my eyes on the road but my mind keeps going back to the first time we made love on the couch in her cozy living room. Her home is an extension of herself, as beautiful as she is. I remember feeling instantly welcome and happy as I entered her home and her bedroom for the first time. I see the angled ceilings with the rich wood supports, the family pictures on the wall and can almost feel her skin as her body molds into mine. I was very conscious of every nerve ending in my body and her lying next to me. She felt so good it came as a shock that this beautiful creature was giving me the gift of such closeness. Her hand felt so good as it caressed my knee cap. She was rubbing it absentmindedly as we watched TV while I tried to hold still. She was starting a fire in me with this simple action.

As I continue to drive the winding mountain roads, I think about how easy it is to be with her and talk to her for hours. Everything between us is so easy and comfortable; the way I always thought it should be when you’re with the right person. Finally, the road straightens out and I am able to speed up as the forest closes around me again. I am a half hour away from the little cabin, but its secluded location will hide it until I arrive.

As I pull in to the area, I admire the design of the cabin. The cabin’s structure is like a modern home with a circular drive in front of the cabin with planted flowers and one big tree in the middle. The roofs are broken up into three A-frames due to the snow load in the winter. The landscaping is very natural, brush and boulders everywhere. On the right is a deck with an overhang and windows that can be closed during the winter months for year-round enjoyment. On the left is an outdoor cooking area with moss-covered stone steps, which is also built to be used all year.

My favorite features of the house are the large triangular windows that almost look like eyes on the front of the home. They let in as much sunshine as possible during the day. I park the car and grab my bag, slinging it over my back. I hurry up the steps, taking them two at a time coming to the front door. It swings open and there she is. My breath catches. She stands in the doorway, her long red hair hanging loose down her back, her bright turquoise eyes taking me in. She is wearing a blue turtle neck sweater that fits her body like a glove and shows off the large breasts pushing against the sweater. Her light blue low-rise jeans are snug-fitting and show off every curve of her legs. On her feet she is wearing socks without shoes. She bounces forward, wrapping her body around mine; our lips meet and her tongue darts into my mouth. I can almost feel the tingle run up her spine and one of my legs bend as she presses her weight into me, forcing me to hold her up.

I break the kiss with an out of breath laugh, her head comes down to rest on my chest, and she is also breathing heavily. I tell her I am cold and we head inside. As she turns around, she grabs my hand and tugs me inside. The warmth hits me right away. She has fires going in both fireplaces and the heat is enveloping the room. I am able to remove my hooded sweatshirt and I hang it by the door, next to her jacket. She turns back around, pushing the door closed and pushing me back up against it. Her hands are all over my body like she has four of them. We start to kiss again, but I am distracted as I smell her wonderful cooking. Hungry and tired from driving all night, my stomach chooses then to make noise. She pulls back and smiles and tells me to come and get something to eat. I acquaint myself with the lofted design as we walk to get my bearings. The winding staircase leads to the bedroom area.

Off to the left is the living room, it’s slightly sunken in a kiva design and there is a sectional couth that wraps around the TV, with soft lighting coming from the strip of track lights around the room. A pair of standing lamps is on either end of the couch near the end tables and there is a large, round glass coffee table. A few workout machines are in the corner and a mirror hangs above a small table closer to the door. The soft shiny wood flooring is rich red in color, making the house look very expensive. It extends into another area with another TV set up; apparently this is the recreational section of the home. Beanbag and banana chairs are clustered around the area. Farther back to the right of the cabin, sliding doors open out to the patio, which wraps around part of the kitchen. The kitchen dominates the rest of the space of the lower floor with a dining area to the left that has a view of the living room TV, but the recreational area is blocked by the stairs. I drop my bag near the gaming area and take a seat on one of the barstools set up at the kitchen counter.

Closing my eyes, I listen to her moving around the kitchen. I hear the sound of plates and crystal, the refrigerator as it opens and closes, and I can smell the food in the air. I am starving. I hear her set a glass in front of me and then the plate. The smell is killing me but I then hear her come up to my side. I turn my head and momentarily forget about food as our lips touch. My eyes open, and I grab her around the waist pulling her into me and feeling her breasts crush up against my chest.

She pulls back and pecks my lips one quick time, then points to the food and says eat first, play later. I turn around and there is a mountain of food in front of me. She has made me French toast with strawberries and maple syrup, a mountain of scrambled eggs and fresh cut honeydew melon and cantaloupe. There are also toasted English muffins. A glass of wine sits before me in a beautiful crystal glass and a glass of orange juice. She hops up next to me with her own plate of food and not much is said as I eat her delectable repast. She is an excellent cook and always makes sure I am well-fed. I am hungrier than I thought and soon finish everything, including the glass of wine. I am tired and slightly tipsy. She has been waiting and watching me eat for the better part of fifteen minutes, so I get up and start to clear away the dishes.

I make her sit and we talk about my drive up as I do the dishes and serve her another glass of wine, every now and then sneaking a kiss from over the counter. I finally finish and am bushed I start to strip off my clothes as I walk over to pick up my bag. I dig some clothes out and grab her by the waist, dragging her to the bathroom with me. By the time I walk in, without bothering to close the door, I am in my briefs. I turn around and pull her sweater off; with my teeth I remove the bra with some struggles. She unbuttons her pants but I take her hand away, replacing it with my own. I unzip the jeans and hook my thumbs at both sides and push down, removing her panties with them. As I flow down her body my mouth and tongue flick out to her body, her gaziantep travesti hand comes down to the back of my head pulling me into her. I rise up and she kisses me again and I push her up and on the counter with a mild gasp at the cold counter top she pulls me in close and kisses me again, her hand sliding into my underwear to grab at my hardening cock.

After a few minutes, I pull her down from the counter. We both brush our teeth and I slide into the shower. She enters after me and as she comes in I feel her breasts pressing against my back. Her lips are at my neck and I can feel her tongue tracing a pattern on my shoulder. Breathing in the steamy air, I turn to face her, the water trickling over my back. I pull her to me, grinding my pelvic bone into hers, my hand cupping her breast. I wash her hair then she washes mine then we both soap up each other’s bodies.

My exhaustion catches up to me again as I dry off and she steps out. I use my towel to wrap her hair in and then grab another and gently towel off her body, kissing and toying with her as I do my job. We walk, naked, up the staircase and at the top is a small woodstove and a king size bed, which we crawl into. I fall into a deep sleep within seconds pulling her in tight to me.

I feel her shift and it starts to get cold. I force my eyes open to see her tight little back side going down the stairs. I look over at the clock and see that almost five hours have passed. I walk down the stairs to my bag and pull out my swimming trunks, then walk to the patio to start the hot tub. I am looking out into the woods. It’s cold out and I am shivering slightly. As I stare at the mountains lost in thought, I feel her wrap herself into my back. I turn around and see that she’s still naked.

She sticks her tongue in my ear and purrs seductively that we have a problem and without further ado my trunks are gone, the cold air hitting my lower regions makes me gasp. She laughs as her hand reaches around to cup me and keep me warm. We walk quickly to the hot tub and sink in opposite each other. Before long as we are talking, I start to feel her foot sneaking up my leg, rubbing back and forth. I look into her eyes and her impish grin right back into mine lets me know she’s ready. I reach over and pull her forward, savoring the feel of her as she slides up my hips. She sits in my lap. Our lips meet and my tongue pushes in her mouth, her breasts are exposed and above the water line now. I push the button that will enclose the deck and shut out the cold air.

I am too late, and the air has already reached her. Her exposed skin starts to pebble up. I take her left breast in my mouth, sucking on the lower portion. My right hand slides around her back to message it as I let my mouth drift up and suck her nipple into my mouth. The nipple is getting wide and hard, jutting out as I let my teeth graze and lightly bite it. My other hand comes around to squeeze and play with her other breast. I suck in as much of her breast into my mouth as I can and pull back as the nipple goes to slide out from my mouth I catch it with my tongue and upper teeth, I let my lower teeth replace my tongue and I start to nibble it until it’s fully erect. I start to bite down and hear a throaty moan escape from her pink lips.

Only a few minutes have passed but with the doors to the house closed and the glass enclosing the patio, the room is getting hot. Her hair is stuck to her neck and her hips are bucking slowly against me. Her eyes are closed and her moans are coming freely now with the way I am sucking on her left breast and gently biting the nipple. I let my mouth drift down the side and my tongue licks all the way up her breastbone to her neck, which I kiss and nibble. I raise my hips and let press my cock into her a bit. Her breathing is becoming rapid and I finally reach her lips. I grab her with both hands and pull her face to mine her lips parting, our tongues dancing, we are lost in the deep, passionate kiss for the moment, her body still on top of me and her breasts squeezed against my chest.

My left hand caresses the back of her neck, while my tongue leisurely traces her lips. Our tongues dance together slowly, in and out, around and around. My right hand drifts down her arm and to her side. As my hand makes contact with the side of her stomach, she giggles. My fingers trace the line of her belly and finally I reach my destination area I take a breath and ask her to raise up and spread her legs for me. She complies with my request and I slip my finger between her warm, velvety folds. I trace my finger from the front all the way to the back and out to her inner thighs I cup both sides before I come up and cup her pussy, letting my middle finger part her outer lips and start to push inside her pussy. The bubbling water is making this really good and I let my thumb push into her folds and find her clit and shoving my middle finger in I use my thumb to start slow circular motions on her clit.

Our lips finally break apart and she pushes her head into the hollow of my neck as a soft deep moan escapes. I pick up the pace, driving my finger in harder and deeper, pushing my thumb in with each thrust. Before long, the sensation is too much for her and she rises from the water so I can see her beautiful naked body before me. I push her to the side of the tub and I stand in the middle of the hot tub. I part her knees roughly, my other arm behind her my head. Sinking down, I pull her ass forward and my lips make contact with her pussy. I dart my tongue out, parting her lips, I lick up her pussy and flick her clit. I start with a fast side to side motion and she grabs my head, holding it firmly in place.

Her hips buck forward and her eyes are closed again in ecstasy. Her pussy is freshly shaved and baby smooth. I keep up with my tongue assault on her clit and start to attack her pussy with two fingers. Her fingers are clenched in my hair; she is pulling me in to her and grinding her hips against my face. I feel her body begin to convulse and her hips start to shake. She lets out a high pitched cry and drives forward. Her pussy clenches around my fingers; I pull them out and start to lap up her juices.

She finally opens her eyes as I come up to kiss her. I tell her to clean me up and her tongue licks my chin and neck. I pull her to me but she pushes me back down into the seat, kissing my chest and playing with my chest hair. Sucking on my nipples with her very talented tongue, she lets the tip of her tongue toy with the head of my penis, grasping the base of it firmly with her hand.

Without warning, she grabs my ass with both of her hands and pulls me forward. My dick slides into her mouth and she starts to suck and lick in fast strokes, keeping constant pressure. Her other hand coming back to the base of my penis and I can’t help but moan. I bring my hands up to hold her hair as she keeps up her work. I am trying to hold back but she’s just too good, finally I have to stop her. I get up and kiss her, tasting some my pre-cum on her lips. I turn her around and bend her over, grabbing my cock and rubbing the head from the top of her pussy to the back, coating it with her wetness.

I can almost believe the heat coming from her pussy is what has the windows so fogged up. I push my hips forward and she pushes back, impaling herself on my rock hard cock. I bend over and bring my hand to her clit. I thrust into her and she matches me stroke for stroke. My finger is going crazy on her clit and she is moaning without end, completely lost in the moment. I savor every inch as I push into her, her most intimate muscles gripping me like a fist. She is very tight but also very wet. I push with long deep strokes at first but as our rhythm picks up, I switch to half strokes and piston in and out of her, the sound of the wet skin slapping, and our sex aroma filling the room.

I pull out of her and turn her back around, getting on my knees as I position her on a padded chair. I let my tongue dive back into wet pussy and eat her out in earnest, lapping up her freely flowing juices. Before I can really get into it again, she pulls my hair. Our lips meet briefly, and then she tells me she needs it inside her and pulls me forward. I put my knee up on the chair, still in the water, and my other leg up on the side of the hot tub pushing back into her. We kiss again and, as my cock slides into her wet pussy, my tongue slides into her mouth. I am using long even strokes again, her head falls back and I re-adjust my legs and pull her forward so she is lying on her back. My hand grabs at her breast and nipples, roughly grabbing them and pinching the nipples then pulling them up and then starting all over again. I am pushing roughly into her and I can tell we are both close.

Her eyes are completely closed, her breathing is hard and her chest rises and falls at a fast rate. If my hands were not holding her tits, they would be driving into her chin with every deep thrust into her wet pussy. My cock is blazing in and out of her; I watch each thrust as it disappears into her pussy. My balls are slapping against her ass with every thrust, she is beginning to convulse again and I can feel the familiar tension in my lower back that signals an impending orgasm. Her pussy clamps down on my cock as I make my last thrust deep into her pussy. We are both shaking as I feel her pussy coat my cock with her juices and my cum erupts from the head of my cock deep into her waiting pussy, our combined fluids running down my shaft and into the hot tub I pull her up into my arms as we come down from our high.

I slip out of her pussy, and our mouths meet in a deep kiss. My hands slip back around her neck, pulling her closer. I pull away to get my breathing under control as she does, she has a huge grin on her face as we both get out of the hot tub turning it off for now. I grab a towel from the outside closet and wrap her in it then I grab one for me and dry off putting my trunks back on. She walks into the house and upstairs; I can hear her going through drawers and I walk down into the living room and flip on the TV.

When I hear her coming down the steps, I am still flipping through the channels looking for something to watch when out of the corner of my eye I see her. I turn my head in her direction. If my jaw could hit the floor it would have been in the basement, she stood at the bottom of the steps letting me get an eyeful with a sexy grin on her face. She is wearing is a man’s button-down shirt only buttoned about half way up and no bra from the way her nipples push against the fabric. Her fiery red hair is up in a pony tail high on the back of her head and she’s got on blue boy shorts to go with the blue work shirt. I am trying to swallow but my mouth is too dry I am about ready to jump her right there; all thoughts have been driven out of my head and my tongue is hanging out of my mouth.

She walks over slowly, never taking her eyes from mine, her smile never fading. She sinks down right next to me and kisses me, and the remote drops from my hand to land on my foot. I break the kiss with a startled yelp. I can tell she’s trying not to laugh at me but I can’t help it either. I break out in a loud laugh and she laughs right along with me. She reaches down to retrieve the remote, giving me a very good look down the shirt. She starts to flip through the channels, cuddling into my chest and it’s soon forgotten. We finally find a romantic movie to watch and the time drifts away, but that is soon stopped when she wraps her leg around me and her hand starts to trace my belly, down to my knee and back up. I don’t think she even notices what she’s doing, or the effect she’s having on me.

I am hard again and the shirt is just begging me to take her. I have had enough, and I turn towards her, breaking our embrace. She looks up at me now and I grin wolfishly. I put my hands on her shoulders, forcing her back into the couch as I shift my body over hers; she loves feeling my weight on top of her. Finally succeeding on getting on top of her, she opens her legs and I maneuver between them, pushing my pelvic bone against hers, making her gasp. I reach into her shirt, gripping her breast firmly. I pull on it, ignoring her nipple for the moment. I bring my mouth down to hers, running my tongue over her lips. She parts her lips to pull my tongue deep into her mouth while my hands play with her chest.

She tries to undo the buttons of the shirt, but I have a better idea. I pull it up her body and over her head, but before she can wiggle out of it, I pull it back down behind her neck, pinning her arms down and behind her. With my weight on top of her and her arms pinned, she is at my mercy. She squirms, trying to regain control but it’s pointless. I attack her right breast and bite hard on her nipple, making her gasp. My hand roams down between her legs and I trace the outer thighs and pinch and pull the soft skin on the inner thighs close to her pussy. I tease her by getting close to brushing over her panty clad pussy, then pulling back as she tries to raise her hips and force contact.

Finally I hear what I want when she begs me to touch her. I trace my fingers back up her legs to the line of the panties so close to her pussy. I can feel the heat rising from between her legs. I brush my fingers over her panties, pushing the material against her soaking wet pussy. I use my whole hand to cup her, and then pull forward to her delight. Her panties are almost see-through, they are so wet. I hook my thumbs around the sides and pull them down as she releases her arms and shrugs out of the shirt. I pull it down underneath her and slide slowly up her body, trailing small kisses all the way up her left leg, and then I go back down and work my way up her right leg.

I take a deep breath and slowly release it over her pussy, making her body quiver. I stretch my tongue out and drag it all the way up the outer side of her pussy, kissing the top part and licking letting out my hot breath heavily. Her scent is invading my nostrils, and her hips are starting to gyrate. I shift my tongue down the left side then come all the way up the middle licking and kissing careful not to part her lips. But she has had enough of my teasing and she grabs my head and pushes my face down with her hands. I let my tongue part her silken folds, lapping out the already abundant secretions; I drive my tongue deep into her. Her hips rise with my penetration while I wiggle my tongue around and roll my R’s like I do when speaking Spanish. Her moaning is already reaching a crescendo, but before she can come, I pull my tongue out and bring the tip up to the clit.

I attack her clit with rapid side to side motion, then after a few seconds, I take my middle finger and work it into her pussy. Every breath she takes ends in a deep moan and I have to slip both my arms around her to keep her still enough. I start to vary my tongue movements from up and down to side to side and then into a complete circle, picking up the pace with both fingers and tongue. But I have to retract my finger, she is so into what I am doing, I need both arms to keep her in place. With a deep moan that grows in volume until it is practically a scream, her legs start to spasm, her back arches and she quivering from her neck down. I ease my attack as she cums; sliding my tongue down, I lap up her juices as they come from her pussy. Finally her back comes down and her hips roll forward. I move up her body and kiss her, letting her taste herself all over my mouth.

When she has recovered sufficiently, I take her hand and pull her from the couch. I lead her naked body to the kitchen, grabbing a towel I throw it on the marble counter and tell her to hop up. I go to the fridge, telling her to close her eyes. I pull out a carton of dark chocolate-coated strawberries I brought for her. I also grab whipped cream, caramel, and a carton of yogurt. Putting all these things on the counter I kiss her. Before I fully pull my tongue out, I push the strawberry gently into her mouth and her tongue rolls around the chocolate end, she lets out a small moan then slowly bites down. A smile spreads across her face as she closes her mouth then she opens her eyes and stares at me.

I open the caramel and dip my finger in, smearing it all over her areolas. I stick another strawberry in her mouth as I lower my mouth over her breast and lick at the caramel. I suck and lift as I feel her eat another strawberry. Having finished one nipple, I raise my head for a breath and she sticks a strawberry out and holds it with her teeth. I reach in for the kiss and take the strawberry in my mouth and kiss her. As I chew on the strawberry, she hops down from the counter and smacks my ass, telling me to get up there. Hopping up on the countertop, I look down at her and wonder what she has planned. She opens all the other ingredients, and then she makes me lift my hips removing my trunks. With a slow, strong, stroke, she works to bring me to full mast. She takes the head of my cock in her mouth and sucks me hard as she works her hand down my shaft.

Now that I am hard, she takes the caramel and rubs it on my shaft, I take another strawberry as I watch her and then she uses the whipped cream, spraying a small amount on my shaft. She smiles naughtily and tells me I am going to be her banana split. Still smiling, she drops to her knees and takes me back into her mouth. Sucking with hard tugs, she takes me all in her mouth over and over, working her tongue up, cleaning off every last drop of caramel. She takes me deep into her throat and I cannot stand to eat any more strawberries, I am so lost in her manipulations of my body. Her head is moving up and down at an unbelievable rate and she starts to use her hand again. I am building to an epic orgasm. She notices and starts to speed up. I feel the tingle in my feet and lower back, and I jerk my hips up and my first rope shoots out. She uses her tongue around the base of my cock head until I finally finish and she stands, licking her lips.

I grab another strawberry that is melting a bit at the end and put it in my teeth. As her lips close on it I bite the strawberry in half and kiss her. Her hands trail up my back while her soft breasts rub against my chest, her face coming to rest where my neck and shoulder meet. I slide from the counter, still rock hard; I stand behind her and bend her over the counter. I take the tip of my cock and stroke it slowly up and down her pussy and then I grasp her hips hard and slowly, deliberately, enter her dripping wet pussy. I push in and out with firm strokes, feeling every inch of her and savoring the hot, wet, rub. Before long though, my pace quickens and I am soon slamming her forward into the counter. She braces herself with her arms and meets me thrust for thrust. We are both moaning as I switch to shallow, fast strokes but I am already close to cumming so I pull out.

I lie on the floor and she straddles my face, putting her pussy right on my lips. I devour her like her pussy will be my last meal. After only a minute into it, I shift her down until I feel the head of my cock at her vaginal entrance. She mounts me and slowly slides half way down me, then rises up almost slipping out. She stops there and grips my cock head with her pussy muscles, then releases and in one fluid motion, impales herself all the way down onto me. For one endless moment, she doesn’t move. Her eyes are closed and she is absolutely still. She opens her eyes and looks down at me, a smile on her face and she snaps her hips forward. Then she starts to ride me hard and fast, actually managing to shift me forward with each thrust.

She switches her movements and starts to come down hard and fast on top of me like a piston. I put my hands on her hips, grabbing hard and leaving my finger marks on her alabaster skin. I can feel every fold inside her tight wet pussy and I know she can feel every inch of my veins. She starts to shift between rolling forward and rising. I am gritting my teeth as tight as I can; trying to hold on with my fingers. I know she is close, she’s getting erratic in her movements she’s going cum soon and I try to hold off my own impending orgasm for her. I take a breast in each hand, stroking and pulling on them. When I get to her nipples, she arches back until they break free from my fingers, her back bends between my legs, she grabs my knees and pushes her pussy forward. I am in hilt-deep; I lose it and shoot into her as I feel her pussy spasm and her juices coat my cock once again. I thrust in a mindless desire to get deeper then I already am, as if such a thing was possible.

We slow to a stop, and as my body comes back to the floor, I grab her hands on my knees and pull her forward. Her head falls onto my chest and a heavy breath escapes her lips. I am shrinking inside her and the she shifts forward and I pop out of her with an audible wet noise. Her lips rise to mine and we share a passionate, tongue grinding, lip locking, and breathtaking kiss. She lies on my chest as we both try to slow our breathing. When we gain our strength enough to stand up, she retreats to the bathroom. I start cleaning up the kitchen and she comes back in wearing a big t-shirt and another pair of panties. She pecks me on the cheek and hands me some basketball shorts. As I tug them on I ask what she wants to do for dinner as I am starved. She laughs and tells me she has got it handled since she knows I am useless in the kitchen. I ask her what she needs; she tells me what she has in mind I get out the pots and pans we will need. I also grab the other ingredients: olive oil, virgin olive oil, mushrooms, onions, asparagus, and pasta.

She starts to cook and I help where I can; getting her what she needs, washing dishes as we go and saut?g the veggies. Before long she has finished. I set the table and we sit down to eat. The evening is going well, the sound of the insects and wildlife around us is nice. Music is playing softly in the background and we laugh and joke as we listen to the cacophony we are not used to hearing in the city. We open a bottle of wine and settle down into our evening. Dinner done, she puts away the food and I busy myself with the dishes. As she puts the clean dishes away, I get out some chocolate covered ?airs for dessert and some of the whipped cream for her. I turn the lights off after lighting several candles and turn the music up.

I walk over and take her in my arms, letting my lips come to her earlobe. I suck it in a bit and bite gently, then trail down her neck with gentle kisses and suction. My feet shift a bit and we make our way over to the expanse of exposed floor in the recreational area. We start to slow dance; I am still learning, but she is a patient teacher, her hips sway and even in the candlelight I can see the smile upon her face and feel the way her body moves to the music. Soon she is really getting into it and I am trying my hardest to keep up with her. Laughing outright, she shoves me into a swivel chair. She lifts the shirt and brings her leg up to my shoulder and arches her back. Then she drops her leg and comes down sliding her breast over my face as she drops down into a catcher’s stance. The shirt is riding up her hips, giving me an unobstructed look at her panties.
Her hips sway back and forth as she starts to stand bending over she gives me a deep kiss sticking her ass into the air. She stands close to me, then lifts the shirt to her stomach and rotates her hips, rubbing her soft flesh into my face, teasing me. She turns around and repeats everything she just did. I stand and grab her around the waist and we move in unison. She spins in my arms and I grip her tight then dip her stealing another kiss from her lips. When the song ends and we stand I ask her if she wants dessert! Laughing, she asks what I have in mind, and I tell her to rest assured it’s not another banana split. She fakes a pout as we walk over to the table. I sit and pull her onto my lap. I take the fork and tease her, sticking it close to her lips, then drawing it back as she tries to bite down. She is patient though and I let her take it in her mouth.

We take turns feeding each other and when we’re done I smack her on the ass as she stands, and ask her to find a movie while I finish up the kitchen. I do the dishes again and clean the counters. When I am finished, I walk back in and sit on the couch. She moves over to me and gives me a kiss. Pushing me down, she lies in front of me on the couch and snuggles against me, grabbing my hand and tucking it under her breast. I soon recognize the movie “Just Friends”.

We are enjoying the movie, laughing at the funnier parts, then I start to tickle her and she begs me, in between gasps of air, to quit. Finally we get to see the chick eating tooth paste and I can tell she is getting tired she’s not really laughing anymore. I ask if she wants to get up and go to bed. She tells me to finish watching the movie and quit disturbing her, to which all I can do is laugh. Finally the movie is over and she is asleep in my arms. I wake her with a kiss and shift my weight over her as she rolls to her back on the couch. My hand slipping up her shirt to cup her breast, I inquire if now might be a good time for bed?

She gets up and we head upstairs, doing our nightly ritual of brushing our teeth and getting into our sleeping attire. I leave the bathroom as she is entering in the shower. I walk around the house, blowing out candles as I go. I head upstairs and get in bed. I find she put my book on the nightstand on my side of the bed. I can’t help but smile at how well my girl she takes care of me. I start to read while I wait for her. I am starting my second chapter of the night as I hear the shower stop. A few minutes later the bed shifts as she sits down beside me. I put in my bookmark and drop the book on the table so I can roll over to watch her.

She smiles at me with a renewed hunger in her eyes. She asks if I am tired yet and says she knows how to put me to sleep. I pull her to me and bring her lips down to mine. Her mouth parts and she drives her tongue deep into my mouth. She straddles me as my hands slide up to cup her breasts. We make out for several minutes before I roll on top of her. My mouth comes down to her right breast and I take it deep into my mouth. I suck hard even though she warns me not to leave marks.

I mark up her right breast then shift over to the left breast. I start to really bite onto her nipples; when she’s really turned on this is something she loves. I repeat my process of marking her as mine, leaving hickeys all over with my hard sucking. I slide my head in between the white peaks and she squeezes them together while I kiss and lick her chest. Going down her stomach, I fling the covers back. I grab a small pillow and tell her to spread her legs and lift her ass for me. She knows what’s coming and does as I ask.

I stick my head between her legs and I can see that she has shaved her pussy again for me in the shower. I start to kiss and lick at her lips, driving my tongue in and out of her. I attack her clit, really getting into it for several minutes, but when she really starts to buck her hips, I shift my position, replacing my tongue with two of my fingers. I work her pussy with hard, fast thrusts, getting her juices flowing well. I finally work in a third finger and am really pushing in deep. As I do, she arches her back and lets out a little squeak. I know I am spreading her to near capacity and she is really enjoying my actions. I start to pick up my pace, driving in and out of her. I use my thumb to make as much contact as possible with her clitoris. I know she is close when her legs start to clamp down on my hand and soon convolutions in her body follow.

Finally her moan breaks the silence, her clenched legs making it impossible to move. I can feel her coating my fingers that are buried deep into her pussy. Her orgasm subsides and I pull my fingers out of her. Her kisses are deep and passionate; my cock is pressing against her very wet pussy and its rock hard and awaiting attention. I thrust it at her and her hand lowers to guide me inside. I push into her hot wet pussy without resistance, but I can still feel every fold of her. She moans and raises her hips as I bury myself as deep as I can go. I let my weight drop on her as I pound into her.

With as many times as we have made love today, it surprises me how my need for her is still as deep as hers is for me. We rock back and forth in heavy, hard strokes. I can feel every move of her hips and contraction of her most intimate muscles. She’s gripping me and working me hard. I know if I don’t slow down we won’t last much longer, but I don’t care. I need her and I need her bad. I rest more of my weight onto her and wrap my arms underneath her shoulders. I pull myself forward into her; with every thrust she meets me with her hips. I am pounding into her with everything I have got and I am lost. I cannot tell anymore where I end and she begins, our eyes are closed and sensations are overwhelming the both of us.

I am so lost in the moment that I don’t even feel it start. All of a sudden, I drive deep into her and she arches her back, assisting me in making it deep into her. I start to cum, my first rope shoots out like a rocket into her. That drives her over the edge and I feel her pussy contract heavily one last time and then she grabs down on me hard, milking me as I cum, bathing us both in our combined cum. When we are finished, I open my eyes, not even sure if I was there for the very end.

I pull out and roll off of her. I fall at her side and feel her lips. As they meet mine, I kiss her softly. I reach out and pull her into me, feeling her curves when they make contact with my penis. She tucks my arm under her breast and that’s the last thing I feel as I drift into oblivion.

She whispers softly “I love you”, but I do not hear it.

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