My Son and Girlfriend

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The first time it happened was when we were coming out of church and I somehow tripped causing me to fall down the stairs. My son Adam moved as quick as a snake grabbing me by the arm. The way he did it jerked me around so that his other hand went under me clasping my breast. Adam is so strong he kept me from falling but his hand clasped around my breast so tight it hurt. Then as he jerked me up into his arms his knee came in contact with my pelvis area. Again his knee jammed up tight between my legs pressing hard against my clitoris.

This of course all happened in just a few seconds and I did not notice the bruises till later as I examined myself when it started to hurt. I was alone in my bedroom standing naked in front of the mirror on the bathroom door. There was a dark area, a bruise turning very dark blue under the hair in my pelvic area. It was very sore to the touch as I pulled my vagina open to see if it was bruised inside. It did not seem to be bruised inside but this was the first time I had fingered myself since before my husband died over three years ago.

Almost without thinking I started to rub my clitoris plus slip a finger tip inside just far enough to rub along the lips of my pussy. My Darling Pussy as my husband use to call it. “How is Miss Darling,” he would ask me. I would always answer maybe you should check for yourself. If the time and location were right he would of course check it and we most often would end up making love. However after his untimely death I fell into a pattern that did not include any time for thoughts of sex or any kind of arousal self or otherwise.

Yet here I was this day looking at my self I the mirror and watching my own fingers playing gently in and around my pussy. It felt kind of good to once again feel something in that area. Masturbation was not unknown to me. My husband found it very erotic to watch me masturbate and then join me either by oral sex or sexual intercourse. I was remembering just how erotic it was to have my husband go down on me just as I was about to reach a climax from masturbation. He would finish me off in a way that drove me wild. I am one of those ladies that actually have an external flow when I climax. Well most of the time any way. He loved it and would lick me I until I came to a screaming halt shivering and jerking on the come down trail. I had my eyes closed remembering all those wonderful things from the past when I felt strange.

I opened my eyes looking toward the hall door I though I saw it close that last fraction of an inch. Maybe it did move maybe not. I was not sure. However, I was too excited to stop what I was doing to worry about it. I went to the bed locking the door on the way. Once on the bed I arched my back and finished my masturbation with a climax of proportions unknown to me in the last three ears. I almost passed out if was so intense.

I laid there for along time half dreaming have thinking of how it had been my love life, how I had enjoyed sex in so many ways and still felt the need for some kind of sexual gratification. Then I felt Porno my breasts I found one very sore and sensitive at the same time. I closed my eyes and could feel my son strong hand on my breasts. The nipple grew harder as I let my mind dream of things that should not be.

A shower and rest put me back into the mother mood. I was fixing dinner while wondering if I would eat alone or if my son would fine his way home tonight. Lately he has been staying out longer. It seems he has found a girl that he enjoys spending time with. He has only told me that she is tall, sexy and very lovely. But at eighteen I am sure every girl he meets would be sexy and very pretty. But as I would soon fine out she was all that and more like very near my age. Oh, yes his new ladylove turned out to be only three years younger than my thirty-eight years. That’s it; my son was screwing a thirty five year old woman and loving it. He brought her to dinner just a few days later and as best I could I tried to play the sweet accepting mother. But the first time I was alone with his love I asked her just how old she was. Smiling as if it were nothing of any importance she said, ” Why, I am thirty five. Not too old for Adam or is that what your thinking?”

“Well as a matter of fact that I just what I was thinking. But on the other hand if your just having an affair so you can enjoy a young mans sexual drive then I can under stand it.” I said, straight out looking her in the eye.

Gail Gordon laughed and said, ” Oh, my I think I have found a jealous mother. I think you need to go out and get some of this young hard cock yourself and see just how great it can be. And yes it is only for the great fucking and I love every minute of it. I hope your not going to interfere with your playtime. After all he will soon want to move on to someone younger and when that happen I will let him go.” She told me smiling all the time.

“Is he that good or are you just in need of a young man to make you feel needed and loved rather than just used?” I was beginning to get mad. But for the life of me I don’t know why. Maybe it was that jealous mother crack that got me mad.

“Oh, please don’t lets got into it here and now, you are a mother and I am fucking your son, I can understand how you must feel. You must have seen him naked, my god Stella I had never seen a fucking cock so large or so thick in all my life. If his father was that well hung you must know just how good it feels when he rams that fucking monster deep in your cunt. You’re not that old nor have been a widow that long to not to remember just how great a hot strong cock feeling up inside you. My god, Stella I damn near have a climax just thinking about how good it feels when Adam has all that hard cock banging inside me. ”

Gail’s eyes closed and she was off in a dream land all her own. I felt a strange tightening in my crotch I was also thinking of how good it felt to have a cock in me. But I was seeing her dream as well I was thinking of how large my son’s cock must be and how he would drive it deep in her. Altyazılı Porno How she would climax and feel his sperm fill her as they joined one another in a wild climax. Gail was the first to return to the relativity of my kitchen.

” Stella, I bet you would love to fuck your son? I bet you have thought of how wonderful it would feel to have him fucking you like he fucks me. I bet you have even thought of how good it would feel to suck his monster, to taste his sperm and drink his cum till he is empty. To caress his balls my god woman you have no idea just what your missing.” She stated pretty much what I was thinking but I was not about to let her know I was thinking such things.

Gail came over close to me and in almost a whisper she continued to talk to me in sexy words. She was telling me to close my eyes and think of my son. To dream of him holding me. She whispered, “Stella, relax, concentrate on thinking of wonderful sex. Remember how good sex was before. Sleep, dream and sleep, listen to my words, dream of your son, see him in your mind, dream go deep into a relaxed dream, sleep, sleep,

Stella, you can not hear anything but my voice. Do you understand?” Her voice was so smooth I felt as if I were slipping into a restful place, into a world of dreams where anything could happen. I saw my son coming toward me, I opened my arms to engulf him, and he kissed me. I let him feel my breasts; I let him hold me close. My clothing was dropping from me, I helped him remove me bra and panties. I watched as he dropped his underwear to the floor. My gaze was fixed on his erection it was as Gail had told me it was. Very long, thick and the head a deep purple.

She was so right I did want to suck my son’s cock. We were in a large room and I was sitting on a bed with Adam standing in front of me. I reached for his erection, but I could not get hold of it. I was pushed back and my legs were pulled apart, I felt a warm mouth and tongue press to my wet pussy. Some one was licking my clitoris; someone was licking me as a finger was working inside of me. It was wonderful. I was in a dream so powerful it was almost like the real thing. Then I saw his cock appear about me reaching for it I pulled it into my hungry mouth. It was so hot and the skin was so smooth, it tasted like sweet cum was already flowing from it. I sucked as much as I could into my mouth. I rolled my tongue around it and licked the head. I was not without feeling as the tongue probed me and licked my clitoris I was coming very close to a climax myself. I wanted to have that climax, but I also wanted to make my son cum in my mouth. I wanted to once again live and remember how wonderful sex could be. It had been so long. So very long since I had enjoyed sex.

My legs jerked and my back arched lifting my ass off the bed, I was feeling the warm erotic flow of my own climax at the same time my mouth was filing with sweet warm sperm. Salty and sweet it was the most wonderful feeling the taste the smell I was in a dream land that was so real. I swallowed most of the Brazzers sperm filling my mouth and felt some run down my chin. I was remembering how good it was to suck a cock till it exploded in my mouth. Oh, god this was so real. I was in a dream state and I let my body and mind react to every feeling of my dream. I slipped into a deep sleep where there were no more dreams.

When I woke I was alone in my bed naked beneath the silk sheets. It was night and the only light was coming from the security light out side my window. Sitting up I felt my body tell me I had been roughly handled. It was stiff with a few aches and pains her to fore unknown to me. My mouth tasted as if I had I had swallowed a dirty sock. My face was stiff with dried film all over it. My bruised clitoris was throbbing I had some how lived that dream. Or maybe it was not a dream at all. With some care I made my way to the shower.

A few minutes later I emerged dripping wet but there was no doubt about it I had some kind of sexual encounter. That is when I realized that Gail had hypnotized me into having a sexual encounter with her and my son. It had to have been Gail that gave me oral sex while I engaged in the same act with my own son. I was some kind of crazy nut to have had sex with my son. But I had thought of it before and in my own mind I had sinned with my son. I had not had sex for so long I thought at first it was just a crazy way of getting my life back. But I never thought it would ever happen. Yet if it had truly happened and I was sure it had, I was also sure it would happen again. I somehow knew that as bad as it may seem to others I was going to let my son screw me. I was going to go into the world of incest sex. I also knew that if Gail were to join my son and I, I would not object to her presents.

Lying on my bed naked with my hand pressed softly to my pussy. I thought of Gail, wondering what it would be like to taste her pussy as she had mine. Would I enjoy her and would it give me a thrill to make her climax with my tongue and fingers as she had me. I think I would enjoy that. I let my mind wonder again deeper in to this crazy world of uninhibited sex. Would I feel my son take me from behind as I licked Gail or maybe I would taste his sperm in her as I licked her pussy? Would my son come to my bed and fuck me deep and hard would he love his mother when we were alone just one on one. Would I find my son a truly great lover and would he learn to love me as well.

These questions filled my head as I came down stairs. There in the living room sat my son and Doctor Leroy along with my minister Reverend James. Adam got up coming to help me off the last step. Doctor Leroy said “Stella you had a bad fall I don’t wan t you walking yet. Please sit.”

Reverend James said. “Stella, we are so sorry you fell. Everyone has been praying of you.” Adam was kneeling by my chair.

He said, “Mom, you really had us scared. Are you sure your all right?”

I was looking at my handsome son. I said, “Yes son I think we are going to be better than we have ever been before.” He looked up into my eyes as if he knew just what I was talking about. I could hardly wait for the Doctor and Reverend to leave. It may have only been a dream but I think it was about to become a real live living dream.

I was wondering who the hell was Gail?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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