One Last Sleepover

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//Hey all, first time putting something up here. I hope that you enjoy it, but let me know what you think.

“MmmMmm, that’s good. Pour me another, girl,” Katie said, shaking the empty glass in her hand.

“Careful, you’ve had a lot already,” I replied with a playful giggle as I poured her some more of the sweet wine.

Katie gave me a mischievous smile. “Careful-shmareful. You only graduate high-school once, Mel. Now, I may have had a lot, but you haven’t had nearly enough. Here.” Tossing her hair over her shoulder, Katie passed the glass.

It was true. We had finally graduated and we deserved to celebrate. Admittedly, the two of us drinking wine in my step-dad’s basement while we marathoned a string of steamy romance movies wasn’t much of a party, but after finals, my brain needed some serious relaxation with my best-friend.

I took the glass from Katie and sipped at the wine, letting the warm notes slip over my tongue. Despite this only being my second glass of the night, I could already feel the prickling sensation of the alcohol as it flushed my skin. Licking my lips, feeling the numb tingle in them, even the cool leather of the couch felt electric as the buzz settled on me. I gave up a small moan at the pleasant sensation, echoing the actress on the tv screen.

“Damn, girl,” Katie smirked. “You’re really enjoying that wine.”

“Shut up,” I chuckled, feeling a little embarrassed.

“No judgement. I’m glad my bestie is enjoying herself. But I gotta tease you while I can. You know you’re going to miss this snark when you’re off at that fancy college of yours.” Katie snuggled closer on the couch, squeezing my shoulders in a cuddly hug. “What are you going to do without me?”

I snuggled in too. Wrapping the oversized sleeves of my sweater over my hands as I took another sip of the wine. Katie had been like a sister to me. I did well in school, but all my best memories were with her. When I was too shy to go out, she would bring me. My first high school dance was with her. She was there to offer me my first drink. My first toke. She even tried to hook me up with my first boyfriend. For five years now, she’d been there for me, the little devil on my shoulder.

The sound of footsteps on the stairs pulled me out of my thoughts, and Katie and I turned together as my step-dad came into the room.

“Hey, girls. Pizza’s here!”

“Thanks, daddy!” I felt the smile on my face bubble up, and pulled my feet up onto the couch, tucking my bare legs under the edge of the sweater.

As he set the delivery box on the small table in front of the couch, I found myself staring right at the trim line of his waist and the firm imprint of his ass. My breath caught as I hurriedly took another sip of wine.

Shooting me a wicked glance, Katie leaned forward, putting her ample cleavage on display as she opened the pizza box. “Thanks, Mr. B,” she said with a flirtatious wink.

Daddy didn’t miss the display, and I saw him hurriedly look away from Katie’s chest. I wasn’t sure in the dim basement, but it looked like he was blushing.

“Sure thing, girls,” he said with a hurried smile. “Mel, you need anything else before I go up?”

I shrugged, and the oversized sweater slid off my shoulder, showing off the slender slope of my arm. I let it linger like that for a moment, but Daddy didn’t seem to notice.

“No, we’re ok,” I said softly as my heart sank.

With a short nod, he turned, and we listened to him retreat back up the stairs.

“Melanie, your step-dad is hot. God, I just want to take a bite out of that chest.”

“Ohmygod, Katie. Don’t be weird. He’s my daddy.” I tried to keep the jealousy out of my voice, but Katie had only said what I had been thinking. Without mom around it had only been me and daddy for a few years now, but he’d done everything and more to make it work. He was warm, kind, and supportive without being intrusive. When I started being interested in boys, none of them could hold my attention. It had been a while before I’d realized why.

“Mel, be straight with me.”

I looked up at Katie, and she gave me a look that straddled the line between playful and curious.

“Do you still have a crush on your step-dad?”

“What?” I felt a blush rush across my cheeks. For a moment I considered denying it, but what would be the point? She can see straight through me. She knew about it before either of us had known what to do with boys. I let out a sigh and flopped back on the couch. “Maybe,” I muttered.

“I don’t blame you. That is a prime slice of man-meat. Grade-A. MmmMmm,” Katie said. “I wouldn’t mind breaking off a piece for myself. Actually-” She paused for a moment.

“Actually, what?” I asked, urging her on. “Katie, I can see you’re thinking. What is it?”

“Wellll, we’re both eighteen now. We’re off to college soon. Maybe this would be a good chance- You know, to see what happens?”

“What?” I sat up on the couch. My mind raced and I was sure that I was misunderstanding her. I couldn’t say gaziantep grup escort that I hadn’t thought about being with him before. I couldn’t count how many nights I’d fantasized about him coming into my room, his warm, firm body pressing against mine, but I’d never considered it a real possibility. No, I couldn’t. It would be insane. Could I?

Katie seemed to lock onto my indecision, and I could see the mischievous gears turning in her head. “Oh, yes. We’re doing this. Trust me, Mel.”

“Wait, no. What if he doesn’t want me? What if I scare him away?” I felt a small rush of panic. It was what I wanted, and in my dreams he always smiled his kind smile and came to me gently. But, what if he didn’t? This wasn’t normal. What if he started to treat me different?

“Are you kidding me?” Katie laughed. “You’re so goddamn pretty with that tight little butt of yours. No mortal man can resist you. Besides, you’ll have me to help things along.”

“I don’t know…”

“What have you got to lose, Mel?”

Topping off my glass, Katie tipped up the wine bottle and took a drink from it herself. I held the glass with both hands to stop it from shaking as I took another drink. The warm feeling of the wine helped to calm me down. Katie was right. We were off to college soon. It was now or never. I gave a small nod as I surrendered to Katie.

She wiggled her eyebrows with a devilish smirk. “Alright. Follow my lead.”

Sitting up on the couch, Katie cupped her hands to her mouth, “Hey, Mr. B!” she called up the stairs.

Sure enough, we soon heard daddy coming down the steps.

“Hey, Katie,” he said in his usual warm voice. “What’s up?”

A loose fitting pair of pajama pants cling precariously to his waist under a plain white t-shirt that accentuated the muscle of his arms and trim stomach. I felt my heart quicken as a flush of warm grew between my legs.

Folding her hands into her lap, Katie’s elbows pressed her tits together as she tilted her head. “The basement’s a little cold, Mr. B. Do you have a blanket that we could use?”

It wasn’t that chilly, but Katie sold the request with a small shiver of her shoulders. As I nervously looked up at daddy, I could see him gulp, and he only gave a quick nod before he went to the closet to fetch out a blanket. As he did, Katie gave me a sly wink and made a quick shooing gesture. We slid apart and left the middle of the couch open as daddy came back with a thin white blanket.

“Here you go, girls.”

“Thanks, Mr. B,” Katie said, but she didn’t take the offered blanket. Instead, she said. “I don’t think we’re gonna be able to finish this pizza. Why don’t you sit down and have some? You haven’t watched a movie with us in a long time.”

“Oh, I’m sure Melly doesn’t want me hangin’ around,” daddy said, but his voice didn’t sound confident.

“She doesn’t mind. Do you, Mel?” Katie prompted.

My mouth felt dry, and I gave a hurried nod. “I don’t mind,” I said weakly, feeling heat rushing into my neck and face.

With a shrug, daddy sat down between Katie and me in the center of the couch, and soon we had spread the blanket over the three of us. The romance on the tv played a warm and inviting song as the main characters stared dreamily into each others eyes. Daddy put his arms up along the back of the couch, and I leaned against his side, resting my head on his shoulder. The rise and fall of his chest felt nice on my cheek, and I let out a contented sigh as I lay my palm against his torso. I could feel his heartbeat in my ear, steady and strong. For a few minutes I forgot about Katie and about her plan, and I just lay there feeling content and warm as I snuggled against my daddy.

I felt his body tense. It was subtle, but it was enough to make me glance over to Katie. She had mirrored me and laid her own head on daddy’s chest. Her dark eyes gave me a naughty look before she flicked her glance down, drawing my gaze to blanket below us.

Under the thin, white fabric, I could see a bulge rising and falling. It rolled like a cotton tide, and I felt my breath catch as daddy’s heartbeat quickened under my ear. I knew then what I was looking at. Under the blanket, Katie had her fingers wrapped around my daddy’s cock as she gave him a slow, teasing handjob.

The bulging fabric grew, and my mouth opened in a silent gasp. It was so big. Even concealed by the blanket, I could tell it bigger than any of the boys I’d been with. I felt a warm ache spreading between my thighs as my lower lips grew slick.

“Mmm?” Katie murmured, and when I looked back she gave another inviting glance.

I licked my lips, feeling my hand shaking as I slid my fingers across the thin polyester of daddy’s pajama bottoms, watching the outline of my hand moving under the blanket as I traced my fingers around the base of his shaft.

Katie’s hand folded around mine, linking our fingers as she guided me up and down his hot cock. It felt even bigger güneyşehir escort in my hand, and it twitched as we stroked it together.

“What are you doing?” daddy asked. His voice was low and hesitant, but he didn’t move to stop us.

“What does it look like?” Katie teased, leaning up to nip at his ear. “We’re making you feel good. We’ve wanted to make you feel good for a long time.”


“Shh. If it’s easier, pretend you’re dreaming.” Putting her finger over his lips, Katie began to nibble and kiss at daddy’s neck.

I could hear the soft, wet sounds of her mouth on his skin, and the slickness between my legs grew hot and urgent. I lightly kissed across his chest, moving down his stomach as I slid my fingers down to cup his sack. Gently squeezing his balls, I tapped Katie’s wrist to guide her hand away, then slipped my head into the dark under the blanket.

I couldn’t see clearly, but I could feel the radiating heat of his throbbing cock. I didn’t know if I could take it all, but I imagined wrapping my lips around it, how good it would taste, how good it would make daddy feel, and I wanted it. I wanted it more than anything. As I began to lick and kiss up and down his shaft, I let a little spit drip out over it. I teased the tip with my tongue and tasted drops of pre-cum as I lubricated his cock with the combination of my spit and his juices. Making my mouth into an O, I slipped my lips over it.

Daddy moaned as I bobbed my head up and down, slurping on his thick cock. The sound of him drove me on and I worked my way deeper and deeper down his shaft. Opening my throat as best I could, I greedily tried to pull more of him in. Daddy groaned and I felt him pulse in my mouth as his hips began to rock in rhythm with my sucking.

Katie giggled. “That’s right. I knew you would like this. Don’t lie to me, you love the feeling of your little Melly going down on her daddy, don’t you? She’s a naughty girl, and you’re a dirty step-daddy aren’t you?”

The teasing seemed to be having its desired effect as I felt daddy’s cock swelling and twitching in my mouth. His hips rocked more urgently, and I moaned and gagged as he slapped the back of my throat. I choked and pulled myself back to take a gulp of air, pulling the blanket off of my head.

Katie’s shirt lay discarded on the floor as she pressed her full tits into daddy’s face. Her head tilted back in pleasure and he sucked at her nipple. Jealousy flared up in me for a moment, and not wanting to be outdone, I whispered into his ear, “Daddy, watch this.”

He released Katie’s tit and turned to face me as Katie gave me an encouraging smile. His eyes were intense with desire, and I shivered under the hungry look. Then, taking hold of my sweater, I stripped it off. My tits were modest compared to Katie’s, but I traced my fingers across them as I reached for my shorts. Turning around, I bent myself over as I dragged my shorts around my ankles.

I arched my back, sticking out my bare ass. I couldn’t see daddy’s face, but I wanted him to get a good look at my butt. I wanted him to notice it, and know it was all for him. A moment passed, where nothing happened, and I turned to look back over my shoulder.

“Melly…” daddy whispered. Despite the desire plainly written on his face, he hesitated, sitting on the couch.

“She wants you,” Katie breathed into his ear. Tracing her nipples across his chest, she slid down across his body to kneel in front of him. With an insistent tug, she pulled his pants down to the floor, talking in her own teasing, seductive voice all the while.

“She wants you, Mr. B. Don’t you want her? Don’t you want to feel her tight, hot pussy wrapped around you? Don’t you want to feel what it’s like when little Melly cums all over your hard dick? Look at her. She’s all yours.”

Katie emphasized this last bit by tracing the tip of her tongue up the length of daddy’s quivering shaft. His breath came harder, and as I slowly turned around to face him again, I could see his glistening cock twitching with anticipation as my own wet pussy dripped over my swollen labia.

He leapt up from the couch, so quick that I squealed in surprise. His strong hands folded around my shoulders, holding me tight as he leaned down and kissed me. His kiss was rough and insistent as he pressed himself close, and I felt the wet tip of his cock pressing against my stomach as I shook under his embrace. I pulled his eager tongue into my mouth as our lips worked over each other with passionate groans. My nipples pressed against the cotton of his shirt and into the warmth of his chest. I had never been so turned on in my life, and all other sensations dropped away as I closed my eyes.

His firm hands slid down my body and grabbed hold of my butt, lifting me into the air in one smooth motion that drove a squeak out of me. He held me up as my ankles wrapped around his waist, and I felt his cock nudging at the entrance of my pussy. Our juices mingled as he rubbed islahiye escort the tip of his cock up and down, sending electric bursts through my swollen clit. I moaned as I hugged my arms tightly around his neck.

“Do it, p-please, daddy. Please, put it inside me. I want you,” I shuddered in between hurried kisses.

“I want you, Melly,” he groaned. I trembled in his arms as his fingers kneaded my ass cheeks.

Pushing himself forward, the massive girth of his cock struggled with the narrow mouth of my tight pussy, then, it slipped inside. My whole body shook as I clenched my pussy over him, and I felt his heat sliding up inside of me. He was gentle as he eased himself deeper and deeper, pulling back and giving small pumps.

Through gritted teeth, he said, “God damn, you’re tight.” Daddy let out a slow breath and paused for a moment.

“D-Does it feel good, daddy? Do you like it?” I asked, wriggling my hips a little as I felt him press against my inner walls. I felt myself trembling as my breath came faster.

“Yes, yes.” He nodded. “I like it a lot, baby. I feel like I could cum right now, but I don’t want that.” He opened his eyes and stared into me with a wolfish hunger. “I’ve wanted this too. For a long time. I don’t want it to go too fast.”

My heart skipped. I couldn’t believe it. He wanted me? I didn’t care if he came right then, in that moment I felt my dreams come true.

“I want it to be good for you too, daddy,” I said softly.

I felt Katie’s hands brushing against my arms as she stepped behind daddy. She pressed her tits into his back as she rested her chin on his broad shoulders. “Then let’s give him a night he’ll never forget.”

I smiled and leaned forward, kissing my daddy as he lifted me up and down in his arms. I could feel him pushing in deeper as my pussy squeezed with every thrust. I started panting. My daddy was taking my tight pussy, holding me up in his arms as he bounced me up and down on his cock. I’d never been so happy in my life. My cheek pressed against Katie’s as she kissed and caressed him, our lips occasionally meeting as we explored.

My thighs trembled, and I felt myself climbing. With shaking breaths. I leaned back and held his shoulders with my hands, letting my chest bounce in front of him.

“Oh, daddy, yes!” I gasped. “Take me! Take my pussy, daddy!”

Slapping his hips with renewed urgency, I let out a long, hitching moan as my eyes rolled.

“Oh, fuck yes.” said Katie. “Fuck her hard, Mr. B.”

It was so much. Every pounding thrust, sending a shock of pleasure into my body that overwhelmed my senses. My trembling arms let go and I fell back like a rag-doll. Daddy held my hips, pounding my little pussy as he kept me from falling, and I hung suspended in the air with my legs wrapped around his waist.

“Yeah, Mr. B.” Katie caressed my daddy’s bare chest. “Fuck your little Melly.”

With a hitch of his hips, daddy pulled me up and swung me onto the couch. The cool leather sent a chill through my naked skin and I arched my back with a small squeal. Daddy pulled back, and as his cock slid out of me, I pouted at the sudden empty feeling. Standing over me, I could see his cock dripping with my juices. I wanted him. I needed him back inside me.

“Why did you stop, Mr. B?” Katie asked.

Daddy turned to her, his expression dripping with lust. “Katie, you talk too much.”

With a sudden snatch, he grabbed her by the waist and pulled Katie against him. With his chest against her back, I could see his cock sticking out between her legs. It rubbed between her thighs and pushed up against her dripping pussy. His arms wrapped around the front of her body, and one hand held her loosely by the throat while the other groped Katie’s large breasts.

“You think I haven’t noticed? You talk and you wink and you flirt. Someday that’s going to get you in trouble, missy.” Daddy tweaked at Katie’s nipple, then reached down and slid his fingers into her wet fold. Katie’s eyes rolled up as her mouth opened in an O of pleasure. Her knees seemed to buckle for a moment as daddy’s hand around her throat kept her pulled tight to his body.

“Someday, your going to bite off more than you can chew,” daddy said with a growl.

“Prove it,” said Katie in a breathy whisper.

Daddy’s hands tightened on Katie as he pushed her over the top of me. Her full breasts pressed down into mine as Katie straddled me on the couch. I felt her hot pussy pressing down on mine. I had never really been with a girl before, but in that moment I wasn’t thinking about Katie. I was thinking about what daddy wanted, and if he wanted both of us together then I wanted to make it memorable. I wrapped my arms around Katie and started to grind my hips against hers. She pressed down on me and returned the motion. Soon our wet slits mingled, adding a soft, pleasant pressure to my clit. Katie leaned down and kissed me, her lips pulling at mine. It was a soft, gentle kiss, not like the rough insistence of daddy’s. It was nice and I started to lose myself in the sensation as we rubbed our bodies together.

Abruptly, Katie pulled back and let out a gasp as daddy thrust deep inside her. I kissed her neck and slid myself lower. I raised my butt, and pressed Daddy’s hard-on against my crease as her fucked Katie from behind. He was fucking us both, taking both our pussies at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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