Please (don’t) Stop


My mind had lapsed and the curve came up with a quickness I wasn’t quite ready for. Braking hard, I leaned the bike as far as I could, barely keeping it within the double yellow line. A nervous, jaw grinding grin was replaced with a full face “eat my shorts” smile. That asshole will never catch up to me. That thought came to a grinding halt as I watched a Mercedes hog the road in front of me. I slowed up a bit, but could hear the siren warbling in the distance.

Hmm. He’s catching up. Stupid cop. I can’t catch a break. I mean, who can resist these twisties? Jeesh, they expect you ride like a Sunday driver through here. Screw it! The Mercedes finished rounding the corner and there was just enough visual to pass him in the double twisty up ahead. Hitting the throttle I passed. Hah, just another rich old bastard. I stood up on my pegs and patted my ass for him. Bite me!

After a succession of car passing and almost, close to, one day will get there -knee dragging, and what I thought were clever road switches, I felt pretty confident that the cop was well behind me. I was thirsty, hungry, and a little tired. I passed a pretty little lookout spot with quite a view of the surrounding mountains. A quick little u-turn brought me back and I decided this was a perfect resting spot. Sitting on a stone bluff and enjoying a little snack, I luxuriated in the sights below me.

What beauty! After quite some time of cloud counting, I heard gravel crunching behind me. Shit. My solitude is gone. Oh well, the world belongs to us all. I guess I’m not the only one who gets to enjoy it. Standing up and stretching, I turned to see my cop friend. Holy shit! How’d he find me? With much posturing, he stepped out of his car and spoke some kind of cop code into his walkie talkie thingy. “Hey there” he said, “That your bike over there?”

“Umm, yeah. I just bought it and thought I’d take it for a ride on such a pretty day.”

Great, here comes another one. The second cop pulled up and parked over by the trees next to my bike. She got out and walked over to us. Hmmm, she is pretty hot actually. Taller than me and oh, so healthy. Biggish breasts pushing at her shirt, tight cop pants accentuating her hips, and handcuffs dangling at her side. Yummy. But boy, does görükle escort she look mean. She took a stance next to the other one and glared at me.

“You riding with anyone?” he continued. “I’ve been chasing a guy on a motorcycle all day today. You wouldn’t happen to know him, would you?”

What a dick. Well, I can use this. I put on big doe eyes and looked helpless. “Jeez, no I don’t. I was riding with a group I met our local café, but I can’t seem to keep up with them.”

“Huh.” He looked over to my bike and asked, “Do you know a guy with a yellow bike? One that looks kind of like yours?”

“Well, there were two other guys with bikes the same color as mine, but I don’t remember their names.” Yeah, right.

“Well then, if you meet up with your friends, you just let ’em know I’m on their tail. They’re full of shit if they think they can ride around here like a bunch of hooligans.”

“Yeah, I know. Whatta buncha assholes.” Shmuck. It’ didn’t even occur to him that it was me that had out ridden him. Guess it’s for the better.

He glanced over to his fellow officer. “Guess I’ll take off now.” She just nodded at him and stood glaring at me. She started to walk to her car as he drove out, but stopped and sneered. “You think you got away with something, don’t you. He’s a putz, but I’m onto you.”

Grinning sardonically I replied, “But I’m just a girl. Girl’s can’t ride fast.”

She walked up to and pushed me with her finger. Pushing her face into mine, she growled, “You think you’re so cute. You get off on this don’t you? You think it’s exciting racing around these mountains? You are gonna kill yourself and likely someone else too.”

Having her this close to me made me tingle in the oddest way. I felt like being a punk and teasing her, though surely it would be at my peril. Not knowing what her reaction would be I whispered, “Oh it’s exciting, but then maybe I’m just excited to see you.” She stepped back from me slightly. Looking pissed, she pulled out her club. “Oh shit!” I thought, “Boy did I just screw up!”

“Get your ass over to the car”, she barked as she prodded at me with her club. I started over to her car, more than a little scared and feeling pretty stupid to boot. “Place your hands eskort bayan on the hood of the car and spread your feet apart,” she barked when we reached it. Doing as she said, I wondered what foolishness had come over me. Damn, what the fuck was I thinking? She opened the back door and told me to move in front of it and stand as I had been. I got into the position and she leaned into the back of me. Propping her left leg on the edge of the entryway into the rear seat and pushing her club into the right side of me, she covered my back with her body. I could feel her breasts push into the back of my shoulders. The skin on the back of my neck prickled and I broke out into goose flesh. She pressed her lips to my ear and breathed hotly, “Who in the hell do you think you are?” I thought it prudent not to answer that question and remained still.

She unzipped my leathers and ran her hand across my belly. My cheeks burned red with embarrassment, as all I had on were a tank top and panties under my leathers. I started to squirm and pull away and she pushed me back against the doorway. “Keep still” she muttered as she lightly scraped her nails across the bare skin under my shirt. Oh my God, I don’t know what to think. It’s exciting and I can’t control my reaction. She moved her hand to my breast. Just as she did with my belly, she grazed her nails across my nipple. I started to bring my hands down and she hit my thigh with her club hard enough to let me know she meant business. Every nerve in my body was alive. Her breath on my ear, her tits in my back, her hand on my skin were all so exquisite, yet I wanted to get away. What is she doing to me?

Her light raking was turning into grabbing and pinching. So close to hurting, yet not painful. Her breath quickening in my ear, I can feel her grind her pelvis into my ass. I am trapped, both by her and by my own excitement. I can’t take this. I’m jumping out of my skin. Finally she ventured her hand down into my panties. This caused me to jump and she tightened her grasp on me. As she sucked on my neck, her hand explored my cunt. I couldn’t believe it. My breath kept catching and my heart was hammering. As she fingered me I felt the inevitable. “No, no, no” I squealed as I tried to get altıparmak escort out of her reach. She smacked my leg rather hard and growled, “Keep your ass still.” I couldn’t breathe. The combination of her sternness, the slight pain of her club, her hand in my panties brought me over the edge. My senses flooded, the muscular contraction took hold and I was gone. I tried to keep still and come as quietly as possible. I didn’t want her to know, but the rhythmic pulsing of my body could not be hidden. As I came, she moaned and bit my neck, squeezing me hard and grinding against me. I was mortified. I didn’t want to come in front of her and yet I could do nothing to stop it.

I tried to catch my breath. She threw her club on the back seat and still holding me with her other arm, reached behind me and unzipped her pants. “I need to come,” she groaned and slid her hand into her pants. She pressed into me, humping her hand against my ass. I could feel her hand working and I wanted to be the one touching her. I wanted to feel her velvet slickness, bite her tits, taste her juices. She was biting my ear and running her tongue along the ridge. Her breath started to come in ragged gasps. Her voice was getting gravelly. Quietly grunting, her teeth clicked together in that pre come clatter. She groaned. Her nails dug into my tummy and scratched into my skin. Shuddering and bucking against me, she bit down onto my shoulder, stifling most of her sounds as she came against me.

When she had finished coming and caught her breath, she pulled me around to face her. Zipping herself up, she stood for a long moment staring at me. I wanted to stare boldly back, to drink in her face and body, etch into my mind the lady who did this to me. But I was uncomfortable, embarrassed, and still so turned on by her. I could barley manage a passing glance into her steely eyes. When I moved to zip myself up, she shoved my hands aside. Pushing the leathers off my shoulders, she stared at my breasts. “If I only had more time,” she said under her breath. I’m pretty sure I’d give her all the time she could ever need.

“Go away now. I have your license plate number, so don’t think you can pull this shit again,” she cautioned. I moved away and finished zipping up. She slammed the back door and after a long backward glance, got in the car and drove away, leaving me standing in the dirt.

Its days later and all I have from her is a bruise on my thigh and bite marks on my neck. I hate her for unraveling me. I can’t stop thinking about her. I want her again.

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