Ri’s Plaything


Bridgine was on her knees in the middle of the room. Her eyes blindfolded, her hands cuffed behind her, and a collar around her neck. Her chest was rising and falling underneath her black and white lingerie. She was so excited she could barely stand it. Ari smiled over her glass of wine from the chair in the corner.

“Have you been my good little girl scotte?” Ari asked.

Scotte nodded feverishly, her blocked eyes looking back and forth trying to figure out where the voice was coming from.

“I can’t hear you.” Ari repeated sternly.

“Yes I’ve been good miss ri” scotte said. Trying not to let her voice crack from excitement.

Ari put her glass down and got up from her chair. Her skirt was tight and her white button up was tucked into it showing off her curves. She moved to where scotte was knelt in front of her. She stroked her hair down to her cheek and scotte screeched in excitement.

“What are you gonna do for me?” Ari said kneeling to kiss the brown skin of her cheek.

“Anything you tell me.” She replied.

“Anything I tell you what?”

“Anything you tell me miss ri.”

Ri said good girl and kissed scotte’s full lips, slightly smearing her black lipstick. Their kiss was full of passion and when ri broke it off scotte almost fell forward searching for her lips. Ari laughed and caught her, with scotte’s face between her hands Ari kissed her again lightly then stood up to grab the leash off the bed. Ri locked it to her collar and gave it a tug while she reached down to undo her cuffs and switched them to in front of her. Ari smiled and pulled hard on the leash making scotte fall to her hands and knees leading her to the bed. Scotte bumped into the bed and ri told her to climb up and stay on her hands and knees. Scotte said yes miss ri and did as she was told. When she was there Ari pulled up her lingerie to expose her round ass. Ari gave it a light kiss before quickly bringing her hand down on scotte’s ass. As a slap rang out in the room scotte moaned slightly.

“Was that not hard enough?” Ri asked.

“It was great.” Scotte said.

Ri pulled harshly on the collar. “That’s not what I asked”

“No miss ri. It was not hard enough. Harder please. To teach me a lesson. ” scotte said almost begging.

Without another word scotte felt a paddle come down swiftly onto her bare ass. The slap was louder Gaziantep Binevler Escort and there was now a red tint to her brown skin. Scotte let out and scream.

“What do you say?” Ri commanded.

“Thank you miss Ri!” Scotte moaned.

The paddle came down again and when scotte did not say a number ri corrected her.

“Count.” Is all ri said. And from then on each spank was followed with a number and thank you miss ri. When the spanks were followed by the number 12, and scotte’s skin was red, ri pressed her cheek against her ass to feel the heat she had created ri signaled it was over with a soft kiss. Scotte was breathing heavy and her hands, still cuffed in front of her, grabbed at the sheets underneath. Ri smiled and moved off the bed to her wine, leash still clutched tightly in her hand. She stared for a moment at scotte on the bed, her hands had moved out above her head that was now on the bed. Driving her round, firm, red ass up into the air. Ari moved back to the bed to touch scotte. Her hand moved between her legs and felt her panties absolutely soaked, so soaked if ri didn’t take them off they were likely to drip.

With the feeling of ri’s fingers so close to her throbbing pussy scotte began to wiggle her hips trying to coax ri to enter her. Ri pulled hard on the leash making her head lift up off the bed with a sharp inhale with one hand pulling the leash ri’s other hand pushed one finger into scotte’s wet pussy. Scotte let out a soft moan as she felt ri’s finger move deeper into her. Her slick walls squeezing tight around ri almost begging her to go deeper. RI pulled harder on the leash to begin to choke scotte and smiled at the sound of her breaths start to shorten. With the collar tightening ri began to move her fingers faster inside scotte. In and out and all around she explored her wet prize. Between short breaths scotte let out light moans and thank you. Ri could feel her getting wetter and start to tighten in preparation for an orgasm so she spoke harshly with a tug of the leash.

“Are you gonna ask for permission like a good girl?”

“Please miss ri!” Scotte begged, “please can I cum?!”

When ri said yes she did so while letting go of the leash and pulling on the collar directly, choking scotte even harder right as her orgasm hit her. Scotte’s legs began to shake and she let out a loud moan. RI’s finger moved even faster as she fought to push it deeper into her clamping down pussy. When her orgasm subsided and ri’s grip on her collar loosened scotte’s head fell to the bed again, her breathing heavy and deep. Ri pushed her from her side so scotte was on her back, before pulling on the leash making her sit up on the bed. Ari grabbed her wine and told scotte to get her clothes off. Still blindfolded and trying to recover from her immense orgasm scotte let her hands feel until she found the buttons on RI’s shirt and started to undo them. Her hands being cuffed didn’t slow her down as she ached to feel and taste her mistresses skin. Ri had to switch hands so scotte could take each sleeve off but when it was off her hands hesitated inches from Ri’s skin.

“May I?” Scotte asked.

With an affirmative sound ri drank from her glass and felt scotte’s soft hands move all over her stomach and chest. Scotte kissed and licked lightly between her hands and loved the taste of ri. Ri put down her glass and untied the lingerie scotte was wearing exposing her pierced nipples and sweat covered brown skin. While scotte touched and kissed her way around ari’s stomach, ri’s hands moved down to pinch and lightly pull at the piercings of her playthings nipples. Scotte reacted to her piercings being played with by biting at ri’s stomach. Ri then pushed scotte away, holding her face in her hand and kissed her passionately, letting their tongues move at each other. Scotte’s lips were full and soft and ri couldn’t help but give them a bite before pushing scotte back onto the bed. Ri moved her hands from scotte’s hip bones all the way to pull at her nipples before resting at the collar around her throat. Ri licked and sucked each of her pierced nipples before standing back up and pulling her skirt up over her round full ass.

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue,” ri said firmly.

Scotte did as she was told.

“Put your hands up over your head.”

Again scotte did what she was told. Ari moved up on the bed so her now wet pussy was right above scotte’s outstretched tongue. Ri pulled on the leash and brought scotte’s mouth up to find her pussy. Once inside her, scotte’s tongue moved with excitement. In and out, licking and sucking at ri’s wet pussy. Ri let out a moan and lowered herself so scotte’s head was back on the bed pinned by her pussy. When scotte moved her hands up to feel ri, ri pinned them back to the bed and started to grind her hips against scotte’s mouth.

“Keep your hands there, I don’t want your hands, give me your eyes though.” Ri said pulling the blindfold off scotte and letting their eyes meet. The passion seen in both their eyes only made them want each other more. Ri moved her hands down to pull scotte’s face into her, begging her tongue to move deeper and deeper. Their eyes never broke as Ari began to moan louder and louder. The juices from her pussy starting to cover scotte’s face. Ari begged scotte to fuck her with her tongue and disapproved when scotte would close her eyes.

“Look at me. Look in my eyes. Fuck I’m about to…” before Ari could finish her sentence her body shook and bucked and her orgasm squirted out of her all over scotte. Ari’s body may have stopped but then didn’t mean scotte was going to. Her mouth was filled with ri but she let it spill out the sides as she kept her tongue moving fast as she could, sucking lightly ri’s clit. Finally ri could not take it anymore and slid off if scotte’s face. She paused a moment to look down at the mess she had just made and let out a smile and laugh. She uncuffed scotte and undid her own bra before placing her naked body on top of hers to kiss her. Their skin soaked in sweat and ri’s juices they kissed hard. Ri tasted herself on scotte’s tongue and both their hands met and moved all over each other. Grabbing and pulling, scratching and massaging they kissed and rolled around on the bed.

Until with a pull of the leash ri forced scotte’s head toward her pussy and her pussy toward her mouth. Ri loved feeling scotte’s body on hers and wasted no time diving her tongue deep into scotte’s soaked pussy. Scotte let out a moan before the tug on the leash reminded her she had work to do as well and she began devouring ri again. They laid there licking and sucking, dragging their nails across bare skin before pushing a finger in to work with their tongues. They both became wetter and wetter and both didn’t mind the mess that’s was being made on their faces. When scotte screamed from another orgasm ri brought her hand down on her ass to spank and squeez it. Scotte collapsed on ri breathing heavy and ri rolled her off her. She moved to kiss scotte deeply and pulled on the leash.

“Sleep for now. I’ll wake you up when I’m ready to play again. ”

“Yes miss ri” scotte said between breaths. She smiled at the thought of miss ri coming back to use her as her plaything again.

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