Plumber’s Perks Ch. 18


Ever since Kaye was replaced by Debbie at our office, things had gone pretty smoothly. Deb was happy to occasionally meet up with me, she wasn’t obsessed about riding my cock. Her friend Connie was also pretty relaxed, after all both women knew that if they wanted me all they had to was call and I would look after them….

It was on one of the invites to Debbie’s place that I met Madhu, an Indian lady who Debbie described as a good friend. Along with Connie, Debbie, Madhu and myself we sat out in Debs sunny backyard having a few drinks and just generally chatting away quite freely.

After an hour or so we’d eaten fresh salads that the girls had made, needless to say I was once more conned into driving the barbecue, and the alcohol combined with the warm sun had us all feeling mellow and relaxed.

Madhu was a fairly dark skinned woman with very attractive features, her long black hair tied loosely, her green eyes warm and inviting, slender form and legs largely hidden in her wrap dress. For all her beauty and grace she seemed nervous and once Debbie changed the subject I could understand why.

Debbie explained how Madhu had grown up largely in New Zealand, had several daughters who were now married and had children, except for one troublesome daughter called Mohini who had just turned 22. Mohini, as Debbie explained, had been a troublesome child in her teens.

“Perhaps Madhu would like to explain it for you Nick,” Debbie suggested, looking at Madhu who was now leaning forward in her sun lounger.

“Yes, I would like to explain some of the challenges Mohini has gone thru,” Madhu started, “the problem is the family influence in the early years, my parents wanted me to follow the Indian traditions even though I was only 4 years old when we came to New Zealand.”

“Then until Mohini was 14 she was constantly bombarded by my parents’ traditional beliefs,” Madhu said, “and eventually Mohini rebelled and moved out of our home and went to live with my ex-husband. Then for the next three years she had a very liberal upbringing, until her father died that is, then she came back to live with me again. In the end she shacked up with an Indian fellow much older than her and just over a year ago she broke this off and once more moved back home with me. It’s these last few years of being more or less a domestic slave that have completely repressed her sexuality, right at the time when she should be having free and easy relationships, experimenting and just enjoying herself. That is why you are here today Nick, to see if you are keen to play around with Mohini for a while,” Madhu said calmly.

For a short while it was silent, both Debbie and Connie just looking at me pondering this proposal. Madhu meanwhile sat back and took another sip of her drink and waited patiently for me to respond.

“So tell me Madhu, you want me to seduce Mohini and then let her use me,” I asked.

Madhu said: “Not exactly, she won’t need seducing as such, if I tell her that you are happy to play her boyfriend for a while she’ll pretty much jump you I would expect.”

Debbie and Connie grinned and laughed lightly, Madhu shot them a look as if to say; Shut it! Turning to me once more Madhu continued: “I know it’s an unusual situation, but then listening to Debbie talking about you with such admiration I figured you’re the ideal candidate to give my daughter what she needs.”

“Go Nicky baby,” Debbie howled from a few yards back, making rude gestures as Madhu and I had this discussion. “Give the poor girl some of that fat cock you’ve got, make her scream your name,” Debs giggled a little quieter.

Connie was by now giggling as well, looking at me with lusty eyes as she watched Madhu and I go over the finer points of her plan.

Madhu and I calmly finished our discussion, resolving that I would take Mohini out dancing the coming weekend, then let things develop from there.

“Hey Madhu, best you get him to show you his big donger, just to make sure he’s got enough to satisfy your daughter,” Debbie saucily suggested.

“Yeah go on Nicky baby, why don’t you strip for us girls and jerk off that big dick,” Connie then added with a cheeky smile. “After all, it’s been a while since we’ve seen that beautiful big hunk of meat,” Connie cooed.

“Ladies, please,” Madhu said in mock horror, “let’s not scare the young fellow with unnecessary crude behaviour here, if he wants to strip he can but by all means keep it classy.”

“Fuck classy, strip off stud, NOW!” Debbie barked, taking charge like she so often did in these situations. As if the emphasise the point she got up and marched over to where I was sitting, dragged me to my feet and grabbed the hem of my polo shirt and promptly janked it over my head. Tossing it aside she then unbuckled the belt on my shorts and dropped them to the floor, not having worn underwear I was now stark naked in front of these three ladies…..

“Yeah Debs, you give that wanger of his a good groping,” Connie growled, just as Deb took hold of my near rigid balıkesir escort member and began jerking my foreskin back and forth.

Madhu watched in amazement for a while as Debbie just stood there wanking my throbbing fuckstick, occasionally bending down to spit on my knob to keep it slippery. Debbie then kneeled in front of me and began sucking my knob and balls alternately, Madhu and Connie still just watching us.

“Come on gals, give me some help,” Debbie finally said, Connie quickly grabbing Madhu’s hand and dragging her the few yards to where Debbie was abusing me.

“Have a go at sucking on this baby,” Debbie said to Madhu as she moved over slightly, leaving enough room for Madhu to join her in front of me.

It didn’t take Madhu long to grab hold of my throbbing cock and start wanking me off sensually, gripping firmly and slowly stroking my foreskin, and occasionally taking my knob between her red lips, sucking firmly and making my head spin with the mixed sensations.

Connie stood behind me and began squeezing my cheeks, slowly working a finger up my arse and also kissing and sucking my neck, ears and mouth. Her tongue slithered down my back and at one point she tried to stick her tongue into my crack, not quite reaching her target though.

“Close to cumming ladies,” I warned them, but Madhu simply increased the pace of her wanking and clamped her mouth around the end of my shaft, Debbie kept up the ball rubbing and fondling….before long I was groaning away as my balls erupted, spewing a nice load of spunk into Madhu’s mouth. She didn’t spill a drop and she didn’t share at all either.

“Hey you greedy bitch,” Debbie moaned as she saw Madhu milking me dry on her own.

Madhu just grinned as she sucked the last few drops from my knob and then got to her feet. “You will do just nicely young man, I will be in touch with you,” Madhu said as she picked up her purse and promptly left.

“What’s up with that,” Connie asked as she watched Madhu get in her car and leave.

“Dunno,” Debbie replied, “but damned if I’m gonna waste the rest of this fucking lovely cock just ’cause she’s disappeared.”

Hiking up her skirt and peeling her skimpy knickers to her knees, Debbie got on her knees on the edge of a sun lounger and said: “OK Nick, you know the drill, give it to me.”

“At your service M’am,” I said as I positioned my cock at the entrance to her juicy slot and began fucking my older lover.

“Bet you Madhu is scared of that cock, that must be why she ran off,” Connie said as she watched me and Debbie screw.

Connie patiently watched us, letting Debbie enjoy herself, knowing fullwell that as I had brought her over I would also be taking her home, so Connie knew she’d be able to spend the night with me….hence her patience.

To my surprise though, a few days later I got a call from Madhu and we made arrangements for me to take Mohini dancing etc the following weekend.

Now even though Mohini lived at home still with Madhu, what I didn’t realise at the time was that both ladies pretty much had a floor of the house to themselves each. If need be, they could both come and go without disturbing the other….

So anyway, come Saturday night and I went around to pick up Mohini. Not having met her before I was working off the descriptions that both Madhu and Debbie had given me; 5’9″ tall, straight black hair down to her waist, coffee and cream complexion, slender build with nice B cups, gleaming white teeth and the brightest green eyes you’ll ever see. The only thing that needed changing was for a smile to be put on her nowadays sombre face…..

Madhu opened the door for me and led me into the lounge, saying that Mohini would be down in a minute or two. This was now the first time she’d seen me since taking part in the cocksucking in Debs backyard, she didn’t appear nervous at all, which I had expected her to be. “Hey Mr Nick, I gotta say I really enjoyed what we did at Debbie’s house, perhaps I shouldn’t have run off so soon, at least if Debbie’s description of what happened after I left is anything to go by,” Madhu said, licking her lips and looking at me with a ‘come-fuck-me-grin’….

We heard Mohini come down the stairs and Madhu quickly distanced herself from me. As Mohini entered the lounge she took one look at me and a smile began to spread across her face…perhaps because I was stunned by her exotic appearance….

“Nick please meet Mohini, Mohini this is young Mr Nick,” Madhu introduced us.

As we shook hands and greeted each other I could feel an instant attraction, judging by Mohini’s grin she either enjoyed my attention or she found it amusing.

“Oh, I brought you some flowers,” I said as I handed Mohini a small bouquet of yellow roses, as per her mothers suggestion.

Her face lit up in a big smile as she accepted them and now it was now her who appeared momentarily stunned. “Why thank you, so nice,” Mohini said as she hurried off into the kitchen to place them bartın escort in a vase. Returning promptly with the roses in a nice vase she placed them on the dining table, admiring them for a moment.

“Shall we?” I asked.

“Yes OK,” Mohini said as she took her handbag and jacket in readiness for our escape.

“Now you two better behave,” Madhu laughingly said as she closed the door behind us.

“Yeah right, as if,” Mohini softly muttered, after her mother had closed the door.

As we got to my car, I opened the door for Mohini, something which she didn’t expect but enjoyed immensely nevertheless. “Thank you,” she beamed as I closed the door and then hopped in myself. “I am not used to being spoiled,” she said, briefly losing the smile from her face.

“Oh I think you should get used to it, and anyway, why shouldn’t you be treated like a lady?” I said.

Her face had a question written all over it, but for the moment she remained silent, just nodding in agreement with me. At that moment I felt sorry for her, as it would seem her years of being with the older fellow of her own culture had repressed her markedly. Her mother had told me some more of this period in her life, and this helped me come to the conclusion that it might actually be a good deed to spoil Mohini for a while, make her appreciate herself again.

Well, to cut a long story short, or at least shorter, for the next two months I took Mohini out every weekend. We did the things she wanted to do, as well as some of the ones I suggested. We started off going dancing like I’d described earlier, but this wasn’t as much fun for her than going to a nice restaurant and being waited on for example. I never forced myself on her. I was never shy about popping a big woody when we were dancing close, and Mohini wasn’t shy about rubbing it with her body either. It was when she started fondling my prick with her hands that I knew she was ready for some serious dicking.

“So Mr Nick,” Mohini said one night as we were sitting in a bar, “when are you gonna let me have a ride on that big prong of yours, or do I have to beg for it.” While she was grinning, and running a foot up my thigh she waited for my response.

“Oh I don’t know, no hurry there Mohini, but watching you beg for it….mmmmm….now that would be interesting,” I mused, much to her surprise. “I am just having fun spoiling you Missy,” I laughed.

“Or perhaps I need to dress more, how do I say, provocatively?” she grinned as her foot reached my throbbing prick, rubbing the balls of her foot against my shaft and the heel on my swollen nuts.

“No, I reckon you’re dressed provocatively enough already, heck, if you wear any less you’d probably get arrested anyway,” I softly said, after all her haltertop dress had no back, other than a couple of straps crossing over, and it ended only two or three inches below her crotch. Shit, even when she was standing upright she was almost naked, then if she’d bend down just so you could see her perky boobs just hanging there….no there was nothing wrong with her attire. And then her long brown legs, with the spiky heels she liked to wear….gggrrrrr….I didn’t know how much longer I could stop myself from jumping her delectable bones!!

“OK, I see, so it’s up to me to make the first move then,” she asked, continuing to rub my dick with her foot.

“Maybe the second move, ’cause I believe you’re already working on the first one,” I said, briefly closing my eyes as her foot did circles on my turgid dick. Spreading my legs a little more I began pushing back against her hot little foot, wondering how long she’d keep rubbing….

“Let’s go then, I wanna take you home so I can continue this discussion,” she smiled as she put her foot back in her high heel and got up. Much to her surprise I simply got up, my erection clearly visible to anyone who chose to look. Mohini smiled a big tooth flashing smile as she watched my cock make a tent in my slacks, then she took me by the hand as we walked to the nearest taxi stand.

The ten minute taxi ride to her house seemed to take forever, not least because she was rubbing and kneading my stiff cock and cupping my heavy balls. The taxi driver was an older Indian gent who kept giving me this evil look, almost as if to say; You shouldn’t be going out with this girl!!

Heck, I didn’t really care, I’d been taking Mohini out and she was enjoying herself tremendously. On the fifth weekend she made her move and now we were on the way to get naked at her house….yippee.. I couldn’t wait to explore this exotic creature from top to toe.

I paid the taxi driver and followed Mohini up the short driveway to the front door, as the security light came on I saw her face, beaming from ear to ear, her whole being just radiated pleasure or at the very least the anticipation of pleasure.

We quietly made our way up the stairs to Mohini’s large room, and as the door closed she pushed me gently against the wall and began kissing me. Starting batman escort very tenderly kissing my lips, for minutes we just kissed and nibbled, then moving to our tongues intertwining. Our bodies were pressed together, hands just roaming along our sides, mostly taking hold of each others head and stroking….

“Mmmmm,” Mohini moaned softly as I kissed her neck and nuzzled her earlobe, running my hands down her spine and gently taking her tight little butt in my hands. Squeezing her bum gently brought forth another little moan, then she brought her mouth down on my neck and began sucking and kissing me back, with such sensual moves I can hardly describe the feeling.

It seemed like hours, kissing, nuzzling and slowly undressing each other. We finally were naked and tumbled onto the large bed, not bothering to clamber under the sheets at all, it was a warm night and we both were rather heated from the kissing and cuddling. The patience with which Mohini kissed and rubbed me, her occasional playful yet sensual stroking of my cock and the wickedness of her smile….hhhmmmm…yummy!! We rolled and tumbled, kissed and cuddled, rubbed and massaged each other for ages, neither of us in any real hurry to reach the finish. Although I have to admit my cock was beginning to ache somewhat.

Somewhere along the way we ended up rolling into a 69’er, side on, with me initially rubbing Mohini’s slender legs, then her thighs and finally I just couldn’t resist nuzzling her closely trimmed pussy. At about the same time she took my engorged knob between her lips, sucking gently and licking with loving sensual strokes of her velvet tongue. Again, the initial licking and sucking was unhurried, but once she rolled on top of me and began cupping my ballsac and massaging my nuts I responded by driving my tongue deep into her exquisite pussy, my nose now nudging her puckered up arsehole.

After a few minutes of delightful sensations, I felt Mohini begin to squirm, as if urging me on, so I lapped at her swollen pussy at a rapid pace. Taking her clit between my lips and sucking it, then flicking my tongue across it rapidly, she squirmed and pushed herself down onto my face, then she went rigid for a few seconds….moaned with a loud exhale of breath and went limp for just a bit, her pussy oozing a yummy thick nectar into my mouth…..

“Mmmmmmmm, nice….mmmmmm,” she dreamily whispered, “thank you soooo much,” she added as she ground her juicy snatch in little circles on my mouth. Taking my cock back in her mouth she now started deep throating me, something which very few women have managed with my fat dick, but this young Indian gal had the skills….with her chin tapping my pubic bone over and over she just made a meal out of my cock, slowly sucking my knob then slding the whole fat shaft into her throat and keeping it there for seconds at a time, then rubbing my nuts as her mouth let my shaft come out again….damn!!

Her pace increased, slurping my shaft at a rapid rate and occasionally sucking on my nuts as well…I was not going to be able to hold out long…So instead I focused on licking her tight little pussy some more, and shortly after I managed to take her over the edge once more I blew off in her mouth. To my surprise Mohini didn’t swallow, instead letting my cum splatter into her mouth then drip out back all over me…different but nice all the same.

“Wow, you trying to drown me Nicky baby?” she cooed as she rolled onto her side, admiring the wads of cum that had dropped from her mouth.

“Hey little lady, I think it’s all your doing,” is all I could respond at the time.

“Hhhmmm, we’ll see about that,” Mohini growled as she slid down and took up a new position, kneeled between my legs and once more she sucked my balls into her mouth. How she managed to take both nuts into her mouth at once is beyond me, but then again she had a big wide mouth… With her bright eyes looking at me, she next grabbed hold of my cock and lovingly kissed the sensitive helmet, taking her time to slowly lick the underside with the tip of her tongue…making me squirm at her slow and deliberate actions. Her eyes just kept boring into me, teasing me, pleasing me, her whole focus was now on sucking my cock….nothing else mattered for the moment.

Having just cum I could now handle a fair bit of her teasing and sensual licking and sucking, and man, could she suck cock!!

“You like?” she asked as she kept her eyes locked onto mine.

What a question girl, you’ve got me by the nuts, sucking on my root and I am squirming in rhythm with your tongue…. “Hhhhmmmm, maybe just a little,” I teased.

She just grinned, slowly stuck a finger into my arse and then spat out my cock, saying; “My mummy taught me good huh?”

“Very,” was all I could stammer as her finger wriggled around in my bumhole, now buried to the knuckle. I just love a finger up my arse, it just heightens the sensations.

As if to show the full extent of her repertoire she next pulled her finger out of my bum and spread my legs further, then growled my bumhole out for a couple of minutes….now this did nothing to alleviate the intense sensations I was feeling in my knob…which she still had a hand wrapped around, vigorously wriggling her palm around my oozing helmet, the wrist action being one that had my head starting to spin.

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