My Newly Appointed and Caring Maid


Hi readers, I’m Sarvesh from Delhi. I’m currently a 25 years old male living in a semi posh area from Versova, Mumbai. I’ve a business of my own and I’m quite settled at this point in my life. Although I had a girlfriend few months back but due to unforeseen reasons she broke up with me and went to study abroad.

Since then I’ve been living quite single, I don’t go to parties much and I don’t drink much. Although I had some hook-ups recently but I was not up for it. Living in a big house during lockdown feels daunting especially while cleaning and hence I decided to hire a maid (domestic-help) for myself. I contacted an agency and agreed to pay handsomely for a maid.

The next day she showed up at my door. Her name was Sulekha bai. She’s a gorgeous Maharashtrian lady who’s in her mid 30s and earn a living by being a domestic helper.

She’d never take a leave ever and would do her work very punctually. She’s a very gorgeous lady, quite fair in complexion and out of curiosity I asked why she’d do a domestic help work whereas she’d could be married off to a richer man because of her gorgeous looks.

She replied that she’s from a lower caste and no upper caste men would marry her, she was married off to a guy from her caste and he’d beat her every night. Her husband had a drinking problem and would use all his money drinking up. She also had a 10 year old child whom she had to support for education and hence she took up odd jobs to support her family.

I used to give her extra money for other expenses, and I’d ask her to buy herself new jewelries and clothes. She’d also buy new clothes for her child. Over a month she used to take a lot for care for me. She’d bring me a cup of tea every morning and would also do some head massages at the end of the day.

She often dress beautifully for a maid. A traditionally wore Indian Saree, big plum red lips, kohl in her big almond shaped eyes. She also used to wear a big nose ring and two small earnings. She’s married so she’s put sindoor in her forehead and would wear her mangalsutra to work everyday.

She has beautiful dense black hairs flaunting down her waist often tied to a bun. She’s quite a petite woman around 5’0 but enormous with her curves. She had like these two big busty melons 36C each, cupped inside her thin blouse. A lean waist with a slight chubby belly and a big plum ass maybe around 40 inches wide which she’s beautifully wrap under a saree. She also used to wear different colours of bangle and a pair of beautiful anklets. The most complete Indian looking lady I’ve ever seen.

She used to do dusting, mop the floor, do my laundry, clean my utensils and other odd jobs. I used to watch her from behind, when she’s mopping the floor or even washing my clothes as she’d usually bend down or squat while doing her chores. I could see my big wide ass flaunting and mostly covered up in her saree.

When she would do my clothes, she’d squat down and I could see her big cleavage from the front. Her two naturally big sized tits would generally be squeezed up in her blouse, would go up and down, jiggling when she used to beat my clothes down on the floor using her bare hands. Cherry on the top, her bangles would crackle and make a soothing chime which I’d listen while watching her do my clothes.

Often I’d use some excuse to catch her glimpse while she’s working. She used to wear the saree in such a way that I’d find her navel exposed to my eyes, and I’d look at it with my undivided attention. It’d close down and open up as she stretches her body while mopping the floor, and I’d imagine myself licking that.

Sometimes, I’d drop some juice over her cleavage while she’s squatting below

and would hand her a towel as I would stand there and watch her rub her tits with the towel drying her up. She’d put her hands totally inside her blouse to soak up the juices while I’d stand there with an erection.

On the other hand, she’d always barge into my room whenever I’m changing clothes, and would close her eyes up whenever she’d see my without a shirt. I could see her looking through her fingers as I stand there before her without my shirt and would ask her to pass me the clothes.

Day passed and I got braver, now I’d intentionally put no shirt on and roam before her. I do gym everyday and hence I got a well built body, my focus was on my back and shoulders, although I don’t have any abs but overall my upperbody is well built with strong obliques. She’d compliment me whenever she sees me without a shirt that I look like a pehalwan (wrestler).

Few weeks later, I’d check to see if she’s looking at me when I’m changing Beşiktaş escort my pants and I’d just walk freely in front of her in my boxers. I’d stand beside her and would see her struggle to catch a glimpse of me in my underwear.

She got comfortable around me and the sexual tension between us rose gradually day by day. She’d wash my underwear everyday and would complain about the sticky dry spots she’d find while washing them and would often leave with a smirk on her face. I’d smile back at her.

I use to workout in my home-gym in front of her wearing only my undies, and sometimes I’d hit a boner in my pants. She’d look at it and smile with her hands covering her mouth. She’d bring my special haldi milk post my workout as she’d say that increase my manliness and would make me stronger.

I’d often find an excuse to touch her now, sometimes I’d move past behind her intentionally rubbing my thighs against her back or sometimes, I’d pass by her in some crowded spots so that I could bury my crotch into her butt and would feel her butt crack. She’d mind me touching her, as she would enjoy a man’s touch as well.

One afternoon when I was working out, she’d call me for some help as she can’t reach her hands to the top of the shelves and she’d need me to pick her up. I grab her from behind as she’d feel like a feather to me, I grab her waist, lean her against myself as I’d lift her up with ease. In meantime, I’d smell her back as she smells like lavender, and my boner would poke her thighs and butt. Upon putting her down, she told me she has never seen a man so strong and so manly. Which she referred to as my erect manhood.

Later that afternoon I was taking a shower, and would remember the moment I picked her up. I wanted to squeeze her two big melons. I could imagine myself pressing myself strong against her ass, and in mid of my shower, I sat on the edge of the bathtub and started masturbating myself. I’d moan her name, “Sulekha di” while jerking off. Out of nowhere, she came inside the bathroom and look at me, as if I called her and immediately she covered her eyes with her saree.

She’d stand there and smile while her eyes closed, while I was sitting perplexed. I told her that I didn’t call her and she may go but she stood there. After re-telling she’d comeback to her sense and would go away feeling embarrassed. I felt embarrassed as well but somehow I can feel myself throbbing harder. I continued jerking off, while I could see her shadows through my etched glass door. She was still there standing and listening to me jerking off of to her.

Later I’d finish myself big, as I sprayed it all across the floor. And then dried myself off, before I left the bathroom and I saw her standing to the right with her hands covering her mouth as she’d giggle very hard. I looked at her quite seriously, as she’d quickly stop giggling as she went inside to clean the bathroom.

She’d clean the bathroom after I bath and would come out. I was then combing my hair as she looked at me with a chuckle and said that the bathroom was very dirty today and that I sprayed a lot today, and that she had a hard time cleaning it.

I’d give her some extra money and she took that happily. After she left I smiled hard and looked in the bathroom where I found that she left her bra for me hanging in there. It was off white, a little dirty but I’d take that in my hands and would smell her scent from it.

The next day she arrived as per say, I didn’t talk much that day after the incident and let her do work peacefully but at the end of her work she’d come to my room and bring me a small cup of oil she brought yesterday for me.

I looked at her and she told me that she’ll give me a massage for yesterday’s tip that I gave her and that she’s very happy with me. She took me to the drawing room and put a mattress on the floor. She asked me to pull my clothes off and lay down on the mattress. I did as she told me to, I pulled my t-shirt off and then pulled my track pants down right in front of her. She watched all throughout with a loving smile.

I’d trouble deciding whether I should pull my underpants down as well, as she had already seen me naked but I decided to put them on as I lay on the mattress against my chest. She’s very mature and experienced with what young males go through at this stage, she told me that she’s not embarrassed about yesterday and that she understands how young male feel for mature women.

She would rub oil on her palm and would malish (massage) me very thorough. Her bangles would rub against my back and would make sounds as I lay there with my eyes closed. Beşiktaş escort bayan She gently rub down my back, oiling it evenly. She tells me that I’ve a very strong back and that she finds it very manly and strong. She told me to open my eyes and I did while she undo her hairs for me. Long black hairs flaunting down her back.

She told softly that, she doesn’t feel good at her home and waits till the morning to be here with me. Her husband stopped talking to her as he’d lay drunk all night and that she feels lonely. I on the other hand talks to her and make her feel good about herself.

She told me that for years her husband has never touched her, only during beating her. And that she had forgotten how a man’s touch would feel. Saying so, she went down to massage my thighs and legs. She turned them anticlockwise with her strong hands, loosing all the tension in the muscle. Her bangles would sound nice when she does that.

She asked me if it feels right and if anything else I need. I smiled at her, and pulled her pallu off her chest, as it’d fall off and now I can see her full blown blouse and the cleavage that I’d look at times from the corner of my eyes. She told me that she knows that I look at her while she’s working and that I like her cleavage and ass.

She’d continue with her story that how one day, I touching her made her crave more. It was the first time somebody would touch her and make her feel that way. She told me how she would expose her navel and blouse so that I can have look at them. In her words, I was lost when I felt that she pushed her hands inside my underwear, and started massaging my butts. I looked at her and she smiled.

She rubbed them off with oil as the fabric soaks up in oil. She pulled it a little down only to expose my butt-cheeks. She then continues that she’s way older than me and it feels wrong for her to touch another man’s naked body but she wants that right now. She wants to keep her embarrassment away and she’d first please herself after the years of torture done by his husband and his family.

I turned towards her, as I did my boner got flashed up inside my underpants. She have a look at them and her face lit up. I without any embarrassment put my head on her lap as she’d grab me and move her hands along my chest. I can see in her eyes, the confusion, the embarrassment, the diabolism that she’s touching another man although being married to someone else.

She’d caress my nipples with her nails, gently sweeping across them as she makes her mind through the decision. And I’d watch her. I asked her to take off the mangalsutra she’s being wearing around her neck. She took it off and looked at me. I looked at her, and then she did a thing that turned me on to the fullest.

She unhook her blouse from the front, one by one. As the clips unclips, I could see her tits trying to barge out of her. As she goes with the last clip, it got stuck. I looked at her and for me she torn it apart. There goes out her 36C sized breasts, I quickly bury my face between them, use my tongue to lick the cleavage. I could hear her gasp and moan as she held my face there.

I’d then put on of her nipples, between my lips and would suck onto them. She was fair in complexion, her nipples were light brown in color and soft unlike to my ex who’s was pitch black and hard. I would suck onto her tits, hard as she bites her lips and closed her eyes. There were like soft sack of cotton, I hold them with my hands and squeeze them real hard. She moaned in pain.

She’d then guide her hands inside my underwear and grab my manhood. It was erect and throbbing. I could feel her warmth and the oilly grip she had on me. She started jacking me off, her bangles would crackle up hard as her hands go up my shaft and come down as she jerks it off. The sound was loud and fast, metals hitting themselves.

I’d pull my pants completely down, throwing them off. I put some oil on my palm and rub them along the tits of her. She’d lift her hands up in the air for me to oil all her through, I put oil on her underarms, smooth and soft. Then I stood up infront of her. I had her by hair, while she gets my cock.

She’s too Indian to know what a modern blowjob looks like, but to my surprise. She put my cock inside her mouth, as she closed her eyes. Her grip was towards the end of my cock while she moves her hand up and down as it goes in and out of her mouth. It was plain, nothing fancy all I can feel inside her was her tongue and inner cheeks. But she’d blow me with nice and care.

It was real hard for her to go all the way in as she had never done such Escort beşiktaş before, I told her to pull out and instead put my balls in. The resonates with a manly musk smell coming out of my balls. She’d suck my balls in, hard as she very innocently looks at me.

I get her hairs, and pull her by them. I smear the sindoor on her forehead. I put her down on the mattress. She was trying to unwrap her saree, but her legs would caught up. I help her undo herself. She was wearing a thick under saree piece of cloth which has wet spots along the thighs.

I’d pull that, out and all I can see her wearing a bright red underwear. I jumped onto her, as we made love. I push my tongue deep into her mouth, feeling her massive tits, press right against my chest and my erect cock rubbing onto her navel and belly. I kissed onto her neck, while she wraps her hands around me. Slowly scratches her nails onto my skin.

I’d gently go down her, kissing between her thighs. She wasn’t able to control her moans but she’d not go out fully to moan loud out of shame. I’d smell her panties, sniff them before licking onto them with my wet, horny tongue. I’d life her legs up in the air, and small hairs would peek out of her panties. She felt quite novice and natural as she didn’t have her parts smooth unlike modern women.

I liked that, I pulled her pants down. Her sticky panties would go along her legs, leaving a long trail of her juice tied to her clit and the panties. I bury my face all along her pussy. I’d feel her hairs rubbing against my cheeks, but all I want was her soft mature pussy. My tongue would flick her clit, like a thirsty dog. She probably never had someone lick her pussy before.

She was enjoying it, I could feel that. I can see her squeezing and playing her with tits, her hairs while I eat her out. My tongue doing deep in her in search of pleasure. I’d blow air into her pussy and she’d chuckle. Upon pulling my face out for air, I find myself covered with her juices. She had a lot to give out.

I looked at her, she looked at me. I gently put my penis inside her vulva without breaking the eye contact, she screamed in joy. Although she’s quite old but her pussy felt like a new one, tight and warm. I had trouble pushing all the way through. But I did with some few initial pumps.

Then all I started was pumping into her raw, laying on top of her, with her legs up in the air wrapped around my waist. Missionary it was, easy and simple for her. Her anklets would crackle with my pumps, and she’d give out small moans. It must have been felt like heaven receiving a cock again after these years. I could sense her body breaking in pleasure. Sweat would show up on her forehead. Her cheeks would flush in red as she blushes while looking at me pump into her.

My balls hitting my ass, made clapping noise heard all through out the room. I’d lean on her and kiss her neck while pumping in till my legs cramped up. Now she was experienced enough to understand that as she asks me to lay while she climbs up on me. She straddle herself as she squats and rightly put my cock into her pussy as she rides me.

I’d squeeze her tits, as she would hold me for support and ride me. Her bangles would make noises, her anklets chiming. She was moaning hard now, I can feel her walls inside relax and contract. But on the other hand, my balls would twitch and I feel the urge to cum.

I told her that I was about to cum and I’d want her to stop riding me but she insisted and ride me till my body clenches, she hold me tight as within a minute I was pushing my warm thick cum inside her. She moaned loud while receiving it, and I was groan hard. Pumps after pumps inside her.

After I was done she climbed down from me as she pushed out some of my cum on the mattress, some flowing out on it’s own and the rest she pushed out using her fingers in up there. She looked at me as she was breathing too hard, all soaked up in sweat and tired. As she laid down on my arms.

I caress her butt, spanked it. She thanked me, and cried a little after she realises what she had done in search of a little pleasure. I held her tight all through out till she cried. Later I asked her to talk bath in my room. She went in there and called me in.

She’d put soap on me and clean both of us. Later that evening, she cooked for me before leaving for the day.

7 months later, she’s still my maid. We live like a couple now, she only goes to her home for sleeping. We’d have sex every night, and I’d take her for dinner. I pretty much now pay for her child’s education and he calls me bhaiya (brother)

Maybe we both crossed each other’s path when we needed the most. I was going through a break up and she was having a troubled marriage. We both complimented each other and helped each other emotionally and sexually. I’m much of a happy person now, living life to the fullest.


Sarvesh and Sulekha bai

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