Role Playing


I had been called to meet my boss for a business conference in Scottsdale and had quickly packed and made my way to the airport.

The plane had leveled off and now there was just the constant drone of the engines and the air blowing down from the overhead vent. I leaned back and closed my eyes. It was at times like this that I liked to reminisce. My life had been a mixture of good and bad.

I had a rebellious sort of childhood. My father divorced my mother when I was nine and I was shuffled from one to the other for eight years before I was sent to an all girls’ school.

I could sort of understand why, and yet I know that I could have straightened myself out if I were given the time. My mom was a tramp. She really considered me a thorn in her side and never spent time with me.

She just wanted to have her boyfriends and drink. Nothing else really interested her so it was natural that I would get into trouble sooner or later.

I was boy crazy. It began at an early age, and it never really ended. I’m still searching and I still love to experiment with sex. Hell, as long as I can remember my days began with my masturbating, and ended with another session just before falling asleep at night.

Right from the beginning I was constantly trying to have better and longer orgasms and even resorted to using my electric toothbrush to get me there.

The summer I turned twenty one I was on vacation with my father. One night I got into the bar in the den and got smashed. Dad caught me and began to lecture me about drinking. It ended up with his feeling sorry about chastising me, and actually sat down and shared a drink with me.

By that time I was fully developed, and I was about a thirty-two B, bust wise. I used to tease him by going thru his house in the buff and watching him try to avoid looking at me.

That night, well after midnight, I went to his bedroom and crawled in bed with him. It came so naturally to me, I mean the seduction part.

He sleeps in the nude and mostly on his back so I just began to fondle him as he slept. Soon his cock was hard as a rock, and I became hotter and hotter.

From that point on it was simple. I sucked him and jerked his cock until I figured he was almost ready to cum, and then I mounted him.

It was beautiful, feeling his hard warm cock sliding deep inside me. I tried to move slowly up and down but eventually I lost control and began to moan as I neared my end.

Suddenly he woke up and realized what I was doing. For a short while we struggled. I fought to stay on with his cock buried deep inside me, while he was frantically trying to dislodge me.

The more he twisted and turned, trying to lift me up and off, the more his cock moved in and out of my hot pussy, and finally he couldn’t stop himself and he began to thrust up, plunging his cock in and out. I was really getting creamy about then.

It was almost as if it were destiny, his need to cum, and my need to have him squirt his warm sperm deep in me. That was the first time I ever came without actually getting my clit involved. And boy did I cum.

It was intense, and long. I cried out and fell forward just panting and sobbing, “Daddy, oh daddy it feels so good doesn’t it?”

That night we came to an agreement. He would keep me satisfied, and I would keep him happy but no one was to know….. That was a summer of learning.

He was a fantastic teacher and it was my father who got me hooked on swallowing cum. At first he wanted to pull out of my mouth but when he finally did shoot in my mouth and understood that I needed it, he went along with it.

Mostly I would make him fuck my mouth first. That was when he was full and he gave me the most, the second time we would fuck and he took longer, but that’s what I liked and needed. It was never the same, and each time we would do something different.

Sometimes I would kneel on the bed for him, and at other times he would have me lay on my back, then. Then there were times when he would sit on a chair and I would sit on his lap with his hard cock deep inside me and he would squeeze my nipples until I couldn’t resist anymore and I would cum all over his thighs.

Those were the times when I would quickly get off him and turn around so he could lick the creamy mix out of my pussy.

For four or five weeks he wouldn’t let me have it in my ass, but finally one night we both were fairly drunk and he agreed. It was sort of daring I thought, but it turned out to be really fabulous.

Just to feel him deep up inside me, twisting and turning. To feel his thighs pounding against the cheeks of my ass and his hands on my waist, pulling me back hard with his balls slapping against my pussy, sent me over the top.

It was strange, I was cumming again and again without ever having to play with my clit, but with him, I always got so excited that anything was possible.

Two years later, when I was twenty three, dad was killed in an airplane crash and because I wasn’t twenty Sakarya Escort five yet, I couldn’t get my inheritance yet so I finally ended up in a finishing school.

I couldn’t stay with mom, probably because her boyfriends were beginning to pay more attention to me then to her.

That was where I learned that I was definitely Bi. I would take sex in any form I could get it. Actually I consider having sex with girls more like mutual masturbating then really having sex. It’s sort of like, “I’ll do you, and you do me,” kind of thing.

Oh I didn’t mind the kissing part, but I never was really turned on by it. It was sort of a way of repaying my partner for her help in satisfying me. Actually I think I was looking for some substitution for having sex with daddy.

I got really good at it too and all the girls would try to set up sessions with me. I was sort of the queen in that respect, but really there was nothing a girl can do to a girl that a guy can’t do, and do better I learned.

After two years, I received my inheritance. As soon as I had the money, I started college. There I joined a sorority house. Again I was the queen and it was there that I met Teri.

For the three years that we were roommates we satisfied each other in ways that were a combination of experimenting and really getting to know what we were all about.

She is a lesbian and for almost a year I didn’t realize it. She would date guys but always complain about the sex. Either they were too fast, too rough, or wouldn’t do the things that she wanted and so on.

I should have realized that she really didn’t enjoy sex with them but could get off easily when I slide a vibrator in her pussy or would fuck her with a dildo or a strap-on. That always ended with my going down on her.

Teri always needs at least four or five orgasms before she is satisfied. In that respect we were equal. By now I was spending all my free time in the sorority house either taking care of myself or studying.

I stopped dating almost entirely because the jocks on the campus were a bunch of egotistical idiots.

That didn’t bother me much because I was having good sex with a few of the girls and one of the instructors in my accounting class.

But like everything else, the girls began to bore me, because they were predictable. And quite frankly Teri was right when she called the guys on campus, inexperienced oafs.

I guess my father spoiled me and I was constantly comparing them with him. So now I was on the prowl again, but hopefully I think I’ve found my fathers replacement.

My new boss is a real jock. He seems shy at times and at other times it’s as if he can see right through me, just as my dad could. And I knew that, just as I had to seduce my father, so I would have to seduce Blake the same way.

Actually the seduction part gives me a mental high. I mean the plotting and planning really turns me on and now that he has promoted me, and my office adjoins his, I’m constantly watching him thru the open doorway, and that keeps me wet with anticipation.

So now, I’m on my way to rendezvous with my boss and future lover. The rest of the trip was uneventful. At the hotel, I readied myself for dinner with Blake and our prospect.

It was a sort of business conference with one of our clients, a woman named Barbara. I sat next to Blake as we discussed a pending contract. Barbara sat across from us and I decided it was a perfect time to begin because Blake couldn’t really escape gracefully.

As my hand slid down between us, and up over his thigh, I could feel the outline of his cock thru his slacks. He moved uncomfortably but had to pretend that nothing was happening.

The more I let my fingers graze over that area, the more he grew. I could feel the fabric begin to lift and soon I could actually wrap my fingers around that beautiful hard cock.

At that point I was gently working my encircling fingers up and down his shaft and Barbara must have noticed my shoulder moving ever so slightly.

She smiled over at me and suggested that we visit the ladies room. I really didn’t want to stop, but was forced to.

In the ladies room, Barbara asked, “Are you and Blake an Item?” I feigned surprise and nodded no. She went on. “Would you be willing to stop up at my room after dinner?”

“I’ll have to see if it’s all right with Blake,” I answered. “Good,” she responded, and with that we returned to the table.

On the way out, I got Blake aside and whispered, “I think she wants to make out with me. Is that OK with you? I mean the contract and all.”

He shook his head no, then thought and whispered. “No, I mean not if you’re against that sort of thing.”

“Oh, I’d do it for you Blake. I think I could manage it if you wanted me to.” I was thinking to myself what a liar I was. I was an expert at this and really wanted to impress him but I wanted him to think I was sacrificing myself.

He just shrugged and we drove back to the hotel. I Sakarya Escort Bayan followed Barbara up to her suite and she made us drinks. I breathed deeply, wondering when it would begin. Suddenly she looked at me and asked, “Where’s Blake? Isn’t he in on this?”

Oh Ooo, I thought, a threesome and I wasn’t prepared for this. “I’ll call him and see what’s keeping him,” I volunteered. As she left the room I called down to Blake’s room and explained the problem. “She wants both of us,” I explained.

“Will you? I mean, I will if you will.” After a long pause, he agreed and I felt lightheaded at the prospect. This would be a fantastic way to break the ice. And I would look like the innocent little girl who just wanted to help the boss get a contract.

Then Barbara returned. She had changed into a very revealing Teddy and looked good enough to eat. I chuckled to myself at my own joke. Her pussy was showing thru the flimsy fabric and though she was a mature woman, her trimmed womanhood was firm and tight, her waist thin and her breasts still had that supple resilience of a teenager. I would enjoy this more then I had even hoped.

Blake arrived as Barbara was mixing three more drinks. Blake surveyed the room but didn’t show any surprise at the way Barbara was dressed, so I began to disrobe too.

Blake stood there as if he didn’t know what to do, so I discarded my last item of clothing and went to enjoy myself by undressing him.

Barbara hovered over us as I removed his shirt and jacket. He kicked off his shoes and I squatted down to unfasten his belt and pull his slacks down.

His cock was now reaching for the sky and proved difficult to free from the slacks. Fortunately he wore no underpants and both Barbara and I gasped when he was freed and suddenly his cock sprang up.

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said he was seven or eight inches long and thick, really thick. Now I was staring directly into the most delicious cock I had ever seen.

I thought back to daddy’s cock, and made a mental comparison. Time blurs memories but I have to admit he was probably larger than daddy. There was no thought given as I reached for it, and placed my lips over its head.

Immediately my mouth filled with a mixture of his pre-cum and my own saliva.

Barbara had one hand on his shoulder and she was nibbling at his ear while allowing her other hand to fondle his strong chest. Then her hand wandered down to grasp the base of his cock and slowly she began to work his shaft in and out of my mouth.

I shifted to kneel and now cupping his balls in my left hand, I began to suck harder. That’s when I felt his body start to shake. He was like a puppy dog. He didn’t seem to know what was happening and yet he loved it.

It was Barbara who broke the spell. “Come with me. I want to have this in the bedroom. I want to taste the two of you and show you what comes with this contract.”

With that she led us to her bed and taking off the teddy, she lay back with her legs spread wide.

It was a position that I knew ever so well. I straddled her head and lowered my pussy to her mouth. My face hovered over her gaping pussy, and I motioned to Blake to move forward. Supporting myself on one arm, I grasped his cock and guided it to her pink portal.

Being very slippery from our earlier enticement, he slid easily into her. Mere inches away I watched him stretch her vagina open and heard Barbara gasp as he began to thrust. Then she settled down and began to let her tongue dance up and down my own gushing slit.

She was good. Her tongue would stab in and out for several seconds before she would return to taking long strokes up and down my throbbing slit. She was making kissing, smacking, sounds, as she would suck my labia and lap at the dripping fluids flowing down and into her mouth.

Blake was now thrusting slowly in and out. I pressed the top of my head against his abdomen forcing him back so I could lick her pussy.

Then, after lapping up the creamy nectar, Blake would drive back in. We repeated this over and over again until I heard Barbara begin to gasp.

“Cumming! Oh yeah, I’m cumming! Pound it in Blake! Ah, yeah fuck me good! Yesssss,” she hissed. “Give me cock. Now! Faster! Oh for the love of god I am, I AM Cummmminnnnngggg!”

Blake was astounding. He would pull all the way out, pause a few seconds, and then plunge back in. His ass swiveled back and forth as he fed his cock in and out. Her pussy was contracting almost as if it was kissing his shaft and that’s when I felt her mouth return to my own aching slit.

I don’t know if it was watching that cock driving in and out, or the marvelous things Barbara was doing to me, but it began.

A tidal wave started to rise within my aching pussy. I gasped at the speed with which I was responding. First the slow contractions, then harder longer ones, until I screeched out.

‘I’m cumming tooo. Oh Blake I’m Cumming too. Oh my baby let me cum all over Escort Sakarya her mouth for you.” And suddenly I felt myself begin to ejaculate. It’s a strange sensation. Almost surreal and yet it was something that I wanted to last forever and ever.

Slowly I began to return to reality. Blake was still thrusting and Barbara again cried out. “Let me cum again. Oh my God it’s so strong. Fuck me Blake. Shoot for me. Fill me!”

He was on the brink and I wanted it. He was about to spurt and I wanted it for myself. Faster and faster he moved and suddenly he let out a low growl as his balls retreated and the muscles of his abdomen began to contract.

I yanked his cock from the slippery sheath in which it had been sliding, and lifted it to my lips so he finished spurting in my mouth.

I gulped it hungrily and felt the stringy musky fluid flood my mouth with each pulsing eruption. I was suddenly remembering the taste of my fathers cum, and I fought to keep from crying out, as I so often did with daddy.

Slowly it was over and I let his shaft slip from between my lips. Lowering my face I began to force my tongue deep inside Barbara’s pussy hoping to glean what I had lost to her.

That forced her to another tidal wave of screeching orgasms before I relented and rolled off her.

“Wow, that was like nothing I’ve had in a long time,” Barbara gasped.

“Me either I gasped,” licking my lips. I didn’t want it to end, but I couldn’t find a reason to get Blake to go on. Barbara was satisfied, and even though I wanted him to take me next, I couldn’t find a way to tell him.

Slowly we dressed while Barbara paraded around the room in the nude. Finally we left and silently returned to our respective rooms.

Needless to say we got the contract, but surprisingly Blake never even discussed what we had done or even once, make reference to it. It was as if he had shut it out of his mind.

Then a week later he told me that he was going to take a week off and go up to his cabin for some fishing at the lake.

I got panicky. I again fabricated a story and told him I loved to fish and how I missed doing it with my father. I guess I got to him because he became interested in talking to me about it.

I even told him I had all my gear back at my place and was hoping to someday find someone to take me fishing. It was a bit forward I knew, but I was almost forcing him to invite me to go along. I guess it worked because early the next morning he invited me to go with him.

I had to go out and buy fishing stuff. I didn’t know a damn thing about fishing so the guy in the store gave me a quick lesson on how to cast and all that, along with selling me my fishing gear.

I had to go out and buy some woodsy clothes; you know the flannel shirts and jeans that an outdoor sort of girl would need.

Saturday, at five in the morning, we met in the company parking lot and he loaded my stuff in his van. After a rather quiet five hour drive we arrive at the cabin. He began unloading the van and we went into the cabin.

I had been prepared to rough it. You know find bunk beds and a wood fired stove, but was surprised to find a beautiful spacious cabin which had a fully stocked bar and all the amenities like a lodge might have. What he had called a cabin was luxurious.

He put my things in a guest bedroom and loaded his into the adjoining bedroom. There was a common fireplace that would warm both rooms and a bathroom in a hallway immediately outside. I was a bit disappointed because I had been thinking that we would be sharing the same sleeping quarters but it wasn’t something that I couldn’t work around.

He lit the hot water heater and the stove before starting a fire in the living room. Although it was now ten thirty in the morning,he was anxious to get out on the lake. Then it began to rain.

That made me perfectly happy, but seemed to upset him. I volunteered to defrost two steaks and made some lunch for us. By now we were chatting about things we enjoyed and the things we had in common.

It was then that I asked him to call me by my nickname, “Kitten.” My father always called me that and it was a secret name that he had given me when we had sex together.

When Blake repeated it, “Kitten,” I looked at him and saw my daddy. I wanted to throw my arms around him in the worst way but held back. I was going to have him and had begun on my plan to involve him in “role playing” with me.

Next I gave him some line about how the staff at the office thought of him as a father figure and asked him if he minded if I called him daddy.

He looked at me as if I were crazy, but nodded yes. Then he said, “You know you’re sort of close to me in age to be calling me daddy, you know.”

I nodded yes and blurted out: “yes, but your six years, two months and five days older, so I can call you daddy if I want.” He looked a little shocked that I knew his age to the exact day, but he never suspected exactly how much I did know about him.

It took several false starts before he stopped calling me Sarah and got used to calling me Kitten, and now each time he called me that I could feel my face flush and my pussy begin to sort of quiver. At every opportunity I would call him daddy and after a while he seemed to accept it.

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