My First Time


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


“That’s the last box,” I said, dropping a heavy carton of books onto the floor of my younger brother Darren’s new room. He had just left university and moved back to the city, and I agreed he could live with me while he found his feet.

“Thanks Ed,” he smiled, looking around his new space. I put a hand on his shoulder.

“You’re going to be ok,” I told him. “I’m here and I’ll look out for you bro.”

My brother smiles at me. “You make me sound all helpless. I’m fine, really. Now, go get a shower. You stink after all this heavy lifting,” he grinned at me, aiming a playful punch at my arm.

“You dick!” I laughed, and left him to unpack.

I had a good look in the mirror as I got undressed. I wasn’t doing too bad for nearly 30. I looked similar to my brother. We both had short buzzed dark hair and brown eyes, stubble and slim builds. I was more toned than Ed and maybe two inches taller, he looked a little more fresh-faced, being a bit more than 5 years younger than me.

There was one other major difference between us. I’m straight, my brother is gay. Not that you could tell with him. He’s always been mister masculine, sports fan. He had a few girlfriends in school too. So when he came out to me earlier this year I was quite surprized.

Fast forward two months. Darren had a new job. He was loving it and enjoying life in the city. For me it was harder, my girlfriend had cheated on me and my work was stressing me out. The only thing I really enjoyed was hanging out with my brother in the evening or at the weekend. But even that was under threat. Darren had met someone special recently, which meant that our time together was much less than before. As happy as I was for Darren to have his first boyfriend, I admit that I also felt a bit jealous.

“I hope that Matt guy is treating you well, bro.” I said, walking into my brother’s room as he got ready for his date.

“He’s a great guy Ed,” my brother swooned. “Handsome, kind, funny… I’m really lucky. I think I’m falling in love.”

“Don’t go too quickly, Darren. I don’t want you to end up with a broken heart.” I was genuinely concerned, but my brother didn’t really take it that way.

“What do you mean? Matt is great. I’m not a kid anymore, Ed. I’m 23. I think I know what I’m doing.”

“This is your first boyfriend,” I said. “You’re excited. Just don’t get carried away.” I couldn’t believe myself. I sounded like a parent. My brother obviously thought so too.

“I’m fine.” I could hear the irritation in my brother’s voice now. “You’re not dad. I don’t need a lecture.”

“I’m not lecturing you,” I protested. “I’m looking out for you.”

“Maybe I don’t need looking our for,” my brother said. “I think you’re upset because I’m not spending more time with you. Get a new girlfriend, Ed. You’ll be happier if you’re getting laid.”

“Hey, that hurts! Honestly Darren, I didn’t mean anything. I’ll back off,” I said apologetically. I sat on my brother’s bed and watched him pick out a cologne.

“So when are you taking him to meet mom and dad?” I asked Darren, jokingly.

“Haha very funny,” he smiled, throwing a pair of rolled-up socks at me. He paused, looking in the mirror and then turned and came to sit next to me in the bed. “Ed, can I, um, tell you something?”

“Sure,” I said, slightly concerned at the seriousness of his tone. “Darren, is everything ok?”

“Oh! God, yes.” Darren smiled. “It’s just…” he paused, then continued “…I think I want Matt to be my first.”

“Your what?” I said, then realized what he meant. “You’re a virgin?”

“Uh, yeah,” he admitted.

“Really?” I was genuinely shocked. “I can see why you maybe didn’t do things with your girlfriends in school but really, nothing at college or with these guys you’ve been dating?”

Darren rubbed his hands on his jeans. “Uh, no. I’ve kissed guys, and girls actually, escort bayan gaziantep and I’ve done belong off and oral stuff with guys. But never…you know…” Darren blushed. I did too.

“Uh, well…” I stuttered, trying to think what to say. I had no idea how to give a sex talk to a dude. “Do you feel ready? It’s a big deal bro. Lots of people want it to be special their first time.”

“Yeah,” he smiled, clearly thinking of Matt. “I am, Ed. I think it will be special.”

“I’m happy for you bro. Go for it,” I said encouragingly and smiled. “But be honest with Matt so he knows. I think he’d want to know.” My brother nodded.

I decided to meet my friends for drinks that evening. Being completely honest with myself, I didn’t really want to be home in an empty house. Knowing my brother was going to be having his first time that evening really affected me. It made me feel somehow more alone.

I actually had a good night out, managing to get pretty drunk. After I struck out with two girls, I decided my ego had enough of a bashing and I headed home. When I got in though, things seemed funny. There was a bit of a mess in the living room and I heard a muffled noise in Darren’s room.

“Shit,” I thought to myself. “They’re either doing it here, or someone has fucking broken in and they’re in Darren’s room.” I grabbed a baseball bat from the hallway and crept towards my brother’s room.

As I got close I heard what sounded like sobbing. The door was ajar so I pushed it open. My brother was there, lying on his bed in tears. I dropped the bat and walked over.

“Darren what’s the matter?” I asked, worriedly. I sat on the bed next to him. My brother sat up and threw his arms around me. I hugged him and asked him again what was wrong.

“He… he… ch-ch-cheated.” Darren said through deep sniffing. I handed him a

“That asshole,” I said through clenched teeth, clenching my fists in anger. “Want me to kick his ass?” I asked, only half joking. My brother laughed.

“Oh my God, no.” he said. “But thanks for the offer.”

“I’ll do anything for you, bro.” I smiled. “I don’t want to see you hurt.” I couldn’t help but ask, “So how did you find out?”

“I actually caught him! I was going to his for our, um, special night and I stopped in the bar by his place first. I was super early but also feeling nervous and I wanted a quick drink to calm my nerves. And there he was kissing some guy in the corner!”

“No fucking way,” I said, shocked. “What did you do?”

“I confronted him. The other guy split and we had a fight. Then he admitted it to me, Ed. It had been going on all the time,” my brother’s voice cracked and tears started to roll down his cheeks again. I rubbed his back. “He was going to be my first, Ed.”

“I know, but you’re lucky you found out before that,” I said, giving my brother another hug. “Let me get the whisky and we’ll chat.”

We talked for an hour and I opened up about my own frustrations with my ex girlfriend and being single. Telling Darren about my own misery seemed to help as bit. The whisky did too. My brother was really knocking them back.

“It isn’t easy, dating. You just have to take things into your own hand a lot. Like I do,” I laughed. My brother laughed, and then looked at me.

“I…,” he stopped.

“What is it?” I asked, pressing until he came out with it.

“I really trusted Matt. That’s why I wanted him to be my first. I hate being a virgin, Ed,” my brother said.

“Well, there’s Grindr,” I smiled.

“I’m serious,” Darren said. “I don’t want some random fuck. I want something special.”

“Well then you’ll have to be patient, Darren,” I told him. “Special doesn’t come along every day.”

“No, I know,” Darren nodded. “You’re a special brother,” he smiled.

“Yeah, you too,” I smiled, squeezing his hand.

“Yeah,” Darren said, looking at the floor. “So maybe, um… maybe then you…umm could, you know, maybe…be my… first? he stuttered. I was completely stunned.

“What the fuck?” I thought to myself. Then to Darren I spat out, “But I’m your brother! I’m not even gay.” Darren looked at me intently.

“Yes, I know. But I trust you,” he said. “It would be so special. And I know you wouldn’t hurt me.”

“Well no, but that doesn’t mean I want to fuck you Darren.” I took a hard gulp of whisky.

“It’s just us here,” my brother said, leaning into me. “No one has to know anything.” I could tell he was pretty tipsy from the whisky, as was I.

“You’re drunk,” I said. “You don’t know what you’re saying.”

“I’m not drunk,” my brother said. “I’m very aware of everything. You’re frustrated, Ed. Horny. I know it.”

“Maybe so, but that doesn’t mean I want to fuck a dude. And you’re my brother…”

“But think how it’ll feel, Ed. My tight virgin hole. I can make you feel soooo good,” Darren squeezed my leg and I felt my cock jump.

My brother was right about one thing. I was very horny. I wasn’t into guys, but the thought of getting a good fuck did get my cock stirring. I was starting to think with my penis and not my head.

Darren got close to me and said softly, “Let’s try it, Ed. We can stop if you don’t like it. Just think of how it’ll feel to take my cherry. And I trust you so much. Make it special for me.” Darren kissed my neck and I felt tingles all over. I felt his hand squeeze my leg again and then slide up my thigh. I was starting to get hard.

“Mmmmm please?” he said to me, then he leaned over and gently kissed my lips. I didn’t pull away, and he looked at me. I nodded slightly, and he kissed my lips again, and I slightly kissed back. I was feeling so confused.

“Can I see it?” he asked me. “Please, Ed?” My brother was so gentle and almost seductive it was turning me on.

After a moment I stood up and slowly undid my jeans, pulling them open. I paused, and then thought what the hell… I pulled my briefs open too, tucking the waistband under my balls.

“You’re big, Ed,” my brother said. He reached out to touch it, and then took it in his hand. My semi turned into a full hard on as he gently stroked it. “You’re so horny aren’t you?” he asked me. I nodded. I couldn’t deny it. What the fuck was I doing?

My brother slid onto the floor and looked up at me. I looked down at him, and ran a hand through his hair. He took it as a sign and opened his mouth, taking my cock inside. Waves of pleasure shot through my groin and I moaned as my brother started to suck my hard cock. He was so good, it felt incredible. I closed my eyes and thought of the hot girl I was hitting on earlier.

“Mmmmm yeah, that’s good baby,” I said encouragingly. Darren sucked me for a few minutes, and I let him pull my jeans and briefs down to the floor.

I felt him come off my cock and I opened my eyes and watched him stand up, pulling off his t-shirt and kicking off his own jeans. I was surprised to see my brother wearing a jock strap, and more surprised that seeing his tight ass in a jock turned me on. I pulled my own t-shirt off and was now naked with him.

My brother pulled me to the bed and took my cock in his hand stroking me. I leaned down and kissed his neck, suddenly feeling very turned on to have him underneath me. My brother’s skin felt so soft, and like me he didn’t have much body hair.

“Oh, Ed,” he sighed. “I want you to make love to me.”

“You need it don’t you little bro?” I asked. My brother nodded and bit his lip seductively.

“Mmmmmmm yes I NEED it, Ed” he said, squeezing my cock. “I need this big dick.”

I was now incredibly horny and needing to fuck. I reached for the bottle of lube on my brother’s bedside table and greased my fingers. My brother pulled his knees up, exposing his pink hole for me. I rubbed a finger against it gently and he sighed, enjoying the pleasure. I probed it gently, then slid my finger inside him.

My brother gasped and started to breathe sharply with pleasure. It turned me on so much to see him enjoying my touch that I felt my cock dribbling precum onto the bed. I picked some up with my other hand and slid my inner finger covered in my precum into my brother’s mouth as my second finger gently slid into his hole. My brother groaned as he licked my finger clean and I gently finger fucked him.

“Mmmmmmmm Eddie, I need it. Please fuck me with your big cock,” my brother moaned. I loved the compliments about my cock and his seductive moaning. I couldn’t resist any longer. I slid between my brother’s legs and put them up onto my shoulders. I greased his hole with more lube, and then got my throbbing hard cock nice and slippery. I stroked it and looked down at my brother, who was staring at me.

“Are you sure?” I asked him.

“I NEED it,” he sighed. “Please fuck me, Ed. Make love to me.”

I rubbed my cock against my brother’s tight hole and he sighed. I started to push gently, and the head of my cock slid inside him. It felt so good that I had to hold back the urge to thrust inside him like I wanted to. I was determined this would be an amazing first fuck for him.

I felt my brother’s hole stretch as I sank deeper inside. He was tight, and it felt amazing on my cock. My brother started breathing heavily, and asked me to slow down.

“Does it hurt?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“Yes, but in a good way,” he panted. “Please just go really slowly, Ed. Get me used to it.”

I let my arms support me as I hovered over him, my cock sliding in a small bit to get him used to it, then pulling back out a bit before going in again. Each time I was able to get a little deeper. My brother groaned and moved underneath me as I filled his ass with my hard cock. Finally I reached the base.

“I’m in, Darren.” I smiled at him.

“Mmmmmmmmm Ed, you feel so good,” my brother looked at me lovingly.

I started to gently fuck him then, sliding slowly out and then pushing back inside. My brother moaned loudly which really turned me on, and after a minute I started to pick up speed, diving him crazy.

“Oooooh fuck me, Ed. I need it,” he moaned. I took that as I sign he was ready and I started to fuck him harder and faster, thrusting deeply as I pounded my brother’s virgin hole. He was in ecstasy, and I loved how great he felt on my cock. I pulled out and thrust in deeply, teasing him with my dick, letting myself get closer to his body, looking into my brother’s eyes. I really couldn’t believe I was doing this, but I also was loving every second of it.

I felt my brother’s hands grabbing my back and he pulled me on top of him, wrapping his legs around my waist so I could continue to get deep inside him. I looked at him, we were face to face, and my brother kissed me. I let his tongue slide into my mouth and I kissed him back. It was hot and passionate, the best sex I’d ever had.

“I’m getting close bro,” I panted as I steadily fucked him.

“I want you to cum inside me,” he said without hesitation. I wasn’t going to argue. I sat up and grabbed his ankles, thrusting deeply until I felt my balls explode. I groaned in ecstasy as I filled my brother’s hot ass with my cum. My brother had been jerking his cock and came just as I started to, his load shooting over his head and onto his pillow, the rest of it shooting onto his stomach. As he came, I could feel his ass muscles contract, squeezing my cock and giving me even more pleasure.

I kissed my brother, collapsing onto him in a mix of sweat and his cum. We were both completely spent, but we both also felt incredible. I’d given my brother his first fuck. And in a way, my first fuck too, having never even considered anything gay in my life before.

“I love you, Ed,” my brother said, kissing my lips. “Thank you for making this so special.”

I smiled. “I love you too, bro. Thanks for making it special for me too. You, uh, want to stay with me here tonight?” I asked, hoping he’d agree.

“I’d like that,” my brother smiled, and curled up into me. I put my arms around him and held him all night.

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