Nude Day, A Celebration of Flashing


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Married couple spends Nude Day flashing for shocked reactions.


Nude Day means different things to different people. There are those who are exhibitionists and who celebrate Nude Day by spending the day naked, while pretending they’re living the lifestyle of a nudist without even so much as knowing and understanding the reasons, morals, culture, and philosophy of being a nudist. Others take advantage of the Nude Day holiday to get drunk and/or high, laugh, party naked, and have a good time, while naked. Some people, those that are voyeurs, enjoy the Nude Day holiday by watching others that are naked, taking their unclothed pictures, videotaping their naked images, and masturbating over all they recorded in the privacy of their own home later. No matter if they are voyeurs, exhibitionists, or just looking to have a good time, they all appreciate the one cleansing day in the year to be free of the encumbrances of having to wear confining clothes by not conforming to the Puritanical rules and constricting and conflicting laws of an uptight moral society in regard to nudity. Only, Gordon and Irene weren’t any of those couples.

Even though Gordon celebrated the Nude Day holiday by having his wife walk around semi-naked or naked, they weren’t nudists nor did they pretend to be nudists. Gordon didn’t need to get Irene drunk, as an excuse, for the sake of having her party naked by flashing her sexy body. They don’t even photograph and videotape those celebrators who get naked for the Nude Day holiday to use for their personal pleasure later. Instead, every Nude Day, Gordon had Irene flash.

Flashing is their fetish. Gordon and Irene are a couple who celebrate Nude Day by celebrating their fetish, not so much for seeing others naked and not so much for exposing their naked bodies. Instead, their fetish, their need, and the thing that gets them excited is the fetish of watching how others react to all that they are showing and to all that they are seeing.

More than being exhibitionists and voyeurs, more than wanting to expose their naked bodies to others, flashing was their thing and flashing is what turned them on, but only on Nude Day. What revved their motors was not so much being naked in public, as was the way they were naked in public. They lived to see the shocked and/or excited reactions on the faces of those they flashed. The reactions received from others were their real turn ons and what they used to excite themselves during hot pillow talk later. Their one mutually enjoyed fetish, Irene and Gordon are Nude Day flashers. Gordon and Irene used Nude Day to add some spice to their sexual lives.

One would think that it’s even more unusual for a husband and wife to enjoy flashing together. Indeed, but since Gordon and Irene share a fetish for flashing, they may be the exceptions. If you think that Irene is a woman willing to experience and be part of her husband’s need to flash for the sake of not rocking the boat and having peace in her marriage, you’d be wrong. It’s not Gordon who has the horny need to flash his wife as much as it’s Irene who has the heated need to flash herself and her husband. Going along with his wife’s flashing fetish, he knew the good time he’d have in bed later, after having flashed his wife and having some hot, sexy pillow talk about all that she showed and the shocked and/or excited reactions she received by those who saw what she was showing and/or by making him show, too.

When they started their yearly routine of Nude Day flashing, instead of having brazenly obvious flashes, testing the boundaries of their shared flashing fetish with voyeurism and exhibitionism, especially in the beginning, they started out with subtle flashes. An unbuttoned button that exposed the side of her bra or braless breast, an up skirt that flashed her panty to whomever was sitting across from her, or a loosely fitting blouse that exposed her bra or breasts, when not wearing a bra, whenever bending forward, was some of the things they did.

Then, later, as their need to be more daring, knowing what men wanted and what men liked, shoes, stockings, garter belts, and pantyhose, she enjoyed wearing silk stockings with exposed garters and high heeled shoes or exposing her pantyhose in an up skirt or in a sudden gust of wind flash. Oh, yeah, more than flashing her body, what turned her on was more the reactions of men. Playing men for their reaction, so as to sexually satisfy her through her flashing fetish, she loved men who enjoyed seeing her naked feet, along with an unexpected flash of her panty, her stockings, her garters, her pantyhose, her high heels, her girdle, and even her bare feet. Knowing in advance what each man she was about to flash so wanted, she’d received the reaction that she so needed. As much as her sudden and unexpected flashing excited those who witnessed her flash, the reactions that she received to flashing was even more exciting for this fetish fantasizing couple.

Gradually, as their flashing Escort Bayan became more orchestrated, their flashes grew more daring. As the couple discovered and fed into what each one wanted, they became more experienced in their flashing game and more expert with human nature. The anticipated reaction of their audience of victims, who witnessed their fetish driven flashing games became more sexually exciting and sensually stimulating.

From changing her shirt in the car, to riding with her exposed feet out the car window, with her windblown skirt up to her waist, to alighting from the car with her legs spread wide enough apart to flash her panty or her pussy, when not wearing panties, to pretending that she fell with her skirt bunched around her waist, to wearing a flared skirt on a windy day, Irene knew how, who, and when to flash for the reactions she needed to satisfy her flashing fetish. Nonetheless, Irene and Gordon were keenly aware of the dangers of flashing. Yet, without so much as a suspicion of inappropriateness, as they had been yearly flashing, once a year, for nearly twenty years, albeit very carefully, they were flashing artists.

For 364 days of the year, living in a small Christian town, they were respectable citizens of their community and devoted members of their church. No one knew the couple had a flashing fetish or even suspected that their personal sexual peccadillo was flashing and exposing their naked or semi-naked bodies to others. They used Nude Day as their cover and as their excuse should they be suspected of flashing and/or caught flashing. Flashing was their way they celebrated the holiday and they spent all of Nude Day flashing, so as to satisfy their fetish.

Throughout the year, they planned, discussed, and developed their flashes, in the way a choreographer would create new dance moves. They practiced their flashes on one another and planned where, when, how, and who they’d flash during that one exciting day, Nude Day. They even bought clothes, flashing clothes, they called them, to aid in their flashes. As foolproof as they could make it, their only rule was to never flash children.

What began as an act of exhibitionism and voyeurism, had now morphed into a fetish, a flashing fetish, after they discovered that the reaction they received from those they flashed was more exciting than the flashing itself. Never thinking of herself as an exhibitionist, as far as Irene was concerned flashing was always her fetish. The reaction is what she needed to replay in her mind to masturbate. Now, working together as a flashing couple, instead of as a couple of flashers, for months before flashing and months after their flashes, they discussed what they’d do, how’d they’d do it, who they’d flash, then, what they did, and what they’d do next year. Their sexy, pillow talk discussions, along with the sex before and afterwards, were equally as exciting as their flashes.

All players in their fetish flashing game of exhibitionism and voyeurism had to be over the age of 18-years-old. Needing the element of surprise for their flashing to work and to receive the reactions they needed, all those who they flashed had to be unsuspecting voyeurs in their sexy Nude Day flashing game. It was the surprised reactions of their participants that they needed to have that sparked and burned their sexual passions into a flaming inferno later.

Thinking that it was a new adventure and thinking that they both shared equally in the experience, unbeknownst to Gordon, when they first met, Irene always had a flashing fetish and always flashed. Her fetish surfaced and her flashing started when she left home for college. Only, back then, impulsively clumsy and daringly risky, her unsophisticated episodes of flashing were nothing like they are now, well thought out and orchestrated sexual scenarios.

More than exhibitionism, more than just exposing her body, she used her fetish of flashing more to her advantage, as a mechanism to not only control men but also to get what she wanted and needed from men for her to masturbate over later. Still learning the subtle art of flashing, it excited her to show her body to unsuspecting men, especially typically older men that she felt safe flashing without fear of repercussions. From nylons with garters, to pantyhose, to high heels, to girdles, and a multitude of panties and bras, she experimented to discover how to get the best reactions from the men she flashed to give her what she needed. Now, she could just look at a man to know what his sexual peccadillo is.

Playing the oblivious and sexually uninhibited college coed in college, she always sat up front and directly in front of her professor. With her desk positioned far enough back and with no other desks in front of her to block his view, she waited for the right moment to get his attention by opening her legs wide enough for him to see her panties. With her short skirt raised high enough and her knees parted wide enough that, when the teacher sat in his chair behind Bayan Escort his desk, he had an uninterrupted view between her legs of her panties. Not wanting to be caught looking, she imagined his reaction to seeing her panties, just as she imagined him touching her, feeling her, fingering her, and fucking her.

Knowing he was looking without even having to look up to check, she felt her nipples harden and a familiar warmth moisten her panties. As if she was a fisherman letting out line, now that she had him hooked, all she needed to do was to give him enough line, before reeling him in. Fetish driven, it wasn’t so much the flash that excited her, as much as it was his reaction and the attention that he paid her. Otherwise lost in a class of thirty other students, she was always the one singled out and given the A, instead of the B grade.

Then, when her professor stood, she looked to see if he had an erection and, usually, he did. She especially enjoyed his reaction to her flashing fetish, when he roamed the aisles of his students to offer them his help, personalized instruction, and professional attention. In readiness of him approaching, she could hear him slowly advancing behind her. With timing being everything, she always wore a loose blouse that opened when she leaned forward. A time after women had already burned their bras, unless she was going out on a date, she never wore a bra. Having practiced the move at home in her mirror, she knew that when she leaned forward to work on her paper, her teacher would have a clear down blouse view of her breasts, areolas, and nipples.

Even though she was a sexy, little cockteaser, it was a better game to play the innocent virgin. Just as she knew, she wasn’t sexually interested in her professor, she knew that there was just no way he’d risk his job and his tenure to make a pass at her. Not able to get all that she needed from just flashing her panties and breasts, unable to look up to watch his surprised and or excited reaction, what was missing from flashing her professor was witnessing his reaction to seeing all that she was showing and all that he was seeing. It was then she realized that she needed to see his reaction, which was when her flashing morphed into more of a fetish.

Certainly helping her game was the fact that she was sexually attractive, an understatement. Her reward for flashing him her panties and tits was getting good grades, of course, but also to give herself something to masturbate over and to give those voyeur men erections. She quickly became very skilled at her flashing fetish game and the more she flashed the more she understood what she needed.

For fear of driving him mad with lustful desire for her and sexually assaulting and/or raping her, she didn’t want to flash the wrong man, in the wrong place, and at the wrong time. After she was married, she no longer took the risky flashing chances she took, when she was single and younger. For her protection and using him as a willing participant, her husband was always with her, should she flash the wrong man who wouldn’t take no as answer.

Along with Irene’s flashing target, her husband sometimes even played the one being flashed. Enabling the fetish part of her flashing with her husband documenting the men’s being flashed reactions, he’d tell Irene what all the men she chose to flash saw of her later. It was an exciting sexual game they played and, over the years, becoming expert at the game, they lost track of how many men they flashed.

It was Nude Day that inspired their desire to flash together as a couple and her excuse to continue her fetish without her husband knowing. The first few times she flashed with her husband’s consent was back in the early nineties, just as the Internet was going viral with Internet videos. For sure, if she was an exhibitionist, she would have had Gordon make a video of her to post on the Internet, but her flashing wasn’t about her being an exhibitionist and about exhibitionism.

She needed to see her victim to feel what they were feeling. That was what she needed to feed and satisfy her flashing fetish. In the beginning, Gordon flashed with Irene as a way to spice up their sex life with pillow talk about of who they flashed and what the victims’ reactions were to the flashing, but it was much more than that for Irene.

Now that she had Gordon as her happy to volunteer stooge, she practiced and rehearsed her flashing technique, while sitting across from her husband. Then, later, she had her husband present and sitting beside her, for the sake of him witnessing their flashing victims eyes widen and their shocked reactions to seeing her bright, white panties, while sitting across from her. Irene crossed her legs slowly enough to flash the vacuum cleaner salesman, her preacher, a man running for office, going door-to-door to collect signatures, her male neighbor, and so many others. More than the memory of her flash, it was their reactions that she’d remember. Later than night, Irene and Gordon would Escort have pillow talk over their Nude Day flashing experience and they’d have lustful sex.

One of her favorite flashes to do on Nude Day was to sit on a blanket in the park, while wearing a short skirt. In wearing such an abbreviated outfit, it was virtually impossible for her to sit without exposing her panties to those who passed or who wandered near her for a better look. Pretending she was reading a book and oblivious to their stares, she wore those same blouses without a bra that opened and exposed her breasts to them, as well. Her husband innocuously sat at a distance videotaping all the action for them to watch later that night, while having hot sex.

Flashing is an art and those who know how to correctly flash are artists. Just as those singers who can’t sing, artists who can’t paint, and writers who can’t write, but all think they can, they ruin the art for those who can sing, paint, and write. Flashing is the same. Desperate flashes from perverts, usually men, jumping out in front of an unsuspecting woman and opening their raincoat to expose their penises to them, ruin the art of flashing for those who appreciate the fine art of exposing themselves to those unsuspecting viewers. Now, that there are suddenly so many videos, too many videos of women flashing, between explicit movies and television programs that would have been censored and banned from network television only a few years ago, we all have become desensitized to seeing sudden displays of nudity.

Still to watch Irene flash is a so much more erotic. Did she flash on purpose or was that an accident? Always leaving her victims wondering, never does she look at her victim or into the camera her husband is holding. Without doubt, you’ve been properly flashed, when flashed by Irene. Always leaving the flashing victim scratching his head, while wondering if she flashed him on purpose or by accident, being flashed by Irene adds to the experience by making him feel that he invaded her privacy and took advantage of her by seeing of her what he wasn’t supposed to see, even though she was willingly and freely showing him what she wanted him to see. Even though she was the lewd one and the bawdy one, she made her flashing victim feel as if he was the perverted one and the twisted one. To make them feel what she wants and needs them to feel, it takes a skilled flashing artist to pull off that.

Seriously, how many men take much more than a glance at a photo or a video of women showing their boobs at Mardi Gras or Spring break, before being desensitized to it all? With so many women flashing their tits and showing their asses, we’re all desensitized to public nudity. It’s not even as exciting as was a dog-eared, hidden away Playboy magazine was years ago. I dare say the same thing goes for topless and nude beaches. Yeah, sure, there may be a few women of special interest, but after a while, you’ve seen one naked woman, you’ve seen them all. That’s why flashing is an art and those who know how to flash are artists. It’s not what you see, but what you don’t see that makes the flash so much more revealing and exciting. They are able to return that excited eroticism that is missing from even movies with graphic nudity and explicit sexual acts. Sometimes, especially when Irene is showing it, it’s more erotic to see a flash of a panty than it is to see a naked pussy.

So, what’s the difference between flashing to expose oneself and flashing as a fetish? Fetish flashing is just for the reaction. Fetish flashing for reactions is more of an art form than flashing just for the sake of flashing. Anyone can flash, but few can successfully pull off a fetish flash. What makes flashing an art in other less puritanical countries, instead of an criminal offense in this country, a county that is so uptight and puritanical when it comes to sex and especially to nudity in public? It’s in the way that the flash done.

When done correctly the chosen one, the one being flashed, is rewarded with a flash of semi-nudity or nudity, while knowing it was accidental and never wondering was it purposely done. When flashed correctly, most important for men that flash, it’s deemed accidental. Women on the other hand can get away with more obvious flashes when flashing their bodies in a full frontal nudity flash, so long as they are attractive and have a body worth seeing. Except for those who are into that kind of woman, except for an old, wrinkled man, no one wants to see an old, wrinkled woman flashing her sagging breasts.

An easy way to be arrested if you’re a man, flashing is an easy way for a woman to make it to the A list, if she’s hot. It doesn’t seem fair that women get away with things that would put men on the sex registry list and in jail, but that’s the reality of flashing and the reality of the difference between the sexes. Certainly it was more difficult for Gordon to find ways to flash. Sometimes he’d enlist the help of his wife to help him flash. After flashing women his cock for so many years, he put them in three categories, women that don’t like seeing a man flashing his penis, those women who will tolerate a man flashing his penis, especially if it’s appears accidental, and those women who stare, while enjoying the free show.

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