Proper Thanks Ch. 02


Lex had crawled into his bed at 4:45 and wanted to kick his own ass. It was early Monday morning and he had to be work in less than 4 hours. He would get literally 2 hours of sleep but rescuing Jayden 20 minutes ago was worth it. His alarm clock went off at 6:30 and Lex groggily crawled out of bed and took a quick shower and ate a quick breakfast. He dressed quickly was out the door at 7:25. He stopped at Starbucks for a double expresso to keep himself awake on the drive to work. He made it into his office exactly at 8:30 and sat at his desk. Before he started his work he fought the urge to call Jayden. Was it too early? He decided not and pulled out his cell and dialed her number. “Hello?” he heard a groggy voice answer.

“Jayden? It’s Lex. Am I calling too early?” he asked being prepared to get cursed out.

“Oh hi! No, I figured you would call sometime this morning.” she said and Lex could tell she was smiling.

“So what did you have in mind as thanks for your rescue?” he said in a lustful tone.

“Are you free tomorrow night?” she asked.

“I think I can clear my schedule.” he grinned.

“Good. Give me a call tomorrow around 7 and I’ll fill you in.” she told him.

“OK. I’ll talk to you then.” He closed his phone and started working. He could barely contain himself as the day went on. He all but rushed out of his office building at 6 PM to head home.

Lex immediately crawled into his bed when he made it home to make up for his missed sleep the night before. His alarm clock went off the next morning as usual and Lex went about his morning routine wishing 7 o’clock would get here already. He headed out the door and went to work. The day went by quickly to the amusement of Lex. At 6 PM he got into his car and headed home. It was 6:45 when he arrived home and he decided to shower to pass the time. He wrapped a towel around his body and walked into his bedroom to retrieve his cell phone from his pocket. He called Jayden and she picked up on the first ring. “Hey.” she answered.

“So what’s the plan?” he asked.

“Come by my place. I’ll be waiting.” she said and hung up. Lex felt his cock swell painfully with anticipation. He changed into a T-shirt and jeans and pulled çorum escort on a pair of flip flops and heads out the door.

He was knocking on Jayden’s door 20 minutes later. “It’s open.” he heard her sing and he opened the door and walked inside. Closing the door he entered the semi-dark living room.

“Jayden?” he said almost in a whisper stopping in front of her couch. He heard a door open and close and Jayden appeared next to him. She turned on the light and Lex admired her in a rose covered robe that barely covered her thighs.

“Sit.” she ordered and pushed him on the couch. When his ass hit the plush furniture Jayden was in his lap. “I’m really glad you came along when you did last night.” Jayden began as she placed kisses along his neck. She smiled when he reacted through an erection.

“I must confess I have been dying to talk to you but I didn’t know if you were interested.” Lex said trying his best not to blow his load from the feel of her luscious lips on his skin.

“Well I am very interested especially since you’re my knight in shining armor.” she smiled and Lex took that as a green light. He reached out to grab her face and pulled her to him and caught her mouth with his. He drove his tongue deep in her mouth and untied and remove her robe. He broke the kiss and leaned back to admire her beautiful naked body.

“That kid may not have got to fuck you but I am going to thoroughly enjoy doing just that.” Lex moaned and kneaded her breasts in his palms.

Jayden moaned and threw her head back as Lex attached his lips to her neck. “Where’s your bedroom?” he asked pulling away from the succelent flesh that bore his mark. Jayden lifted a shaky finger and pointed down the hall. “Lead the way sexy.” he moaned and Jayden jumped from his lap. She pulled Lex up and led him to her bedroom. Lex enjoyed watching Jayden’s ass jiggle as she walked in front of him. On the way to her bedroom Lex had shed his clothes and when they walked inside the room. Both were completely naked and Jayden marveled at the size and length of Lex’s member. She had been a few white guys while she was experimenting in college but Lex well surpassed their girth.

“See something denizli escort you like?” Lex’s words brought Jayden back to reality. His gorgeous smile and huge dick got Jayden good and ready. She pulled Lex to her and kissed him passionately. Lex pushed Jayden to her bed and both fell onto it never breaking their embrace. Lex was on top of her and Jayden opened her legs to accomdate him. “I bet this is some good pussy.” Lex moaned after coming up for air.

“Why don’t you fuck it and find out.” Jayden said lustfully. Lex easily slid into her with one hard thrust. Jayden’s screams were enough to wake the dead as Lex pounded into her. “Spread your legs wider.” he commanded as Jayden obeyed. Lex was able to drive into her deeper and faster and caused Jayden to have a mind blowing orgasm. Her cries to God didn’t stop Lex from drilling her.

“Not until I get mine’s sweetheart.” he whispered in her ear and placed a kiss on her lips. He stopped pumping and rolled over onto his side taking Jayden with her. He gripped her leg and pushed it to up to her head. He held it in place as he began brutally attacking her pussy. “Lex! I can’t take it anymore!” she screamed and came so hard her pussy walls gripped Lex’s dick so hard Lex cried out as if in pain.

“Oh shit!!” he groaned as he pulled out of Jayden’s warm hole and spurted his hot cum on the short pubic hairs and on her stomach. Lex nearly came again when his eyes settled on her heaving breasts. He pulled her left breast up and stuffed it in his mouth like a melon. His tongue flicked her nipple as he sucked the meaty flesh.

“Lex, you tore my shit up!” Jayden said breathlessly and Lex smiled after releasing her tit.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.” he said and placed a sensous kiss on her lips. Lex rolled over and stared at the clock on Jayden’s nightstand. It was shortly after 9 o’clock. Lex than looked over to Jayden and saw that she was fast asleep.

Lex crawled out of the bed and walked towards the bedroom door. He stole one last glance at the beauty of Jayden’s naked body and smiled. He left the room and gathered his clothes. He dressed and left Jayden’s apartment. As he walked to his car and pulled diyarbakır escort out his cell phone and dialed a number. “Hey. Yeah, meet in the next hour. Yeah at the next spot and this time I’m picking another girl with huge tits. I like that now.” Lex laughed and hanging up the phone.

By 10 o’clock Lex was sitting at a new bar downtown. He spotted a sexy Latina working behind the war. He winked at her and when she approached him he order a vodka shot. She poured his drink and started up a conversation. As other customers piled in she excused herself and attended to them. Lex nodded his head to a familiar red head who then motioned for the bartender. “Hey I need another shot of tequila!” the red head shouted over the patrons and slammed his glass on the counter. The bartender poured his drink and was offended by the obscene gesture the red head made to her. She cursed him in Spanish and returned to Lex.

“Idiot.” she said in Spanish and leaned over the bar to Lex. “The vodka OK? You haven’t touched your drink.” she smiled.

“It’s fine.” Lex smiled sexily.

The bar cleared out at 3 AM and Lex and the red head shared a smoke outside the bar. “This is the last time man. I’m so busy helping you get pussy my girl’s been going through withdrawal symptoms.”

Lex laughed and threw his butt on the ground and smashed it with his foot. “Hey, don’t I pay you well? Just keep being a jerk to these girls and all is well.”

“So how was that fine ass black chick?” the red head inquired.

“Top 5. She definitely turned me on to big tits.” Lex smiled and spotted the Latina bartender coming out the back of the bar. “There she is.” Lex said pointing to the girl. “You’re on.” He smiled as the red head threw out his cigarette.

“This time don’t hit me so fucking hard.” The red head ran across the street and approached the girl. Lex watched in amusement as his friend grabbed the girl and pushed her into a dark alley. He waited for a few minutes and walked to the alley and saw his friend pinning the girl against the wall. He ‘rescued’ her and walked her back to her apartment.

“Thank you so much.” she smiled when they reached her door. She reached in her purse and grabbed a ripped sheet of paper and a pen. She wrote her number down and handed it to him. “Give me a call. I’d love to give you a proper thanks for saving me from that asshole. ” she said and disappeared into her home. Lex smiled and whistled as he walked back to his car. Yep, he was thinking of taking this up as a profession.

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