My House, My Rules


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“Damn it, you are not going out of the house dressed like that!”

Later, Paul would have to say that there was no real reason for him blowing up at that time, in that way. At 20, his daughter Anna had taken to dressing provocatively years ago. And, truth be told, she had chosen far more risqué outfits before. This was just a T-shirt tight enough to make it clear she wasn’t wearing a bra, and some jeans cut off a little too high. Not something a father wants to see his daughter running around in, but with what kids fashions were right now, hardly unthinkable.

Still, something about it, seeing her heading out on a date like that, pushed him too far. Maybe it was just a case of pressure building, with Anna needing to move back in after her mothers selfish, ugly pursuit of a divorce had included using her daughters college money as funding for a trip around the world. Forced back into living together, without his wife around, Paul had noticed a lot of cracks developing in his relationship with Anna. His wife had been a miserable bitch, but she’d kept the strong personalities of her husband and daughter from colliding.

The small arguments, the general dark mood, probably made an explosion inevitable. One of the things his wife had always handled, which Paul was now forced to, was Anna’s social life. His daughter, he learned, liked to date. A lot of different guys. He had no idea if it was too many for a girl her age or not. Certainly, she was an attractive enough girl to generate a lot of interest. Waist length brunette hair, athletic, smart, very buxom figure.

He’d thought about Anna’s looks more then a few times since she’d moved back in, more so since that first morning when he caught her coming out of the shower that first Beylikdüzü Fetiş Escort morning. And the way she’d just grinned at him, standing there naked…

In his more honest moments, Paul had to admit he’d found more then one kind of tension developing in the house. So maybe he was kidding himself about how shocking his explosion was, afraid to admit it. Whatever. It happened, and before he could think anything, he was towering over her, bellowing and demanding she go back upstairs.

“You want to go out dressing like a hooker with some guy when you’re living on your own, that’s fine. But I’m not sending my daughter out dressed like that when she’s living under my fucking roof! Get your ass up there!”

He expected her to yell back. He was braced for it, ready for that sick kind of release that comes with letting your anger out and making someone else just as angry. Paul had absolutely no idea how to respond emotionally when his daughter instead merely smiled cheerfully.

“Daddy, are you made because I look like a hooker, or because I’m going out?”

In the heat of the moment, he had a moment of revelation where he saw that insight as being just too on the nose, and it revved his anger up a thousand times over.

“You fucking bitch! Get your hooker ass upstairs this second and go change! Now!”

Something in his voice was enough to scare her now, and she wheeled around without a word and ran up the stairs towards her bedroom. With irresistible compulsion, like a man who hit’s the accelerator as he sees a car crash about to happen, Paul chased after her. Anna heard his muscular bulk thundering up the stairs behind her and ran faster.

Her room was basically the same as it had been in high school, a little young for her even then. Lots of pink, lots of movie posters. He barely registered it in his conscious mind but it enraged him even further. What had she become Beylikdüzü Gecelik Escort since being that innocent little girl? Anna stood there, looking at him expectantly. She smiled again, very strangely, fear and amusement mixed together.

“Daddy, I’ll change, okay? I’ll wear whatever you want me to.”

There was an implication in that, a double meaning that was truly the final straw for him. Emotional momentum led him to grab his girl by the shoulders and kiss her full on the mouth without the slightest feeling of repentance or shame. When Anna replied by sliding her tongue into his mouth, Paul knew he was at the point of no return.

“I’ll get you out of those clothes if you won’t, bitch.”

He growled then, like an animal, and with a strong yank tore her daughters shirt straight off her body, freeing the heavy D-cup breasts he’d had in the back of his mind since he’d seen her in the shower.

“I’ll do what you want Daddy, don’t hurt me, you don’t have to.”

Anna was breathing hard now, and so was he. His motions were on automatic, and some part of him hoped this would let him escape guilt afterward. It wasn’t his fault, he’d just done what he had to do.

He pushed her backwards, the mattress catching on the backs of her knees and toppling her over. The shorts were elastic, and it was easy to slide them off. True to her word, she didn’t fight. He saw that his daughter had been about to go out with no panties.

“Oh, Daddy, I’ve wanted this so bad, I know you have to. The only reason I was a tramp for so many other guys is because I knew you’d want me someday. I wanted to make sure I could make you as happy as you’re going to make me. I fucked all those guys but I was thinking of you the whole time, and I know I can make it so good for you!”

It was insane, it was fantastic, it was the best thing he could possibly have heard. Nothing could stop Beylikdüzü Genç Escort him now, nothing on earth, and he pushed her legs open with his knees, spreading her pussy wide while unzipping his pants. Hard as possible, his cock slid out, and he shoved her legs wider with his hands. Maybe too hard, as he noticed red marks form on her legs, but he didn’t care.

Her vagina was soaked through, because of his anger or despite it, and he slid inside his daughter for the first time smoothly. Grabbing her hips, he forced himself in and out, quick, eager to get this done but just as much out of the overwhelming pleasure. Her experience began to tell, as her felt her moving in a steady rhythm, at slightly different angles, making sure every inch of his cock was getting rubbed, stroked, held inside her. He knew he wouldn’t last long, and he let out the last of his anger at her.

“You fucking slut, you even admit you’re a slut, but from now on you’re only my bitch. You fuck anyone else and I’ll fuck you up. Your whore ass only belongs to me!”

“Daddy….I’m your bitch Daddy, fuck me, hurt me, fuck me harder, just keep fuuuuuuucking me!”

Harder, faster, the flow of rage coming out of his mouth closed a circle, and Paul emptied his cock into his daughter, the both of them screaming out loud in orgasm at the same moment. Paul collapsed on her, the anger gone, although a new dark humor led him to cup one of his daughters breasts and play with the nipple as he lay there, otherwise unmoving.

Anna kissed his cheek in a surprisingly chaste gesture, then cupped his softening cock.

“That was so much better then anything I fantasized about. I never dreamed you could play rough like that! You can be even meaner if you like, Daddy. I kind of like it that way, and after all, you’re the only guy I’m going to be fucking now, I want to try it as many ways as we can think of.”

Paul was about to protest, reason slowly beginning to kick in. It went away as she took one of his hands, and guided a finger into her ass. His cock began to stiffen again, as she whispered into his ear that she wanted him to be the first man to go in there, that her Daddy had always been the only man she dreamed of letting do it to her.

Guilt could wait another day.

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