Pure Frat Fuckmeat


This is the pure fuckmeat of our story, as she arrived at a “work” place. The red? Well, you can imagine bright blue, pink, jet black, etc, for she had those colors in similar ultra-short styles.Not just for work, she walked all over campus in this type of dress.Outfits like the above? Fairly common on campuses of the late sixties and early seventies.When your wife does real prostitute duties, it is rare or impossible for the husband to watch those duties being done. All those other guys are working on their own fantasies. Directly or indirectly, they are paying for the services. And entertaining the boyfriend, fiancee or spouse is not on their list.That is why I could only hear of most encounters, or get the rare extra photo that was given to my wife. I became used to dropping off the wife for work and usually picking her up. In between was a XXX time of mystery. A lot of time was spent wondering about what was going on during those work hours.It was great that the wife was scientifically trained, that her day job was bioanalytics, for she gave detailed reports about her experiences. Add to that the occasional photo, and there is a lot of basis for wild storytelling. Once in the proverbial Blue Moon, conditions would allow my wife to work and provide entertainment to a larger community. Such a performance might even include her own husband, at least as a distant audience member.Many Purdue fraternities were centered in the area of Slayter Hill. At the base of that hill was the Slayter Center performing arts outdoor stage. The fraternities were west, northwest and north of the hill area. You are being shown the center and a modern Google map of the area, because it shows how the fraternities have positioned themselves for playtime.Their back yards have wooded areas and then the golf course surrounds them on all sides. For decades, they have taken girls into their backyards and even onto the golf course to fuck. Most of the time, it was regular dates or sorority girls who got fucked. But, on special occasions, for special parties, they would hire a local pro, or two, or three. The topic, the celebration was what determined the need for pros. If they needed absolute sex, public sex, disgraceful sex, and if they wanted to really gangbang, then a local pro was the way to go. That saved their girlfriends and the sorority girls some pride. Those saved girls could sometimes even observe the pros, and the more public show, get stoned and hot, and then go to a more private room to celebrate with their frat boyfriend.The combination of celebrations and farewells seemed to bring out the most outlandish duties for my wife. It seems like she did several jobs where there was a need for both a bachelor party and a frat goodbye. In those days, a frat guy would get a sorority sister pregnant, and then have to move to married student housing and leave the frat behind.Could be that this sweet frat/sorority couple led to my wife’s ultra party job?That combination seemed to initiate some of the wildest parties. Such a party was scheduled for my wife, the weekend before Homecoming at Purdue.Above is the quality of the real meat provided to the fraternityAbove is the quality of the real meat provided to the fraternityThe weather was still very warm and my wife was told to expect a lot of outside activities. That was my stimulus. It was the start button for when I planned a voyeuristic outing of my own. Knowing the fraternity backyards, the surrounding tree groupings, and the Purdue golf course, really helped in planning to see my wife in action. On that Saturday evening, she went to the fraternity in a car with two other working girls. The arrival time was early since the girls were told there were a kegger and barbeque that would benefit from the early Fall weather and the still long days.Since this was one of those combo bachelor party and leaving the fraternity parties, it was supposed to be wild. Regular dates were discouraged. Although, a few members did have some tough girl regulars, who thought they could, at least, watch anything. And those very few did show up for the “party”. Still, this event was for guys to be able to use their penises, a lot.Everywhere the pros were not, the above scenes played out.My wife stimulated a lot of those scenes, and much more.When my wife and her other two pro friends showed up, it was evening, not quite dusk. The guys had already started the beer. More importantly, the guys had already been toking some strong pot. As well, many had coke and mescaline mixes going. Those last two, of course, were important to maintain and use an erection. In an era prior to Viagra, such self-medication could keep guys at their biggest, with their longest-lasting erections, and with great sensations.Since my wife had been told about Escort Gölbaşı the outside/backyard/woods focus, I had parked in the Ross Ade Stadium parking lot and walked through the outer edge of the golf course. That allowed me to come up behind the fraternities (there are many encircling the hill). I had a pair of small binoculars, and I was careful to not get TOO close. It was tempting to get as close as I could, but more sensible judgment about avoiding confrontation won the day.My timing was perfect. Just as I arrived at a grove of trees that was north of the target fraternity, I saw my wife’s two friends escorted out the rear door and into the patio area. The escorts had their hands all over the girls. Those escorts were not subtle and were already removing clothing from the girls. Both girls had lost their tops, and their breasts were flopping freely, as the girls were taken over to some benches at the perimeter, between the yard and the wooded area. And then, a blonde, who I recognized, walked out onto the patio. She had two escorts holding her. Each had a hand on her waist, and each had a hand on her ass.The other girls were now at those perimeter benches, and both had completely lost their outfits. Oh, and those escorts were proving well hung.My wife could see the progress of the other two and took the hint. The blonde shortened her own trek and quickly stopped at a bench and table area that was central to the patio area. Her two guys pulled her mini dress up over her head. That left my wife completely nude, except for the little white boot heels that she still had on. She looked very sexy and very nasty with that setting sun hitting her brightly.Her two escorts had stripped in only the few seconds after her mini got tossed. They were two white frat males who represented the fraternity well. For even though I was in the brush, and over hundreds of feet away, and trying to keep my lenses from reflecting, it was easy to see that both guys were muscular and well hung. One of the guys sat on the table top and my wife began to eat him. The second fellow, moved around behind my wife. He was very hard by now. He felt my wife, and noted that she was very wet. He went into her au natural. It was a real turn on to see his large cock disappearing into her.Her own rippling torso muscles, ass muscles and long leg muscles finished making the scene more… obscene. The horizontal sunbeams emphasized all that body tone. Her every response seemed amplified, even with the distant view that I had of her. Absolutely great to see her outside fucking some well-hung stranger.The other two, the dark-haired girls, were deep into their own doggy-fucks. I recognized one as Amber, and the other as Sue. Like my own wife, Amber was married. Her husband supported Amber’s hobby and part-time job. Sue’s boyfriend understood and approved of her hooking. So, all the significant others liked that their girls were fucking other men. If the fraternity PA had not been blaring some great Motown fucking music, it would have been easy to hear the squeals and panting of all three girls.The guy fucking my wife tensed his muscles, clenched his butt cheeks, and unloaded into her. She, in turn, quivered and shook. When he pulled out, she looked like a gas station hose had just been pulled out. In this case, cum splattered all over her cheeks and down her legs. I remember wishing that I had even higher power binoculars.Every few seconds, I was checking around and behind me. I certainly did not want to have someone sneak up on me. Although, this was the edge of a public golf course, and the fraternity expected no privacy. On the contrary, I am sure that they were hoping someone was watching. Well, I sure was watching.In one smooth movement, my wife spun around and hopped onto the guy who she had been eating. After all, he was tabletop and ready. As he slipped in, it seemed that he was about the same size as the first guy. Except, this second guy had a penis head that was noticeably bigger than the first guy’s… noticeable even at my distance. Wow, it was great watching my fit wife, from any angle. Now, I could see her abdominal and quads all working hard, grinding down on the guy. He did seem very happy.Four more guys came out the rear door of the fraternity. Two guys went over to the benches, where Amber and Sue were already cumming in doggy fashion. And two walked straight over to watch my wife working on her second guy. Only years later, with a lot of medical training, did I understand how special my wife was at being a whore/slut/prostitute. She had signals that kicked in all the greatest hormone combinations. The multiple partners, the multiple semen doses, all triggered a flow of oxytocin, relaxin and other hormones that made Keçiören escort her literally much more attractive to new males while allowing her vagina to stretch more than and be lubricated more than any normal girl. In other words, my wife was perfect for prostitution.Amber and Sue started on their second round. I suspected that Amber had similar hormones to my wife. But, Sue had told my wife that she was always tight, and could always use some synthetic lubrication to get going. Sue also mentioned that big cocks sometimes hit her too hard. Just thinking that Sue did not have all the hormone protection.Perimeter actionPerimeter ActionMy wife, the blonde in the above meat photos, had a hormone system that says, ‘Yes, you are a real whore, you will hit guys with powerful pheromones, and you will be constantly well lubed, and you will have the ability to stretch to the size of huge cocks!’ That was a wonderfully functioning system.My wife made the guy sitting on the table cum inside her, and hopped off. She offered to quickly go inside and clean up, but I could see that the two new guys deferred that action. They wanted to take her with their buddies’ extra cream inside. They took off their only apparel, their shorts. No underwear, as their hard cocks immediately appeared. One laid down across the top of the closest wooden picnic type bench. Even from my distance, it was easy to identify his pole pointing straight up. He motioned for my wife to mount him. She exchanged some words with the second, now even harder, guy. And then she did mount the guy who was lying down. She had gotten in several complete humps with the new penis, when the second guy climbed up onto the table and, with some spit lube, he plunged into my wife’s ass. So, now, I was watching a fantastic DP, using my own wife. It was still bright light outside, as the sun had not set. So, the outside fucking of all the girls was vivid, clear to anyone who might watch. And I was watching. It was the first time that I had ever seen my wife do a DP. I was fascinated by the rhythm that the guys set. Soon, those cocks looked like pistons that were working the ‘in and out’, while attached to the same crankcase. Very smooth, very deep, very hard-hitting and a vision that alternated perfectly.One of the fraternity members thought that was a great time to increase the volume of the PA system. The Motown fuck beat synchronized well with the real action. I had to admit that the sound added a lot to the outdoor scene. Another, slightly unexpected, addition to the action occurred. Remember, the excuse for this fucking was a combination bachelor party and moving out of the fraternity theme. I was not expecting regular girlfriends of the frat members to show up. But, two couples arrived at the bench/table where my wife was being DP’d. They were all watching closely as the two guys fucking my wife attempted to completely divide her legs. I could see smiles on male and female faces. I could also see that each couple had their hands all over each other. The girls were digging into the guys’ shorts for their cocks. The guys were reaching up under the minis for pussy access. That audience began to jack and finger, while watching my wife being sawed in two.The regular couples moved to some seats nearby, and, then, they began to have sex of their own. Thus, my wife was, as planned by the party directors, spreading herself and spreading the cheer. The DP was really intensifying, just as I saw a campus cop car come up over the golf course hill. Luckily, he was not coming my way. He stopped in another wooded area that was maybe two hundred yards west of my location.The cop got out of his vehicle. And he had his own binoculars. Soon, he was watching my wife and her friends being fucked. I could see him train his binoculars on my wife. He was smiling as he watched the two frat guys saw into my wife. He was watching the bucking, the ripple of ass and leg muscles and the big triple cum that ended an excellent DP. And, then, the cop got back into his cruiser and drove away. He knew that he would have a lot more to see, on his rounds later that evening.The couples were looking closely at the cum that was gushing out of both my wife’s ass and vagina. The couples both left for bedrooms inside. That was their choice. And, now, I saw my wife head for a restroom inside. Time for a real clean up. After all, she did have three loads into her vagina, and one load into her ass.While she was gone, I considered leaving my post, and going home for the evening. I had seen my wife in daytime action, my wife getting four loads, my wife getting a DP, and my wife entertaining and turning on other couples. That would not be a bad place to stop. However, I saw my wife come back out… Kızılay escort bayan still nude and waving to a few of the guys.I also saw the fraternity President dragging out some wooden railings and stands. It did not take long to figure out that he and two other members were assembling an amateur stockade. By the way, my wife did get extra money for the more outlandish activities.Soon, they had the assembled stockade. This one put the head on one side of a five-foot-tall by six-foot-wide wall. From the neck down was on the other side. The head opening was between the three and four-foot height. On the body side was a cushioned bench, for the torso to lay upon. That kept the ass and vagina at just the right elevation. My wife put her head through the partition. Her tits rested, hanging down, in front of the bench. Her lower chest and her abdomen rested upon that cushioned bench. That allowed her legs to spread wide, with a small amount of ass elevation. As soon as she got into the stockade, a line began to form, directly behind her ass.I was proud that the President knew what was a good limit for such a perverse activity. It was the President himself who stopped the line at number “six“. I could not hear anything that was said. But, my wife later told me that he said to his flock, “Let’s not get ridiculous!”Ridiculous, or not, of course, I had to see the stockade show. And it was impressive. I had never seen my wife treated like that, like pure… fuckmeat. Those guys grabbed her lower waist and pulled back real hard, leaving deep imprints, as they smacked deep and hard into her vagina. They would push her legs apart further, spreading her cheeks, and bang right up the middle. My wife being in the stockade provided protection and anonymity for the guys. Since she would not know who to blame, the guys felt reckless, that they could get away with doing something to a female body that they had never even fantasized.The six in line were having a lot of party fun. Most fucked both holes, and, again, did so with impact. Between the music notes of the PA, I could hear those guys smacking my wife’s ass with their pelvises. I watched them rip into and lift up that trim torso. I watched them grind it internally. They were punching the fuckmeat as hard as they could, causing it to spasm and jiggle.That meat was totally valued only as those tight ass cheeks, those defined quadriceps, and those defined ham strings and calves, in the way that all that meat looked and felt to each guy, as they punched the pussy that was central to it all.NINE LIKE THE ABOVEOh, and I could not see what was happening on the other side of the stockade. A lot of guys were going over there, especially after the President of the fraternity limited the number of fuckers in the line for the rear. Yeah, I would find out later that a lot of guys fucked her face and throat… all while I thought I was watching the business end of the stockade.The President had gone off drinking, toking and, in general, chemically blasting himself. I no longer saw him in the patio area. As the six guys in line to the stockade, got down to five, four, three, then two, I noticed a new guy at the end of the line. No one was around to tell him not to get in line, so he became number seven. He was quite innocently added. The warning to not get “ridiculous” was lost. That is when number eight and number nine also added themselves to the line to my wife. Someone from the other side of the stockade did lean around and acknowledge the extra guys. The attitude was more like, ‘Yeah, that’s cool’.NINE LIKE THE ABOVESo, all the new guys banged away. The grass between her legs was now creamy green. There was an ever-growing load of semen all over that area. Prior to the sun setting, they had turned on their bright outside lights and flooded the area where my wife was with crisp bright white tennis court type lighting. That made it much easier for my binoculars.I had to stay until number nine was through. When he was done, some guys from the other side ran around and helped my wife’s head back through the hole, and then helped her to a standing position. Her face and hair were covered with semen. She was shaking a little, and gobs more semen was running down the insides of both legs. At first, she looked out of it. But, then she smiled, like usual, perked up, jumped around in cartoon fashion, and drained even more semen onto the grass.Now, this time, she really needed a clean up, a full bath. She headed inside. With every step, I could see her abilities and attitude flooding back into view. She exited the stockade as a sex hero. All the guys and girls at the party were applauding, as my wife went inside to clean up. I am sure that the audience, and the participants, really appreciated all my wife’s efforts. I had lost Amber and Sue during my wife’s stockade duties. But, they were around.Later, at about two AM, Amber and Sue dropped off my wife. I immediately told my wife what all that I had seen from the hilltop.She said, “Oh… You left before it got going!”*THE REAL WIFE, READY FOR ANOTHER JOB.

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