My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 16

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As you can tell from the fact that I am typing another chapter, my life has changed a little. Well the rest of my summer was great. Jessica and I spent a lot of time together and everything was great. I spent a lot less time with my mom and that freed up time for me to spend with other friends as well, though Jessica was with me most of the time. Jessica actually came out to her two best friends, asking them not to tell anyone. They are good friends and as far as I know they never did. They stuck with her which was great and they seemed to like me even more, so that gave me the courage to come out to my friends.

That didn’t go quite as well. Not that they were rude or that they wrote me off, but they were completely surprised and sort of disappointed it seemed. Still it felt good to be honest to them. They of course met Jessica, but they rarely seemed to want to do anything with the two of us. In fact they almost acted like they wanted to forget I was a lesbian.

Jessica and I have really changed in our love making as well. At first we were very mild, but by the end of the summer we were using strap-on dildos and double dildos and I even licked her ass a few times. I enjoy sex that way and I found out quickly enough that she was ready to experiment.

We also became very daring at her house and on more than one occasion were interrupted with a knock on her door by her mother or her father and we had to scramble to get dressed. Once I even hid in her closet as I was wearing a strap-on and doing her in her bedroom with the door locked.

Her parents I think were suspicious as we were doing a poor job at hiding our intimacy and finally Jessica admitted to them that she was a lesbian. Her mom had sat her down one morning and started asking her questions when I wasn’t around and she told her all about our relationship and that she was a lesbian.

Her mom was horribly upset, though her father seemed to take it pretty well. I was surprised. Her mom would hardly look at me the last few weeks of summer and when she did she had a disgusted look like I had brainwashed and warped her daughter into something she wasn’t. Luckily the dad was very cool.

Ironically her brother thought it was hot that I was a lesbian, and he still seemed to flirt with me, what a moron.

Denise continued to visit though I avoided being alone with her and my mom most of the time as I somewhat worried that I might be tempted. Though Jessica and Denise have now become friends and Jessica doesn’t seem jealous of her too often, though I know there is still some jealousy there.

My mom and I never touched each other the rest of the summer, though admittedly I spent a few nights masturbating thinking about her breasts after I’d see her come out of the bathroom half naked. And then it happened at the end of summer. I was ready to get down to college and was leaving the first day I could, and so would Jessica. The night before I left I stayed home with my mom and I really enjoyed being with her. We laughed a lot and it was like old times all over again.

Then she suddenly got very sad and I knew she was really going to miss me. She knew that I was planning on moving in with Jessica the next summer in an apartment and we might never live together again. We started hugging and then we were kissing, but it was only light pecks some on the forehead, some on the lips, or nose, but then suddenly our lips parted and my tongue entered her mouth and hers in mine and our hands were massaging one another. When we stopped, which was after some time, she told me she was sorry, but I told her I was not. Then I slipped her strap off her shoulder and began to caress her heavy breasts. I had forgotten just how big and soft and wonderful they were and I suddenly attacked them with my mouth. Her nipple grew large between my lips and I sucked her as she leaned back on the couch.

Then she took me to her bed and made love to me. It was very lustful and wild and she did everything to me she had done in the past. We even used two double dildos and fucked both our holes at the same time, something I have never even thought about doing with Jessica. I didn’t feel like I was cheating on Jessica at the time. This was my mother. How could this be cheating?

When we were finished we showered together and of course I licked her asshole just like old times and then we snuggled together in her bed and I slept like a baby. When I woke up she was staring at me and we kissed, but after that we went back to normal. She was my mom again and not my lover and it was almost like it had never happened, but of course it had.

So school started and I loved sharing a room with Jessica. She is awesome to live with and we slept in the same bed every night. I loved it. It was like we were married.

We actually came out to people early on as to just avoid all the problems and most people are very cool about it. Ironically Denise wasn’t thrilled that we had, but she ended up being fine bursa escort and she even hangs out in our room almost as much as her own.

Her sister Lyndsey is our friend as well, and I have to admit that when I first saw her again I immediately began to picture what she would look like naked. Her breasts are just so big, and she is so pretty and she wears clothes that show off her body all the time. She had a boyfriend from back home, but she ended that after being at school for a week and has guys coming to her room all the time, which Denise can’t stand. (Which is one of the reasons why she is with us so often.)

But like the fool I am I was talking with Jessica one night and made the mistake of telling her that I made love to my mom the night before I came to school. She wasn’t happy. I thought she’d be happy that I admitted it, but she was horribly hurt and I felt like such a bad person. It didn’t help that I made it sound like it had been so wonderful. (Which it was.)

So then she started acting differently toward me and even though we were still sleeping together, we hadn’t made love for several days. Then one day as we’re studying out of no where she asks me, “How would you like it if I just decided to have sex with someone else one night?”

I didn’t know how to answer that. Of course I wouldn’t like it, but instead I just said, “Who?” which seemed to piss her off even more. So she says, “I don’t know, how about Denise or your mom, or one of my friends.” It shocked me that she even answered. All I could think of was anyone except my mom, but what I said was, “Do you want to?”

So then she stands up and I think she is going to leave, but instead she goes over and sits on the bed and looks like she’s about ready to explode and says, “Part of me wants to.”

I suddenly felt like the worst girlfriend in the world. I didn’t want her to have sex with anyone else and she probably didn’t either, but I had to admit that she had every reason to do it. I had cheated on her. Plus I had been with three different women other than her and I was her only lover.

I told her I was sorry and we both cried. We made love that night and it was very passionate, and afterwards I told her again I was sorry. She just kissed me and we went to sleep.

The next day I ran into Alley and Nikki. They were actually living in the dorm above ours and I hadn’t even known it. Alley gave me a hug and Nikki acted weird like she was afraid I’d mention her proposal that she had given me over the summer. I didn’t of course. I hung out in their room for a while and then when I left Nikki ended up chasing me down the stairs. She shocked the hell out of me. She asked me if I was still dating Denise. I told her no, but before I could say any more she tells me she broke up with her boyfriend and then she says she wondered if I’d like to go out with her sometime.

If I had been single I might have tore her shirt off and sucked her breasts right there in the stairwell. I have always loved her breasts. They’re just as big as mine and so incredibly firm and I actually looked at her cleavage before I answered.

I told her I was seeing someone else, and was in love. She said that it was cool and then asked me not to tell Alley. I promised I wouldn’t. Then I asked her if she was interested in Denise at all. Part of me I guess still wanted Denise and my mom to break up. I was surprised when Nikki said she wasn’t. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting Denise, but they did never really get along.

I made sure to tell Jessica right away and she acted jealous at first but seemed fine later. In the evening when Denise was in our room, Jessica was asking Denise all sorts of questions mostly about my mom and their relationship. Denise seemed happy to answer and she even teased me a bit which made me feel uncomfortable especially with how Jessica and I had been getting along.

Denise didn’t normally talk about it, but now she was explaining what my mom does to her and how wonderful it is and I pretended to be reading and not even listening. Jessica however seemed completely turned on by it. I had the feeling she was trying to annoy me intentionally.

Then Jessica asked Denise if she loved my mom. Denise said yes. So Jessica asked her if she thinks they’ll live together. Denise said she didn’t know what the future would bring and I liked that answer.

Then Jessica started flirting with Denise for a while and I didn’t like that much, but I didn’t say anything. So when Denise left I thought about hugging her just to piss Jessica off, but I changed my mind. I talked with Jessica afterwards and asked her if she was trying to make me jealous. She at first acted like she was clueless, but then she admitted it. I told her I was sorry again for making love to my mom and that I wished I could take it back, but then I said it wasn’t like I cheated on her with Denise. She didn’t see a difference, but to me it was a major difference.

Anyway we kept bursa escort bayan fighting and I finally said, “Why don’t you just sleep with someone else so we can get this passed us.” I of course didn’t mean it, and I also never expected her to want to, but she said, “I just might.” So that sucked.

That was the first night we didn’t share a bed the whole time since school started. I knew it was my fault, but I didn’t know what to do. I told her that the next day and she said she didn’t know either. So then I suggested that she have sex with someone. She didn’t say anything for a while and she said she didn’t want to hurt me. That made me feel happy and sad at the same time. So then I asked her if she did have sex with someone, who would it be?

She didn’t answer me right away then she said she wasn’t sure. We started talking about girls and who she was attracted to. Suddenly I was really horny and the thought of her having sex with someone else actually turned me on for the first time. I think she noticed because she asked me if I would want to watch her or if she should do it and tell me later. I wasn’t sure if she was just asking me this to get me excited or jealous or if she really wanted to know.

I told her I wasn’t sure and it really depended on who it was. She asked me if I’d like to watch her have sex with Denise. I thought about it and I started getting so wet. I said I would. Then she asked me if I’d like to watch her with Lyndsey. And I immediately said yes, and she noticed how excited I seemed. We started touching one another and she started sucking my breasts. As we made love we fantasized about catching Denise and Lyndsey together and joining them. It was some of the hottest sex we’ve ever had.

Afterwards we talked some more. She knew I had left Denise and my mom, because I wanted a relationship with just one girl. She wondered that if we ended up ever doing anything like we just talked about, if I would leave her. I told her I loved her, and I explained that if she really wanted to do a threesome or something that it would be fine as long as it was just sex and there weren’t feelings involved. She asked me if I could have sex with Denise and not fall back in love with her. To which I said, I didn’t think I ever really loved her, or at least not like I feel for Jessica. That made her happy.

The next day we talked about it again, but she saw me talking with Alley and Nikki and afterwards she asked me if they were lesbians. I told her no, but then I said that Nikki was the one that had talked to me in the stairwell. Jessica asked me if we should have her come to the room some night. I actually really liked that idea. I had no feelings for Nikki other than sexual and Jessica didn’t even know her. I told her maybe and then I told myself that I would make that happen.

Now I knew I was getting into dangerous ground here, but I understood how Jessica felt and I knew our relationship could survive this if she had understood all my past exploits. So that day I went to Alley and Nikki’s room late in the afternoon. They were both there, but soon I got Nikki alone in the hall and I asked her if she wanted to come to my room tonight.

She acted all nervous and asked if I was still dating Jessica and I told her I was and that she might join if that was ok. She smiled big, but she looked even more nervous. I hung around longer, just to see Alley for a bit, and Nikki was noticeably stressed out and Alley kept asking her what was wrong. Luckily she never said anything.

When Nikki came down later, Jessica and I were just talking and I locked the door after she came in and all three of us were red in the face. I was starting to have second thoughts, but Jessica seemed more excited than nervous as did Nikki. We all sat and talked for a while and Nikki explained how she had often imagined being with a girl and that she had tried to several times with Alley when they were drunk, but nothing ever happened, mostly because Nikki was too afraid it would ruin their friendship.

Nikki couldn’t get over how pretty Jessica was and she said so several times. Now Nikki is cute, but she is not pretty. Still her body is amazing and the longer we sat there the more I wanted to take her shirt off. She was wearing this white tank top with thin pink stripes and it made her breasts look huge. There was no way I was going to make the first move though.

After a long while I wondered if either of them would ever make the first move. Finally Jessica said that she thought Nikki’s breasts were larger than mine. I said I thought they were the same size. So Jessica said she wanted to see for herself. Smart girl. We both had our shirts off and soon Jessica was feeling both our breasts, mine in her left hand and Nikki’s in her right. I thought for a second when I looked at Nikki that she might kiss me so I looked away. I didn’t want to do that and I think Nikki noticed and she said something. I don’t remember what it was, but escort bursa I remember her seeming nervous and embarrassed and maybe even scared or let down. It made me feel really uncomfortable for about two seconds and then Jessica started sucking Nikki’s chest. It was so hot. I was so horny I couldn’t feel jealous at all. I got behind Jessica and pulled her shirt off, and as soon as I did she went right back to Nikki’s chest. So I started rubbing Jessica’s breasts from behind and then I also started to pull down her shorts.

I rubbed her bare ass for a while and even ran my finger tip over her asshole a couple of times before I started sliding a couple fingers into her soaked pussy. As I did she started taking Nikki’s shorts off and soon she was licking her clit. Nikki just lay on her back holding her own breasts and biting her lip. She made an occasional moan, but quietly and she kept stroking Jessica’s hair off and on. Nikki climaxed after just a few minutes and when she did Jessica crawled up her body and started kissing her.

I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. It was a very passionate kiss and they kept pausing and breathing hard staring at one another and then they’d kiss again. It was totally hot, but of course I was a little jealous. I started touching both of their pussies and Jessica stood up and said she wanted to watch Nikki please me. I was ready. Nikki was a little apprehensive, but soon she was bent over and had her head between my spread legs and was tickling my clit with her tongue and fingers. It was good. She had no clue what she was doing, but that sort of excited me and soon she caught on what I liked and what was just ok.

I started sucking my own tits and that turned Nikki on. She kept saying stuff like, “Oh yeah stuff that tit up your mouth,” and other things I can’t remember, but that showed she was loving every second of what we were doing. I was starting to think that Nikki must be a lesbian, and not just a horny girl that wanted to fool around with anything that walked.

I spotted Jessica putting on a strap-on and I almost orgasmed just thinking about what she was going to do. Luckily I didn’t, because Nikki was completely concentrating on me when Jessica slid it easily into Nikki’s awaiting pussy. Jessica drove it in deep right away, which was easy with Nikki’s soaked pussy and Nikki forgot about me for a bit as she moaned at the new pleasure from behind. Jessica must have pumped her four or five times before Nikki turned around to see her. Then after watching Jessica’s beautiful face for a while she tried to go back to licking me, but she just couldn’t. Jessica started pounding her so hard and I actually had to sit up and cover Nikki’s mouth because she was moaning so loudly.

So I started kissing Nikki to get her to stop, but she could barely concentrate on me. Jessica reached down and started squeezing Nikki’s breasts from behind and occasionally she grabbed mine too. I missed this. I loved having sex with more than one girl at a time and I was glad I was doing it again. I maneuvered out from underneath Nikki and began to put on a different strap-on we had. I wanted to make this a night Nikki would never forget. I mouthed to Jessica to have Nikki get on top of her. Soon Jessica was on her back on the bed and Nikki was riding her dildo. She was leaning over her and Jessica was sucking her nipples. So after I lubed the dildo I crawled up on the bed and started rubbing Nikki’s asshole with my finger. She seemed to like it so then I started rubbing the tip of the dildo against it as she rocked back and forth on Jessica. Finally I started to slide the dildo into Nikki’s ass.

She said more than once that she wasn’t sure she wanted me to do it and flat out for me to pull it out once, but I didn’t. I knew once I got going she’d like it and soon I was fucking her ass and Jessica was thrusting up into her pussy. Nikki was moaning now hard and we were all so into it that we forgot to keep her quiet. We just hoped no one was standing outside the door.

Jessica kept squeezing Nikki’s breasts and reaching around her and clasping mine too and then she said suddenly, “I think they are the same size,” but then she winked at me and I laughed. I don’t think Nikki even heard her. She was in her own little world of pleasure and now the way she was rocking her pussy back and forth on Jessica I figured she was going to orgasm soon or was already doing so. I started pounding her even harder and she reached around and squeezed my ass. I wasn’t sure if she was telling me to stop or asking me to go harder, but I did go harder. She put her hand down and started cussing repeatedly and saying or sorts of stuff and we were both telling her to keep her voice down.

Finally I got tired and as I slowed Nikki sat up and leaned her back against me. I reached around and held her breasts. (Just to let you know, my breasts are just a little bigger than hers, but I’ll admit hers are more firm than mine.) She turned her head and our lips met. I kissed her and felt weird doing it, but she was a good kisser. I pressed the dildo deep into her ass and squeezed her tits and she said, “Oh, I should have done this with you a long time ago. You’re better than any dick I’ve ever had.”

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