My Sweet Bitch Ch. 03


Author’s note:

After receiving instruction from Master Kleine on how to teach his slave to give good oral, Jaspar agrees to learn how to get the best from his slave’s ass…

* * * * *

So, there I was, sitting on the side of Kleine’s king-sized bed, about to learn how to get my slave to better service me with his ass. We were definitely going to use Sam for this one. There was no way Kleine was going to use my ass for the demonstration.

“Now, Jaspar, you do understand that I’ll need to use your ass for this demonstration?” said Kleine.

Fuck’s sake.

“Why?” I asked.

His eyes darkened.

“Why, Master? Can’t we just use Sam?”

“Sam is mine,” said Kleine, and the possessiveness in his voice sent a shock of electricity through my gut. Imagine having someone talk about you that way. ‘Mine’. I wondered, if I talked about Carl that way if he’d be less of a dick about being my slave. Maybe he didn’t feel owned enough. Still, I was confused about why we couldn’t use Sam.

“I thought sex slaves were for sharing, Master?” I said. “Isn’t part of their submission sharing them with your friends?”

“Yes,” said Kleine, with a weighted pause.

Rude fuck. Still, I supposed he had a point. This was a lesson, and I wasn’t one his mates, come round to his house for a meal. He was already doing me a favour. Besides, as he’d said, I learned by doing, and if I understood what Carl felt, I could get him to do exactly what I wanted.

He had me turn towards him while he unfastened my wrists, which were still cuffed behind my back, and then said, “Now, get on all fours.”

“I usually just bend Carl over a chair or the couch or something,” I said.

“And as I’ve mentioned, your methods lack grace,” said Kleine. “Don’t make me tell you again.”

I rolled my eyes and got up on the bed on all fours. A moment later, I let out a yelp of pain as a hand landed against my bare ass.

“Ow, what was that for—fuck!”

Another blow landed on the opposite cheek.

“Sam, occupy his mouth while I punish him,” said Kleine. Before I could protest, his massive hand landed on my ass again.

Sam moved around the bed while Kleine laid waste to my dignity. Already naked, he seemed to be enjoying my degradation, judging by the solid state of his dick. He knelt on the bed in front of me and put a hand on top of my head.

“Ow, fuck!” I said again, as Kleine’s hand left my left cheek stinging.

“Sam!” said Kleine, and Sam guided himself into my mouth. There was no apology in his eyes. In fact, his expression was carefully neutral. After all, he was a slave, too… that was, he was a slave, the way I was simulating being one. He wasn’t supposed to have an opinion.

“I hope you’re sucking him,” said Kleine, as his hand slapped hard against my right cheek.

I did my best, but honestly, my mind was fixed firmly on the pain in my ass.

I counted the blows in my head; I mean, you would too, if someone was smacking you this hard, just to know how fucking hard you were for taking it; which was how I knew Kleine gave me twenty good smacks before he paused.

“Is he sucking you?” he asked Sam.

“Yes, Master,” said Sam, carrying on sliding his dick in and out of my accommodating mouth.

Kleine started to fondle my ass, smoothing his hand over my burning cheeks.

“Do you understand why I had to punish you, Jaspar?” he asked.

“Mmpfff-hmmmf,” I said, around Sam’s cock. ‘Course I did. He felt like it.

“Sam, let him use his mouth.”

Sam slid out, and I wiped saliva and precum from my mouth with my hand.

“Jaspar, tell me why I just punished you.”

“Because you could, Master?”

He sighed. “Sam, come around here, would you.”

Sam did as he said, and Kleine changed places with him. He knelt in front of me and tilted my chin up so that I was forced to look up at him.

“Jaspar, honestly, I don’t see how you can master Carl, if you can’t grasp the basics.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, annoyed, and watched him collect his patience in the five seconds it took me to remember to add, “Master.”

“What must you never allow to go unpunished?”

Oh. I did know this one, actually. “Defiance,” I said. “And… disobedience. Master.”

“Very good.”

Did I detect a note of sarcasm in his voice?

“So, what will you not do for the rest of our lesson?”

“Talk back. Or… roll my eyes.”

“Very good.” This time, the praise was genuine, although his tone reminded me of someone praising a puppy for pissing on a piece of newspaper instead of in the middle of the carpet.

“Now, tell me how you prepare your slave for sex.”

“Like I said, I usually just bend Carl over the furniture—”

Kleine looked genuinely perturbed, and I stopped talking, afraid I was about to say something else he would swat me for.

“You don’t prepare him at all?”

I looked at him blankly.

“Jaspar, what do you think it would feel like, if I were to penetrate you now with no lubrication?”

“Oh, I always use lube, Master,” I said. “I’m not a monster.”

His expression begged to differ. “So, let me understand this correctly. When you use Carl, you lubricate your condom, and then penetrate him?”

“Oh, well, the condoms I use are pre-lubricated, so…” I trailed off again, seeing an approaching storm in Kleine’s eyes.

“You think lubricated condoms count as using lubrication?” he asked.


“Sam, wrap up, would you?” said Kleine.

“Oh, hey, look, I mean, if you say it’s not enough, I believe you,” I said. “I just figured with slaves, you know, you didn’t make it too nice for them. Master.”

“Why ever not?” Kleine asked.

“Well… because they’re slaves?” I said. “Don’t they want pain and humiliation and shit? Master?”

“So, your boy in the restaurant tonight had recently been fucked using only the lubrication provided by a ‘lubricated’ condom?” Kleine asked.

Behind me I heard the rustle of a condom packet being opened, followed by the soft sound of one being rolled onto Sam’s erect cock.

“He’s not going to fuck me, Master,” I said. Very definitely.

“Yes, Jaspar, he is, but not for long.”

“Uh, no,” I said, and Kleine took a handful of my hair and held it tightly so that I couldn’t get away.


I felt a solid hardness against my clenched entrance and let out a howl as Sam tried to penetrate me.

“Get it out, get it out!”

“It’s not even in,” said Sam under his breath, and Kleine gave him an amused look.

The pressure against my hole disappeared.

“Have I made my point?” Kleine asked, releasing my hair.

“Yes, yes, fuck,” I said, putting a hand to my head, where it felt as if he’d ripped my hair out. “Use lube, I get it, Master.”

Kleine took a deep breath and let it out again. His patience, it seemed, was wearing thin.

“No, Jaspar, ‘use lubrication’ is not the lesson.”

“No?” I was so confused.

“Yes, you must use more lubrication, but while your slave is yours to enjoy, he should not be in pain during or afterwards.”

“What about if you’re punishing him?”

“Sex is not a punishment,” said Kleine darkly. I could tell he felt very strongly about this. “Sex can be about pleasure, or dominance, or even relieving boredom. But it must never involve pain for the slave.”

That seemed counter to my idea of having a sex slave, but I wasn’t about to argue. Not when I had a guy waiting behind me to put his dick in my ass.

“Shall I have Sam prepare you properly for sex?” Kleine asked.

“We could skip this part,” I said. “I might just stop fucking Carl.”

Kleine gave a quiet laugh under his breath. “If I believed you, I might forgo this part of your training, but I fear you’ll do anything to get out of experiencing discomfort. Would that be correct?”

Sigh. “Yes, Master.”

He patted my hair affectionately. “Good boy for being honest. Now, let’s explore what’s needed in order for your slave to at least not be in pain during sex. Firstly, you’ll need to shower and clean up.”


Behind me I heard Sam say softly, “For crying out loud!”, but Kleine silenced him with a look.

“Shower, Jaspar. Sam will help clean you out.”

Clean me… out?

I got off the bed, glad to be out of my compromising position, and Sam led me into the suite’s palatial bathroom. There, in a wet room decked out in Italian marble, Sam introduced me to the concept of anal douching.

“If you eat the right diet, you shouldn’t need to do this,” he explained, as he had me stand with my hands against the shower wall, bending slightly at the waist while he pushed the lubed nozzle into my ass and gently squeezed warm water into my passage. “But always shower, and at least clean inside up to the first knuckle, so whoever eats you out doesn’t get a nasty surprise.”

I noted all this down to pass onto Carl, and let Sam do what he wanted. It wasn’t unpleasant to have warm water squirted inside me, but it felt damned uncomfortable trying to expel it. Especially in front of Sam.

After we’d dried off, Kleine had me back on all fours on the bed, while Sam got behind me. I let out a soft moan as he prised my cheeks apart and started to tongue my hole.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” said Kleine, his own dick rising to attention again as he watched us.

Honestly, I’d never felt anything so good. I’d always thought a blowjob was the pinnacle of pleasure, but Sam’s tongue sliding around and inside my hole felt fucking amazing. When he added a saliva-slicked finger and touched something inside me, I let out a gasp. Holy fuck! I wanted Carl to do this for me. I tried to note exactly where Sam was touching, shivering every time he did it. The touch wasn’t hard or insistent, just a light tap or a soft stroke, but it did the trick.

Lucky Carl, I thought, that he got to experience this all the time.

As Sam fingered me, I did my best to adjust to his motion in an effort to force him to touch that place as often as possible, but Kleine demanded my attention.

“As you can see, this is far more pleasant for the receptive partner than a hard penis being pushed into one’s unprepared rectum.”

“Yes, Master.” Fuck, was it ever.

“Should I stretch him out, Master?” asked Sam from behind me.

“No, I’ll plug him. Come around here and keep his mouth occupied for me while I get the plug ready.”

I wanted to complain, but the memory of Kleine’s hand landing full-force against my ass was still fresh in my mind.

Sam gave my ass a gentle pat and then changed places with Kleine.

“Have you ever had anything back here?” Kleine asked, as he busied himself with something behind me.

“Only Sam’s finger, Master,” I said. I craned my neck to look over my shoulder at what he was doing, but Sam gently turned my head forwards.

“Open up,” he said, and this time there was a look of satisfaction on his face. I was guessing Kleine was sufficiently occupied not to see it.

Sam started to fuck my mouth again, and a short time later, I felt something slim enter me from behind, and the odd sensation of liquid squirting up inside me.

“Just making sure we have plenty of lube for your first time,” said Kleine.

He withdrew the nozzle of the lube injector, and I felt something cool and tapered and slick with lube, circling my entrance.

“Relax and push outwards,” said Kleine. “I’ll go slow. Sam, stop for a minute, so he can tell me if it starts to hurt.”

Sam pulled out of my mouth, and my whole world became the feel of the tapered plug tip pressed against me.

Kleine made small circles with the plug and then pressed it against the centre of my ring. I did my best to relax, and he went slow, pausing when he felt resistance, and pulling it back a touch until I let out a soft moan, before pushing it back in again, each time pushing it deeper.

Going slow like this, it didn’t hurt, but as I stretched around the widest part of it, it didn’t feel as it was going to fit.

“Push out,” Kleine reminded me, patting my ass lightly to remind me. “Nearly there.”

I did as he said, and he pushed the plug firmly home into my rectum. There was a moment where I took in a gasp of breath as my ring closed around the bulb of it, but the discomfort passed quickly, and the thing was lodged inside me.

“Well done,” said Kleine. “How does that feel?”

Well, my dick was leaking again and straining against the metal cage he’d locked it in, my balls felt ready to explode, and my ass felt pleasantly full. I rocked my hips, feeling the plug shift as I clenched against it.

“It’s nice, Master,” I said. Yet again, I had no idea why Carl made such a fuss about everything. Having something in your ass was nothing to complain about.

“Sam, feel free to use his mouth while I get him used to the plug. Jaspar, when he cums, swallow half of it, and then hold the rest in your mouth until I tell you to swallow.

I wasn’t happy about his slave fucking my mouth, but when Kleine started to tug on the plug he’d stuck in me, my mind left Sam’s oral action, and focused on what the man behind me was doing.

“You have a superbly fuckable ass, Jaspar,” said Kleine, squeezing and stroking my cheeks as he gently fucked me with the plug. “Such a shame no one gets to use it.”

I would have laughed at the idea, but my mouth was full of Sam’s dick.

“Right, I think you’ve adjusted nicely to the plug. Let’s see what you think of this.”

There was a click, and then holy mother of fuck, the plug started to vibrate. I closed my eyes and sucked the life out of Sam while the plug vibrated against the magic place inside, making my dick ache inside its cage.

I wanted badly to beg Kleine to let me cum, but I knew—or at least suspected—I wasn’t going to get to cum; at least until Sam had fed me his spunk.

I sucked Sam vigorously, doing my best to get him to cum quickly so I could finally get some satisfaction, and his moans told me it was working. He pushed both hands into my hair, guiding me onto him, and then let out a ‘hnnngggg’ as his cum hosed the back of my throat.

As Kleine had instructed, I swallowed a couple of times and then sealed off my throat, collecting the rest of Sam’s load in my mouth. Even though I’d already swallowed some of it, I could barely hold the rest of it without it spilling out.

“Hold it!” instructed Kleine as Sam extracted himself, and I sealed my lips shut, my cheeks taut with the pressure of all that hot, sticky man-cream.

Kleine left my ass and came around to the other side of the bed, where he looked down at me with amusement. “Sam, test his seal.”

Sam’s long lashes lowered to hide his own satisfaction as he cupped my chin with one hand and pushed his thumb between my lips. Slowly, he pushed his digit in until it pressed against the back of my tongue, before dragging it along my tongue until it was all the way out again.

“And again.”

Kleine moved back behind me to continue playing with my ass.

My eyes widened in desperation as I struggled to keep Sam’s cum in my mouth while he repeatedly fucked my mouth with his thumb. Each time he pressed on the back of my tongue, the urge to swallow was unbearable.

“Is he holding it?” Kleine asked, tugging on and rotating the huge plug he’d put in me, so that the wide bulb of it stretched and relaxed my passage.

“Yes, Master.”

I thought I detected a degree of disappointment in his tone, but Sam really was the master of subtle emotion.

“Very good. Keep it up.”

Sam continued his assault on my cum-filled mouth, until I was sure I was going to choke.

“Mmggggghhh!” I said, desperate now to swallow, and equally desperate to cum.

“Just a little longer, Jaspar, show me your resolve.”

I blinked hard, my eyes watering, and clenched against the plug teasing me, rocking back and forth on my knees as if I was trying to fuck it. I was so close to cumming!

Then, on the border of my orgasm, the vibration in my ass stopped. In shock, I swallowed everything in my mouth, reflexively sucking hard on Sam’s thumb as if I’d swallow that too.

“Did you just swallow?” asked Kleine, incensed.

“Yes, Master, he did,” said Sam, since my mouth was still occupied.


Sam removed his thumb with a sklock of wet suction, and wiped it on the bedspread as Kleine’s hand landed on my ass again.

“The collar!” I cried out. “Please, use the collar!” The pain in my ass was unbearable.

“Very well.”

There was a sharp pinch from the collar against the side of my neck, while at the same time, the plug in my ass vibrated against my prostate.


Sam fought back a smirk as I writhed in simultaneous pain and horniness, unable to control my body. Kleine shocked me again, and I dropped my head to the bed, panting in pain.

“What do you say, boy!” thundered Kleine.

There was another shock, another hard bite of electricity.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I swallowed, Master!” I cried out, drooling uncontrollably onto the bedspread, as the electricity spasmed up through my neck into my jaw. “Please stop!”

The buzzing in my ass stopped, and there were no further shocks from the collar. I stayed where I was, tears stinging my eyes, my mind empty of everything except gratitude that the intense stimulation had ended.

Kleine’s large hands massaged my ass. “Time we moved on to penetration.”

“I’d like to stop the lesson now, please, Master!”

Kleine chuckled. “Has Carl ever asked you to stop?”

“No, Master!”

Yes. Yes, he had, many times, and I’d ignored him.

“You’re lying,” said Kleine. He leaned forward over me and gripped my hair, pulling me back up to all fours. “And I don’t allow my boys to lie to me.”

“Okay, I won’t, I promise!” I said, gasping for air, almost on the verge of a panic attack.

“Just please don’t hurt me anymore, Master.”

“All right, all right, calm down.”

Kleine rested a hand in the middle of my back, and the warm weight of it helped me come back to myself. He’d said sex would never be used as a weapon. Denial, yes, but not sex. He wasn’t going to hurt me.

“Just take a moment. Sam, get the boy some water.”

Sam got off the bed and went into the kitchenette, while Kleine’s huge hand smoothed over the muscles in my back. My arms were shaking from holding myself in that position, and from the shocks I’d received, and a bit of gentle pressure against my side from him was all it took to get me to roll onto my back.

Kleine stroked a hand down my body and cupped my swollen testicles. “You don’t shave.”

“No, Master.”

“Does Carl?”

“He will very soon, Master.”

“Hmm.” He seemed thoughtful as he inspected my locked-up dick. “If I take this off while I fuck you, can I trust you to keep your hands off yourself?”

He did something that made the plug vibrate again, and I threw my head back in ecstasy.

“Ggggaaaahh, yes, yes, please, take it off, take it off!”

“Ask properly.”

“Please take it off, Master, please!”

The vibrations in my ass stopped, and I lay limp against the bed, horny and desperate, but running out of energy.

Sam came back with a glass of water, and I sat up on my elbows to take it from him.


“You’re welcome, Sir,” he said. Fuck, that boy was good at communicating irony with a completely neutral expression.

I gulped down most of the water while Kleine unlocked my dick, and then Sam took the glass back to the kitchen.

“How are you feeling?” Kleine asked. “Do you want to stop, or do you want to learn how to master the pleasures of penetration?”

My hand snaked down to my throbbing cock and he swatted it away.

“Not here. If you choose to leave, you can masturbate in your own time.”

“Can I keep the plug?”

“You may not.”

Fuck. The thing sat snug and fat in my asshole, and I didn’t want him to take it out. My hand snaked back down my thigh, and again, Kleine swatted it away.

“Make your choice.”

Sam climbed back onto the bed and knelt beside me, caressing his mostly flaccid dick as if the thought of what might come next was getting him hard again.

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