My Smoking Fetish Story Ch. 04

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I was so excited about my cousin Charlotte’s wedding to her fiancé Mark. It would be my first wedding where I could actually get drunk … and smoke of course. All the other weddings I had attended were distant memories from my childhood, where I was often being told off for running around, being too noisy and causing trouble.

Charlotte however, had a surprise in store for me. I was overwhelmed and left emotional when she called me up one day and asked if I would be one of her bridesmaids. I accepted her offer immediately. But unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the expensive hen (bachelorette) party in Las Vegas. I was in my final year of University, so she understood and reassured me it was fine, before she had me writing down the dates and times of her bridesmaid’s dress fittings. We then spent the next hour talking about my University, I think she enjoyed reminiscing about her days partying and studying.

Before I knew it, twelve months had passed and the eve of the big day had arrived. In that time I had graduated and returned home to try and secure a job. With little luck so far, I welcomed the distraction from applying for jobs and not being successful with interviews.

Surprisingly, Charlotte was very calm and organised the day before her big day. She had booked and paid for a spa hotel close by, so we bridesmaids could spend her last day and night of “freedom” with her. It was a very low-key affair as we relaxed in the spa, sipped champagne and had our bodies pampered and our hair prepared for the stylist the following morning. I was hoping for a stripper at least, but Charlotte and her medical friends left all that behind in Vegas, plus our mother’s and grandma were there.

The following morning we all had breakfast together before the day would truly begin. I was in a state of panic trying to get ready before the stylist arrived to fix my hair and make-up. A few cigarettes helped, but yet again I was the only smoker in the group.

Finally I was ready to join everybody in the honeymoon suite for one last check over. But when the stylist left me alone in my room, I stood in the mirror and admired the beautiful young lady looking back at me. For a moment I didn’t recognise her. Charlotte had chosen royal blue satin bridesmaid dresses. The dress hugged my figure comfortably before it flared off like a mermaid to the floor. The timeless fit and flare silhouette, with the sexy off the shoulder neckline made me feel like a movie star. My brown hair was in a stunning side bun with pretty blue and golden-orange blooms, which would match the groomsmen in their tuxedos with orange ties and royal blue pocket squares.

I had worried about the little extra weight I had gained since leaving University. Sitting at home applying for jobs whilst doing no exercise and eating chocolate for comfort will do that to a lady. I hadn’t exactly piled on the pounds and gone up in measurements, but I had a fuller look to my curves. Last thing I wanted was to cause controversy with my cleavage and draw attention away from the bride. But I had no reason to fear in the end. The off the shoulder dress revealed just enough skin to still be flattering without falling down and showing too much of my cleavage.

Delighted with how I had turned out, I just had one last thing to do and that was enjoy a cigarette. It would be a few hours before I would get another opportunity, so I reached into my bag and pulled out my packet of super slim all white cigarettes. I had decided to change brands a few months prior to the wedding. I wanted a new brand of cigarette which appeared feminine and sophisticated.

Watching my reflection in the large mirror I let the cigarette dangle between my lips. The filter instantly changed colour, absorbing my peachy red lipstick. My nipples stiffened inside the satin dress at the thought of a hot, handsome guy admiring me while I smoked at the wedding. I raised the lighter to the end of the cigarette and drew a long breath. I sucked hard, drawing the smoke into my body. I then held it there for a few moments while I put my cigarettes and lighter back inside my bag. I looked back at my reflection and exhaled with a satisfying smile. The smoke hit the mirror, obscuring my reflection, before clearing and I reappeared giggling with the thin cigarette finely poised between my delicate fingers.

“The smoking princess.” I smiled, before enjoying the second drag. I continued to smoke slowly, ensuring I savored every drag. I even tried to imitate famous movie stars and royalty like Audrey Hepburn and Princess Margaret until I had consumed the cigarette and it was time to leave.

After the final checks were completed on the bridal party, we were ready to take the short car journey to the manor house. Pulling into the grounds we all gasped in amazement at how wonderfully picturesque the place was. Charlotte had a proud beaming smile etched across her face. Obviously, I had seen photos of the venue, studied the website and read the reviews. But when we pulled up outside the stately manor, which apparently dated back to maltepe escort the late nineteenth century, I was blown away by how beautiful it truly was. Despite its age, it looked fresh and had luxury, character, and elegance in abundance. The building had clearly been renovated through the decades and was befitting for a beautiful wedding.

The week-long rain had stopped, the clouds had parted and the sun was shining. This is something that dogs every couple when choosing a date to get married, particularly in the UK where any summer month you choose could end up being the hottest or wettest on record. Thankfully, this weekend was neither, instead we were all treated to a beautiful warm, dry, sunny day.

Like any other wedding, us bridesmaids exited the wedding car to a barrage of photos being taken by the wedding photographer. Another bridesmaid and I assisted Charlotte with her long flowing gown. I bent down to grab enough of the dress to keep it off the floor as she carefully stepped out of the car. Embarrassingly, I felt my braless breasts about to spill from my dress. I quickly flashed an arm across my chest to contain them. That was close I thought, before we posed for a few moments around the car and main entrance for the photographer. Finally it was time to go in and I passed a small group of guests, who were quickly finishing their cigarettes and cigars, with envy.

Inside the manor house itself, we stopped short of the entrance to the hall where the wedding ceremony would take place. Charlotte displayed excitement more than nerves as the wedding planners busied themselves ensuring everybody was sat waiting for the bride to make her grand entrance, followed by us, her bridesmaids. The hired pipe organs burst into life and “here comes the bride” quickly drowned out all noise … and we began to walk slowly into the room.

I didn’t get to hold the dress. Instead, I was walking at the back with another bridesmaid clutching a small bouquet. Not recognising many people present, I smiled and concentrated on just putting one foot in front of the other and making sure I didn’t trip over. My near incident had me paranoid.

The ceremony was just as beautiful as everything else had been up to that point. Mark and his groomsmen all looked devilishly handsome and I seemed to catch the eye of one of them. My heart fluttered. Unfortunately, as he also caught my eye so did his girlfriend. She cast me the most evil “bitch, don’t you dare” look and I made sure to stay clear of them for the rest of the wedding.

As the day wore on I grew tired and sadly bored. I didn’t realise how much hard work being a bridesmaid was, attending to every whim of the photographer and bride. Charlotte was brilliant, but from the moment I left breakfast I didn’t get a break, what with the mornings preparation, the ceremony and then the after-ceremony photographs. I desperately needed a cigarette, but nobody around me smoked and there was no way I was going to light up on the side of team bride in between shoots. So I impatiently waited and grew agitated.

Finally we had a break. The photoshoot was over and we had just short of an hour to relax before it was time for the wedding dinner. As soon as I got away from the bridal party I scrambled for my cigarettes and lit one. Eyes closed, I sucked hard and exhaled, sucked hard and exhaled.

“Are you gagging for it?” I thought I heard a man ask.

I quickly looked across to my right to find three older men smoking cigars. They each looked over fifty, but they also had an aura of power and wealth about them. Fairly handsome they may have been, but also a little intimidating if truth be told and I wasn’t in the mood to let anyone flirt with me right then, especially a group of older men.

“Sorry, were you talking to me?” I asked him before taking another long, deep drag. The three men glanced the length of my body and smiled between puffs on their cigars. I exhaled my own lung full of smoke and waited for his response.

“I asked if you were gagging for that cigarette.” He chuckled. “I bet you need one after chasing the bride around all day.”

“Oh, urm, yeah I guess so,” I shrugged and smiled, a little annoyed that I had forgotten my golden rule to never look like I needed the cigarette more than it needed me. “Sorry,” I added for some strange reason.

“Whatever for? We don’t mind the sight of a lovely young lady gagging for a cigarette. I like it when a bridesmaid reveals she isn’t as innocent as she looks.”

I was taken aback by his response at first, speaking to somebody he didn’t know at a wedding like that. There was a time I would have either scolded him or walked away, but not today. I thought for a second whilst I smoked. Perhaps a little fun and laughter was in order, so I decided to play along as he tried to act macho in front of his friends.

“I am innocent!” I fired back with a giggle and exhale of smoke.

“I bet underneath that beautiful dress is a party girl waiting to explode.” He responded instantly.

They laughed mamak escort before one of his friends told him to behave and that I was young enough to be his daughter.

“Party girl will be on the dance floor from 7pm.” I told him before I crushed out my cigarette and went back inside.

“We didn’t catch your name?” He called after me.

I pushed my arse out at them and glanced back over my shoulder. “I didn’t give it to you!” I giggled once more.

“Not yet you haven’t!” He shouted back before I was gone.

I joined my mum and grandma for a glass of wine and sprayed some fresh perfume. By this time they had both quit smoking, but they never pressured me into trying to quit with them. We chatted for a short while before I decided to go check in to my room before dinner. Having not eaten since breakfast, I felt wobbly on my feet when I left. I wasn’t drunk but I was lightheaded, much to the delight of the groomsmen watching me trying to keep my balance when I walked to the reception desk. I quickly checked in and made sure my bags had been delivered to my room for the night’s stay. I then freshened up, had another cigarette and re-joined the wedding. I did plan on having an almighty self-pleasure orgasm at this point of the day, expecting myself to be drunk and horny, but it was quite the opposite and I was close to being late.

Throughout the dinner I couldn’t help noticing the group of men with the cigars looking over at me whilst they talked, smiled, and laughed. I tried to ignore them, but as I consumed more wine I found myself submitting to the temptation to smile back and wind them up. I have always enjoyed the feeling when I know men are looking at me. When they smile it’s even more flattering and arousing, especially if I’m in the mood to flirt back. It doesn’t always have to lead to sex.

As dinner progressed through the delicious courses and the wine flowed I began to forget about them and enjoy the food with my family. That was until it was time for my body to have a cigarette. I passed their table, simply because it was enroute, but soon they were standing and following.

Outside, they stood with me and introduced themselves as Ian, Harry and Richard. Ian was the mouthy, flirtatious one and he was very tall, standing around 6ft 3″. He looked like a retired rugby player who still kept in shape. Harry was also tall, maybe 6ft but a lot slimmer than Ian. Richard was the most polite and quiet of the three. He was also the least attractive. I’m not great at guessing heights, but he was about 5ft 9″ and chubby with bright red cheeks, probably from too much alcohol I thought.

I teased them further by refusing to share my name. It became a game and I lapped it up when they threatened to call me other names. I found them very funny and I enjoyed their stolen glances of my cleavage as I smoked with them. The hungry look of excitement in their faces was contagious, so I continued to joke and hold back sharing my name when they asked about me. I told them I had recently graduated and was job hunting. Ian and Harry co-owned a sports car dealership while Richard ran a large printing company. They went on to explain they were lifelong friends of Mark’s family but had only met Charlotte a handful of times.

Tipsy and enjoying the conversation, I blurted out that I loved the smell of cigars. They chuckled and offered me to try one, but I politely declined. I had no real desire to try a cigar. I simply liked the smell for no particular reason. I was perhaps curious to try one, but not here in front of people I didn’t know. They asked me about the cigarettes I was smoking, explaining that they had never seen a cigarette so slim. I blushed and felt a stirring inside of me when Richard said it made me look elegant and very feminine. Harry then made me blush further and my nipples tingle, after he apologised and reassured me he was not being inappropriate, when he said I looked beautiful and the cigarette made me look very sexy indeed. Ian simply grinned knowingly and puffed on his cigar as his glances at my cleavage grew bolder.

The compliments continued to flow and I could feel my cheeks burning from their flattery. This was how I preferred to be spoken to. Men who know how to choose the right words always get my attention. I loved this kind of flirting, it made me feel safe and relaxed in the knowledge that I could soak it up without the expectation of it turning sexual. But as flattering as it all was, it was soon time for the wedding speeches. I loved the attention and it gave me a positive lift, which I took back to the table with me.

The speeches were absolutely amazing, funny, and romantic. I even had to wipe a tear when Mark poured his heart and soul out to Charlotte in front of everybody. Uncle Simon was funny as always, and I felt a real sense of a fathers love when his voice became strained that he had given his only child and daughter away.

Upon completion of the speeches it was time for the toilet, a fresh drink and a cigarette before the room was rearranged for ankara ofise gelen escort the evening party. An additional sixty guests were due to arrive and despite the attention from Ian, Harry and Richard, what I really was hoping for, was for the man of my dreams to appear and whisk me off to bed before marrying me. I was getting drunk and was still riding the emotions from the speeches when I shook those silly ideas from my head.

I had spent most of the day with my mother, grandma, and long-distance relatives. I had tried to engage with the other bridesmaids, but I had very little in common with them. The only real fun I had was when I went outside for a cigarette, but I couldn’t do that all night. What I really needed was a good dance and a hot guy to spend the night with.

However, the night was still young I thought as I stepped outside a lit up. My trio of admirers were there again, but I felt a silly emptiness when they hardly acknowledged me this time. They were deep in conversation with other guests, mostly their own age group. It didn’t feel appropriate to join them, so I finished my cigarette and went back inside for the first dance.

My heart was soon melting again as I watched the newly wed sweethearts dancing and holding each other. As soon as they finished I was one of many who walked straight onto the dancefloor to join them. Several songs later and the place had filled with the additional guests, mostly couples and a large group of women. So much for my knight in shining armour.

Never mind I thought and continued dancing and enjoying the music. I danced with a few people I knew and many that I didn’t. I even got to dance with Mark’s grandad. His equally elderly wife told him to be careful and not have a stroke when he took my hand with a beaming smile. Everybody that heard and saw laughed. It was of course harmless and innocent wedding fun.

When the dance finished I felt hands on my waist from behind. “Hello, gorgeous. Can I have the next dance?”

I turned around to find Ian smiling down at me. I knew he was tall, but when he placed one hand on my waist and held my hand with the other he towered above me. I was surprised to see him and before I could reply we were dancing.

“So how does a beautiful young lady, such as yourself, not have a handsome young man with her.”

“I’m single, just the way life is sometimes.” I replied.

“Are you lonely?” He grinned.

“I’m ok,” I lied.

“If only I were twenty years younger.” He flirted.

I cast a facial expression in thought. “That would make you …”

“Ok,” he chuckled, “perhaps if I were thirty years younger.”

We both laughed before the song changed and Ian pulled me a little closer. He glanced down at my cleavage and smiled. I returned his smile before suddenly he twirled me around.

“You got moves!” I was pleasantly surprised.

Ian pulled me back in hard against his body, my bust squashed up against his tall frame. “You have no idea.” He said with a naughty grin. “I bet we could teach each other a few things.”

“Easy now,” I giggled. “My grandma and mother are sitting close by.”

Ian smiled and apologised. “Had a good day so far?” he asked, changing the subject back to civilised.

“Yes I have, now that all of my bridesmaid duties have been fulfilled.” I moaned. “How about you?”

“Bridesmaids duties?” He grinned down at me. “I could add a few things to that list.”

“Behave yourself!” I laughed and patted his arm.

“Thoroughly enjoying the day. I’m just hoping the evening delivers and even better time.” He said with a wink.

I smiled and shook my head as we continued to dance. I didn’t mind his banter as he didn’t progress to touching me inappropriately. We both knew he had no chance of getting me into bed … well I hoped he knew.

“My turn to dance and your turn to get the drinks in!” Richard suddenly appeared and barged in.

Ian moaned playfully as he let go of me and let Richard step in. I felt I had no say in the matter, but I didn’t mind as I accepted Richard’s hand and said goodbye to Ian. Despite being a lot shorter than his friend, we began to move awkwardly as he clearly couldn’t dance.

“I couldn’t resist an opportunity to dance with the most beautiful lady at the wedding now could I? Richard beamed at me, displaying new confidence.

“Cheeeeeeeesy!” I laughed.

“It’s the truth!” he assured me through a smile. “You’re spectacularly beautiful and radiant.”

I laughed again as the song ended. I then politely excused myself, explaining that I needed to re-join my family for a bit.

“See you for a cigarette?”

“In a little while, yes.”

After some time with my family again I quickly grew bored. I looked over at the bridesmaids and felt sadness and jealousy. I didn’t know them and perhaps I should have used my student loans to fund the trip to Vegas. I considered joining them and trying to fit in but the girl dating the groomsman was always with them, and several times she had cast me an evil stare. I wanted to confront her, tell her it’s not my fault her boyfriend wanted to fuck me at the alter earlier that day, before slapping her heavy make-up coated face. But then I really would be the talk of the wedding and for all the wrong reasons, so I let it go and decided to go outside.

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