No Rent


“No rent again.” The deep, booming voice of the landlord seemed to fill the tiny apartment. “This is the third month in a row, Mr. Burnside.”

“I know.” Steve Burnside answered his voice small in the wake of such a huge man.

“Well then you should also know that you’ll be on the street by the end of the week.” There seemed to e in the large man’s eyes even though there was none in his voice. “I’ve given you and your wife more than enough chances to make things even.”

“Please, sir.” Steve said in a soft plea. “We’ve got a sick baby and my job is barely paying enough to cover all of her doctors’ visits.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Burnside.” The landlord didn’t seem sorry. Not at all.

“I’ll do anything, sir.”

“Anything?” The landlord’s tone of voice sent chills of regret and fear down Steve’s spine. “Maybe we can work something out after all.”

“Thank you, sir.” Relief rushed through out Steve’s body and a small, hopeful smile began to spread upon his lips.

“Don’t thank me just yet, Mr. Burnside.” The landlord chuckled. “I think we’ll be taking your rent out of your flesh.”

“What?” Confusion filled Steve’s mind. “You want me to work for you?”

“Sort of.” The grin on the landlord’s face seemingly grew cruel. “I’m a man of certain appetites, Mr. Burnside. My taste’s run deep and varied.”

“Ok?” Steve said looking for any sign of hope on the large man’s face. “What do I have to do?”

“Mr. Burnside, I have an itch that I haven’t scratched in quite sometime, and I’m hoping that you could scratch that itch for me.”

“You want me to scratch your gaziantep suriyeli escort back?” A chuckle passed the landlord’s lips.

“No.” He smiled his large mouth reminded Steve of a shark’s. “I want you to relieve me.”


“Sexually, Mr. Burnside.” The man let loose a cruel chuckle. “I want your body in exchange for letting you stay in my apartment.”

“That is crazy.” Steve said, anger mixing into his voice. “That is a sin, and illegal.” Steve felt his religious roots flaring up inside him. Years of Sunday school telling him that the very thought of such an act would surely doom him to Hell. The landlord seemed unfazed by Steve’s fears.

“It’s that or the streets, Mr. Burnside.” The landlord spoke these words softly, but the cruelty was still there. “And what of dear little Abigail? A sick baby won’t last on the streets, especially during a cold winter.”

“Sir, please.” Steve whimpered.

“Only one thing that I’ll take instead of cash. Your body.”

“Sir,” Steve started to say something but stopped well aware that his pleas would fall upon deaf ears. “I don’t know, sir.”

“Well, Mr. Burnside, you are going to have to make a decision.”

“I’ll do it.” Steve said with a sigh. He decided that maybe God could understand this act of sin if he knew it was to save his precious child.

“We’ll start slow, Mr. Burnside.” The land lord was working at his belt buckle. Steve cringed knowing that he was going to perform a disgusting act of sin right there in the kitchen of his and his wife’s apartment. “Consider this a down payment on a promise.” The landlord let his slacks drop to the floor and Steve was surprised to see that the man was not wearing any underwear at all. “You can suck my cock right now, and someday soon you can come down to my place and I’ll take your rent out of your ass.” Steve cringed. Thinking of a future payment was cringe worthy, but he knew that this was probably the only way to stay in the apartment.

“Sir, I’ve never done anything like this before.” Steve said knowing that his voice was soft, pathetic. He felt like a stranger in his own skin. The landlord smiled his cruel smile and motioned for Steve to come closer. Steve crossed his kitchen as slowly as he could, but the trip was still too short for his liking.

Finally in front of the landlord Steve stopped. “On your knees, Mr. Burnside.” Steve sighed and got down onto his knees slowly. “Take my cock into your mouth.” Steve looked at his landlord’s penis for what felt like an eternity. It was bigger than Steve had expected, far larger than his or any other he had ever seen. He slowly reached a finger out to touch it, and felt a little piece of his soul die. “Put it in your mouth.” The landlord’s booming voice carried a tone of annoyed anger. Steve opened his mouth and took the hard cock into with all the enjoyment of a kid at the dentist.

His wife rarely performed oral sex on him, and he had only ever seen one pornographic film when he was thirteen. He knew so little about the act of oral sex that he was sure he would fail in the one task that could save his family from the cold streets. He took as much of the landlord’s penis into his mouth as he could, and when he felt it on the back of his mouth he nearly gagged. The taste and smell of the man’s penis was not entirely unpleasant, but it was defiantly not something that Steve found himself enjoying.

“You’re doing fine for your first time, Mr. Burnside.” The landlord said his breath now heavier than before. “Soon you’ll be a pro at sucking my cock.” Steve continued what he was doing mimicking what his wife had done the few times she had ventured down on him.

After what felt like ages the landlord finally said something. “I think I might be getting close, Mr. Burnside. I expect you to swallow all of my jizz.” Steve sighed inwardly, his mouth was growing tired, but the fear of a mouthful of this man’s seed had him begging God to prolong the even as long as possible. “You really are doing an amazingly good job for your first time.” The praise seemed genuine. Steve felt the man’s body twitch, his penis seemed to throb inside of Steve’s mouth. Quite suddenly Steve felt his mouth fill with a rush of warm seed. The taste was unlike anything that Steve had ever had in his mouth. He swallowed hoping to please the landlord enough that the man would leave his family only for a while. He was pleased with himself when all of the warm seed was gone from his mouth and the landlord pulled away. “Thank you, Mr. Burnside.” The landlord said softly. He pulled up his slacks. “I guess I’ll see you in a week for the next rent payment.” Steve felt like he might cry, but lifted himself off the ground to stand in the kitchen that he had earned for another week. The landlord smiled at Steve and then let himself out. Steve knew that there would be a next time, and for just a moment Steve let himself cry.

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