My Stepdaughter Pt. 01: Surprised

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Self Shot

Calling out to my wayward stepdaughter as I enter the backdoor and set the grocery bags on the counter top I get no response. Typical I think to myself and head for the stairs to search her lazy ass out.

As I reach the top step and just as I am about to call her name again I hear a noise, however its not coming from the direction of her bedroom but my bedroom. Quietly I move closer and there is the sound again, a light buzzing, only this time followed by a very soft moan.

Opening my bedroom door I am both surprised and a little taken aback to see my daughter led on the bed, my bed, naked, pleasuring herself and using my vibrator to do so.

She is led on her back, knees in the air, legs spread wide apart, she can’t see me but I have a full view of everything. I stand and watch for a short while not quite sure how to proceed as she continues to tease herself.

I am almost fascinated as I watch the way she slides the vibrator through her puffy lips and up over her clit, which even from the doorway I can see is hard and proud.

With each stroke over her clit she gives out a soft moan, this is my stepdaughter yet she sounds so hot I can’t help but feel myself becoming damp.

“Ohhh Mommy please….”

WFT!.. I must have heard her wrong.

“Ohhh Mommy please, I need you to show me what a bad girl I have been.. Show me what a bad step daughter I am..” She continues in between deeper moans.

I know she hasn’t seen me, so I know she isn’t actually talking directly to me but I can’t help but smile slightly as once more she calls out in a husky voice to be fucked by me.

I know its wrong but I move further into the room, she still can’t see me but I have a much clearer view of that sweet young pussy and she’s working herself up real nicely. I can see how wet she is, the glistening of her juices that are being spread around by the vibrator, my vibrator that only this morning I used to pleasure myself.

Watching as she slides the vibrator deeper between her legs I have to bite my lip to hold back my own moan as it disappears inside what I am sure is a very tight sweet little cunt hole.

“OHHH.. Fuck yes mommy.. punish your slutty stepdaughter” She moans as the vibrator begins to move slowly in and out of that wanting hole.

I am really getting turned on now, my own pussy getting wetter and wetter, moving ever closer I slowly begin to undo my pants, letting them fall to the ground. Following up by pulling my top over my head so I am just left in my underwear, stepping out of my pants as I reach the edge of the bed.

As first she doesn’t notice as I slowly climb onto the bed and then suddenly she is very aware of my presence and open mouthed tries to sit up but I all but pounce on her prevent her being able to.

Pinning her to the bed with my body so she can’t actually escape as she continues to try and wiggle out from under me, I grab the vibrator out of her hand.

“Mine I believe!” I hiss in her ear, waving it in front of her now deeply blushed face.

She doesn’t answer, yalova escort the shock of me being here has to be too much and I use this to my advantage. No matter how wrong it is, I am turned on, I can feel how wet my panties are and all I can think of is taking that tight little pussy and teaching my daughter a lesson she will never forget.

“Does it turn you on to know I use this vibrator regularly, maybe you have heard or watched me and your father using it..” I continue as I run the tip of wet vibrator along her lips.

Much to my pleasure she parts her lips a little and I watch as her tongue flicks over it’s tip. Pushing a little firmer she starts to open her mouth and as I continue to push forwards with the vibrator she opens up wider, until the tip enters fully. I watch almost impressed as she wraps her tongue around and sucks the tip deeper into her mouth and I smile to encourage her.

As she takes the shaft of the vibrator deeper into her mouth, I pull it back and watch as she then sucks it back into her mouth, making me begin to think she must be quite the little cock sucker. The thought of her sucking off some grubby teenager turns me on even more, picturing her in my mind as she bobs up and down taking his little dick deeper and deeper, until he explodes his hot seed into her mouth. I have to wonder does my dirty little slut daughter swallow and can’t help myself but ask the question.

Her reaction is to blush ever deeper and I can’t help but laugh loudly as I pull the vibrator from between her lips and wipe it across her reddened cheeks.

Moving my body so my legs push down between hers making them spread, I can feel her heat and as I dip my head closer I can even smell her arousal which in turn sends a rush of excitement through my own body.

“So you want to be your stepmothers slut?” I ask as my lips brush hers.

She doesn’t reply but I feel her body tense at my words.

“I asked you a question.. You wish to be my slut?”

“yes” she all but whispers and I reward her with kiss, not a mother daughter kiss but a kiss full of passion and she in responds hungrily, kissing me back with an equal amount of passion.

Pushing her fully back on the bed whilst kissing her deeper, my mind is full of how wrong this is, yet the heat building in me drives me on. When her tongue searches out mine I know there is no turning back, I’m going to fuck my stepdaughter, fuck her like the dirty, slutty girl she is.

As I bring the vibrator down over her body I feel her squirm and as I press it against one of her nipples and let it buzz away she lets out a sweet moan, while arching her back. Without needing to tell her I feel her legs part wider and as the vibrator finally reaches her soft mound she lifts her hips to meet it.

Breaking off the kiss I move my body down hers slightly and flick my tongue over her nipple, its hard and wanting and as my lips surround it and I begin to suckle I let the vibrator slip between her pussy lips.

She is soaking wet and the vibrator slides with ease yalova escort bayan through her sweet pink slit, bringing it back up to smear her own juices over her soft smooth mound I’m careful not to give her clit any attention, I have different plans for her love button.

Holding the vibrator at her tight entrance I continue to suckle on her nipples, taking first one then the other, stretching them, extending them fully until they stand hard and proud. As I being to push the tip of the vibrator against her opening I bite hard down on one of her unsuspecting nipples causing her to scream out and jerk her body. Which in turn thrusts her hips towards the tip and I feel it slide inside her, using this moment to thrust my plastic vibrating toy deep into her hot cunt.

“Ohhh Fuck!” She cries out, spreading her leg wider.

“OMG you really are a dirty slut aren’t you?” I ask in a demanding way.

“Yes I am.. And I need to be punished for it..” She continues in between breathless moans.

Taking her hand in my free hand I push it against my now soaking wet panties and make her press hard against me.

“You are such a bad girl, look what you have done.. Feel how wet you have made me by being such a dirty slut, even your father doesn’t get me this wet..”

Her hand against my sex feels so good and I allow a moan to escape my lips and push both our hands slightly harder against myself. Allowing my hips to circle slowly, feeling the pleasure of my own pussy receiving some much needed attention.

“WOW! You are soaking wet.. I really am a bad girl”

In response slapping her hand away I thrust the vibrator deeper into her tight sloppy cunt causing her to moan louder and really start to fuck her hard.

“Such a good slut.. Loving the way your stepmother fucks you.. Maybe you need to be punished more regularly like this”

“Oh God yes!” she screams between deeper moans.

Continuing to twist and turn the vibrator making sure to hit all her inner walls as I slam it in and out of her cunt, I am amazed at myself, my dominance of my own stepdaughter in this way and at how well she is taking it and seemingly wanting it.

Suddenly an urge comes over me, I want to feel how tight that hot little cunt is and as graphically as I can I tell her so, telling her how I’m about to finger fuck her cunt, stretch her little tight hole out and make her cum all over my fingers.

Her reaction is to reach up and grab me by the neck pulling me down breathlessly panting how badly she wants me to take her anyway I want to and kissing me deeply.

Removing the vibrator I can’t help lick it to taste her and the surprise look on her face quickly turns into a look of pure lust. I lean down and kiss her again so she can taste herself on my lips and at the same time my fingers make contact with her soft mound for the first time.

Her mound is so soft to the touch and so smooth, as my fingers slip lower I can already feel her wetness and her rising heat. Letting my index and middle fingers push down on her already escort yalova fully exposed clit she lets out an almost animal sounding cry of pleasure which starts off low and increases in volume as I begin to circle my fingers.

Her hips are in the air and circling with my movements but I don’t want her to cum yet so I move my fingers downwards, letting them slide into her heat. She feels so good, so wet as my fingers continue to explore, now using only my middle finger as I spread her puffy wet lips with the others.

“Please.. OMG!” She pants over and over again.

My finger teases her sliding up and down her wetness, occasionally just touching her entrance but not giving her the true pleasure of feeling it enter her, until her hips are thrusting in desperation.

“Tell what you want?” I demand.

“You…” She replies.

“Are you going to be a good little slut for me, let me use this dirty little cunt hole and any hole I wish whenever I wish?”

“Yesssssssssss!” She screams in reply and as reward I push my middle finger deep inside her.

She is so tight, I never imagined she would be this tight but I can feel her start to open slightly as my finger moves in and out. I can’t help imagining what it would have been like to take her virginity, to pop that sweet cherry and I wondered which grotty teenager that she had dated had. Instead of asking I add a second finger, quickly followed by a third and she gives out a yelp that quickly turns into a deep moan as I force them deeper and deeper.

Moving myself down her body, my nose is filled with the aroma of her arousal even before my face meets her mound. I take a deep breath to take in her scent, before without warning dive my tongue into her heat, at the same time my fingers search out her G-Spot.

Concentrating on that sweet little rigged area inside her my fingers rub her mercilessly as she squirms and wiggles beneath me. At the same time my tongue starts to work on her rock hard, pulsing clit, mixing long licks over it with flicks and tongue slaps.

I can feel how close she is, her body is covered in sweat, her hips rocking, tiny jerking movements are becoming more intense. I want to keep her on the edge longer but I also want to feel her explode around my fingers, so I speed up, taking her over the edge.

Her whole body jerks over and over again as she starts to cum, my beautiful slutty daughter screaming with pure pleasure that she is receiving from me, her mother. I feel her inner muscles grip my fingers with a vice like force and suck at them as if to milk them dry. Her bucking hips slap into my face causing my tongue to push ever harder against her now throbbing clit and just as she reaches the height of her orgasm I bite down on her clit with my teeth and her scream fills the room as another level of ecstasy hits her and washes over her.

As her body finally begins to relax and her muscles allow my fingers to withdraw, she is led spread eagled on the bed, panting, sweating, her eyes rolling back in their sockets. She thinks we are done, I have news for her.

Slowly turning her over onto her front, I place a pillow under her pelvic area to raise her ass up and softly whisper in her ear..

“Time to be a real slut and have that asshole fucked…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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