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Men E. Love is a big fan of Anais Nin and the Nexus writers including Penny Birch and Primula Bond. There is nothing like words to move your world or your panties. Enjoy these kinky yarns.


A kinky pair

Hung out to dry

Cold chains on hot panties

Panty Wank

A Kinky Pair

I’d always been quite tactile. Often, without noticing, I’d knead a fold in the leg of my jeans between thumb and forefinger. I don’t know why. I suppose it became a comfortable habit. It was often embarrassing though. I’d be miles away. When I was ‘back in the room’, I’d usually find whoever was there’d be staring at my fingers. Then, I realised I was kneading the fabric fold. Sometimes, I’d be embarrassed.

I remember the time kinky knickers first came to my attention. I was watching a Superhero film. As the scene became more tense, I started kneading the crease in my jeans leg. The denim felt really good. I tensed as the movie villain marched our captured hero to be interrogated. Our hero was naked apart from some tight, shiny bikini briefs. His bulge strained as his captured muscles flexed and rippled under duress. And that was that. I don’t recall how the protagonist escaped or even if he did. I was mesmerised by his panties.

I had to have some. I needed to know how they felt. I wanted to smooth them tightly over my arse and appear like an intergalactic sex object. Women would fall at my feet with my wet-look knickers stretched over my raging hard-on. I left the television and the video recorder and disappeared to my room. Upstairs, I immediately started emptying my money box and going through my pockets like a man possessed. I had to fund my first pair of kinky panties. I hardly slept.

The next day, Ann-Marie and me grabbed a bus into town during lunch-time at college. My palms were sweaty. Ann-Marie knew something was on my mind. When we got off the bus we went for a coffee and I told her. She smiled. “I know just the place,” she said. “They even have kinky knickers in the shop window.” I felt a tad uneasy. I mean, I know Ann-Marie quite well. I’m really surprised she hasn’t taken the piss out of me.

And so we arrived at the lingerie shop. Ann-Marie did most of the talking. “Do you do anything for the Gentleman?” The assistant looked up over her glasses and said, “I’m afraid we do not.” So, I had to see what lady’s PVC they had. They had a lot.

“You have to make sure the Maltepe Escort gusset will take your tackle,” said Ann-Marie as she held some full plastic panties to my waist. I looked down at the black shiny maid’s knickers with lacey frills on the bum. Then a pink pair of hot pants caught my eye. I took those and we went to Ann-Marie’s house.

Her mother was downstairs as I tried my new PVC on. It was the first time I’d worn it and it felt good. Ann-Marie looked really appreciative as she straightened my kinky garb up. She started to rub the shiny plastic over my bulge. I laid down on her bed. I was aware her Mother was downstairs.

Ann-Marie caressed and pumped me hard. The PVC stretched between my arse cheeks. I tried to muffle my pleasure. Then I began to protest. Her friend Tony was sucking me off. I wanted to shout and push him away. But we’d be discovered. I tried to pull away. But I exploded in his mouth. Ann-Marie chuckled. I felt disgust. I did know her all too well.

Hung out to dry

“If you’re going to buy those pants, can you hang them somewhere else?” Lydia has caught me off-guard. I fumble to respond. I stumble. Then I snap, “Eh?” Her brow furrows as she leans back. “It doesn’t matter, she says. She bounds off across the shared landing and down the communal stairs. I feel embarrassed. I feel really heady too. I grasp the bannister to steady myself as my knuckles whiten and I gulp. My mouth is dry as I watch her pert arse disappear. I can’t believe she’s seen my kinky panties. I’d hung them to dry naturally over my chair. I feel the blood rush now. My cock stirs. It strains against my tight jeans.

I recall the first time I clap eyes on Lydia. It is dark. I need some milk from the late night garage. I shut my front door and punch the shared push light switch. I am humming a guitar riff. Then I turn and someone laughs. My mouth drops as I realise a whole hen party has crept up the stairs. There are women and women of all ages and sizes. They are all dressed for a night out. “Bloody Hell,” I gasp, wide-eyed, “Who lives there? He’s got to be a Rock God.” They laugh. The whole hallway parts like The Red Sea. Then I see her as several ladies reply, “Lydia does.” All I can remember is her blonde hair and blue eyes. I can’t recall what she is wearing. I am so hot at the sight of a dozen or so women. Lydia looks absolutely gorgeous. “Hello,” she smiles. I smile and they file through her front door. I disappear to the shop, thinking about my new neighbour. She fills my head with fantasies.

I get hot imagining I’m laying under a tree somewhere off the beaten track. I’ve thrown caution to the wind and ventured out with my noisy plastic panties underneath my jeans. Anadolu Yakası Escort I’m sheltering from the sun. My forehead is sweaty in the heat. As I move, on shaded grass, my knickers creak. I smile as the soft plastic glides across my arse and balls. I’m getting hard. I smile at the thought of them sounding like thunder as I walk around at home. It’s really quiet now. I can hear my breath as my chest rises and falls in contentment. There’s no-one about – or so I thought.

Several women are laughing. Have they been spying on me? I’m not sure. I straighten up. I notice Lydia is with three girlfriends.

“Hey! It’s my next-door Rock God, ” she giggles. “Have you got your kinky knickers on?” I redden. I try to gain composure as Lydia sweeps her blonde hair off her face. “We’d better take a look.” My head swims as a fantasy forms. I surrender to any notion of propriety.

The girl with the shoulder length hair has soon replaced the tree trunk as I lean into her trembling chest. Her boobs press into my upper back as her hands reach beneath my t-shirt. She strokes my belly button before becoming more becoming with my hardened nipples. She whispers, “You’re a very naughty boy who needs relieving.”

I start to fade from reality as Lydia and her friends hastily remove my belt and jeans. I have no idea how I look. I very quickly didn’t care.

The red-head is now pulling my shiny panties tight to my belly button. Lydia has teased my cock out of the leg. She’s pumping me with deft strokes. The red head slides her arms into the legs of my knickers and pulls my nipples. My kinky plastic waistband pulls tight across both her upper arms.

Another girl joins the red head. She rubs my plastic wrapped stomach. The soft fetish panties crack and rustle. My breath quickens. I’m trying to stifle my pleasure. Lydia pumps my cock harder. I buck as the other three cheeky minxes rub my arse, belly and nipples. I try to fight it. I try to protest.

Lydia smiles. Her blue eyes are gorgeous as she swims in my mounting ecstasy. Her lips pout as my back arches and I explode. My sticky love splashes all over my plastic knickers with the dull thud of rain. She licks her fingers as I roll over, gasping.

“There’s plenty more where that came from,” she winks. I don’t know if to smile or smile.

Cold chains on hot panties

I must confess that I’m only wearing a tight shiny PVC thong. I don’t wear it often. I prefer my monies worth of plastic – a full bum of PVC caressing the whole of my backside. A nice full panty is best for a panty wank. I’m rubbing the smooth plastic now.

There’s not a lot of panties porn out there. You usually have to surf the old German fetish İstanbul Escort scenes for a glimpse of PVC on a hot crotch. Often, it’s leatherette and the knickers are removed too soon. But if we’re lucky, they keep their panties on for a nice shiny finish. There’s nothing better than a sticky climax in stretchy smooth knickers. But what is this?

One of the trio is wearing a leather bondage harness with heavy chains slapping across her nipples as she rides the chap in leather chaps. She leans forward and the second lady sweeps her brunette hair aside before sucking his cock. She lets his girth snap from her mouth as she slaps the female rider’s arse. She releases the steel clip from her waist and feeds the chain-cum-G-string up her pussy. Her sex is glistening with excitement. The chain is deep inside her. Then it’s slowly teased out like a cold, solid love toy. She tenses as the chain is pulled from her pussy.

I watch. Then my attention peaks as the dominant chick unzips her red PVC body. The chained play-mate opens her body suit from behind so her tits are exposed. Her nipples are keen having been released from the tight plastic. Her zip and the PVC are music to my ears as I tease my swollen man-hood out the side of my tight kinky thong. I can feel the plastic on my arse-hole as I pump to her parting PVC.

Her zip is unzipped from her swollen pussy until her rude arse is exposed. He penetrator her bum as the chained lady pulls her smooth garb aside and works the brunette’s sex. I pull my thong up to my belly button so it’s tight on my balls. Then I explode as the trio does. The tension ebbs from my body. Later, I’ll explore wrapping my gusset in chains.

Panty Wank

I pull the stretched blue plastic tanga until the plastic is tight on my balls and bum-hole. It creaks and slides over my cock. My thumbs hook the waist-band and I roll my knickers around my sensitive skin. I ease my hot cock out the side and wank with my hand that feels like someone else’s. My dominant hand slides below the gusset to my aroused arse-hole. I finger it like it’s a pussy. My other hand feels a little awkward but it feels good on my cock.

I think about all the rude positions they talked about. I imagine that I’m on a stage doing a filthy show. I am submissive as the women peel the hot sticky plastic from my bottom until my arse is breesily on full show. There’s a thrill. My hand works faster. My leading hand pulls the plastic up until the panty waistband is over my belly button. I smooth the softness as I’m aware of my hot, hard nipples. My arse winks and winks as my hot spunk hits my buttery soft knickers. I rub the warm love cream on my sticky plastic panties. I’ve been watched unknowingly. I was on show unaware.

“Very good,” Katrina says. “You best come in,” I reply, red-faced. I can’t look her in the eye. Then I do. “You’re not the only one into kinky PVC,” she says. “I’m not?” She starts to hoist up her denim mini-skirt. And then I’m still all sticky but now I’m all ears.

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