Pharaoh Ch. 21


***Saturday, August 31, 2304***

I woke up feeling dreadful. Everything hurt so much more than when Stony and I went to bed. I thought for a second I better call into work, take a day to heal. Then I remembered it was Saturday. Then I remembered I didn’t have a job to call into.

I looked around confused, and saw Stony’s nude body half draped under the sheet. She was breathing softly, sweetly, her dark hair a sexy corona on the pillow, her breasts rising and falling tick-tock again. It made me smile till I realized that smiling hurt too.

I crawled out, took some pain-relievers, showered and went down to prepare breakfast.

Stony showed up just as the omelets, whole egg omelets for the first time in my house, were finishing up. She was dressed in that way girls seem to love on TV, naked except for one of my pure white dress shirts. I came mid-thigh and at least 3 buttons were undone. Her hair was beautifully wild. Welcome home. She came in for a long kiss and hug.

Stony had called her Mom the night before, just before we went to bed. Told her that her girlfriend Judy from work had come down with viral pneumonia and that she, Stony, would spend a few nights away to nurse her.

“Last night. Your story about Judy. Think your Mom bought it?”

“Not sure. Mom’s a pretty sharp cookie. She’s known for the last couple of weeks something was going on with me. Now this. Could have been pretending to buy it.”

“When do I meet her?”


“I guess. Don’t leave for Cleveland till 4, so I have time.”

“Done,” she said, “and today we work on divorce and Cert.”

Once breakfast was done we called Bri together on speaker phone.

“What are you two doing together this time of morning? Is someone being a bad girl?”

I took it. “No bad girls here…”

Stony took it. “…well depends what you mean by bad”.

I took it, “Nah…she’s my savior.”

Bri jumped in excited, “Savior? You mean..don’t tell me…you two?”

Stony said, “Yup”.

I said, “Yup.”

Bri’s happy voice shouted into the phone, “Oh-My-Gawwwd, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, it’s wonderful! Do you two even know how wonderful it is?”

“We do,” said together.

“But how? When? What are you…?”

I said, “Right after Pharaoh-Wednesday. I have to go, have to face Alicia and end it.”

“Good boy,” said Bri.

“He’s a sweetie,” said Stony.

Once we got Bri to stop saying “wonderful,” Stony asked about getting her Virginity Cert in a hurry, like today. Bri broke off to call Dr. Cortez.

Ten minutes later she called back with the news. “Gonna be OK but it was a little more difficult than I thought it would be. He’s not in on Saturdays so I had to track him down on his cell. When he finally answered he was all hemming and hawing and asking did Draymond approve. I hinted much as I could he oughta do it for me but he kept insisting Dray needed to give the order. So much I guess for how he totally loves me. To cover I had to tell him you were one of Dray’s sluts and that Dray told me to handle it for him. He kept asking to speak to Dray till finally I threatened to tell Dray what he had done to my tits during my Cert. That made him listen better. Finally he agrees but tells me he’s out of town till Wednesday, some Association of Virginity Consultants convention or something. So that’s it. Sorry it has to wait a few days…”

I popped two more pain-killers while she spoke and then broke in. “That’s gonna be fine Bri. I won’t get back from Cleveland till Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Earliest we can get married is Thursday, and that’s if I can get the divorce done quick.”

Stony said, “Not crazy about having to be one of Dray’s sluts…Sorry Jeff.”

We let it sit. The current Mrs. Rochefort is one of his sluts. Now we have to pretend the new Mrs. Rochefort is too?

Bri said, “Sorry girls and boys, price of admission. I tried.”

So Stony gave up. She would be on for Wednesday, the day my current wife was scheduled to get Pharaohed.

Bri wanted to come over to celebrate with us so we made a plan for 7 p.m. Before she signed off with many more loves and wonderfuls Bri had one more piece of advice for Stony.

“Honey, don’t wear one of your nice bras that day. Cortez isn’t exactly gentle going in.”

After that Stony and I began to research the divorce process. Before we got very far into it I got another text from Alicia.

I decided, with Stony’s blessing, to open this one. It said: Talk to Daddy. Please Jeff. Talk to him. He’s going to call.

Within 10 minutes my phone buzzed, the name Daddy displayed.

“Hello adana escort sir.”

“Jeff. Is that you? Jeff, speak up goddamn it…Jeff?”

We were in the privacy of my own home. I was free to scream as loud as he wanted.

“Yes sir. I’m here.”

“Thank you Jeff. Much better.”

I heard crying in the background and wondered if sobs were part of all his calls.

“Jeff. Now listen to me son. I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while. These times, all that’s going on. Very stressful.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” I said.

“Jeff,” I thought this is when he’d use the Dad line, but to his credit he didn’t. “Stressful Jeff. For Alicia of course. But you too. Stressful for you I bet. It must be very stressful.”

I just waited.

“And what I wanted to do is…well…offer my support…because…I’m starting to think even me, that even I haven’t…always…you know…been supportive enough of you, what you must be going through with this Pharaoh nonsense.”

I waited.

“Just when you need a more experienced man to rely on.”

I waited some more.

“Jeff. I know I can be gruff at times.”

“Perhaps a little, sir.”

“I try my best, so does Anna, excuse me, Mom. We try to help both you kids. But even so all this stress can cause confusion and misunderstandings..and…well…this would be the worst possible time for any confusion to come between you and Alicia… and she tells me maybe you misunderstood some…some crazy chatter…you know, some talk you might have overheard…and…”

“Yes, sir. Chatter like how Draymond is fucking her and how much she loves sucking his dick.”

“Well, yes…I suppose that is the misunderstanding right there in a nutshell…well put son.”

The crying on the other end increased as Mr. P. went on.

“And…and just…well, let’s clear that up now…man to man like…cause of course it’s all make-believe.”


“Exactly son… Make-believe… your generation…something not right there…I don’t always get it…Alicia tells me she does this thing she calls role-playing…you heard of that Jeff?…role-playing?…part of her preparation for…you know…when she gets with Pharaoh.”


“Yes, exactly. What her coach out there wants her to do is some role-playing like how she will address know if she wins…how to talk to the man…and make sure he’s happy and such…like how to say things, how to speak, so he understands she’s a good girl…obedient, Alicia has always been very obedient…submissive too…got A’s in Submission back in high school…and what she did, the coach is a girl, go figure, was she got this good friend…had to be an upper black you know…make it realistic… and this good friend, this Draymond fellow, never met him…sounds like a nice man…and they role-play together so like when…”

“I’ve got it, sir. I think I’ve got your point.”

“Good boy. And the last thing Alicia wants is any confusion with you, especially not right now with all the pressure and…well, you get it, right.”

“I do, sir.”

“Cause she’s a good girl, a good wife to you Jeff and the last thing she wants is for you to think…”

“That she’s sucking him off?”

“Exactly. good…”

“Or that he bends her over for a fuck whenever he’s in the mood.”

“That too.”

“Cause it’s just play acting?”

“They call it role-playing.”

“But none of it is true?”

“Atta boy, that’s the old trust you two need.”

“They make it up?”

“Part of her training.”

“Well, thank you for clarifying that.”

“You’re welcome son. Like I said, it won’t kill me to be a little more supportive. We want this to be a happy time, a joyous time, for you. For you both. What Alicia is accomplishing, what you’re going to accomplish. Anna and I think it’s gonna be terrific for your career, our little girl’s pussy gonna make you rich, son. Then you’ll have your sweetie back home with you, back home before you know it. Even when she wins it’s what? A month, maybe six. Go by in a flash and you two back same as ever and …”

“Thank you sir. I think I have to ring off now. There seems to be a small fire breaking out in the living room here.”

“Fire? Goodness. Go take care of that right away…certainly do that… maybe after you could call Alicia once you…you know… And best to your folks.”

“Oh, that reminds me.”

“Jeff! The fire!”

“Got it under control sir. But you just reminded me. My Mom, she wants, if you can, can you do her a favor?”

“Certainly Jeff. It adıyaman escort would be my pleasure.”

“Well, those special pears you always get. The nice big fat juicy ones.”

“Yes, the…”

“Well if it’s not too much trouble, could you send her six or eight of them? You remember when all of us were together last time and how much she loved them.”

“I remember it well son. Your Mom is a fine woman. Consider it done. Sure I have their address around here somewhere…Anna, find the…the…well, Jeff’s parent’s address…send them off today.”

“Thank you sir. Much appreciated.”

“Good bye Jeff. Good call, glad I could help. Please remember to call Alicia soon as…”

“Good bye sir.”


Stony stood watching the whole time with an amused expression.

“Are all your calls with him like that?”

“More or less.”

“I thought your parents had passed away.”

“So did I. But somehow he seems to keep in touch with them.”

“My Mom is going to seem like a dream after that.”

“Hope so.”

We were able to get back to researching divorce. That turned out to be a little complicated too, the timing at least. The process itself was straightforward. The upper-uppers had liberalized divorce in the year 2278 so that it was almost as easy for us middles, the men I mean, as it was for them. Their operating theory was to free up more white pussy for themselves, and the new rules were generally thought to be functioning well.

What a man had to do was simple. First he fills out a form saying why he needs the divorce. The form has a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, they always do, and then a section where he has to check one of three boxes. Morality, meaning her morals were bad. Looks, self-explanatory. Or Pain-In-The-Ass, which is what Stony and I settled on since neither of us wanted to brand Alicia a slut.

Then the man fills out another form to settle his estate. This is where the upper’s concern for our women comes in, cause the man has to pick some number between 10% and 47% as the amount that will go to the wife. So she gets something even if it was morality or looks or whatever. Since our major asset is the home, and since it was largely paid for by an inheritance from Alicia’s grandad, we, Stony and I, agree on 47%.

Once all the forms are in place and certified by the court, the man simply stands before the judge, identifies the woman involved (who is not allowed to be present) and repeats after the judge, “I divorce thee 1-2-3, I divorce thee A-B-C, I divorce thee X-Y-Z.” Then the judge gives him the official paper and it’s done. The “divorce thee” chant is some leftover thing from the early 22nd century but people think it sounds cool so it has never been updated.

The problem was the timing. Mayor Smith, in a fit of exuberance, had just announced the closure of all government offices till the following Friday, figuring with Pharaoh-Wednesday being more or less (except for Elsie) an all North Porter event, people would be partying, meaning drunk, until at least then. Still, that wasn’t so bad and the government being closed wouldn’t change the Cert plan Bri created.

As the husband I could put the house on the market whenever I wanted. Stony and I just picked a price that sounded right to us and I added 5% for wiggle room. She would connect with the real estate agent in the next couple of days while I was away. We thought we were priced to move and I authorized Stony to accept any offer in my absence.

Now Stony and I had a plan. Meet the Mom tomorrow, off to Cleveland for 3 days, get the house sold, get her a Cert, get home Thursday, divorce on Friday, marry on Saturday or Sunday. Go.


Briana showed up right at 7 p.m., blowing in with three chilled bottles of champagne. There were hugs and kisses and congratulations and more hugs, more kisses. Finally we broke apart and Bri looked me up and down, “What on earth happened to you?” The bandage was on my forehead and I had my left arm in a sling to reduce the elbow pain.

I left it to Stony to explain all that had happened a day earlier while I popped the champagne.

Briana made the first toast. “My precious loves: Here’s to you both.”

We drank and Briana made a second toast, “Here’s to beautiful black girls.” We drank.

Stony: “Here’s to beautiful white girls and to our lovely men too.” Drank.

“Handsome and nice men especially,” said Briana with a wink to me. Drank again.

Me: “Here’s to us all.” And we drank.

I refilled the glasses. Briana started us toasting again. afyon escort I remember we covered black power, white power, people power, middle power, girl power, dick power and pussy power. By that time we were all pretty buzzed.

And by the way, what a delightful drink this champagne is. It was my first time, Stony’s too I believe. That the uppers allow it to us is a testament to their fairness and love.

Bri came over to hug me again and slurring her words badly asked, “You thunk can still share liddul, time a tome, share bride?” Then, drunk as she was, she caught herself and looked over to Stony, “Mean if you want, Stunny.”

Stony pursed her lips and blew Briana a kiss, then another and another till finally Bri had to break the embrace with me and stumble over to Stony for their first really intimate kiss of the evening. I went in to make it a total of six lips, three tongues, six hands, two gorgeous pussies and one hard dick. We pulled apart at last with sighs and mmmmm’s.

Champagne is a lovely, lovely drink.

My head was swimming a little. “For record,” I said, “answer be glod…glod?…glad haha share my brode. Do I be sometimes there?” The two girls raised their glasses in my direction.

Stony said, “Ulways my loff.”

Briana got serious then, somehow seemed less drunk, at least to me. I think she has more experience with this sort of thing. “The thong love bout wimmun, girls, pussy haha, it’s like cunt only nicer, mean you Stony, no B.S. about obey…obey…di-unce, obedience haha, and submit and fuckin’ guy in charge. Ffff-that. Girls, do what want, care bout uvver, take core uvver, love uvver. No more lord and maxter crap, right?”

Stony was slurring badly when, with her arm around Briana’s waist, she said, “Go girl. Fock submit. Girls pupil too.”

Briana proposed a toast to cunt-power.

The girls kissed and drank on that and then looked at me for a reaction. It was pretty radical talk, typical though of Bri. And now she had my fiancee doing it.

I looked at Bri and made a little face. I looked stonily at Stony. It was time to assert my rights. I said, “Excoose me axisting,” a good lead in I thought. Strong. “Try remumber I’m man here. Be huss-band. Don’t ask much in wurld but as hosband I do some demands.”

Stony frowned, her eyebrows furrowed, preparing herself. Bri seemed to hold her breath.

“Promix me Stony. Never o-bay me. Just loff me. Is it?”

Her face broke into that gorgeous smile. “Yes, lord of master, I think sot.”

Bri exhaled in a whoosh and said, “Yippe!”

“Demand you be smart for booth, give Jeff…haha I mean me haha…tough loff and soft loff and all kind loff.”

“Yes, mixter, believe can.”

“Oh my God, you two gonn make me cry.” That was Briana getting a word in.

I said, “Thank you swootie” and leaned in to give Stony a big smacking kiss on the lips.

The leaning was my mistake. Next thing I knew I as on the floor laughing hysterically, looking up through dense water at the shimmering girls. But I still had my wits about me.

I decided to formalize my gracious gift to Stony, “Others abide question. Thou urt fee…fee?…free I think…”

“Huh?” said Stony.

“Huh?” said Briana.

“Forget,” I said, “Just somewhat…a thing…from coolidge.”

They each took a hand and pulled me to my feet.

Briana poured this time and we had to toast to all the different kinds of love. It was quite an extensive list. By now we were moving well beyond drunk into wrecked. Why had no one ever told me how champagne helps with lacerations and sore ribs?

The girls were kissing and touching all over. They were pussy to pussy when Stony leaned back from the waist to ask about Moe. Briana raised her eyebrows in appreciation. She blushed but she also wanted to tell us.

“Haff coffee ‘gether a-morrow fore Dray back,” said Bri.

Stony called her a little slut and said, “Know it! Stake boyfrond home find her?”

“Nah, easy, marry to upper. Type in Moe, get number. Little secret. Wanted after see her White Girl Day Pride, before we…know..haha Stony cunt? Wuz a pussy, alruddy love with Stony pussy.”

“Aaah,” I said, “the simple joys of maidenhood.”

We kissed again and wished her luck with her new lover. Chloe and Annalise had nothing on this babe.

It was getting late. We’d finished off the three bottles. I was slightly nervous that Briana might expect to stay over with us, but she’s too smart for that. “Leave both two aloone, pre-hunkymoon? Call me cab?”

So we called her a cab but noticed no change whatsoever in her. Eventually however a real cab showed up and after more drunken hugs and kisses and, on my part, a quick squeeze of Briana’s left tit, she was gone.

As pre-hunkymoons go it wasn’t that great. Stony and I barely made it up the stairs and fell into bed together fully dressed. She went out a minute later. I was a few seconds behind her.

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