My Son and His Best Friend Ch. 05

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*Hello all! A little side note before I begin. The first 4 chapters were all posted the same day, so please forgive the short format. From now on, chapters will be longer and I will make sure there is some sort of conclusion. I will not apologize for the lack of incestual intercourse as of this point since I wanted this to be a slow burn. Not every series will be, but I really wanted this one to be. The realism of Jess’ character and her bad friend moment in the first chapter was intentional. I don’t want her to be likable. She isn’t supposed to be anything other than a long time friend who is (sort of) irresponsible with sex and is dragging her friend into those behaviors. As for her obliviousness to the boys, well, she isn’t oblivious. Thank you all for the comments, votes, and views. It means so much to me, especially as a new writer. I hope you all continue to have as much fun with this series as I am.*


It felt weird going back and forth between houses. And I swore if someone else knocked I would not be answering the door. Jess and I sat curled up in a pile of blankets, our own tubs of ice cream in our laps. The sun had set a while ago and, after some small talk, she was ready to get into the nitty gritty.

“Was he as cute in person as he was in his photo?” She leaned forward, eyes bright with curiosity.

“Oh, yes.” I nodded, shoveling another spoon of cookie dough ice cream into my mouth. Maybe it was because I was nervous, or maybe it was because I hadn’t had ice cream in a while, I just couldn’t stop eating.

“So, was he into the whole ‘Daddy’ and ‘Baby’ thing?” She shimmied her shoulders at me, a smirk on her face.

“Yes, he definitely was. And he liked the outfit. A lot.” Jess pumped a fist into the air.

“I knew it! I knew he would love it. Did you say it? Did you call him ‘Daddy?'”

“Well, yeah.” I flushed. Jess giggled, taking a bite of her own ice cream.

“How big was he?” She asked around a mouthful.

“I mean, he wasn’t small.” Jess stuck out a bottom lip.

“So he wasn’t huge, either.” I nodded.

“Yeah,” I decided. “He was just kind of average.”

“Are you going to see him again?” It was hard to answer her right away. I liked James. I was absolutely into what he did, I liked how strong he was, and he was so handsome. In our brief time together I learned he was a dad of two. He sort of met my son, even though it was under shaky circumstances. I nibbled my nail in thought. Maybe I would. Luke’s offer popped into my head, and the sight of my son between my legs came to the forefront of my mind. I shook my head. Yeah . Maybe seeing James again at a hotel far away from anyone else with my phone turned off would be better. I needed to get Mark and Luke back on track. They shouldn’t be attracted to me, and I needed to make sure I never gave into them again.

“Yeah.” I decided. “I think I will.” Jess gave me a happy smile.

“I’m glad it worked out, then.” We sat in mutual happiness, enjoying the warmth and the cozy atmosphere. But in a true Jess fashion, comfy and cozy wasn’t enough. “Why don’t you call him now?”

“What?” I asked, spoon halfway to my mouth.

“Come on, before you chicken out. Here, give me your phone.” Before I could move she snatched it up from the floor and unlocked it. She scrolled lightning fast until she had the app open, his profile up, and sent him a message asking for his number. “There. Oh, he replied right away.” She winked at me. “He likes you.” I groaned, far from prepared for anything else for the night. Especially after what happened- Nope. Not even going to acknowledge that. As Jess dialed the number, I couldn’t help but feel talking to James was better than dwelling on recent events.

“Hello?” I shivered as his voice rumbled through the small speakers.

“H-hi. It’s Lou.” I squeaked, leaning in close to Jess who was currently holding the phone. She had him on speaker.

“Well, hello there, baby girl. I didn’t expect to hear from you so soon.” I bit my lip, a blush staining my cheeks at the use of his pet name.

“Sorry for calling so late.” Jess rolled her eyes, this conversation to vanilla for her liking.

“I’m a night owl, so don’t worry about it. What do you need, sugar?” I looked to Jess, not sure why we even called. She mouthed the word, ‘date.’

“Oh! Uhm, I was wondering if we could maybe go to dinner. Or something.” I winced at my awkwardness and Jess shook her head slowly. To my surprise, James just chuckled.

“I’d love to. But can you do me a favor, Lou?”

“Yes?” I asked, and Jess’ eyes widened expectantly.

“Can you ask me sweetly?” My face burned. I knew what he wanted and from the look on Jess’ face, so did she.

“James…” I started, but Jess glared at me intently. I swallowed, then softly asked. “Will you come to dinner with me, daddy?”

“Mmmm.” He hummed in appreciation, the sound sending a flash of heat down my spine. “Yes, baby. When do you want to go?” I looked at Jess. She mouthed, ‘tomorrow.’ I gaziantep escortları cringed and shook my head, but she raised her brows and refused to relent. I knew if I didn’t say it she would.

“Is tomorrow too soon? I know I just saw you today.” I paused, then added, “I don’t want to bother you if you’re busy.”

“Baby I’m more than okay with it. I work my own hours since I own the business.” I swallowed in surprise, Jess and I sharing a shocked look. Wow.

“I work from home.” I added. “I’m a writer.”

“You’ll have to let me read your work sometime. I’ll pick you up tomorrow around 7?”

“That will work for me.” Jess giggled softly and I shoved her gently.

“Alright, then. Goodnight, baby girl.” Oh boy. I knew what he wanted to hear, but it didn’t make it any less embarrassing to do in front of Jess.

“Goodnight, Daddy.” Jame’s groan rumbled through the phone before he hung up.

“Oh my GOD he is so hot!” Jess shrieked, wrapping her arms around me. “How horny are you right now? Because I may need to borrow that dildo.” I laughed, pushing her off me.

“No way, I am definitely using it tonight.” We sighed together.

“You know, I’ve been waiting for the moment I could seduce you to the dark side.” Jess smirked at me, resuming her snacking. “Dirty Lou is fun.” I shrugged, a goofy grin on my face. It was nice to explore this new side of myself with James. But my brain drifted back to the two boys waiting for me at home. How the hell was I supposed to handle this?

I snuck into the house around 1 a.m. in hopes the boys had at least gone to Mark’s room. No such luck. The living room light flickered on just as I locked the door.

“You’re home late, young lady.” Luke drawled from the armchair. He had moved it so it was now facing the doorway. Mark stood behind him, arms crossed. I turned, groaned, and pressed my forehead to the wood.

“Why am I getting flashbacks to my teenage years?” I muttered.

“You were a rebellious teen? Nice to know.” Luke stood making his way towards me. Fuck. I sidestepped him quickly and rushed to the stairs.

“SorryIloveyoubothbutI’mreallytired, goodnight.” I blurted as I made my way up the steps. As I shut my bedroom door behind me, I made sure to lock it just in time to hear the knob jostle.

“Lou! You can’t hide in there forever. We need to talk about what happened earlier.” Luke growled through the door.

“Sorry, hun. I can’t hear you.”

“That’s a lie, ma, and you know it.” Mark countered. I set my face in my hands and sighed.

“Mommy’s really tired.” I tried again, hoping they would drop it.

“When I get my hands on you-” Luke started. I kicked the door.

“Sorry, what?” I called, playing dumb.

“Real mature, mom.” I faltered, Mark’s comment hitting me deeply. He was right. I was being really immature about this.

“If I open the door, will you promise to just talk?” I asked.

“We won’t do anything you don’t want us to.” Luke answered.

“Promise.” Mark finished. I slowly unlocked the door and peered through a small crack. Both boys stood there, arms crossed expectantly.

“I’m sorry.” I began.

“Can’t hear you.” Luke muttered. Okay, two can play at that game I suppose. I opened the door further.

“I’m sorry.” I repeated, my voice stronger.

“Sorry for what?” Luke asked, a frown etched onto his handsome face.

“I’m sorry for being a terrible mother, and an even more terrible adult.” I began, making sure they didn’t interrupt. “What we did was… wrong. I shouldn’t have given in. I think it’s best for everyone if we pretend it never happened.” The boys stood there, silent. I shuffled my feet awkwardly. “I think you two should find girls your age. I’m going to keep seeing James, too, so let’s just move past this. Okay?” I looked between the two, expecting some sort of argument, but they simply looked at one another and nodded.

“Sure.” Luke said.

“Fine with us.” Mark added.

“Oh.” I blinked. “Alright, then.”

“Well, goodnight, mom.” Mark leaned down and kissed my cheek, then nibbled on my ear as he pulled away.

“H-hey!” I stammered, my hand coming up to cradle the lobe.

“Yeah, ‘night, Lou.” Luke leaned in and kissed the other cheek, a hand slipping down my waist to give my behind a gentle smack. I flushed, stunned at what was happening.

“I said we can’t do things like this.” I protested. The two boys gave me a sly smile.

“Like what?” They said simultaneously, then laughed as they headed to Mark’s room. I crossed my arms grumpily. This wasn’t going to be easy.

I didn’t sleep well that night, and the boys didn’t make breakfast easy either. They walked around shirtless in pj pants, sneaking touches and kisses when I wasn’t expecting it. I ended up escaping to Jess’ next door. Only it wasn’t escaping per say, since she was on the prowl for my next date outfit. We ended up eating out for lunch and, little did I know, we just so happened escort gaziantep to be right by her favorite lingerie shop.

“It will only take a minute!” Jess whined, tugging me through the doors. I was in the fitting room trying on a white lace number when the curtain fluttered open.

“Hey!” I shouted, covering myself. It was only Jess, but her eyes were wide.

“You’ll never guess who’s here.” She breathed.

“James?” I asked, both hoping and dreading the answer.

“Nope. Mark and Luke.” Jess, peeked back through the curtain, then whipped back around. “I don’t see them.” She whispered. “Let me go check if they left.”

“Jess, wait!” I called but it was too late. She had disappeared. Why were the boys here? Were they buying a girl some lingerie? A twinge of pain struck my chest. Was I jealous? I jumped as I heard a yell from beside me. It was the girl in the dressing room next to me.

“Sorry.” Someone muttered as the woman swore.

“Try the next one. I swear she’s in there.” Another voice piped up. Next I knew my dressing room curtain opened as Mark’s head poked through. I flushed deep red as a grin lit up his face.

“Hey, ma. Looking good.” He said, obviously checking me out. He stepped in and Luke quickly followed.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I gasped, terrified. Jess could return at any second and I didn’t want to get caught with these two.

“We just happened to be in the area.” Mark started.

“Yeah, and then we saw you come in here.” Luke continued. “Got a big date tonight or something?” I rolled my eyes, then remembered I was far from dressed. As I reached for my clothes, Luke’s hand shot out and caught mine. “Hey, now. No need for all that. You look amazing, Lou.” He rumbled.

“Oh yeah.” Mark agreed and gave a hum of approval. The two of them stepped in closer, sandwiching me between them. Mark’s strong chest pressed against my bare back and Luke’s shirt brushed against my breasts. All I could think about was Jess returning, and the fact we were in a boutique full of customers.

“Boys…” I began, but I knew I was powerless. I could only pray they wouldn’t do this. Not now.

“No more dates, Lou. Our turn to take you out.” Luke said, then leaned down to kiss me. I moaned against his lips, my brows furrowing in frustration. I wanted this. I wanted him. Them, my brain corrected. I ignored it. Mark’s fingers slid the white lace straps down my shoulders until the flimsy material fell away from my chest and onto the dressing room floor.

“Your turn.” Mark said to Luke, cupping my breasts and hefting them up for Luke.

“Wait a minute.” I pleaded, not sure how I would be able to keep my voice down. Luke ignored me and dipped his head down.

“Such pretty pink nipples.” His tongue lapped one, his eyes coming up to meet mine. I shivered as my brain turned to mush under his gaze. What was I supposed to be doing again? Oh yeah. Stopping them. The thought fled my mind as soon as His teeth scraped against the sensitive tip. I gasped with pleasure. Mark kneaded the soft flesh, his mouth coming down to place hot, wet kisses down my neck. I couldn’t help the wetness between my legs, nor the little whimpers escaping as Luke gave each breast his attention. Mark’s hands released me but Luke’s quickly took his place, cupping each mound as he sucked and nibbled. Mark’s hands traveled lower, sliding the thin white lace panties down my thighs. My hands flew down to stop him, but he tugged the fabric out of my grasp.

“You know, you’ve got such a nice ass, ma.” Mark rumbled, placing a kiss at the small of my back. His hands came up to grab each cheek and squeezed. I couldn’t stop my back from arching into his hands, and in doing so, my chest pressed even more into Luke’s strong hands.

“Fuck.” I groaned. My son was inches away from my pussy and all I could think about was finding a way to have his mouth on me once again.

“Hey Mark, I think it’s my turn for a taste.” Luke said, trailing kisses down my stomach. Mark straightened, his mouth returning to my neck as Luke’s head nestled between my thighs. The moment his mouth latched onto me, my knees gave way. Mark caught me, his arms solid under mine as he held me up. I lifted a hand to my mouth to smother my moans as Luke devoured my pussy. He sucked and nibbled and slurped, his tongue pressing and flicking across my clit. My thighs shook and I bit down on my fingers as I came on his face.

“Fuck, yes, Lou.” Luke growled against my pelvis, watching me come undone. I gasped for air when Luke stood, his lips fusing to mine once more. I could taste myself on him as his tongue danced with mine. He looked over my shoulder at Mark. “Can you hold her?”

“This wasn’t the plan.” Mark shot back, his eyes glancing to the curtain. I remembered where we were. A public changing room. I just came in public.

“Plans change.” Luke said as he gripped my thighs and lifted them to his hips. Mark held fast, gaziantep bayan escortları supporting my torso. I squeaked as I suddenly became suspended.

“What are you two doing?” I squealed, my fingers clutching Mark’s arms.

“Fucking you in an underwear store.” Luke chuckled. “Now hold on or you’ll fall.” He said, then released one of my legs. I quickly tightened my hold around his waist despite everything. I watched in shock as Luke undid his jeans, then jerked them down with his boxers. Whoa. He was bigger than James. I swallowed. Luke grabbed something off the floor. I looked up at Luke, my gaze meeting his. “Open.” He said. It was a simple command, one a mother didn’t listen to. My mouth dropped open. He carefully placed the panties I had been wearing between my lips before he gripped my thigh again and lined himself up. I swear I felt my pussy pulse in anticipation. There was no turning back now, or at least that’s what I told myself. My head fell back onto Mark’s chest as Luke pushed forward, his hard cock slowly filling me. I was impossibly wet and took his length easily. “Oh, God, Lou.” Luke moaned, his pelvis pressed to mine as we stood there in the middle of the changing room, my pussy filled with him.

“Move.” I whined, flexing my hips as much as I could in my suspended position. Luke chuckled and pulled back slowly, then thrust forward. Hard. Mark was pushed back against the wall with the force of it and all I could do was relish in the feeling. Luke didn’t take it slow after that and I prayed nobody could hear the sounds of sex through the store. It didn’t take long for me to climax, and once I pulsed around him, Luke followed me quickly with his own orgasm. We panted together, sweaty and satisfied.

“Okay,” Mark growled. “My turn.” I blanched. Wait, what? Luke grinned, a twisted feeling of excitement shaping his smile. They set me down, then Mark’s hand pressed on my back, bending me at the waist. I came face to face with Luke’s stomach, his dick bumping my chin. I swallowed, looking over my shoulder at my son. My baby boy. With his giant cock. Holy shit. He’d undone his jeans and lined himself up. His curls fell across his forehead and his eyes were almost feral as he pressed forward oh so slow. A whimper escaped me and Luke shook his head.

“We gotta keep you quiet. Here, Lou.” Luke smirked, pressing the crown of his dick against my lower lip. I opened my mouth to say something, anything, only to find myself sucking him deep until my mouth was full. They moved together, the devils, and I held on for the ride. My son was fucking me. It was a mantra my brain repeated and my pussy drooled over. Little splatters covered the linoleum floor as Mark fucked me, my pussy barely able to swallow him completely. Luke’s fingers threaded through my hair as he face fucked me. I gagged, choking on the length and loving it. Mark slammed his hips against me, a hand coming up to slap my ass. It tipped me over the edge. I moaned loudly around Luke’s cock and came, legs quaking. Luke did too, and I struggled to swallow every drop. Mark groaned deeply, his fingers gripping my hips so tight I knew they would leave a bruise. His thrusts grew faster and erratic just before he came deep inside me. Luke tried to hold me up as I shook, Mark grunting as his now sensitive cock pulled out of me.

“Oh, fuck.” I moaned. It was overwhelming. The boys helped me dress as my mind slowly came back to earth. When the three of us were finally dressed, the curtain flung open.

“Jesus.” Jess exclaimed impatiently. “Took you long enough. I thought I would have to stall forever.” The boys and I exchanged guilty glances, a flush creeping up my neck. “Now hurry up and let’s get out of here. People are starting to catch on.” She tugged my arm and pulled me to the checkout. I panicked. The lingerie I had been trying on was more than dirty at this point, Mark’s cum dripping out of me slowly.

“Jess!” I whispered, trying to stop her. She whirled.

“What?” She demanded, eyes flicking back and forth, daring anyone to say anything.

“I can’t take these off.” I blushed, mortified.

“Oh. That’s fine.” She nodded, then ripped the tags off. “See? Problem solved.” We moved to the counter and she slapped the tags on the counter. “We’d like to wear these out.” The clerk gave her an annoyed stare.

“We don’t do that here.” The clerk said, clearly not up for a debate. But Jess didn’t back down.

“Either you ring us up or we’re walking out and you’re dealing with that mess when the cops show up.” Jess stated, giving the clerk a sweet smile. The clerk rang us up. We met the boys in the parking lot, the two of them looking as awkward as I felt. Jess didn’t say anything for a long time. She simply looked back and forth between the three of us. I decided to speak up.

“Did you know?” I squeaked.

“I guessed, but couldn’t confirm until today.” She huffed. “I knew Mark wasn’t eating anything out of the fridge yesterday, but I never thought it was you.” She crossed her arms.

“Are you upset?” I asked.

“That you didn’t tell me you were banging the two hottest guys in your life? Yes.” She glared at me for a moment, then sighed. “Am I mad it’s your son and his best friend? No. Will I tell anyone? Also, no. I did kind of pull a dick move with the date night earlier this week, so I’ll take this as my karma. But Lou?”

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