New Job with Benefits Pt. 03

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Thank you all again for supporting my writing. I hope this part lives up to your expectations.


Carol sat astride his lap, reverse cow girl style, panting. Peter, still buried in her. Orgasms over, still thriving in the ecstasy of their lust. Peter relishing the feeling of his cock, deep inside her. His hands groping her firm but pliable breasts, pinching her nipples hard, making hear her moan and gasp. The first time he actually had her completely naked.

“I’ve never had… such a good fucking in my life,” she observed, gasping with wonder. Her voice was deeper after they coupled. Peter revelled in her being sexually and mentally sated.

This was their third sex session at the office. A Monday mid afternoon. Peter had spanked her harder this time. She was developing into a living fantasy for him. He was careful not to push her too far. Build her up little by little, though she never told him to stop, her arousal always evident after her punishment.

He had felt a certain loneliness without Carol for the first time over the weekend, even though his wife, Pam, had dutifully drained his balls on Saturday night. He was getting curious about her though, so he asked, “What’s your life really like at home, Carol? You can tell me it’s none of my business.”

“It’s okay. I understand why you’re curious.” She leaned back, turned her head and kissed him, deeply, longingly. “Manfred and I have been married for 24 years, so we don’t do it as often as we used to. We make love nearly every Saturday night. It’s been that way for about 10 years. I don’t even orgasm anymore and he doesn’t even notice. It’s like he’s ticking a box. Been there, done that!”

It amazed Peter to think she’d been married almost as long as he had been alive. He smiled, inwardly.

“I meant no disrespect.” His hands now squeezing her sore reddened arse, her talented pussy muscles squeezed his still-hard cock.

“None taken,” she moaned, but happily. “Doesn’t that thing ever get soft?”

“Not with you squeezing me,” he told her. “Damn that feels good.”

“You’ve got your assessment at the gym tonight” she reminded him “You’ll enjoy being put through your paces by Zoe.” Carol squeezed her pussy muscles again for effect.

“You’d better stop coaxing me on then” Peter sighed and then smacked her right arse cheek for affect, making her flinch. “We’d better get ourselves together.”

Carol raised herself off him. Her pussy felt hollow without his cock buried in it. She turned, bent over, lowered her mouth down onto his cock. Sucking him slowly. Not to arouse, just to clean him.

Work kept them busy the rest of the afternoon.


Peter arrived at the Spa Gym. It was attached to the local Country Manor Hotel. Spa members have a separate car park around the side of the facilities. The drive from the main road, winding, through an oak tree lined park. It was a very secluded hotel with many acres of its own.

Peter parked his car next to a shiny new silver Bentley Continental. His Mercedes, not too out of place next to it. Gathering his sports bag, from the seat beside him, he walked toward the reception, birdsong was the only sound he could hear.

Walking into the large brick building, automatic doors parting when they sensed him, his nose filled with the scent of chlorine from the pool, scented oils from the massage area and the unmistakeable mixture of various female cosmetics as he passed by the ladies changing room door!

“Welcome to ‘The Orangery’ ” a smiling, suited young brunette said from behind the high wooden reception desk.

“Thank you, Helen” he smiled, after looking at her name badge, he continued “I’m here for a 6.00pm assessment with Zoe”

Taking his offered letter, Helen typed on the PC in front of her. Having to stoop slightly, it affording Peter a view of her very tanned cleavage. The edgings of a white lace bra just visible as her creamy white blouse gapped slightly. She was a similar breast size to Carol, Peter thought to himself. Although wearing glasses, he thought she had a sexy librarian look about her. Smart, well turned out in her work clothes.

Still looking down she says “Ah yes, the full works assessment tonight I see” she smiled “I also have your corporate membership card here too.” she opened a draw under the PC, starts flicking through a line of envelopes.

Peter felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning, his eyes met Madeline’s.

“Hello stranger” she smiled “Fancy meeting you here. This is my first evening session. I just joined a new yoga class.” she said, her eyes lingered on his. “My old morning yoga class was a bit basic, feel I need something a bit more advanced.”

“We all need to improve ourselves,” Peter agreed. He couldn’t get over how good this 40 something lady looked in her pink sports bra and yoga pants that clung to her like a second skin. Her arms and long legs were sleekly toned. Only just a slight bulge around her abs. Most 20-year-old women would kill for that body. “I have to say, Madeline, you look amazing.”

“Thanks,” she escort gaziantep bayan sitesi replied and blushed. “I better get to my class but you’re welcome to join me for a relaxing mud treatment later if you like?”

Peter looked confused. “What time does he finish Helen?” Madeline asked the smiling receptionist.

“Oh, 6.55 if all goes according to plan” Helen replied.

“Good, I’ve got the 7.15 slot if you are up to it Peter, can you slot him in Helen?” she smiled.

“I’m sure I can make him fit in for you” the giggling Helen said typing away. Her breasts jiggling enticingly as she carried out Madeline’s request.

Madeline walked away waving, but looked back and caught Peter staring at her arse. She gave it an extra wiggle and laughed. He couldn’t believe he didn’t have a say in what just happened but smiled to himself.

Peter had changed into his new sports gear. It was his first time ever at a gym. Being part of his benefits package, working at Spencers, he felt he needed to take it on. The sales lady in the sports shop had given him some good pointers as to what he needed. His wife and kids pitched in with a few tips too, making the whole shopping experience worthwhile. So here he was heading to the gym area, dressed in stretchy Lycra, lightweight training shoes, short socks that didn’t come over the shoes and a loose fitting vest. It felt different to him, but not too dissimilar to the other men in the changing room. The all seemed happy enough as they disappeared to go and workout.

Inside the ‘fitness area’, as the sign indicated, it was laid out exactly as he feared it would be. A big central raised area adorned with various machines of torture, screens above showing various TV and music channels. Attractive, hyper-energetic people in Lycra-spandex combinations barking commands to unwilling clients. Clear glass windows showing row upon row of weight machines and free-weights. People in various stages of shape and sweat trudging through predetermine routines to work the abs, blast the quads or sculpt the buttocks. Like an automated robot Peter headed to his fate.

Zoe was sitting in a small office just where Helen had told him. As he entered she stood and shook his hand. She was tall and lean. Very lean. She had a pony tail of jet black hair. Her green eyes sparkled above a little button nose. Her small mouth smiled warmly. Her body was so lean that she had very little in the way of breasts that he could make out. The form fitting orange and black Lycra outfit she wore didn’t seem to be that tight either.

“You must be Peter” she said brightly.

“Yes that’s me.” Peter said not letting go of her hand.

“That’s a nice firm handshake Peter, but you can let go now please,” she smiled.

Peter let go quickly, like her hand was on fire suddenly.

Zoe composed herself, took time to explain how they performed an assessment such as this, it demonstrated the value of the services that the Orangery offered and the ability to influence people to invest in the training process.

“First, let me say our assessment tool isn’t sexy,” she started, then continued “it doesn’t require any of the fancy equipment and doesn’t generate snazzy reports. However, it does provide us with an opportunity to observe the client’s body when it’s stationary and moving, and it allows us to begin to draw general conclusions. We do our assessment in three parts. It takes about 10 minutes each part and includes a postural assessment, a movement analysis and a flexibility assessment.”

Peter was enthralled by her enthusiasm but wary of what lie ahead.

“Ready?” she asked.

“Probably not. But let’s get this torture over with.” Peter said with mock enthusiasm.

Zoe tilted her head back and laughed, a full healthy laugh. Was there anything about this woman that didn’t scream ‘in shape’?

“That’s the spirit.” she chuckled and led Peter to a small room just a few steps away.

Peter felt something stir in him when Zoe bent over and dragged a large blue mat into the centre of the small studio , but it wasn’t his spirit. The stirring was in his loins, started the moment she bent over and took hold of the mat, her shorts pulled tight across her arse and her legs flexed as she manoeuvred the awkward mat into position. Her movements were effortless and sinuous. The orange/ black tank top fit snugly to her minor curves. He now realised her breasts suited her body perfectly, perky, pert and obviously firm. She oozed her profession as a personal trainer, he hazarded a fairly safe guess that she wore some sort of a sports bra to flatten her boobs.

He blushed inwardly when he realized he was sucking in his gut when Zoe turned to face him.

“On your back.” she commanded.

‘Right words, wrong context’ he thought as he sprawled on the mat.

The next 30 minutes passed in a blur of red-hued pain and strain. Zoe mercilessly abused him through his first personal assessment session. His smart-assed stream of commentary ended after the first escort gaziantep bayan forum 2 minutes. He surprised himself by lasting that long.

Joints popped. Muscles twanged. Ligaments stretched. Tendons creaked. Zoe though, laughed continuously. Peter wrestled with consciousness. Finally, Zoe called a break to the torture. Sweat streamed off of Peter, while only a soft sheen of it appeared to have been sprayed across Zoe’s forehead. He felt like a large mass of jelly existed where once a man lay to regain some his youthful vigour. Zoe recommended deep shallow breaths and plenty of water. Jellified Peter wondered how to drink water when he swore he blew out his throat muscles 25 minutes ago.

Eventually, the jelly mass, formerly known as Peter, regained some semblance of humanity. Managing even to stand, very nearly upright.

“Ready for the second half of the session?” Zoe asked with far too much pleasure, Peter thought.

“What second half?”

“Time to feel the burn.” she said, still sounding happy.

“What the hell do you think I’ve been feeling for the last half an hour? All the fuel for burning has been, well, burnt up!”

Zoe let out a longer laugh… “just kidding” she smirked “It’s just some warm down exercises. Keep your hair on.”

In fact, the next ten minutes were very like the first two minutes as Peter got his mind back and started to jokingly taunt, tease and flirt with Zoe as he lunged, bent, twisted and flexed his body more slowly than in the first 30 minutes. Zoe even began to touch him every now and then. It was mainly to show him what parts of his body they were going to concentrate on in his fitness program. Peter found himself wanting her to touch him in more inappropriate areas.

Peter ached from head to toe now, even bending over to retrieve his towel hurt. Zoe pulled the blue mat back to the edge of the room and escorted him back to the office.

“Just sign here and leave an email address please” she said pointing at the orange card with Peters name at the top.

He complied with her request, stepping around the desk to stand next to her, his hip accidentally touched her elbow knocking some cold water, from the cup she was holding, into her lap. Zoe stood sharply, brushing the water down her legs. Peter, instinctively, used his towel to help. His hand brushing over her upper thighs and pussy. Zoe stopped brushing herself, allowed Peter to keep moving his towel over her pelvic area. He pushed a little harder, now concentrating just on her pussy and mound. He slowed a little, no context of wiping anymore. Teasing her lips with each pass. He could feel her start to push into his hand. He allowed the towel to fall, pooling at her feet. His fingers, only separated from her skin by the Lycra clothing, moved over the contours of her lips. His middle finger finding her slit. He pushed, between them, a little harder. She gave a small moan, his finger reached her clit. He concentrated on this area. feeling her excitement, the warmth and moisture increasing.

“ZOE” a voice shouted from outside the office.

They both looked at each other in slight alarm. Peter bent over a little further to retrieve his towel, noting the aches in his body again. He stood slowly upright, a tent obvious in his shorts. Zoe smiled and broke the silence.

“I’m flattered by the effect our little assessment has had.” she smiled, dropping her hand down to Peter’s crotch and gave a little squeeze. “Perhaps next time we can work on another muscle area for you?” she squeezed again.

Peter winced slightly as she squeezed his balls a little too hard.

“You’re the expert” he smirked.

“ZOE” the voice called again.

“In here Jules” Zoe called out the door, letting go of Peter’s crotch.

A bouncy, grey haired, elderly lady came walking into the office. “Hello there, I’m Julie, well Jules to most here. You new here?” she said staring at Peter.

“Newly tortured” he smiled back, obscuring his bulge with his towel, “and it’s Peter, nice to meet you Jules.” They shook hands briefly.

“Ah, you’ve had the assessment then” Jules smiled back, “That’s the hardest bit out the way really.” Jules turned to Zoe, “I’ve got you booked for 7.00pm Zoe, is that right?”

“We were just finishing up here Jules, Peter was just off for a shower I think?”

“And a mud treatment too I believe” he said plainly.

Both women sighed in unison. Jules said “You’ll love it, it’s great after a real hard workout. Are you going in alone?”

“No, a friend of mine is here already. They’ve got it booked for 7.15.” he replied.

“The you’re all set Peter” Zoe said “Enjoy your time here and I’ll see you Wednesday isn’t it?”

“That’s right, same time, same torture chamber,” he replied, leaving the small office slowly and heading off to the showers to cool down and freshen up.

Enlivened somewhat by his shower, Peter was outside the Mud Treatment room reading the plaque displayed in a brass frame:

The Rasul Mud Treatment escort bayan gaziantep is centuries old and is a traditional Arabian body bathing ritual. The treatment lasts for approx 30 minutes, and is arguably one of the most appealing spa treatments that you can have!

Once you are inside the chamber you will cover your body in glacial mud from the Austrian alps. For a millennia the glacial snows have thawed and flowed down the mountains bringing this amazing mud full of mineral dust, rich in quartz and mica, which imparts its secret to the skin when applied. Don’t be surprised if you relax into the experience and lose all track of time during this process.

Towards the end of the experience the steam will disappear to be replaced by a warm rain shower, leaving your skin feeling deeply cleansed and beautifully soft when you emerge. You will benefit from a complete top to toe treatment instead of just focusing on one area of your body. If you feel your skin needs some tender loving care, this is the perfect way to ensure that it gets just that. You can also be assured that your mind will benefit as much as your body. If you often feel harassed and stressed, this is the perfect way to let all those feelings go! Feel like you really want to get muddy! Then add an extra scoop of our Alpine mud. For the total deluxe treatment, finish the body off in the traditional way by cleaning the body with natural sea salts infused with Peppermint or Wild Rose.


However, if you are looking to spend a valuable period of time with your partner or indeed a close friend, we can arrange to have the room privately for you if given enough notice.

This experience is a non therapist treatment and is purely up to the individuals to make the most of .

“Ready to get muddy Peter?” Madeline whispered from behind him.

“If this sales blurb is anything to go by I can’t wait” he replied turning to look at Madeline, still clad in her figure hugging pink Lycra.

“Follow me to a slice of heaven then” Madeline said winking at him. She walked passed him and opened the door. Once inside they were greeted by a smiling elderly lady in a white medical looking outfit.

“Madeline” the lady beamed as they embraced each other, kissing each other on the cheek. “And who is this?” she quizzed after they separated.

“This is Peter, Susan. New to Spencers and his first time here at the gym. I’m just showing him the benefits of the spa side.”

“Then he’s in safe hands Madeline” Susan replied and they laughed at each other.

“It’s a private session you’ve booked Madeline, correct?” Susan asked.

“That’s right.” Madeline replied as Susan gathered up two towelling bath robes and handed them one each.

“Naturist or disposable underwear?” Susan asked Madeline. Peter’s eyes grew wider at this question. What had he agreed to?

“Disposable’s please Susan. Don’t want to frighten the poor young man on his first visit.” she winked at her.

Susan handed Madeline and Peter a packet each and then said “You know where to change, through there Madeline. Enjoy the mud Peter.” Susan returned to her desk.

Madeline led Peter through another door. Four cubicles were laid out two on either side. As Peter surveyed the room Madeline snatched the little packet from his hand. “Shhh, I won’t tell if you won’t” she said stuffing both packets into a pocket of the bath robe. “You change in that one and I’ll use this one” she said pulling back the curtain of the first cubicle and stepping inside “and no peaking” she laughed closing the curtain behind her.

Peter got inside the appointed cubicle. Took off his gym clothes for the second time that evening and wrapped the towelling robe around him. His mind wondering what Madeline was up to!

“Ready” she announced as they both exited the cubicles together. Her smile as broad as a Cheshire cat. Her mouth seeming even bigger than Peter remembered.

They entered the room. It was so warm, inviting, scented steam wafting across the open area in the middle. The whole room was decorated in small lavender and white tiles. It had four built in seats that surrounded a circular pedestal table. On the table were two large earthenware bowls containing the warm brown sludge. Just being in the room itself was relaxing Peter thought.

He then noticed Madeline had opened her robe. It hung on her arms, displaying her naked body to him. She was in one of those ‘model like’ poses. One leg bent in front of the other, hands on hips.

“Like what you see?” she asked, a seductive teasing tone in her voice.

Peter surveyed her completely. Taking his time. Her eyes flashed at him, excitement, her breathing a little shorter than normal, her wide smile still evident. Her neck, a few fine lines around the base, drew you down to her chest. Her breasts, not overly large, sagged a little. A sweeping up curve to her light brown areola’s, oval shaped, the largest one’s he’d ever seen. Her nipples, wide, round like ripe cherries. He wondered how she hid them from sight? The slight bulge of her tummy, in the middle her navel, pierced, a red gem stone stud sparkling within it. Then her pubis, covered in well trimmed hair. A rare site these days. Her labia, thin lips slightly apart, enticing. Those long tapering legs topped with creamy white thighs, leading down to her small feet, toenails painted red.

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