My Sister Needs Me Again


My name is John Henson. I love sitting in my breakfast nook with a cup of coffee in the nude looking out the windows around me watching the deer eat from a feeder. The feeder was there when I bought the house. I buy deer food every week to fill the feeder whenever it becomes empty. Which I do every few days.

I was watching the deer eat from the feeder when my house phone rang. I got up from the table and pickup the phone and as I returned to the table I spoke into it, seeing it was my sister. “Hello babe, how are you doing?”

“I’m calling to ask if I can meet you for supper after work this evening?”

“Pick a place and we’ll meet there.”

“Wellll… I’m sorry John but I need your help again. You and mom were right about Don. He is a total jerk off.” I could hear the hurt in Lorna’s voice. Lorna is my younger sister, eighteen years old and has been living with this jerk of a guy, she calls ‘boyfriend’, for the last three weeks.

“I’m sorry. I also cannot help but say I told you so.”

“I know. You and mom both warned me. I so wish I had listened to you. I don’t know how you do it, but you and mom always seem to know better than me at times.”

“I feel like I need to look after my sis. You can always call me whenever you need me. I try to warn you or let you know in advance in some way that you are messing up when I can.”

“I’ve got to go for now. We’ll talk at supper and I’ll meet you at the restaurant not far from where you work.”

“You mean the one two blocks over from the company office. I think is called, Walkers Steak house?”

“Yeah, that’s the one.”

“Okay, sounds good to me. I’ll meet you there as soon as I’m done for the day.”

“Okay bye.” (Click) I heard on her end.

I pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant and saw Lorna’s car parked next to a pickup that looked to be loaded with Lorna’s things. Walking into the dinning room I saw Lorna sitting across from a couple of her friends since high school, I am thinking.

I sat down next to Lorna and exchanged pleasantries just before the waitress asked for my drink order. Mike and Anna worked all night along with Lorna to get her stuff loaded into Mike’s pickup because Lorna’s now ex didn’t show up at home last night. The ex got to the house as the three were leaving with Lorna’s things. Mike and Anna just got off of work as Lorna and myself had just done.

I work for a construction firm and Lorna works as a secretary at a Engineer office. Anna works at the same office as Lorna and Mike works for a roofing supply company. Mike handles the sales end of his job and helps load the trucks when needed, he says, ‘doesn’t happen very much’.

With the food on the table in front of the four of us I asked Mike. “Do you need to get Lorna’s things off loaded this evening? I know you had a long day’s work as it is so, I was thinking, that we can wait til morning to off load your pickup if you would rather so that you two, can go get some rest and a good night’s sleep. You are both welcome to come to my place if you want because I do have three bedrooms.”

“I would like to get home for a couple of reasons. One is we don’t have a change of clothes with us and I will sleep better in our own bed. I hope you don’t mind since it has been a very long day. How does Lorna feel, about waiting til morning to get her stuff?”

“I’m okay with it Mike. You went beyond what I asked you to do already. I’m as tired as you and Anna so let’s wait till tomorrow. I told you last night if you need to wait til tomorrow to unload at John’s house I can wait. At least it isn’t at the jerks house still.” Lorna said between bites.

“Then it is settled. Now what time do you want to be at my place to start off loading?” I asked Mike.

“Would ten o’clock be early enough or is it too late?”

“That is fine. You’re the one’s driving from here to your house then back out to my place in the morning so it is your call. Waiting til ten will give me time to watch the deer feed in the morning, I like to do that on weekend mornings,” I said.

When I bought the house, I made sure it had at least two bedrooms but three made it much better, had Mike and Anna decided to spend the night. I gave Lorna the choice of the two spare rooms to sleep in. She took the one right next to my room leaving the other bedroom and bathroom across the hallway.

Lorna had a few things in her car that I took into the house for her and the rest of her stuff we left in the car til morning. I let Lorna get her shower first. When she finished she came out wearing a cotton night shirt, then sat down on the couch next to me. I noticed she was without panties and no bra as soon as she entered the living room, as I sat drinking a beer.

Lorna stands five feet two inches tall but she is not one to take lightly and from what I am told, her ex found that out a little to late. Had he been truthful with Lorna, his outcome would have been a lot better.

If Lorna wasn’t my sister, I would chase her til I caught Alanya Masaj Salonu her and I would do everything I could to keep her by my side. She has B cup size tits and beautiful brown eyes that match her long straight light brown hair. Her hair stops in the middle of her back. When Lorna walks away from me I cannot take my eyes off of her sexy little round butt. She has this swing in her butt she comes by naturally she inherited from our mom who has the same swing to her butt when she walks. Yes I am guilty of watching our mom walk away from me as well.

“Do you have enough beers for me to have one with you my love?”

“That is a stupid question sexy. I always have enough beers for you to have one. When you are going to be here, I make sure to have plenty on hand. I would give one up for you to have one with me.” I said as I got up to go after one for her.

I handed Lorna a beer then took my shower and came back grabbing two more beers and handing Lorna another one. As I sat down with my own beer in hand, I saw that Lorna had a movie playing on the blue-tube as our grandpa called a television back in the day. Lorna leaned over on me and said, “You can change stations if you don’t like what I have on. I turned it on to keep me company while you were in the shower. It is about to put me to sleep.”

“Would you like to take a very short walk to the good old outdoors?” I asked not wanting to watch what was showing on the box.

“Okay.” Answered Lorna stepping out on the deck from the dining room. “When did you add the deck John?”

“This last spring around April. I got it finished just in time for Easter.” I held a chair for Lorna to sit on at the table. She sat down opening her legs giving me a full view of her bushy pussy mound.

I started to go around to sit on the other side from her when she said. “Please babe sit here next to me. I see eyes shining out there by the tree.”

I saw the eyes shine from the light shedding out from the kitchen window. “I say it is raccoon eyes. I have seen a raccoon running around here from time to time. Most nights he comes up on the deck taking some of the table scraps I put out for him or her and I have to change it’s water due to washing its food off before it eats. Which reminds me. Stay right here and don’t move.” I got up and entered the house and got a plastic cottage cheese container full of food scraps and took it out and emptied it into a dog food dish at the edge of the deck. With the container empty I sat back down at the table next to Lorna again and said. “Just wait without moving a lot and just watch.” When I sat down Lorna put one leg up on my lap which also opened up her legs more for me to see her pussy lips easier.

About five minutes later the eyes began to move with caution until the raccoon came into the light shining from the dining room door. The raccoon cautiously went to the dog dishes and began washing the food and eating it. In a very low whisper Lorna said. “That is so cool! I have heard people say, even grandpa said, that a raccoon washes their food. I couldn’t believe that they did that but, how wrong I was. I cannot believe how smart they are.”

“They are very remarkable for sure. They do not have saliva glands to moisten the food. That is the reason for getting their food wet first.” I felt Lorna’s foot against my hard cock trying to find the opening in my boxer’s. All of my boxers are loose fitting because I would rather be nude when I’m home of an evening. I saw that Lorna’s nipples were trying to find an opening in her night shirt. I also felt Lorna begin to rub my hard dick through my boxer’s as we watched the raccoon wash and eat the food scraps. “Ah, Babe… You keep doing what you are doing… with your foot, you may have to clean us up.” Then I felt her bare foot on my bare penis inside of my boxer leg hole.

“I just thought I would help you out with your little problem or should I say ‘big’ problem. You have the biggest cock I have ever seen in real life. You’re as big as some of the men I have seen in porn videos. Your cock is bigger than my foot is long. I wear a size six shoe. My ex’s puny dick was the same length as my foot is. But you my love… Mm-mmm.”

As I put my hand down on her foot to stop her from rubbing my dick, I said, “I’m your brother which makes you my sister and by the law of the state we are not supposed to be doing such things with each other.”

“Aren’t laws made to be broken? At least that is what I have been told by my boss from time to time.”

“Is he trying to fuck you when he says that? Sorry I shouldn’t have said that. Please forgive me?”

“No. His wife works there too and he knows not to touch the women employees or she will ream him a new ass hole. There is nothing to forgive you for. Now how about letting me help you out with your problem?”

I stood up and said. “Not right now, I think we better get to bed and I’ll sleep on the offer because the problem pops up quite often every day and every evening.” Alanya Masöz Escort I had to fix the leg of my boxer to cover my hard dick that is holding the material of my boxer’s out like an awning. I picked up the empty beer bottles and took them in as Lorna and I entered the house. Lorna closed the door behind us.

As Lorna walked past me, she took a hold of my still hard cock through my boxer’s saying. “If you decide to let me take care of this big problem, you know where I’ll be sleeping.”

“Yes I do but do not expect to see me til morning babe.” I said as Lorna walked on toward her bedroom. I finished putting things away and then making the house secure by locking up before turning the lights off as I went toward my bedroom.

I took off my boxer’s and began stroking my hard dick as soon as I lay down on the bed. As I stroked my cock I thought about one of the women that I have had my eyes on in the company’s office where I work. She and I have gone to supper together a few times when the boss wanted me to look over some papers after working hours. The problem with me hooking up with her is, she is married but by the way she talks, she isn’t happy in her marriage. Part way through stroking my hard as a rock cock, Lorna’s face took the office clerk’s place in my vision and I shot the biggest load of cum ever in my life at that moment.

I just lay there for a moment before I got up and went to the bathroom. While I washed my belly off and made sure I got all of the cum off, I kept thinking about what happened out on the back deck and how much cum had shot out of my dick when Lorna’s face popped into my vision, as I began cumming. I returned back to my bedroom noticing for the first time that Lorna’s bedroom door was open and I could hear her soft steady breathing as she slept on through the night. Once I was back in my bed I lay there awake for a few minutes before sleep overtook me.

I woke up the next morning and headed off to the kitchen in the buff as I usually do, forgetting that Lorna was asleep in one of the spare bedrooms. I plugged the percolator into the wall socket to start perking as I began to pull things out of the fridge to make breakfast. It then hit me that I needed to put something on before Lorna woke up. Leaving everything on the counter, I headed off to my bedroom to at least get a clean pair of boxer’s. Rushing on by the bedroom door where Lorna was sleeping, I hear. “Woo hoo, now that is what I’m talking about. Get back here and let me get a better look at that baby!”

“Sorry about that but I forgot to put something on before going to the kitchen to fix breakfast.” I said from inside of my bedroom and pulling boxers from my drawer.

“I’ll eat burnt breakfast to see that package again and have the breakfast it will squirt out into my mouth any morning of the week.” Lorna said looking at me from my bedroom door with her night shirt fully unbuttoned and open from the top to the bottom hem. Lorna’s tits were standing straight out from her chest with hard nipples pointing the way like headlights on a car. I couldn’t believe how big her nipples are on such small tits, which by the way are perfectly round and inviting, I might add. Her nipples are as big around as a quarter and sticking out one inch if not more. They look to be sticking out one and one half inches from her tits.

“I believe coffee is done perking if you want any.” I said as I squeezed by Lorna and the door jam.

I filled two cups up with freshly made coffee and handed one to Lorna at the breakfast nook table. I began cooking our breakfast and I had a very hard time keeping my eyes off of Lorna with her night shirt open when she stood at my bedroom door. She was still without a bra and panties and after seeing her at my bedroom door, my dick stood out as proud as a Peacock and didn’t look like it would be going down any time soon.

Lorna and I sat across from each other eating our breakfast and watching the deer feed out behind the house in the pasture where the feeders are set up. “I was sitting here yesterday morning watching the deer eating from the feeders. I have never seen anything like that before buying this place.”

“I’m sorry I interrupted you from watching them. I didn’t know who else to call for help.”

“Don’t worry about it. I get to see them almost every morning. There are only a few mornings they do not show up.”

“When I was here a few months ago, I remember seeing the deer eating out there. I think it is so cool to be able to see them there in the morning. I hope to have a place like this some time in the future, where I can watch the deer eat and maybe have a raccoon to feed. It was so cute to watch it wash its food before eating. After all of this time I thought every one that said a raccoon washes its food off was pulling my leg. Man was I ever wrong.”

“You should have known grandpa wouldn’t pull your leg like that.”

“Yes, you, are so right.”

After breakfast I got the kitchen cleaned up Alanya Öğrenci Escort and started the dishwasher as I headed to my bedroom and got dressed for the day. Walking past Lorna’s bedroom door I saw that she was totally nude as the day she was born as she pulled things out of her suitcase.

In a very quick order I had my jeans on and my socks and boots and headed out to the kitchen and refilled my coffee cup. I sat back down at the breakfast nook to watch the deer eat. Lorna came back into the kitchen and asked. “Is there enough coffee for me to have another cup Babe?”

“Yes there is. If you like, I’ll make another pot if you want more than one more cup.”

“This should be all that I’ll want.”

“Okay just unplug the pot and I’ll take care of it in a bit.” I said. I was watching Lorna move around the kitchen hoping for another view of her hairy bush. Right away I saw that she was braless and could see-through her tank top and her nipples were still trying to poke a hole in the material.

Lorna also had some cut off shorts on and when she bent over I could see her pussy lips on either side of the little strip she left between her thighs in the crotch. Part of the seam hid from site in the back when she stood up straight.

Lorna and I sat watching the deer while we drank our coffee, and I was told how she found out her ex was cheating on her and how he lied to her when she confronted him about the other woman. She would have maybe stayed with him, had he told the truth. If Lorna was her ex’s main woman she wouldn’t mind being in a swinging lifestyle as long as the other woman has a boyfriend or is married.

When we finished our coffee Lorna and I began bringing her things in from the car. With the car unloaded and everything in the living room Lorna began taking some of her stuff to her bedroom and arraigning it on shelves and tables and around the living room and bathroom. When she was satisfied with everything in its place to her liking, we sat down in the living room with a cold glass of ice tea. “Mike and Anna should be showing up at any time now I would think.” Lorna said looking at the clock, and then out through the big window facing the front of the house.

Ten after ten Mike and Anna pulled up in the driveway. Just as Mike and Anna walked up to the front door, Lorna opened the front door. “Come on in.” Lorna said stepping to the side to give room for the couple to enter.

“Yes please come on in here. Do you two want a drink before we off load your truck?” I asked as I shook hands with Mike, and hugged Anna.

“Sounds good to me if you don’t mind. What is there to choose from?” Mike answered as I indicated they take a seat.

“We have beer, coffee, ice tea, water, and soda-pop.”

Mike answered, “I’ll have a beer myself. Thank you.”

“I’ll have a soda-pop please. Thank you.” Anna answered.

After serving up drinks for the four of us and a little bit of chatting with one another, Mike and I got the load untied and began taking things off of his pickup and putting them in the house. Lorna and Anna put the smaller things away where Lorna wanted them. The bigger things, like her furniture, I had to help her decide where to put it. One chair I suggested we put it in her bedroom. Lorna was happy with that. I couldn’t help but notice how her eyes lit up when I suggested the chair go into her bedroom.

With Mike’s pickup emptied, Lorna asked Mike and Anna. “How about you two stick around to taste some of the tastiest burgers around this part of the country? John grills up the best burgers I have ever tasted around these parts. I will make a southern potato salad as well. Anna if you want to, you can help me with that. It doesn’t matter either way.”

“I’m intrigued enough to stay.” Anna said looking at Mike.

“Okay si… Babe it does sound good, so I guess we’ll stay at lest long enough to eat.”

I wondered what Mike started to say before he quickly changed it to ‘Babe’. Lorna went on to ask me. “Babe would you mind grilling burgers up for dinner?”

“No not at all. Lucky for us I do have enough ground beef to grill burgers. I just need to know how many each person thinks they can eat.”

While I put the ground beef together into patties the way Lorna seems to like them as well as others that have eaten my burgers. Lorna and I chatted back and forth with Mike and Anna. During our chatting, Anna began to say something by starting to say ‘br…’ like when Mike started to say ‘si…’, which got me to thinking that these two are brother and sister acting like they are married to each other.

Mike and Anna left after helping to wash the dishes and putting them away. After they left I asked Lorna. “Are Mike and Anna brother and sister?”

“Yes they are. They moved here from Tulsa so they could live as husband and wife where no one knows them as brother and sister. They haven’t been here all that long really. Mike came down first to find a job and to find a place for them to live then, Anna followed. I met her when she applied for a job at the company I work for. Since she got the job we became good friends and I met Mike one day when he came to pick her up and take her to an auto shop where her car was being repaired. That is when I found out they were brother and sister acting like husband and wife.”

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