Pizza Delivery

Big Dicks

Chapter 1

The day seemed to drag on forever for Woody. Fridays always did, because of the end of a hard workweek. But Friday meant that the night would be spent with Lisa, and that kept him going. He knew that Lisa was slaving away too, but her thoughts would be also wandering to their upcoming night together.

As he sat at the computer, his mind drifted. He could see her smiling face. His heart always skipped a beat and he couldn’t keep from smiling whenever he first sees her. He knew that in a few hours they would meet, and he would finally get to look into her beautiful green eyes again. Those eyes were the stuff of many a man’s dreams.

He knew that his eyes would drift over her body too, not wanting to be too obvious but always appreciative of her thin, but very shapely body. She dressed beautifully, always wearing dress suits that hugged every curve. Even in jeans she was able to give the air of professionalism and sexiness together.

He had never before experienced sensuality like they had together. It was as if they anticipated each other’s every move. Nothing was taboo to them; they trusted each other implicitly, allowing them to explore areas neither of them had done before. That trust allowed them to try new things, even things that with anyone else, they may have disliked. It was a wonderful, freeing feeling.

His thoughts continued to drift back to her face. He loved her lips; her kisses were like nothing he’d ever known. So soft and so passionate. Now, Woody noticed that his pants were getting tighter as he had to squirm behind his desk to re-arrange his growing erection. Just thinking about kissing Lisa, or even hearing her voice had that effect on him. It was all he could do to not unzip and stroke his hardening member, but he decided he wanted to save it all for when they really got together. Besides, he’d been stroking himself all week thinking about this night and it was time for the real thing soon.

Finally, five o’clock rolled around and he sped to her place. She was all ready and burst out the door to toward his car. He jumped out and walked over to her. Lisa’s eyes looked up into Woody’s, and her smile broadened.

“Hi Baby,” he said, smiling to her. “I’m sorry I’m late” he said, looking at her with a puppy-dog look.

“Don’t let it happen again” she said, “or I’ll make you pay this time.”

“I’m looking forward to that,” was his response.

She threw her arms around his neck, and they kissed. He drew her body closer to his and felt the wonder of her lips on his, just the hint of tongue between them. He was amazed at how much body contact they could have from just a kiss and hug like this. He could feel her breasts pressing into his chest, and her hips full on his. Even her thighs touched his and he felt like the two of them might just melt together, even fully clothed.

He pulled his lips slightly away from hers, just so he could look at her beautiful face and expressive green eyes. She searched is face too, that smile so inviting. He loved the way she looked at him. It made him feel so wanted, something he didn’t really understand but very much longed for when they weren’t together.

“Ready to go?” he said, anxious to start their adventure that night.

“Can’t wait” she said, and they got into his car and drove off.

They talked about everything in the car. She was so easy to talk to. Their conversations ranged from work to sports to politics to personal habits. They laughed easily together, something that Woody was constantly amazed about. Even in the throws of passion, they sometimes broke into laughter about some little thing, and it just made their lovemaking more intense.

All the while at the restaurant, those eyes of hers drew his attention. As they sat at the table, touching each other’s legs lightly, the electricity between them intensified. As she peeled her shrimp, Lisa leaned close to him.

“Do you know what I want?” she said as her lips lightly touched his ear.

“No. You’ll have to tell me,” Woody said, knowing that she was ready for anything. She moved closer to him, her hand on his leg squeezing as it moved slightly higher.

“I want you to take my clothes off slowly, and kiss me everywhere tonight.” Her low, sexy voice had its effect on his hardening cock already.

“Mmm I just might do that” he said smiling, leaning closer to her ear. “But I will make it torture for you because I won’t let you touch me until I get my fill of you”.

They both giggled, knowing how hard it was not to just rip each other’s clothes off whenever they got together. It was always so much better taking it slow, but abandoned lust tended to control them even more sometimes.

From her knee, Woody moved his hand even higher on her bare thigh, touching the hem of her short shorts. Slowly, he moved toward her inner thigh, and Lisa opened her legs slightly, giving him more room to explore. He smiled again, knowing that her panties were already wet in anticipation. Her gaze locked on his eyes, and porno her expression changed slightly to that look of lust that he so much desired to see. He felt his own cock start to strain even harder, and they both knew it was time to pay the bill.

All the drive back to her house, his hand rested on her thigh. He loved her legs, how smooth and perfectly formed they were. She wore sandals on her feet, so she could see her painted toes. She had the most beautiful feet that he had ever seen. He smiled, wondering why her feet of all things were so attractive to him, but he loved making love to her entire body, and they sometimes were a great place to start.

His hand moved up her leg easily, and she shifted slightly in her seat to give him more access. His fingers touched her panties between her legs, and he could tell she was indeed wet there. That made his cock jump a little in his pants. She quickly took notice of the growing bulge and started massaging it as he drove.

Luckily for them, her house was close as they pulled into her driveway. They quickly got into the house, and as he locked the door behind him, turned to her. Her eyes searched his face again, that look of lust on her face. He pulled her to him quickly, kissing her hard. Her mouth pressed hard into his as their bodies again held each other tightly. Man, he could kiss her for hours like this. It was more than kissing, it was making love with their mouths, lips and tongues, sucking pulling, teasing.

She began to pull him toward the bedroom. “I want you now” she said with a husky voice.

“Oh baby, I need you now too” he said, walking with her past the kitchen. “But wait.”

She stopped and looked back at him.

“I want you here” he said, pointing to the living room floor.

“Mmm, well ok” she smiled, and they both stood in the middle of the room and continued their kiss.

As their mouths searched each others, Woody’s hands roamed all over her back, starting on her shoulders and moving down behind her shoulders, pulling her hard into him. He pushed down to her middle back, caressing and pressing down to her waist. He continued down to her beautiful ass, taking a cheek in each hand and squeezing gently as they continued their lingering kiss. He loved the feel of her butt, it was one of her many great features.

She began fumbling at his shirt buttons, and he let her unbutton one at a time. In turn his hands moved back up to her waist, moving now toward the front of her body. They rose up her waist until they rested on her small but perky breasts, one in each hand, squeezing very softly and letting his fingers feel her nipples under her blouse and bra. They were very hard. Slowly he lifted her blouse over her head, exposing her belly and her black lace bra. She had gotten his shirt off, so now his skin touched hers on the front of their bodies. They kissed again, long and lingering enjoying the feeling of skin against skin. Woody’s hands again roamed her back, and he quickly unsnapped her bra while they held each other. It fell to the floor, and finally he saw her beautiful breasts and hard nipples again.

His hand moved up her waist to touch them, his warm hands enveloping each one. Gently he squeezed, his fingers pinching her very hard nipples at the same time.

“Ohh” she moaned.

He knew she liked it when he squeezed them, and it was a turn-on for him too. His cock was really straining against his pants now, and he began to unbutton her shorts as the stood together. Quickly she unzipped him as well, and they pulled each other’s shorts down. She stood before him in her black lace thong. Her body looked so perfect to him, as she turned slightly, showing him her beautiful buns that she knew he loved so much.

“Like em?” she said, “I got them from Fredericks just for you”.

He smiled and said nothing, just moved again to kiss her.

“Wait” she held him at arms length, “not done yet.” She caressed his hard-on through his cotton briefs, then pulled them quickly off. His hard cock sprang out, sticking straight out from his body. Her eyes were glued on it as she began to squeeze it softly, then harder. She began to stroke it up and down, as she knelt down in front of him. It was huge and thick, and she never got her fill of it. Her eyes looked up at him.

“Can I taste first?” she smiled, as her lips moved closer to him.

“Just a taste, that’s all” he said, as her lips wrapped around the head of his raging cock.

She began to kiss up and down its length, her soft lips feeling so good to him. Her tongue licked underneath, as she moved all around it. He watched her working, his eyes moving to her ass as she moved her whole body back and forth as she licked.

Slowly, she began to take the entire cock into her mouth, the head slipping in easily, then slowly, inch my inch, began to suck it deep into her mouth. When her lips pressed into his pubic hair, it was fully down her throat, she began to slowly back it off. As he watched her lips work the wonder, he could anime porno see her saliva on his cock before she quickly took it back into her mouth deeply. He closed his eyes, thrusting his head back as the moans escaped his lips.

“Soooo good Lisa” he said, enjoying her tongue so much. Her hands began fondling his balls, her finger reaching up and teasing his ass hole too. She began to suck in and out a little faster, as she reached behind him, and caressed his ass cheeks too. His hands played with her soft hair, then moved behind her head, gently guiding her as his thickening cock glistened from her wet mouth.

“OK baby, my turn” he said. She looked up at him, knowing what was coming. His cock came out of her mouth with a slurp, so hard and wet. She stood up, moving closer to him and they kissed hard again. His dick between them pressing into her smooth belly.

“First, these come off” he said, taking his hands and slowly pulling down her g-string. He knelt before her, slowly moving them around her ass cheeks, and down in front until her shaved pussy was exposed to him. He stopped momentarily, kissing her belly down to her pubic area. He loved the way she smelled, musky and full of lust from her wetness. She quickly stepped out of her panties as he pulled her close to him, kissing her soft pussy. He loved the way she looked: shaved, her slit and puffy lips visible with no hair to block it. He also loved the way he could use his tongue all over the front of her pussy without getting hair in his mouth.

Lisa opened her legs slightly, still standing as Woody knelt in front of her. His hands on her butt cheeks, he pulled her pussy to his face. His tongue slipped between her legs, stretching out as much as he could and tasting her sweet juices. Her pussy lips were swelling now, and her moans told her that she liked that feeling. He moved his one hand now between her legs, lightly dragging one finger all the way from her butt crack and slowly bringing it around to her front. She was so wet that it slipped along easily, and he moved it back and forth like that, exploring her folds with his finger. Meanwhile, his tongue continued to travel all over her pussy.

Her legs felt a little shaky, and he told her to lay back. She lie on the floor, her knees up and spread open wide. He laid on top of her, kissing her softly on the lips as he moved his hands down her body. She could taste her own wetness on her lips, and that just intensified the feeling.

Woody kissed her neck, while his hands rubbed her hard nipples. Slowly, he moved lower, kissing between her breasts, licking her cleavage with his tongue. He began to suck her tit into his mouth, deeply as it almost all fit inside of his mouth. He released it, and sucked now on her nipple, biting it softly as he had it in his lips. Quickly he bit down hard, just for a moment.

She shrieked in pain, but smiling again. “Ohh I love that” she said in her husky voice.

Then he did the same to her other breast and nipple, with the same results. He loved the way her tits felt in his mouth. Sucking her nipples was such a natural feeling and so sensual to both of them. He continued to lavish her breasts with his mouth, biting and sucking them both.

Then, slowly, he kissed lower, his tongue sliding around her belly button. His hands moved lower between her legs, again feeling the wetness and spreading it with his finger up and down her slit. He mouth came to rest on her pubic bone, at the top of her beautiful slit. Lisa’s hands moved to her own breasts as she tried to see him working on her. She quickly reached for a pillow to put behind her head so she could watch. Her fingers pulled and squeezed her nipples as Woody’s tongue began to work between her legs. His finger moved to her pussy, and he entered her slowly as his wide tongue began to press against her clit. His eyes watched her as hers closed and her head rolled back in pleasure. She was caressing her breasts hard, and moving her hips to meet his tongue, pressing her pussy into his mouth harder.

He began to fuck her with his finger, in and out deeply while he licked her slit and clit. His little finger was resting against her butt hole, and he moved it slightly, exploring the rim carefully. Her juices had run down there easily, and it lubricated the entire area. She loved that feeling, and moaned softly as he worked on her pussy.

Woody loved her taste, more so than he even thought possible. He could feel his own hard-on pressing into the rug beneath him as he licked and sucked her. Eating her pussy was a huge turn-on for him as well, especially the thought of Lisa reaching and orgasm with his tongue and finger inside of her. He especially loved her reaction to him, how she moaned and how she gently showed him where to touch and how much pressure to use with his tongue to increase her pleasure. Nothing excited him more than to give her pleasure.

Now he pulled his middle finger out of her pussy and began rubbing it around her rim. His tongue arap porno now pushed into her pussy, extending it as far as he could inside her. She moaned louder, and her hand moved from her breast down to her pussy, and she began rubbing herself while his tongue worked inside of her. His middle finger began to slowly enter her ass, feeling her pucker hole tightly fight against it. Harder she rubbed herself while he worked.

He got so excited when she did that for him, knowing that her orgasm was coming soon.

Her breathing was getting harder, quicker and her chest was heaving as her fingers worked on her clit. Woody continued to press his tongue inside, tasting more and more of her sweet juices flowing in his mouth. She pushed her pussy to his face, her wetness all over his cheeks. His finger moved even deeper into her ass and he took his other hand and pushed another finger deep inside her pussy right under his own tongue. That was the point that brought her to the edge.

“Oh yes, nowww!” she screamed as her hips rose off the floor as her orgasm began to overtake her body. She pressed her pussy hard to his face and he again pushed his tongue deeply into her as her juices flowed freely now. Wave after wave came over her, each one slightly shorter than the previous one, down to the “little tremors”.

He kissed the inside of her thighs as she began to come down to earth, still breathing heavily. Kissing up on her mound, then quickly up her body he pressed his lips into hers. His face was covered with her sweet wetness, as their lips and tongues again explored each other’s, now very lubricated. As his body rested on hers, he could feel her heartbeat thumping quickly. He rolled off and lay next to her holding her tight to him as her head rested on his chest. It felt so good to hold her like this; their bodies just seemed to fit together so perfectly.

“I just love how you do that” she said, her eyes searching his.

He smiled, “I love it more than you can ever know,” he said, holding her close again. They kissed softly, then again deeply.

“I want you now,” she said, her eyes flashing. Woody just smiled. The night was so young.

Chapter 2

The next day was a Saturday, and after sleeping in past noon, they lay in bed together, just talking about their weeks. This was such a great part of their love to him, just laying naked next to this beautiful woman, and sharing all their thoughts. They talked about work, life, and their dreams. Then the hunger pangs hit them both.

“I’m hungry” Woody said looking up to Lisa.

“I’ll make you something” she said, starting to get out of bed. Woody grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back down, laying his body on top of her, kissing her deeply.

“Let’s order out” he said, finally releasing her lips from his.

Lisa made the call. “Thirty minutes” she said. “Can you hold out that long?”

Smiling, he said “now what can we possibly do during all that time?”

Lisa pushed him down on his back and climbed on top of him. He was already hard, and her legs straddled his growing cock. Moving her body upward, he could feel her wetness sliding over it. She felt so warm and slippery he knew she was ready for him.

“Would you like to feel my cock inside your beautiful pussy now?” he said, smiling at her. She knelt over him, her body seeming to glow, her tits so firm, and nipples so hard.

Without a word, she reached down, lifting up off of him slightly, and taking his hardness in her hand and pointing it to her pussy. She rubbed it around her slit, then quickly pressed her body down on him. It slid in all the way in one thrust.

“Yesssss, I do” she whispered. Her pussy enveloped him now, as she began to rock on it. He could feel the tip of his cock moving inside of her as she rocked, moaning each time. It felt so good to be inside of her. He felt himself growing even harder, filling her every inch.

“Sooo good” he moaned, closing his eyes and concentrating on that union. Her eyes closed too, as her hands caressed her own breasts, pulling on her nipples as she moved back and forth.

She began to lift up, his cock pulling out of her pussy. Then she thrust back down, again filling her self with him. More quickly she moved, humping him faster and faster, in and out as her creamy juices ran down his shaft and her legs.

“Mmmm, fuck me hard Lisa” he moaned, and her pace increased. It seemed he went deeper into her each time. She rocked her pussy back and forth on him, and he could feel his orgasm beginning to build. “Do you want me to cum inside of you baby?” he asked, feeling her entire pussy making love to his cock.

“Oh yes, cum with me…. Now!” she moaned as the orgasm began to build in her own body.

That was too much for him to contain, his cock began pulsing in waves, jerking inside her tight pussy as his cum spurted deep inside of her. Her own pussy contracted with her orgasm, feeling each others pleasure as they came together. She slowed down her movements, but kept him deep inside of her, his cock still pulsing weakly now, but still hard. She collapsed on him, their naked bodies tight together as they kissed. He held her tightly, as she put her head on his chest and relaxed every muscle in her body.

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