Pranking the Distance


Gina smiled and clamped her legs tight, drawing Ben’s cock further inside from where she straddled him. She loved watching her fiancé’s face as he came inside her, and there was something extra special about doing it in the morning as the first rays of sun began to sneak through the blinds. She ran her hands over his firm chest, now covered in a fine sheen of perspiration, and leaned forward to kiss him.

“Good morning to you, too,” he said between heavy breaths, the first words either had spoken.

“Morning dear,” she said, finally and reluctantly rolling off him to enjoy a quick cuddle before the day’s demands caught up with her. Someday, she hoped, they would be able to spend an entire Saturday morning together in bed. For now, though, her shift at the hospital included Saturdays, so a morning quickie would have to suffice.

She glanced at the clock and groaned, rolling out of bed and stretching. “Got plans for the day?” she asked as she crossed to the bathroom.

“Just groceries this morning,” he said, climbing out of the bed and following close behind her. “Probably watch some basketball after that until you get home.”

Gina stood in front of the mirror and enjoyed the view as Ben came up from behind and wrapped an arm around her. She could feel his eyes roaming across her naked figure in the mirror — from her messy brunette pixie to her modest, perky breasts, down the tummy that she mostly managed to keep flat, and ultimately to her bald pussy where she could feel his seed beginning to dribble down her leg. He, too, was easy on the eyes — half a head taller than her, fit, a couple days’ growth on his chin, and a cock still glistening with their combined juices. She had no doubts about their decision to repeat some variant of this routine for the rest of their lives.

As he kissed the top of her head before she began brushing her teeth, Gina remembered that she had a plan for today. It wasn’t just any Saturday, but also the first day of April — April Fool’s Day. She had never been that big on playing jokes on people, but this year she needed to get some measure of revenge on Ben for what he’d pulled last year. Her dear fiancé, boyfriend at the time, had shut off water to their dishwasher, pretending it was broken, and then arranged for one of his college buddies to show up as a “repairman” while he had to “step out” to run an errand. Gina had been stunned by the man’s never-ending string of sexual innuendo (running his snake through her pipes, checking out all her plumbing, etc) and was all too ready to have Ben kick him out. The guys had a good laugh at her expense when the ruse was revealed. She’d been embarrassed, but also a good enough sport to take it in stride and laugh.

About a month ago, an idea for a Fool’s Day joke of her own arrived from an unexpected source — a guy friend of hers from college had texted out of the blue with a note and web link. “Didn’t know you did porn! Go girl! ;)” Gina, reluctantly, followed the link to a low-quality porn vid of a couple going at it. There was nothing special about the clip aside from the fact the featured girl looked exactly like Gina. Younger, granted, and with slightly longer hair and far more make up than she ever wore, but everything else matched up — face, eyes, tits, body. She laughed it off and thanked her old friend for “not outing her.”

She almost told Ben right then, but realized she could have a little fun with it. The vid clip said the girl’s name was “Skye Blue,” so Gina did a few searches on that name. A couple other videos showed up, but it was a small sample. Clearly this hadn’t been a prolific porn actress, which made her idea even more plausible.

Gina climbed into the shower and began washing her hair. Predictably, Ben was in soon after, “helpfully” soaping up her body. She didn’t mind, even if it rarely sped up the washing process, just so long as he didn’t make her late for work.

“Honey,” she said, squeezing the water out of her hair while he spent extra attention on making sure her breasts were clean.

“Yes, my love?”

“Since we’re getting married soon, I’ve got something I need to tell you about. Something from my past.”

Ben’s hands on her breasts froze for a moment before tentatively resuming and quickly moving on to her arms. She could only imagine what things were flying through his mind with a lead-in like that.


“It’s not bad,” she said. “Well, not all bad. More embarrassing than anything. I don’t want you spreading it around, but figured you should know in case you accidentally stumbled across one of the skeletons in my closet.”

“You know I won’t judge.”

She believed him. Ben was open-minded and had done nothing in their time together to make her question her trust in him.

“Promise?” She wanted to build this up.

“Pinky promise.” He offered his pinky and she wrapped hers around his.

“Okay,” she said, taking a deep breath. “You know I told you how I had trouble finding work right after finishing nursing sikiş izle school? Economy tanked at just the wrong time and no one was hiring a kid with no experience.”

“Yeah, I remember.”

“Well, money got tight. Really tight. And, see, I didn’t want to keep leaning on my parents.”

Ben’s eyes widened a bit, but he said nothing.

“I can’t believe I’m telling you this,” she said, acting all embarrassed. “I knew a friend who’d done a little bit of…acting…up in the Valley. If you know what I mean.”

She could tell by the look on his face that Ben did know what she meant — San Fernando Valley, just outside their Los Angeles home, where much of the porn industry had been born and still flourished. He was buying her story because, like all good lies, it was heavily laced with truth and plausibility.

“I think I know what you mean,” he said, clearly surprised and still trying to come to grips with it.

“Yeah. So, anyway, my friend introduced me to some people and next thing you know, I’m an actress.”

Ben took her by the hands, studying her as the hot water sluiced over her shoulder. She couldn’t quite read the expression on his face and was eager for a response to her tale.

“You were in a porn video?”

Putting all of her meager acting skills to bear, Gina closed her eyes and looked away as if mortified in embarrassment. She nodded her head yes.

“A few, actually,” she said. “The money was good, the hours short, and it totally saved me when I needed a financial bridge. I hated that I was doing it, that I’d resorted to it, but it was there and easy. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I guess I was just too embarrassed. Almost no one knows this about me and I want it to stay that way.”

Ben took her in his arms and hugged her tight. “It’s okay. I don’t blame you one bit.”

“Thanks,” she said, melting into his strong body.

“Honestly, it’s a little hot,” he said, clearly trying to inject some levity into the moment. “I mean, how many guys ever dated a porn star.”

Gina rolled her eyes. “Please. Hardly a star. It was tiny little small budget things.”

“Did you have a porn name?” He grinned, clearly enjoying her “discomfort.”

She shook her head, but then pretended to give in. “Skye Blue.”

“Skye Blue,” he said, letting the name roll off his tongue. “I like it. Tasteful, evocative.”

“Whatever.” She playfully slapped him on the arm and pushed her way past him to grab a towel while he took his turn under the spray.

“Can I call you that, next time we’re fucking?” Gina was about to tell him no, not a chance, but he cut back in. “And I promise that name will never leave the two of us. Just a little role play.”

Gina did enjoy their infrequent role play in the bedroom. She could see the light in his eye that he had found an opportunity here, where she would be his own private porn star. Perhaps her joke had opened a door she wasn’t quite prepared to step through, but on the other hand it could be fun. She didn’t mind being a little slutty for him once in a while.


“Tonight, then,” he said, sliding his hand along his now fully erect cock. “I’m gonna fuck Skye Blue, porn star.”

“If you think you can handle her,” she said, wiggling her ass at him before stepping out of the tub.

As she dressed in blue scrubs for her shift at the hospital, Gina marveled at how easy it had been to convince Ben that she’d actually been a porn actress for a little while. Was that a sign that she’d sold it well or that he thought she was actually capable of something like that? She worried a little if the latter was true — they were getting married soon, and she thought he knew her better than that.

Regardless, after he got his chance to “fuck a porn star,” she’d dash his fantasies and reveal the prank. He would have an entire day of fantasizing, and that bode well for a very fun evening.

* * *

Gina flopped onto a couch in the nurses’ break room for her mid-morning coffee. The room was empty at the moment and she appreciated the peace and quiet after having had some unruly patients to deal with to kick off the Saturday shift. She turned on her phone and found a string of text messages from Ben waiting for her. She grinned, having a good feeling what they might be about, and scrolled back to read them in order.

“Damn, sweetie. Still can’t completely wrap my head around that.”

“I had to go look. You know I wouldn’t be able to resist. All I can say is, damn! I should’ve suggested we film ourselves before!!”

Gina chuckled at that. Maybe she would let him tonight, in the spirit of her prank. She read on.

“Okay, when you said you’d never been with a girl before, I’m assuming you meant in a relationship. Because, after what I just saw, you sure seem to know your way around!”

Oops. Gina hadn’t looked closely at the couple other Skye Blue vids her searches had revealed. The only one she’d watched, the one emailed to her, had been just a guy and brazzers a girl. Oh well. Now his imagination was undoubtedly in overdrive. He’d once jokingly expressed hope that she was bi-sexual, probably angling for a threesome or the like, but she had been forced to let him down.

She was about to reply to that text, but figured she should finish them out first.

“Fuck. Just watched that threesome you did with the blonde and the dude by a pool. Can we do that? Please? Pretty please? I’ll be in your debt forever.”

“Not sure I can wait until tonight. Free for lunch????”

That was the last one, sent about fifteen minutes earlier. She smiled, knowing her joke was working like a charm. Poor guy was going to be totally bummed when the truth came out, but hopefully by then he’ll have had enough of a good time to forgive her.

She fired off a quick text: “Down boy! Yeah, sorry, didn’t think that counted. Hope you can forgive me.”

His reply came even quicker: “I’m sure I can find a way for you to redeem yourself. Lunch?”

Tempting as it was, today was shaping up to be a busy one at the hospital and she had no idea if or when she’d be able to get away, and it probably wouldn’t be for long enough in any event.

“Sorry, don’t think I can swing it. You’ll just have to wait for tonight. Try to save something for me… :kiss:”

He replied: “Boo!”

She sent: “I’m sure the wait will be worth it.”

“Having seen what Skye is capable of, I have no doubt! Speaking of, does Skye still have any contact with Jamee Summer? That one…man!”

Gina shook her head. He seemed awfully enamored with this fake side of her. She hoped her joke hadn’t just set him up with false expectations leading to disappointment. And Jamee Summer? Must be some girl that Skye had done a girl-girl scene with.

“Sorry. Didn’t know her well and lost touch ages ago.”

“That’s a damn shame.”

“Gotta get back to work. Catch you later. Don’t have too much fun with my alter ego.”

“Too late! ;)”

She chuckled and turned off her phone, ready to get back to work.

* * *

Mid-afternoon got crazy at the hospital. Gina managed only a couple minutes break during which she quickly checked her phone again. Ben had sent just one more text, around 3pm, telling her he hoped her day was going well and that he had a surprise in store for dinner, so she didn’t need to pick anything up as she often did when working the Saturday shift. She figured he was buttering her up with a nice dinner before he got his evening of “porn star treatment.”

In the few spare moments, her imagination had wandered a bit toward tonight. She’d never watched all that much porn, but she figured she’d seen enough to have some notion of what Ben might be hoping for. If she was aggressive, talked dirty, and let him get a bit more wild, that should be sufficient. It had been a while since they’re really cut it loose, so she found herself looking forward to playing the role for the evening.

The drive home, thankfully, was easier than usual for the L.A. area since it was a Saturday. She hoped whatever Ben had planned for dinner could wait long enough for her to grab a quick shower and slip into something more comfortable. And sexy. Anything would be sexier than her scrubs, but she figured she could find something that would get Ben’s libido churning over dinner.

She climbed the stairs to their second-floor apartment, unlocked the door, and was about to announce her arrival when her voice caught in her throat. Sitting on their living room couch was a woman Gina didn’t recognize. She was probably in her late 20’s, similar to Gina and Ben, with long black hair pulled into a pony-tail. The woman filled out her tight-fitting crop-top nicely, and several colorful tattoos on her shoulders, arms, and even waist were visible. The ensemble was completed with a mini-skirt above long, lithe legs that ended in red painted toenails on bare feet. She exuded cute sexiness with a bit more grungy sass than Gina could ever muster.

“Oh. My. God! It really is you!” The strange woman practically launched from the couch and hurried to wrap Gina in a stunned hug. Too shocked to do anything but stand there and take it, she looked over the woman’s shoulder and finally spotted Ben as he came out of the kitchen. He looked chagrined and amused.

“Surprise!” Ben said. “I hope I didn’t overstep.”

Overstep what? Gina felt she was missing something horribly obvious and didn’t want to look like an idiot. But who was the woman? What was she doing here. Was she the surprise?

“Skye Blue, as I live and die,” the woman said, finally breaking off her hug but still holding Gina at arm’s length where she could look her up and down. “It’s been, what, six or seven years? Never thought I’d see you again.”

Gina’s mind raced. Did she know this woman? Six or seven years meant it could be from her college days, and she wouldn’t be surprised to have forgotten a few people from then. Then fake taxi porno her mind caught up with her ears — Skye Blue? Oh shit. This woman thought she was the porn actress, Gina’s doppleganger. Then that made her…

“Wow, yeah,” Gina said, stalling. “You look great.”

“Whatever,” the woman said, rolling her eyes playfully. “You look better than ever. And I totally like the short hair on you.”

Gina finally managed to tactfully disengage from the stranger’s grip long enough to shut the door behind her and set her purse and phone down on the end table. She managed to give Ben a pointed, questioning look.

“Okay, yes, this is my fault,” he said, giving her a quick hug and kiss that she had trouble returning with much passion. “After your, uh, revelation this morning, and seeing that vid of you and Jamee here…well, I did a little poking around.”

That confirmed her growing fear, but he’d actually contacted her? Clearly, Gina must have looked as much like Skye in person as on video. And, against even longer odds, passed the scrutiny test up close where voice and mannerisms likely would have been different. Maybe the two of them had only been brief, casual acquaintances. After six or more years, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for recognition to be difficult.

Gina had no idea how to handle this, though. The smart thing would probably be to come clean and apologize to Jamee for the joke gone too far. On the other hand, she was shocked with herself at how well it had gone and she was tempted to play along a bit further to see how Ben would react.

“Poking around, huh?” she said, cocking an eyebrow at him but keeping her tone light.

“I looked up Jamee and, well, I was surprised to find she had an active profile on Twitter. So I sent a message, asking if she still knew Skye Blue.” He glanced over at Jamee, who nodded confirmation of his tale. “Wasn’t expecting a response, but she did and said she remembered you.”

“I probably asked a few too many questions,” Jamee said. “How he knew you. What you’ve been up to since we lost touch. That sort of thing.”

Ben grinned sheepishly. “Next thing I know, she’s suggesting we should surprise you with a get together. Chance to catch up. So, here we are — Chinese take-out, wine, and old friends.”

“Well, we didn’t know each other for that long,” Jamee said with a wink that Gina felt sure carried a long inside story to which she was not privy. “Only a couple months. And we only did the two shoots together, right?”

“Something like that, yeah,” Gina said, gamely trying to play along. “Honestly, I’ve tried to forget most of that part of my life.”

Jamee smiled knowingly. “I hear ya. Most of the girls who don’t stay long are that way. Hard to forget someone like you, though. Especially after…” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

“You two wanna continue catching up over dinner?” Ben gestured toward the kitchen.

Gina still wasn’t sure if she wanted to keep playing along and she needed a few minutes to process everything. Fortunately, she was still in her scrubs and needed to clean up.

“After I get cleaned up and changed,” she said in a tone that brooked no argument.

“Mmm…can’t wait,” Jamee said, brushing her fingertips along Gina’s bare arm as she passed. The contact, in its intimacy, sent shivers through her body.

Gina slipped into their bedroom and closed the door behind her. While she stripped out of her scrubs and waited for the water to warm up, she tried to resolve just what she would do once she was done. The girl seemed nice enough — friendly and easy-going. Granted, she had been working in the adult entertainment industry for a while and that didn’t always come with good connotations, but Gina didn’t pick up on any bad signals.

Under the hot spray, she let her mind wander while the water carried away her anxiety about the situation. Still, the quickest and safest play would be to come clean with the truth, hopefully all have a good laugh, and call it a night. Ben was so enamored with the idea of her having been a porn actress, though (a thought she was still not very comfortable with), and so pleased with himself for having re-connected them that she was tempted to keep stringing him along until she no longer could. He did deserve some payback for last year’s April Fool’s joke.

If she tried to draw things out, how long could she hold up without finally tipping Jamee off to the fact she wasn’t really Skye? As long as she let the other woman lead the conversation and claim poor memory when the details got too specific, it was possible they could make it all the way through dinner. She’d feel a little bad for the actress being an unwitting participant in the charade, but again, she seemed like the sort who would probably take it for the grand joke that it had started as.

By the time she was rinsed clean and toweling off, Gina realized she had already come to a decision. She would string this out as long as she thought she plausibly could. And, in order to make it convincing, she needed to get into the mind-set of a woman who’d been in front of the camera and who was meeting an old acquaintance from those days.

She sighed. Next year, she would need to find a safer joke to play on Ben.

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