My First Apartment Ch. 2


After the Spring Semester finals, I returned to my job from the previous summer, but I could hardly wait until August when I returned to my first apartment. I missed the sexual surprises and adventures with Kathy and Frank West.

Late July finally arrived and I gave my summer employer the traditional two weeks notice. I couldn’t wait to move back into my apartment. The final two weeks of work were a drag. I couldn’t keep my mind on the job and even getting organized for the coming school year didn’t occupy much of my time because I didn’t have much to pack since most of my stuff stayed at Kathy’s and Frank’s.

Finally the last Friday of the summer job arrived. I was on my way early the next morning. When I pulled my car into the parking space at the apartment, I barely took time to set the parking brake and lock the doors before I bailed out and went to find Kathy and Frank.

Instead of going straight to my apartment, I went through the gate and into the backyard. Kathy was working on some potted plants. Her back was to me. She was bent over from the waist. Her cutoff jeans had ridden up into her ass crack. Her butt cheeks were showing. She had a gorgeous ass. I couldn’t wait to slip my tongue and/or my cock between her cheeks.

“Hi, Kathy! Hard at gardening, huh?” She stood up and turned towards me.

“Rich!” she exclaimed. We ran towards each other. We hugged and she kissed me on the lips. “I’m glad you’re back.” I had my arms around her. She was wearing a tube top which barely contained her breasts. She was sweaty and she smelled, to me, like she was in heat. At this point, I was in heat. “Kathy, you look good enough to eat!” She just smiled and hugged me and pressed her body against me.

“Where is Frank?” “He was working on some light fixtures on the edge of the garage a few minutes ago.” I reluctantly took my arms from around Kathy, but I was able to give her ass a two handed squeeze before we released each other.

Frank was working up on a ladder. “Hi, Frank! What kind of lights are you installing?” Frank looked down from his ladder, “Oh, just some soft, indirect accent lighting.” I asked if I could help him. He said, “No, I’m just about finished.” I told him that I would go and unload my car while he finished. I was standing beside the ladder so before I walked away, I ran my hand up under the leg of his shorts and his skivvies to his cock. I brushed his balls with my fingertips and then wrapped my hand around his cock. I held his cock for a minute, then withdrew my hand. Frank looked at me and said he would hurry to finish up. I turned and walked back towards the gate.

By the time I finished hauling my stuff from the car and downstairs to my apartment, both Kathy and Frank had wrapped up their work. I had just put a case of drinks in the refrigerator, when I heard them knock as they came into the apartment. “How about a cold one”? “That sounds great”, replied Frank. As I got the drinks ready, Kathy said, “Let’s show you what we’ve put in since you left after last semester.”

We walked out into the basement adjacent to the apartment. What had been mainly a storage and laundry area had become a living and entertainment center. There had been a regular door which had opened onto the patio. It had been replaced with a large triple panel sliding door or wall system. “We can open those and this part of the basement becomes part of the patio.” I noticed this end of the patio was screened of by a low wall topped with landscaping. Frank said, “The landscaping provides privacy to the hot tub.” I then noticed the hot tub. Kathy spoke up. “We tore out the 3/4 bath that was there and put in a large double shower. And we are going to add a cedar sauna this winter.”

I looked around the rest of the basement. There was a weight bench, a treadmill, a stair step machine, a cycle, and a massage table along the end wall. The remainder of the room was divided by a hip-height wall topped by vertical blinds. There was a large home theatre along the wall. The area was furnished with futons and pillows. In the center was a low cushioned platform about eight or nine feet long and between three and four feet wide.

Kathy picked up a remote control. She pressed a button and the vertical blinds above the hip-height wall started to close. I heard another motor start and another set of vertical blinds was sliding into position on the glass wall system. Frank picked up a second remote and indirect lighting started to come on.

“Jeez, this is pretty slick. You’ve really been hard at work here.” Frank replied, “We call this the Fun Room. We had wanted a hot tub for a long time. Then, once we started, one improvement led to another.”

I noticed Kathy was running the cool bottle over the top of her breasts. “Boy, these tube tops, with all of this elastic and stuff, are really warm and uncomfortable.” With that, she sat the bottle down and pulled her tube top over her head. She flung the top onto the platform, then picked up the bottle and ran it up and gaziantep escortlar down between her breasts. “That feels good!” She turned towards Frank and ran her hand under his t-shirt and up his stomach. “I’m ready for a shower! Last one in, is a slowpoke!” She kicked off her sandals, set the bottle down and headed towards the shower. She stopped long enough to pull her cut-offs off and throw them towards us.

Frank pulled off his shoes, socks and t-shirt, dropped his shorts and followed her. I undressed and walked to the shower. Kathy was standing facing one of the shower heads. She had her head tilted back, her arms were raised and the water was cascading off her breasts, down her belly and over her pussy. Frank was standing behind her. His cock was semi-hard. He slipped his arms around her and hefted a breast in each hand.

As I stepped into the shower, I leaned over and sucked each of her nipples. I then got down on my knees and put my face against her pussy. Kathy spread her feet apart. I pushed my tongue through her pussy hair and between her labia. As I wiggled my tongue, I put a hand up between her legs. Frank had slipped his now hard cock between her ass cheeks. I ran my hand along the bottom of his cock and fondled his balls. Frank responded by pushing his cock in farther between Kathy’s thighs. I found Kathy’s clit with my tongue and lips. Kathy placed her hands against the back of my head and pushed my face into her pussy. As I sucked, nipped and licked her clit, I continued to stroke Frank’s cock and fondle his balls.

This continued until Kathy broke the action. As I stood up, she took a bar of soap and started lathering my chest. She worked her way down to my hard-on and balls. Frank had been washing her back. She turned to face him and started to lather his cock and balls. I found a bar of soap, stepped behind Frank and began to wash his back. I moved my hands around to his chest, then down to join Kathy on his cock and balls. Frank leaned against me. My cock was pressed up against his back.

Kathy moved away and Frank turned to face me. He grasped my cock as I fondled him. Kathy moved behind me. She lathered my back, then I felt her hand slide between my legs and up to my cock. She touched Frank’s hand, then slid her hand back. I felt a soapy finger probe my pucker. Then the soapy finger slipped into my asshole for just a minute. I gripped Frank’s cock as Kathy pulled her finger out slowly. We separated, rinsed off, turned off the water and stepped out to dry each other.

We silently walked back towards the Fun Room. Kathy stopped to pick up her cut-offs. As she bent over, the sight of her gorgeous ass stiffened my cock. Kathy said, “I hate to get dressed, but we had better plan dinner.” I pulled my shorts on, then sat on the platform. I noticed that when seated, my head was just about crotch height to a standing person. Kathy said, “We’ll try out the hot tub after dinner.”

The hot tub session was quiet and relaxing. We had eaten a large dinner and we had brought the wine with us to the hot tub. The quiet and the warm water made all of us sluggish. We talked about upcoming plans. I told them that about all I had to was to complete class registration before classes started next Monday. Frank was using some vacation time and Kathy said she had an all day bridge tournament that she had to leave for early Saturday morning.

Class registration took just a few minutes to complete since it was done electronically. I got the class schedule that I wanted because of pre-registration last spring. I paid my fees, bought the necessary books and software and then I was free until next Monday morning.

I helped Frank and Kathy with their projects and I picked up the yard work again. We seemed to be fumbling about trying to re-establish the sexual atmosphere that had existed earlier. I figured once the regular work, school, weekend routine was established everything else would quickly fall back into place.

And I was right. The Saturday morning sex began first thing, but it began in an unexpected way. I was showering when Frank stepped in with me. He sank to his knees and sucked my cock into his mouth. His hands went around to my ass and his nose was pressed against my pubic bone. His rapid sucking was like a baby nursing on a nipple. As my hard-on grew and my cock filled his mouth, he slowed down to a steady bobbing motion.

He stopped sucking, stood up and kissed me. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and he grasped my cock with one hand. He broke the wet sloppy French kiss. “I couldn’t wait any longer! I have to have . . . I want your cock now.” Frank stepped out of the shower. As I turned off the water, Frank picked up his robe and pulled a tube of lube out of the pocket. He squeezed some lube through the nozzle and onto his hand. As I stepped out of the shower, he gripped my cock and spread the lube over my cockhead and along the shaft. He squeezed another load of lube into his hand, then he handed the tube to me. He turned around, put one hand on the edge of the sink, bent over and spread the lube on his other hand around his asshole. He slipped one finger into his ass.

When he was done, he put both hands on the edge of the sink, spread his feet apart, looked up into our reflections in the mirror, and said, “Fuck me!” He sounded desperate. I looked at his ass, which was shiny with the lube, and at his ball sack dangling between his thighs. I squeezed another glob of lube onto my cockhead and fondled his balls while I pushed the nozzle into his asshole and squeezed the lube into his ass. As I pulled the nozzle out, Frank said, “Hurry up!. Don’t go slowly!”

I aimed my cock at his asshole, pressed the cockhead against his pucker and in a steady push through his anal ring, buried my cock deep in his ass. I watched Frank’s face in the mirror. He grimaced as my cockhead pushed trough his anal ring, but then he let out a soft continuous sigh as my cock slid deep into his ass. He looked up into the mirror and grinned at me. He wiggled his ass and said, “Don’t just stand there. Fuck me.” I pulled out until I felt resistance from his anal ring, then I set up a steady pumping action. It was warm in the bathroom. I was sweating and every time I bottomed in Frank’s ass, my balls would swing against his. Frank reached back under his stomach and fondled my balls. “Stop. Let’s get on the bed.” I pulled my cock out with a pop. Frank stood up, gave me a sloppy French kiss and turned to walk into my bedroom.

He lay down on his back and pulled his knees up to his chest. “Get back in the saddle, Rich.” I got on my knees and pushed my cock back up his ass. His cock was hard as a rock and flat against his stomach. His cock moved about as I pumped into his ass. Pre-cum from his cockhead was being smeared on his stomach. I held Frank’s ankles up and settled into a steady motion.

I heard Katy come down the inside stairs and into the bedroom. “You guys look like you are having fun.” She stood by the bed and watched me fuck her husband. Frank grinned at her and folded his arms behind his head. “Neither of you know how great a hard cock feels when it is deep in your ass.” Kathy sat on the edge of the bed and continued to watch. She leaned over and kissed Frank on the lips. She stood up and said, “Fuck him until he begs you to stop, Rich.” She bent over and wiped a bit of pre-cum off Frank’s cockhead. She bent over further and placed her lips around his cockhead. She then straightened up, wiped the pre-cum from her finger on to my lips and gave me a French kiss. On her way out, she stopped. looked at me. licked her lips then applied a dark red lipstick, licked her lips again and turned and went back up the stairs.

Frank told me that he wanted me to cum on his cock, then he wanted me to jack his cock until he came. I returned to pumping my cock in and out of his ass. Frank clinched his ass tight. My nuts started to tighten up and I pumped faster as my breathing rate increased and my cock got harder. I blew one wad into Frank’s ass before I was able to pull out and hold my cock while I shot my wad over his cock, balls and stomach. I grasped his hard-on and started to beat Frank’s meat. He arched his back after a few vigorous strokes and blew his wad over his stomach.

Frank sat up. He leaned forward and kissed me, then he gripped my cock. “Too bad, you are not into sucking cock and ass fucking, Rich. I know you would like it and I’d love to 69 with you and then blow my load up your ass.” He lay back down and smeared our combined cum over his stomach. He licked his finger tips, then rolled over, got off the bed and headed upstairs.

I went back to shower again. I thought about what Frank had said. I grasped my cock and beat it until I shot a second load onto the shower wall.

Late Sunday morning, Frank left to watch pre-season football with his buddies. I read the newspaper and puttered around getting some of my stuff ready for class tomorrow. It was quiet upstairs. I wondered where Kathy was. I found her sun tanning on the patio. She was lying on her stomach on a banana lounge. She was wearing a tie bikini. The top was untied. As I opened the patio door, Kathy raised up and turned towards the door. I focused on the curve of her breast as she turned towards me.

“Hi, Kathy. May I join you?” “Sure, Rich. Pull up a lounge.” I pulled my t-shirt off and sat down on a lounge next to hers. “I see you don’t like tan lines.” “No, but there isn’t much I can do about most of them.” I looked around the patio and the rest of the back yard. “There’s several places around here where, with some additional screening like either a stretch of fence or some plants, you could make places where you could sun tan in the nude.” “Really?” “Sure, let’s go look around.” “O.K. Tie my top, will you?”

We walked around the yard and I showed Kathy several little alcoves and other places where some screening would increase the privacy so one could work on an all over tan, if one wanted to. Some of the places caught the morning sun, some the afternoon sun and one, with the right kind of walls to reflect and focus the suns rays, could probably be used on sunny days throughout the winter.

“I’ll have to think about screening some of these places,” Kathy said, “I’ve never been outdoors and been completely nude.”

I asked Kathy if we could talk about Saturday morning. She took my hand and said, “Let’s go inside.” We walked into the Fun Room and sat on the edge of the platform. I said, “Where do I start?” Before I could say anything else, Kathy said, “Let me begin. I think you sense the same thing that I do. I think Frank is more Gay than Bi. I think I suspected that earlier, but I wasn’t sure until we began our threesomes last spring.”

“We have good sex together, just not as frequent or as much as I want. But he perked up when you returned. Especially after you ran your hand up his leg when you first got here.” I told her that he completely caught me off guard in the shower. She said, “I know. Seeing you two in bed and his big grin caught me off guard too. But I can handle it, if you can handle it. I’ve taken up competitive bridge to sort of give us a buffer and to give myself a diversion.”

I stood up, took her hands, pulled her to her feet and hugged her. “You’re something else.” She slipped her hands down the front of my shorts to my cock. “What I am is horny.” I pushed my shorts down and stepped out of them. I untied her bikini top. The white of her skin made her nipples stand out against the her sun tan. I dropped to my knees and untied her bikini bottom. The white vee across her hips and thighs pointed like an arrow to her pussy. I nuzzled my nose in her pussy hair. I turned her around. I stuck my nose and tongue between her ass cheeks and licked up her spine to her neck. As I stood up, I pressed my cock into her ass crack.

“Your beautiful. Your ass is gorgeous.” “I’ve got a squatty body. My tits and ass are too big for the rest of me. Frank says my ass is built for comfort.” “Let’s get comfortable then. I want to make love with you, tits, ass and all.”

We walked to my bedroom. I sat Kathy on the edge of the bed and kneeled between her legs. I began to kiss and lick her pussy. She lay back and spread her legs. I licked up her slit to her clit. I sucked and nipped her clit until she sat up and asked me to get on the bed.

I lay down on the bed and Kathy moved around and got on her knees with her pussy over my face. I pulled her hips down and resumed eating her pussy. She leaned over, grasped my cock and then slid it into her mouth. I stopped sucking on her clit long enough to enjoy feeling her lips slide down my cock almost to the base. She pulled back up my cock and then started to run the tip of her tongue around my cockhead. I found her clit with my lips again and I reached down and cupped one of her breasts in the palm of one hand. I spread my legs and we settled into clit and cock sucking 69.

Kathy pulled off, turned around and kissed my pussy juice wet mouth. Without a word she straddled my hips, held my cock in position with one hand and sat down on my cock. She shifted her hips until she was comfortably positioned and then sat still. I thrust up with my hips and we began a steady motion. Neither of us said a word as my cock slid in and out of her warm, tight, slick love tunnel.

Kathy leaned forward so her breasts were near my face. “Suck my tits.” I tried to catch a nipple with my lips. This broke our fucking motion. Kathy placed her hands on either side of my head. She was on her hands and knees and she began to pump her hips so her pussy slid up and down my cock. She finally got a steady rhythm set up. He breasts would swing near my mouth and I would try to catch a nipple with my lips as they went by. Kathy was working hard and panting. I stopped her and pushed her hips down so we were lying belly to belly.

While she rested, I began to trust my hips again. I slid my hands down her back so I could hold her ass cheeks. After a few moments, I told Kathy that we should roll over. We completed an awkward barrel roll without breaking our fucking connection. We laughed and giggled while we shifted around into a comfortable missionary position. Kathy hooked her legs over mine and wrapped her arms around me. I slid my hands alongside her shoulders so I could hold her head with my hands. I started pumping my ass and soon we had a steady motion re-established. Kathy began to move her hips too. We kissed and French kissed as we fucked.

Finally, we slowed down. Neither of us had cum or was even near cumming. We kissed and caressed each other as everything “petered” out. We hugged and talked as we lay together in the afterglow of a friendly, companionable fuck.

Kathy said, “Other than each other, we should find something to eat.” I told her I had all sorts of sandwich makings. We walked into the kitchen. I got a couple of towels to put on the metal chairs as Kathy started to get out dishes and so forth. As we ate our sandwiches, I looked at Kathy’s breasts. “Your pink nipples and the white skin around them look strange against your tan.”

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