New Paint

Big Dick

Jenny balanced on the bare toes of one foot; the other foot waved back and forth though the air as she stretched to paint above the window. Just below the rear hem of her short jean skirt were the smooth bare curves of her bottom. The more she stretched, the clearer it became she wore no panties, and the more dark skin on the back of her mound was exposed.

“Don’t knock the paint over,” her mother called from the other side of the room as she knelt to paint below an outlet. Sue’s eyes lingered as she watched her daughter expose herself. She laid the brush on the edge of the tray and sat on the floor. Her knees spread slightly and a finger slipped along the inside of a thigh just under her skirt.

Jenny’s hips faced her mother and her long slim youthful legs remained straight as she bent over to put just a little more paint on the brush. She glanced towards her mother and smiled as she let her fingers slid between her legs and across the back of her uncovered mound. Two fingers parted the dark hairless skin revealing the moist pink flesh inside. In her mid-twenties, Jenny knew exactly what kind of show she was putting on for her mother and it thrilled her.

Sue’s knees fell apart and she dragged the handle of the paintbrush between them leaving the tip of the handle covered with her sweet nectar. As she lifted the brush upwards, a drop of the salmon colored paint fell just over the left nipple that lay under her half t-shirt. Before dabbing at the drop, she noisily licked the nectar from the handle.

“Mom-m-m. What are you doing?”

“Well sweetheart, you seem to be having quite an effect on me.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Sue’s index finger slid deeply and slowly through her slit multiple times before she sucked the wetness from it in a single long leisurely suck. A loud pop echoed though the room as the clean finger left her mouth.

“I’d like to do something beside painting,” Jenny complained as she withdrew three fingers from between her legs and slid them between her puckered lips. The paintbrush landed on the drop cloth with a wet splat. Jenny walked and her hips swayed back and forth. One hand held the front of her skirt up enough to expose the short even labia of her hairless pussy. The index finger of the other hand slipped her t-shirt up just enough to expose the bottom of a breast. A swipe of her tongue across already wet lips let her mother know that the painting would just have to wait.

Sue watched her leggy daughter walk towards her.

Jenny’s fingers dragged though the long curly brown hair on her mother’s head. As she walked past her towards the French doors to the bedroom, Jenny cooed, “Mom,” and beckoned with an upturned curled finger.

Sue stood in the doorway and watched Jenny reclined slightly on her out stretched arms, her legs spread in a pleasant V, and her heals bouncing slightly against the bottom of the mattress just above the oriental carpet.

“I’m glad you’re still dressed,” Sue said as she removed her t-shirt and stabbed at an erect nipple with a fingertip. “I think I will leave a nice big wet spot on the back of your skirt, you know.”

“Yeah-h-h,” Jenny drawled. “I like it when you do me while I’m dressed.” She lifted her left foot and rested it on the edge of the mattress. Her knee fell to one side exposing her pussy even more.

Sue remained in the doorway and her fingertip circled the nipple at a leisurely pace. “I can feel how wet I am.”

“I’m ahead of you. There will be plenty for you to drink.”

“My favorite liquid. And I’m very, very thirsty,” Sue slowly drawled in a deep sultry voice. She took first one step, then another, as she paced her steps towards Jenny, just letting the anticipation build moment by moment. Long before the third step, one nipple was far more erect than the other was.

Jenny could feel Sue’s palms touch the hot skin of her hips and she released a small sigh. The front of her skirt rested on her stomach and her hips lay on the back. Her thighs quivered in excitement as Sue’s thumbs rolled across the tops of them towards the pearl already peeking from the hood. As each thumb touched the clit from either side, Jenny’s head rocked back and a low roar of warm breath flowed from her mouth.

Sue watched as the lips of Jenny’s pussy pulsed back and forth as if to speak to her. The puckered dark skin around her asshole throbbed as Jenny always seemed to do when she was close to orgasm. Sue lightly blew against the brown skin. “Soon,” she whispered.

The thumbs slipped slowly down the sopping wet edges of Jenny’s pussy until they were about midway and then they pried the tender pieces of flesh apart to reveal a white dollop of wetness. With a deft stroke of her long wide tongue, Sue scooped the whole wad of honey from its home and let it roll down her throat.

“There better be more,” Sue sternly advised.

“Or?” Jenny mocked.

“Or I may stop.”

“The fuck you will!” Jenny shot back with a deep glare from her dark blue eyes. Jenny’s aching escort bayan cunt throbbed, begging Sue to kiss it. Jenny firmly pulled Sue’s head between her legs. A thrust of her hips sealed the contact as Sue’s tongue drove deep inside. “Yes-s,” Jenny purred in a resounding sound of approval.

Sue moved her mouth up and down the full length of Jenny’s slit with occasional pauses over her clit.

“Like that,” Jenny firmly repeated often. “I love you mom,” she purred occasionally.

A month before Jenny’s graduation, Sue’s first cousin, Kim, called her to say she would be in town and maybe they should have dinner. As girls, they had ‘fooled around’ each time they would spend the night. That was not often since their parents lived in different states. A few years after high school graduation, they each married school sweethearts. Kim never had children, “bad tubes” she always said, and Sue was expecting Jenny.

They had not seen each other in several years. Now they sat in a restaurant next to each other as they glanced between the menu and the other’s face. They talked about not much at first, just girl chitchat.

“What happened to Frank?” Sue asked as she stared at Kim’s light blue green eyes with the eyelashes fluttering occasionally.

“That jerk. Need I say more? Well he left for a sweet young thing a year ago. Good riddance is all I can say.”

“Jenny graduates from the university in a few weeks. I miss her. She is going to live at home for a while.”

Kim’s hand snaked across the small open space between them and a finger rested over two of Sue’s and rubbed softly. “Damn it’s nice to see you again.” She added more fingers and the intensity of the touch increased. “Yes it sure is Sue.” Probably without realizing it, Kim’s tongue wet her lips with a slow rub. The lips now glistened with the new moisture in the light of the stained glass fixture dangling over the table.

Sue rolled her hand over, wrapped it around Kim’s, and held it comfortably. Her fingertips rubbed along Kim’s soft skin. She was quiet and let thoughts of Kim drift though her mind. It did not take long for the leisurely pace of her thoughts to accelerate toward a full gallop and her heart pound hard in her chest. ‘Can she see thumping?’ Sue thought as she pressed her free hand over her chest.

Neither woman really remembered the appetizer, the main course, or even the desert as they stood in the restaurant parking lot beside Sue’s car. With their hands clasped around other’s waist, Kim pulled Sue slightly closer. She soaked up the sight of Sue and her nipples hardened without an ice cube or help of a mechanical device.

“Will you come home…?” Sue started.

“I’d love too,” Kim replied without letting Sue finish and their lips touched. Kim’s tongue parted Sue’s lips and rested briefly against her teeth until her mouth opened and allowed it to enter. The kiss was intoxicating as their hot wet lips melted into each other. There was little question that there was no rush and no need to finish things in the middle of the parking lot.

Sue held Kim’s hand and led her to the bedroom as the momentum from the parking lot continued. They stood by the bed gazing into each other’s eyes. Kim’s forefinger slid along Sue’s cheek from just below the eye to the corner of the mouth and then softly across the lips.

“Guess I’ve dreamed about this more than a few times,” Kim whispered softly, her lips rubbing together trying to moisten them before the kiss. Her arms encircled Sue’s waist as the grip tightened pulling them even closer. Kim felt Sue’s crotch hard against her pelvis.

“Those nights together when we were girls were the best. I often wonder why we never stayed together,” Sue softly spoke into Kim’s ear as her tongue coated the edge of it with warm wetness. “You still smell so nice. I’ve never forgotten your natural fragrance.” Kim’s knee raised and moved along Sue’s leg as she enjoyed what Sue was telling her.

Sue’s tongue probed the depths of Kim’s mouth in search of her tonsils as Kim’s warm breath bathed Sue’s face. Fingers began twisting at buttons exposing once familiar flesh. Sue found the sounds of buttons popping and zippers sliding as exciting as the touches that followed. Her hand snaked between Kim’s stomach and waistband in search of hidden treasures. The sounds from Kim’s mouth made it clear what she wanted. Kim jerked Sue’s shirttail from the waistband. Sue’s knees weakened and she pushed Kim backwards onto the bed.

Toes pressed the back of high heal shoes and the clump of them falling onto the floor between messy piles of clothes lingered though the room. The only other sound was the deep breathing becoming louder. Hands explored as lips remained locked together. Sue gripped Kim’s face and broke the kiss to gaze at the rounded breast topped with a luscious dark circle around the base of an erect nipple. Her head dipped and her lips encircled the nipple pulling it into her mouth.

“That looks as nice as it feels,” tuzla genç escort Kim cooed as she ran her fingers though Sue’s hair and down her neck, then over a shoulder.

The ignored nipple may have cried while Sue’s kisses trailed over Kim’s other breast. Sue paused and glanced back to say, “I’m going to kiss you everywhere,” before kissing over her navel, then though the damp matted but trimmed hair that covered just the few inches above Kim’s clit. Her lips engulfed the clit as they had the nipple and Kim bucked her hips and sighed deeply.

Sue stopped and just watched the clit lying before her. It was taut, engorged, and ridged. When Sue again kissed the sweet pearl, her full palm pressed over the mound below and massaged as the moisture built. “God you’re wet,” she said. Sue’s tongue curled around the clit like a question mark. She sucked and licked. Her hot breath blew against the clit. Her tongue lashed back and forth as though she was whipping it. Kim struggled to breathe as she spread her legs wider. Kim’s taste flooded Sue’s mouth. Kim had a death grip on Sue’s hair until the orgasm subsided.

Kim raised her foot and pressed it between Sue’s legs, then pressed it harder. Sue began riding against it letting toes dig inside the opening. With vulgar words, she assured Kim repeatedly she was enjoying herself.

Sue could not remember the last time she had enjoyed herself with another person as much as that night. Her orgasms were never a given and tonight she had not been disappointed. Kim’s hot pulsing body had stoked her fire and she was not ready to have it put out.

The second night after Jenny returned home after graduation from college, she passed by her mother’s bedroom. Sue stood next to the bed undressing. Jenny paused and watched. Her mother’s legs seemed slimmer than she had remembered. Her breasts were more alluring. She could feel herself slightly aroused as she watched the way her mother moved.

Sue turned towards Jenny and smiled. A hand rested on the inside of her thigh, the extended thumb lightly touching her labia. “Your mom’s not so bad looking…is she?” she murmured.

Jenny did not answer, but instead quietly walked across the room. She stopped with a hand resting over the soft curve of Sue’s bottom, and then slipped it up along her spine. Sue could feel a tingle race the full length of her body and stop deep inside her pussy. Jenny continued to rub her mother’s back. Sue’s lips half pouted, extended, and begged Jenny to kiss them as Jenny leaned closer. The electricity flowed over the quarter inch that still separated them drawing the wet pieces of skin together.

There were no questions, no protestation of how wrong this would be, or how they would be tossed into jail for life, just love of two women who wanted to be together. They lay next to each other, their heads sharing the same pillow. Jenny stroked her fingers though her mother’s hair and let a fingertip slide softly along the cheek and then across the lips as it dipped slightly inside. Sue suckled the tip like a large nipple and cupped a hand behind Jenny’s head.

Jenny’s roommate, Kate, was a good teacher and Jenny had learned where to touch and how to kiss for just the right effect. Now Jenny kissed her way down the hollow of her mother’s throat, between her breasts, and across the navel on the way to taste her mother for the first time.

As Sue spread her legs even wider, her labia spread farther open. The heat rose as the wetness that filled the opening began to drain down the small strip of skin towards her anus. Jenny rubbed her fingertip though the honey and massaged it against the puckered brown opening, as Kate so fondly loved to do. Sue’s mouth opened wide and a silent moan of pleasure filled the room.

Sue’s finger rested over her clit. The skin on the bottom of index fingertip began to flick it from side to side. The moisture flowed faster as the pace increased. Jenny rested her head on a thigh and watched. Finally, with a long lap, Jenny’s tongue took over for her mom’s finger and spread new wetness across the towering pearl.

“Just like that,” Sue whispered as the tips of her forefingers rested on either side of her pussy stretching it even more. Breathing through her open mouth dried her lips and she struggled to wet them between gasps.

Jenny’s tongue moved waves of honey like a bulldozer spreading soil. Soon Sue’s hips bucked and rocked, her hand gripping the insides of her thighs tightly. Jenny’s hands rested under Sue’s hips as she struggled to steady her face against the raging movement.

Sue could feel the twinge though her hood that always came just before the orgasm and the shiver though the spine was the other sign and that had just happened. She was now ready. Her toes curled so badly that it felt they would break off any second now. A few more good licks and she knew it would start. Her legs lifted and settled on Jenny’s shoulders and gripped her head tightly until the orgasm subsided.

“You’re tuzla kendi evi olan escort not done,” Jenny told her as she rested her head once again on the inside of the thigh. A fingertip circled the nub, not touching, just grazing the skin at the base.

“Kate would drive me crazy doing this after an orgasm,” Jenny casually said.

“You and your roommate?”

“Sure mom. Don’t tell me this is your first time with a woman.” Jenny tried to sound more experienced than she was.

“Of course not.” Sue tried sound as if she had been with many women, not just Kim.

Jenny’s fingertip continued its travels around and around, sometimes stopping on top of the nub before continuing.

“Cousin Kim?” Jenny quizzed.

Sue’s smile gave her secret away and the memories of the few days with Kim took her to a special place that let another orgasm begin. This time it never stopped and continued feeling like something between a continuous orgasm and a rapid series of them.

“Oh Baby, my heart is going to blow though my chest if you don’t.” Sue gasped for air and her eyes would not roll back from inside her head.

“You have more orgasms in you mom.”

Sue grabbed Jenny’s hand away from her crotch and held it against her chest.

“Feel my heart.”

“I hope you will make mine do that,” Jenny begged.

Hours later, drained and exhausted, the new lovers fell into a deep sleep wrapped in each other’s arms and did not wake until the alarm went off at six-thirty the next morning. Jenny was still sleeping on Sue’s arm. Sue’s gaze drifted over Jenny’s body as though it was caressing her.

“Do we have to wake up?” Jenny grumbled as she wiped the sleep from her eyes.

Sue pulled Jenny’s chin around and pressed their lips together. Tongues met and rubbed together before slipping past and into the other’s mouth.

“Do you want to share a shower?” Sue asked as her finger pulled through the folds of skin between Jenny’s legs and harshly across her clit eliciting a loud pleasurable, “Ah-h-h.”

The warm water fell across them both as they rubbed imaginary bars of soap over the front of each other leaving tingling skin everywhere. Their mouths rarely lost contact from each other. Sue could not believe how Jenny’s kisses excited her. “Guess we need to actually wash,” Sue mumbled as she pulled away from Jenny to reach for a washcloth.

The water had already started to run cold before they stepped from the shower and began to dry each other in slow gentle pats with the thick plush towels.

Suddenly Jenny pulled at Sue’s waist and drove her tongue down Sue’s throat. Nipples that were still damp touched other still damp skin as fingers once again probed openings. Jenny’s two fingers were still deep inside her mother’s pussy as she pulled back slightly. “Come for me,” she begged as her fingers again flew in and out. Their lips together again, Jenny could feel the hot breath blowing in rapid waves into her mouth as her mother’s orgasm began, lasted, and then waned.

They stood with their foreheads lightly touching as Jenny’s fingers slipped free. She held them between their mouths, the fragrance filling their nostrils. Both pairs of lips reached out for a taste and then another.

“I could get used to this,” Sue teased.

“I already am.”

Jenny stood naked in front of the closet as she struggled to decide what to wear to work. She tossed a white blouse on the bed before she pulled a black skirt from a hanger. As she pulled the skirt up her long legs, Sue watched with fingers teasing between her own legs.

“No panties?” Sue asked.

“Pretty risque huh?”

“Damn exciting.”

Sue slipped her black Dockers up her legs and over her bare hips with a slight wiggle. “Like mother, like daughter,” she kidded as she pulled the zipper up.

They stood in front of both cars in the garage and kissed goodbye, lingering much longer than before. Hands caressed hips as they hugged. The drive to work left lingering memories floating though their heads, almost distracting enough to miss a stop sign or a car changing lanes. The whole day was a blur and it passed far to slowly.

The salmon colored paint now transformed Jenny’s former bedroom into a den. A daybed filled half the room and the other half was a desk for the computer. The retched aroma of the paint had hardly disappeared when Cousin Kim invited herself to visit. Just one night she had assured Sue.

“While she’s here, do I get to sleep with you?” Jenny asked. Sue raised her arms in a big yawn. Sue tickled her mom’s exposed waist. “Or are you going to DO Kim all by yourself?”

“Shhh,” Sue hissed as she rested a finger over her lips. “Don’t talk like that.”

“Why? We both say a lot worse when we’re fucking.”

Sue blushed as she again hissed at Jenny. “What am I to do with you?”

“Maybe the three of us can DO each other,” Jenny shrieked with a major emphasis on ‘DO’ as she slammed her hands against her waist.

“What if Kim doesn’t like that idea?”

“I could bet you ten bucks she will.”

“Yeah. I think you’re right.” Sue laughed a little and smiled at Jenny.

Kim walked into the living room and said “Hello”, then laid her garment bag over the back of the couch before hugging anyone.

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