Paying the Workers


Mel, a young Italian woman in her mid-30s, had been putting off the work that needed to be done in her house for a long time, particularly in her kitchen. As a successful individual whose resources weren’t being used on a partner or family of her own, she had the wherewithal to buy her own house several years back. That financial freedom was a big part of why she was single. She enjoyed being able to take care of her house, work in her garden and carry out her own routine without other people’s pulling her in multiple directions.

Mel’s relationship status certainly had nothing to do with her looks. She was in great shape: thin and still with a great form, particularly her ass and breasts. Her long, straight brown hair and brown eyes complemented her dark skin. She was short, maybe a few inches over 5′, but there were plenty of guys who found her petite stature very attractive.

Being predominantly single through the years allowed Mel to be sexually adventurous as well. She was selective when it came to sleeping with guys, but when the right one came along, there was nothing holding her back from a new experience. In fact, on a few occasions she had been part of female-male-female threesome, though she herself never did anything with women. On some occasions, particularly when she was younger, she and her sister, Michelle, had shared a couple guys, even having a threesome together on rare instances.

Mel had never had group sex with multiple men, though she had entertained the thought of a devil’s threesome from time to time. The opportunity never presented itself – at least, not in a way with which she was comfortable. That thought was running through her mind occasionally on this day while four handsome men worked on her kitchen, all of whom at some point had shamelessly checked Mel out. The house Mel had bought several years ago was in good shape overall; it just needed some upgrades, and Mel was a procrastinator. About a month ago she had finally hired a company to come out and give her entire kitchen and dining area an overhaul. At the time, she had money to spend, and the need was there.

What Mel hadn’t counted on a month ago when she made the appointment was that her car would irreparably break down, forcing her to buy a new one. The purchase did a number on her savings account, which wasn’t helped by the fact that she, again, forgot at what time of year her tax bill came. Adding more stress to the situation was that when the men were done with the extensive renovation of the kitchen, the bill was significantly more than she had been expecting. It turns out there was more work to be done than originally thought, and by then Mel couldn’t bring the work to a halt. As soon as the contractor, a handsome, dark-skinned man in his early 40s named Charles, handed her the final bill, Mel knew immediately it was going to be a couple weeks before she could make up the difference – and even giving the man what she had would leave nothing left for her other bills.

It was a rare case of poor planning on Mel’s part. Rather than write them a check that would bounce, she leveled with them right away, admitting that she thought the money would be there, but it wasn’t and that she needed some time to pay them back. The contractor made no effort to hide his frustration. This girl had a month’s notice, and he needed his money. One of the workers, a tall, white man in his early 30s named Jason, whispered something into Charles’s ear. Charles smirked and said, “Her ass ain’t worth that much.”

“Are you sure about that?” Jason said back with a grin.

“Come on, guys,” another worker name Matt chimed in, knowing what his colleagues were saying. “Don’t embarrass the young lady like that. Show some respect.” Matt was white, about 6′ and athletic and in his mid-30s, like Mel.

Mel didn’t hear what Jason had whispered, but it was easy to deduce from the context that it was crude and sexual. Rather than be offended or embarrassed, Mel was really turned on by what she thought may have been said. She had already fantasized a little bit about a couple of these guys’ having their way with her, and now she was dwelling on that daydream. She was so turned on so quickly, in fact, that her face turned a shade of red.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Charles said as he went back to trying to decide what to do about Mel’s delinquency. Mel, though, wasn’t ready to move on so quickly from Matt’s probable suggestion, even if it was a joke.

“Not so fast,” Mel interjected. “For four handsome men like you, I’m sure I can work something out.” While Mel was known for being a little awkward, she always knew how to turn on the seduction when she wanted to.

Charles laughed. “Like I said, your ass ain’t worth that much. We’ve got mouths to feed.”

“Shit,” said Shane, the fourth of the group, another white guy in his early 30s with an athletic build as well, “I don’t need the money that bad. I’ll give up my pay for piece of that ass.” The men began to stir, talking all at once so Mel couldn’t Side Escort really make out what they were saying. Nerves struck her as she wondered for what she had just volunteered herself; however, she quickly dismissed it. It was guy talk, and she was merely playing along with them. It wasn’t something that was going to happen in real life.

Well, that conclusion was dispelled quickly. “Are you for real, miss?” Charles asked. Mel had to ask herself the same question. She stuttered for a moment before deciding it was an experience worth having, especially if it at least bought her some time to cover the cost. She nodded her head and said, “If you are.”

Charles looked back at his crew, and all three of them immediately nodded in the affirmative. “All right then. We’ll figure out the final figure later, but for now you got nothing to worry about if want to show one of these young men the bedroom.”

Mel nodded and asked, “Who’s first?” Matt threw his hand up first, which was ironic since he’d been the one initially defending Mel’s honor. Mel grinned and put out her hand, which Matt grabbed as he let the young homeowner lead him down the hall of her ranch house and into her bedroom while his friends cheered him on and waited for their turns.

Mel directed the strong, attractive worker to sit on the bed. Had she been prepared for this turn of events earlier, she would have worn something nicer than her workout clothes, but what she didn’t know was her look was working for the guys, especially Matt who watched as the Italian bombshell let her hair down and got to her knees in her short gym shorts and revealing tank top, which showed off her sports bra. Mel’s single life had allowed her to develop exceptionally sexual skills, so she was confident enough to get right to it with this near stranger, undoing his pants and pulling them back to unveil his thick, 8″, veiny cock that made her eyes go wide. Mel wasn’t going to wait too long to get that thing inside her.

Matt leaned back on his arm and moaned as Mel began to pleasure his dick. She started by holding the base and licking up from her hand to the tip and back down. The second time, she stopped on the tip and focused her attention there, flicking it with her tongue and sucking on the head before going back to licking up and down it. Then she took the tip back in her mouth, followed by as much of the shaft as she could fit. Matt cried out as his sexy customer began to suck his cock with increasing speed as time went on while her hand stroked the base. Mel had Matt completely hard and more than ready to have his way with her by the time her blowjob was finished.

Standing up, Mel took off her shorts and then her tank top, followed by her bra and panties. Completely naked now, Mel smiled at her new friend, who was speechless and motionless. “Have you ever done this before?” Mel asked. “Fucked one of your customers?”

“A couple times,” Matt answered, “but never anyone as hot as you.” Mel giggled and thanked him for the compliment. She then helped him out of his clothes so that they were both naked and directed Matt to lie in the bed. She joined him and straddled over his cock, kneeling as she used one hand to ease the tip of that 8″ phallus into her pussy, which was wet with anticipation. It took a minute to moisten up Matt’s dick and work it all the way in, but by the time the two worked Matt’s hard cock inside Mel, they were both moaning from the sensations.

Mel and Matt could hear the cheers down the hall, as the other workers could tell that their buddy had penetrated the hottie. Mel began to ride Matt’s cock, sliding up and down the whole shaft, feeling it stretch her out as she fucked him. It has been a few weeks since Mel had last had sex, so a lot of tension was coming out of her as she bounced faster and faster. Her hair and boobs rocked in rhythm with her sexy body as she lifted herself up and down Matt, who held tightly to Mel’s waist before reaching up to feel those exquisite tits. Mel laughed and then tilted her head back and moaned as that big, hard cock had her feeling pleasure she hadn’t experienced in a long time.

Before long, Matt held tightly to Mel and pulled her down. He then rolled over on top of her, pinning her to the mattress as he now did the work, slamming his manhood deep inside that tight vagina. Matt couldn’t remember the last time he had fucked a pussy that tight and he moaned as Mel’s cunt gripped his thrusting member. Mel cried out too, wrapping her arms and legs around Matt as he pumped harder and faster until he was slamming into her tight, sexy body as hard as he could. Each thrust pushed them closer and closer to orgasm until they both climaxed almost simultaneously. As Mel came around Matt’s cock, Matt shot a huge load deep inside Mel, still thrusting into her until every drop of semen was deposited in her, all as Mel was coming down from her own orgasm.

Mel relaxed, and Matt pulled out. He thanked her for a great time, and she thanked him for his work. As Manavgat Escort Matt picked up his clothes and got dressed, Mel, utterly relaxed, instructed him to send in the next guy. She was still lying on the bed when Jason came in. Upon seeing the naked Italian lady on the bed, he was hard instantly and wasted no time taking his own clothes off and joining her.

“Matt said you were one of the best fucks he’s had,” Jason said. “I can’t wait to see for myself.” Mel smiled and, without a word, simply spread her legs and welcomed Jason in. Some of Matt’s cum was trickling out of her pussy. “Didn’t know creampies were on the menu,” Jason said as he sidled up between those thin, gorgeous legs. “Good to know.”

“The way I see it is I’m the one in debt,” Mel said, still grinning. “I’m not going to tell you what you can and can’t do.” Jason liked the sound of that, but not as much as he liked the feel of that tight, wet pussy as he pressed his cock inside Mel. She was so wet at this point that his dick was easily coated in her juices and was able to slide balls-deep quickly. Once he was in, Jason grabbed Mel’s ankles and rested them on his shoulders as he began to thrust in and out of her.

Mel cooed with delight as the second straight man plowed her. She had never been fucked back-to-back in this way. She hadn’t thought ahead quite yet that there were still two more down the hall. The only thing on her mind right now was how dirty she felt letting the guys take turns on her this way and how hot an experience it was. Meanwhile, Jason was hard as a rock as he nailed this hot babe, even more turned on by the fact that his buddy had just nailed her moments before.

As Jason’s cock plunged deep into Mel repeatedly, Jason held onto Mel’s boobs, squeezing them tightly as her ankles remained on his shoulders. His balls slapped against her skin as he banged her harder and harder. As he contemplated cumming inside her pussy like Matt had done, he remember how Mel said she wasn’t going to tell him what he could and couldn’t do, and so he had a thought.

Jason pulled out unexpectedly and asked Mel to get on her hands and knees. Mel obeyed, submitting to her role. As she looked forward, expecting Jason to penetrate her doggystyle any second, she was shocked to feel his cock poke her asshole instead of her pussy. She cried out with surprise but didn’t object. She hadn’t thought of anal when she essentially gave Jason permission to do whatever he wanted to her earlier, but she realized at this point she had to take it. Instead of protesting, Mel gritted her teeth and did her best to relax as Jason pushed his 7 inches past her sphincter until his whole cock was in her ass.

Jason cursed. Mel’s pussy had been tight around his cock, but nothing like her ass felt. Neither one of them was too experienced with anal, but it didn’t stop Jason from trying and, well, Mel didn’t really have a choice now. Jason mercifully pumped back and forth slowly, making love to the customer’s sexy behind. He praised her for what she was doing for them right now and held tightly to her buttcheeks as he fucked her ass. He began to pump harder and faster while Mel was slowly adjusting to the anal sex. She had only let one other guy fuck her ass, and even that was only two times. She hadn’t much liked it, but this time it didn’t bother her so much. Maybe it was because of how hot she felt in this gangbang situation, but she soon became eager for Jason to empty his balls in her shitter – so eager, in fact, that she told him to nail her ass faster.

Jason, of course, needed no further motivation. He held on tight and began to really give it to Mel’s ass. He moaned loudly with pleasure, pumping in and out of that tight, dark hole, and Mel involuntarily growled like an animal, unprepared for the sensations that came about from being pounded hard in her other hole. After a few minutes of ravaging Mel’s ass, Jason came hard inside it, going still and moaning loudly as he experienced one of the most intense orgasms of his life. Now with a helping of cum in both her ass and pussy, Mel felt Jason slide out and get off the bed, leaving her to collapse on the mattress and await her next two clients.

Mel didn’t say anything but didn’t think she could take another anal fucking. She prayed neither of the next two guys would do it, though she figured they would want to after hearing of Jason’s conquests. To her fortune, Jason decided to wait until after they were all finished to tell them so that they would be jealous. If he ended up being the only one to get anal out of this already hot situation, he’d have that chip on his shoulder. And so, he sent Shane down the hall to enjoy the Italian goddess for himself.

Mel managed to get to her hands and knees and greet Shane as he came through the door. Shane grinned and disrobed, enjoying the display. He then hopped into the bed and first put his cock in Mel’s face. Mel dutifully sucked it, stroking the base of his 7 inches with her hand as she sucked the rest Alanya Escort of its length while she held herself up with the other hand. As she gave Shane a blowjob, it allowed her asshole to rest and her pussy, she hoped, to prepare for its third consecutive cock that afternoon. After licking and sucking Shane for a few minutes, Mel pulled back, looked up at her third handsome client and asked him to fuck her. Shane shuffled to her other end, set up behind her and immediately pierced her pussy with his manhood.

Shane leaned forward, latching onto Mel’s boobs as he thrust deep and hard into her pussy, which was still wet with her juices and Matt’s cum. Shane’s sex with Mel was nothing fancy but his stamina was incredible, pounding the young lady from behind while his hands landed on her boobs, shoulders and waist at different points throughout the fucking. Occasionally he spanked her while he railed her, each time making Mel cry out, a bit from pain but more from arousal. For quite some time, Shane railed Mel doggystyle while his partners cheered him on from down the hall. Both he and Mel were moaning loudly from pleasure as they fucked until Shane added his seed to Matt’s inside Mel’s pussy with a loud moan.

Cursing as he pulled out and got down to the floor, Shane gathered up his clothes and began to dress while Mel rolled over and sat up, instructing him to send the last one for the afternoon. Before Shane was out the door, Charles was pushing through. Charles was the only one of the four who would have rather had the money, and he still intended on getting his share, but he figured he’d get a cheap thrill out of the deal since the opportunity was there. Mel posed seductively for him and beckoned him to the bed, but Charles wasn’t interested in foreplay. He took his clothes off and ordered the lady off the bed in a gruff tone. Mel was immediately intimidated and did what she was told. Charles roughly turned her around, bent her over the bed and then greeted her asscheeks with his thick, hard 9″ cock, which he slapped against them.

“I’m going to make you wish you had the money,” he said to her as he used one hand to pull her hair and the other to mercilessly stuff his manhood into her pussy.

“Oh gosh, I hope so,” Mel quipped, playing along with this angry man. Like a good little slut, Mel took Charles’s hard pounding as the contractor pulled her hair and slapped her ass, all as his big cock slammed deep and hard into her cunt, which made a squishing sound as it took the abuse. Charles moved his hands to Mel’s chest, gripping her boobs tightly until they hurt her while he continued to ravage her pussy hard and fast. It was rough, but the pain only served to turn Mel on even more. There was something about a strong man’s giving it to her hard like that in exchange for her debt that only made her more aroused. Of course, Charles didn’t know what Mel was thinking and intended to inflict as much discomfort on the woman as he could. Mel was OK with it, if he didn’t think of giving her anal.

Luckily for Mel, anal didn’t cross Charles’s mind. He was too focused on other ways to treat Mel roughly. He noticed how well she was keeping up and decided to switch her position, pulling her to the floor and lying her on her back. He also couldn’t help but notice how good Mel’s pussy felt and how hot she looked naked. With his customer on the floor, he pushed her legs up over her head, folding her like a pretzel and ramming his cock back into that tight pussy, fucking it hard again as he folded her in half. Mel laughed as her body rocked from the rough treatment, wanting more of it. “Is that the best you got?” Mel said with a sneer, as she could clearly tell by now that this man was trying to inflict discomfort on her.

Charles swore at her and only pressed down harder on Mel’s legs, bringing his hard body down on top of hers and pinning her while he fucked her, his hips slapping against her tan flesh over and over again. It wasn’t until he was just about to cum that the idea of violating her ass crossed his mind, but by then it was too late. Instead, he did the next best thing he could think of and pulled out to give the girl a facial.

“Take that, bitch,” he growled as his prick erupted, spraying cum all over Mel’s pretty face, coating her lips, nose and forehead, stinging her eyes and mixing in her hair. He unloaded seven or eight hard spurts on her face, which then tapered off onto her tits. He certainly had done a good job of abusing her, evidenced by the red flesh where his hands had been, her sore pussy that his cock had dominated and the jizz that was dripping down her face and in her hair. The only thing he was surprised by was how well Mel had taken it, especially after having sex with his three workers already.

“I have to say,” Charles commented, “You’re a good little whore. Maybe your ass is worth more than I thought.” Mel finally relaxed, grinning at his comment but unable to see him as his semen had sealed her eyes shut. By the time she wiped them off to open them, Charles was gone, and when she got to her feet and grabbed a robe that was hanging behind her door, the men had left her house. She wondered if she would hear from them again soon about the project or if she had convinced the contractor to let her off the hook completely.

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