Opening Rachel’s Gift

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“Maybe I should have just slept with him”, Rachel thought as she drove along Route 69 with a tear rolling down her cheek. Sure, she was the only 19 year old virgin she knew, and they had been together for almost a year now, but it just didn’t feel right. It was December 23rd and she was already half an hour behind schedule on her way to the airport. The last thing she needed to be thinking about was sex with her former-boyfriend when she was on her way home to see her parents.

The chilly Minnesota weather was getting to her and she couldn’t wait to be on her Miami-bound plane. As Rachel drove over a pothole the seatbelt swiftly rubbed across her nipple, instantaneously making it hard and her thoughts reverted quickly back to Todd. She thought back to their argument last night, his hurtful words, and his hard body. His long, hard, comforting body. She shook her head violently trying to get the image out of her head. She didn’t even see Bryan’s car until it was too late.

“Fuck,” Bryan thought. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” His holiday wasn’t bad enough. He had just signed his divorce papers not 7 hours ago, he had left his job in the Silicon Valley behind, and now had to move back into his parents home in Minnesota at the age of 29. “Who the fuck is divorced and living with his parents at 29” Ryan mumbled to himself in disgust as he got out of his car. He approached Rachel’s car with annoyance-“why don’t you watch where the-.” He looked down at her as she apologized profusely and could not help but lose his train of thought. She was beautiful. A few inches shorter than him, long strawberry-blonde hair, and strangely, one hard nipple. “Hmmm,” he thought to himself, “the things I could do to that other nipple.”

Rachel shivered. She wasn’t wearing a coat. It was 12 degrees and the only thing standing between her and this stranger was a thin, white cotton turtleneck and her stupid white cotton bra. “I really need to change my good girl image,” she thought. But now was not the time. She had just crashed their cars, and it didn’t seem like either one of them was going anywhere. She had bigger problems than wonder what this stranger would think of her innocent bra.

“Looks like you and I better make ourselves comfortable here,” Bryan said. Rachel hadn’t even noticed that he had called a tow truck on his cell phone. She was too busy taking in his slender body which was enhanced by his all too perfect style of dress. He was in a charcoal gray suit that suited his blue eyes and dark brown hair. “The storm is coming in from the west. Route 69 has just been shut down, so the tow truck is going to have some difficulty getting to us.”

Meanwhile, at Bethlehem Towing, Bob Wise and his brothers Joe and Bill are thrilled with their good fortune. “Saddle up boys, we’ve got a man and a young lady stranded on the infamous “Lovers Lane” stretch of Route 69. It seems as if we’re going to see ourselves some action.” And with that, the three Wise men piled into their truck, binoculars and all, and took off in the direction of Rachel and Bryan.

“It looks like we’re going to be here for a while, so what do you say we make ourselves comfortable in my car until help arrives. There’s no need for us to be alone out here,” Bryan said to Rachel with a sly smile on his face. She wasn’t sure what it was about that smile, but it caused a quivering between her legs that she was sure Todd had never made her feel.

The feeling left her wanting more, so without a moments hesitation she followed him in the direction of his car. Kadıköy Escort “What’s your name?”, she asked, suddenly aware that she was stranded on the side of Route 69 having dirty thoughts of a man who’s name she didn’t’ even know. “Bryan,” he responded with a husky rasp in his voice that immediately made her other nipple hard.

He opened the trunk of his car and reached in to get a blanket for warmth. As he bent over Rachel could not help but let her eyes wander toward his ass. She immediately averted her eyes, thinking about her parents and how disappointed they would be in her if they knew what she was thinking. Bryan opened the passenger-side door for Rachel, and she climbed into the car, grateful for the little bit of warmth it provided her with. Bryan noticed she did not have a jacket, and ever the gentleman, he offered up his wool coat for her to wear.

“Where are you headed?” Bryan asked. For reasons Rachel did not know, she opened up to him. She told him about her original Christmas plans to spend the Holidays with Todd and his family in Minnestoa, about the fight they had, even about how Todd was upset with her for never putting out. When she was finished with her story, Bryan noticed how she shook with regret and fear. Not knowing why, he took a chance that she trusted him enough to let him move closer. He wrapped his arms around her, wanted so badly for his girl he hardly knew to feel safer somehow for being in his arms.

Bryan had felt that she had given a piece of herself to him, and he thought it only fair that Rachel get a glimpse of his life in return. He spoke of his divorce, how he and his wife had rushed into their marriage, and he told her about his college days. Realizing just how different they were excited Rachel and left her wanting to know more about Bryan. Not just about his life, but about his desires. Without warning, Rachel slid her hand across the console separating her and Bryan and let her hand wander between his legs. Trying not to think about what she was doing she wrapped her fingertips around his member and began caressing him through his suit pants. She felt him getting hard through his pants and the excited feeling between her legs returned.

Bryan had a million thoughts running through his head. He wanted so badly to touch her in return, but how could he? She was a college girl and he was practically 30. He had been divorced for only 7 hours and hadn’t known another woman’s touch in 8 years. How could he turn around and suddenly allow himself to enter the threshold of another woman. Could he even call her a woman?

“Let’s move into the back seat,” Rachel whispered nearly breathlessly. She couldn’t stop to think about what she was saying, or the Rachel she had been for the past 19 years would return. She didn’t’ want to be that Rachel anymore. She wanted to know what it felt like to have a man ravage her. She wanted to join in the conversation with her girlfriends when they talked about orgasms. She wanted to be a woman, and she wanted this stranger to make her a woman. “The tow truck could arrive any minute,” Bryan responded with a squeak, as she grabbed his shaft with conviction. “You already told me it would be hours,” Rachel responded. Before he could come up with another argument, Bryan found himself following this beautiful, taunt girl into the back seat of his car. Rachel fumbled into the back seat, trying to pretend like this was nothing new to her. She straddled him and he could feel the heat from between her legs. He was hard in an instant. Ataşehir Escort Rachel decided that in honor of Christmas, she would “take the reins” so to speak. In one swift motion her tongue parted his lips and entered his mouth with force. Not wanting to waste any time, she allowed her hands to travel past his shirt and tie, right down to the top button of his pants. She wanted his pants off before he had any time to reconsider.

Bryan, unable to deny his urges, began kissing her back, passionately. He let his tongue explore her mouth, before letting it move down her neck. Her innocent white turtleneck, in the way of what Bryan had in store for her, needed to be stripped from her body. He pulled himself away from her only long enough to slide the shirt over her head. His lips quickly found their way back to her neck, and without hesitation moved down to her breast, as he circled her nipple with his tongue. She let out a quick moan and could not wait to return the favor. She fumbled with the button on his pants, unable to open it. Bryan wanted to spare her the embarrassment, so he undid the button himself and slipped his pants onto the floor of the car. Here eyes widened in astonishment. 19 years on this earth and it was the first penis she had ever seen. “What have you been waiting for Rachel?”, she asked herself.

Bryan wanted to be gentle, to ease her into action. His mouth still circling her breast, he let his hand slide between her legs, and he could already feel her wet with excitement. He didn’t want to frighten Rachel, so he took his hand in hers. Slowly, he moved both of their hands between her legs. He used his fingers to part the lips of her vagina, and took her middle finger and slowly slid it inside her. He told himself that he was doing her a favor by letting her explore her own sensuality before he did. But Bryan knew deep down that there was nothing better than watching a woman pleasure herself. “When did you stop thinking of her as a girl and start thinking of her as a woman?”, he wondered to himself.

When he was convinced Rachel was comfortable with a finger inside of her, he slid her hand away and replaced it with his own. Slowly, he began to move his finger in and out of her. He used his free hand to guide her hips in a forward and backward motion. The sight of her naked and rocking on top of him almost made him ejaculate right there. But it was too soon. He was not finished with her yet.

He moved Rachel onto her back and he let his tongue once again travel in a southern direction. Past her breasts, past her stomach, where he paused only briefly at the first indication of pleasure. Rachel shuddered slightly and he paused briefly to kiss her inner thigh, causing her to shudder more.

She opened her legs for him, an invitation for his tongue. With his finger and tongue working in tandem Rachel’s mind raced. She had wondered why she had been waiting so long to feel this good, this complete. Suddenly the fact that she had missed her plane didn’t matter. That she had wrecked her car didn’t matter. And that this man was a total stranger did not matter. As long as this man was going to fuck her, nothing in the world mattered.

Suddenly, Rachel realized that Bryan was not going down on her anymore. She looked down to see him stroking himself. In an instant, she knew what was to follow. Without a word, she took him by the shaft and guided him inside of her.

Meanwhile, up on the hill the three Wise Brothers watch with glee. “Never fails, does it boys,” Maltepe Escort Bob said. They knew it would happen. Whenever they receive a call for a job on Route 69, then know a show is sure to follow.

Rachel let out a slight whimper as Bryan glided inside of her. Bryan knew at that moment that she was a virgin. She was so tight. Tighter than anything he had ever felt before. His wife had not been a virgin when they had met. He had never taken anyone’s virginity before. Besides, why was he thinking about his wife in a moment like this. “Are you a virgin?”, he asked her. But her only response was a squeal of delight as she contracted her vaginal muscles around his penis, not wanted him to ever come out of her.

They came together, in one glorious moment. Two people coming at once-or was it three people coming. Bryan, Rachel, and Officer Sandy Vixen. Officer Vixen was coming alright-coming towards their car. Bryan looked up and if he hadn’t known any better, he would have sworn it was his wife.

The same shoulder length dark brown hair, the confident walk, the short stature. She rapped on the window, seeming not at all phased by the nudity in the back seat. She leaned in for a closer look, allowing her breasts to press firmly against the window of the car. Under normal circumstances Vixen would have no choice but bring these two in for their public display. But it was two days before Christmas, and she was a little needy herself. “Jesus Sandy,” she said to herself, “you haven’t been fucked in 3 days.” Without an inhibition, Vixen opened the car door, pulled out her handcuffs, and cuffed Bryan and Rachel together. Both had a fleeting moment of fear and humiliation until Vixen climbed into the back seat with them. Without reservation she began caressing Rachel’s breasts. Bryan’s head swelled with excitement.

Now Rachel’s head was truly spinning. It was too much for her to comprehend at once. First her virginity, now a threesome. Where had she even learned what a threesome was?? This was not her style. “Stop over thinking it, Rachel,” she told herself. Without another hesitation she began to kiss Vixen, circling Vixen’s tongue with her own. Bryan could not help but curse himself for the years of marriage that had caused him to miss out on such opportunities.

“Well boys, this is certainly more than we had bargained for this time”. The Wise men could not believe their good fortune. Often they had sat on the hill and observed the powers of “Lover’s Lane”, but never in all of their years had they seen a threesome, let alone with a patrol officer. “Impressive, the way he handles both of those women without missing a beat,” Joe observed.

The sound of Bryan’s balls smacking against Vixen’s ass brought Rachel immediately back to attention. She looked out the window and towards the hill and could not help but notice the yellow lights of the tow truck flashing in the distance. “Shit!”, she screamed in disbelieve and the Wise men descended from the hill. Quickly, the three fumbled for their clothes.

“It appears that these lovely gentlemen can give you a lift to where you are headed,” Officer Vixen said, her eyes averted. She was gone before Bryan could even process what had just happened in his mind. Rachel and Bryan piled into the backseat of the Wisemen’s truck for the long ride to Rent-A-Wreck.

When it was time to part, both Rachel and Bryan new they would never speak again. Whether it would ruin the memory or change their lives, they did not know. As they gave eachother a hug goodbye Rachel leaned in and whispered in Bryan’s ear, “ I hope you enjoyed your Christmas gift-it just so happened to be the most precious gift I could give you.” As she walked away, Bryan knew at that moment that he had taken the virginity of this girl, this woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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