My Best friends Mom K Ch. 01


All characters in this story are non fiction

My Best Friends Mom Kelly

I had just turned 19 and looking to get into the workforce, no matter what it was I’d take because I was happy just to be making money.

My bestfriend Joel whom I’ve known for what seems like a lifetime gave me a number to call about a handyman business that did pretty much anything and everything from gardening to cleaning houses you name it they did it.

I gave the number a call and was given a time and place for an interview. When I got to the interview I was nervous because it was my first job but when I walked in my worries went away as the interviewer said I had the job already because Joel had put in a good word for me, he just wanted to make sure I was punctual.

My best friend Joel and his parents Mr and Mrs Langley lived a few houses down from me and my parents and I was over there pretty much all the time as I was an only child and it felt good sometimes to be around Joel and his siblings because I felt like they were mine at times.

Upon hearing the news of me getting the job Joel and his family invited me over for dinner as a congratulations dinner, it was also a dinner for his 2 elder siblings (twins) announcing they’re moving to Brazil to live and study.

The dinner was absolutely amazing, the drinks were flowing and we were all just having a great time soaking up the company of one another. I ended up leaving not long after because I had my first day of work the very next day which I was stoked about, Joel’s parents even gave me a bottle of champagne as a gift.

The day came of the twins leaving so I quickly stopped by on my way to work to wish them a safe trip and travel and all the best of luck on their new journey and thanked them for always putting up with me treating me as if I was their brother as well.

A few weeks had passed and me an Joel had made plans to have a few drinks at his house in his man cave basement now that the twins had finally moved out due to us now having jobs and working. We caught up on how work was just the usual stuff and if there was any new females to talk about but everything seemed the same, even though it had only been a few weeks since we sat down for a proper talk or hung out it felt like forever because we’d usually spend everyday together.

Around 10:30 pm Joel’s mom Mrs Langley who I just refer to as K short for Kelly had come down and bought us some chips and dip. I don’t know if it was the alcohol but I couldn’t stop staring at the way her nipples were pressing through her bra and shirt but then I quickly snapped back to reality thinking I can’t be looking that’s my best friends mom.

The next thing I knew after that, myself and Joel were waking up at around 9am with the worst hangovers before Joel asked me to head up stairs and make coffees. When I got upstairs to make coffee, I expected Kelly and Matt (Joel’s Mom and Dad) to be out, so I just went up in my jocks because I was comfortable enough in their house to walk around like that.

When I got to the kitchen Kelly was standing there in a nice Silk nightgown that ended mid thigh but what I noticed was that it seemed she wasn’t wearing any panties the way it was stuck in the crease of her ass, so thought I’d make my presence known.

“Oh shit sorry K I didn’t know you guys were still home I thought you guys were gone, I would’ve put some pants on.”

At that point I just thought rather than try hide the bulge in my jocks I’d just grasp my cock over the fabric as my way to try cover up.

At the point K turns around looks straight at my crotch stunned at the amount of cock I was holding in my hand to which I also noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra and says

“Uhm that’s ok frank I was just making breakfast and coffee so go and get Joel and come up for breakfast.”

“Alright K be back soon”

“Yo Joel your mums making breakfast and coffee and said to come up.”

“Sweet man let’s get dressed and head up.”

When we got to the kitchen Joel’s mom was wearing a pair of jeans and what seemed like an old college jersey and I started to think to myself, what the fuck, was I dreaming of what I had seen earlier and didn’t think much of it and just sat down and waited for breakfast. Not long after Joel’s dad Matt had come down and by the time breakfast was served, he looked at me and joel and said

“Bloody hell you 2 look like shit what time did youse go to sleep?”

“Not sure dad Joel replied last thing I remember was mom coming down with chips and dip.”

Matt laughed at us and said

“You 2 need to drink more so you can handle more.”

When we were in the middle of breakfast I asked them if everything had been all good with the yard work and stuff and Matt replied

“Yea it’s been ok frank it’s just since we’ve all been working all of that stuff has been lacking since the twins always took care of it but doesn’t what you do for work now take care of all of that?”

“Yup it definitely does”

“So when it comes to houses and what Escort Yeşilköy not, what do you guys actually do?”

“Well we do pretty much everything, we do all yard work which includes mowing lawns, trimming hedges and gardening.”

“What about inside houses?”

“We do inside houses as well, we do dishes, mop floors, vacuum carpets, clean rooms, do beds, scrub bathrooms and windows and clean blinds, so we do pretty much every bit of cleaning in a house except for the occupants washing for well privacy reasons if that makes sense”

“So you guys are like maids but updated version, Does that mean K will have to give you a skirt?”

And we all started laughing at what Matt just said before he added

“Well how much would it roughly cost if you were to do our house?”

“Well if we were to do a house like yours with it being so big it’ll cost from estimating off similar jobs it’ll be around $350 but I could give the boss a quick call now and get you guys a deal, I get paid by the hour so what customers pay don’t necessarily come to me”

“Yea man give him a call now and let me know what he says.”

I got up and quickly called my boss to ask.

“Hey Terry (my bosses name) it’s Frank are you available to talk?”

“Yea frank what’s up?”

“I’m just with some really close friends well my second family right now and they asked about having some work on their house done I told them the price of what it could possibly cost because of the size of their house and the amount of time it’ll take which would be all day and wanted to know if we could give them some sort of deal, The price I gave them was around $350?”

“Well considering you gave them that price you must’ve done a proper evaluation, was there any ideas you could come up with yourself?”

“Well that’s the reason I called you because I do have an idea but wanted to see what you thought?”

“What is it?”

“Well firstly I’ll say I trust them 100% and I would put my job there as assurance but what would you think about having them on a set day every week at $100 for each clean?”

“Well if you vouch for them and even willing to put your job on the line that they’ll stick to it then yes that’s fine with me”

“You don’t know how much this means to me terry thank you so much.”

After the call I headed back to the table and Matt asked

“So what did your boss say?”

“Well like I said the price for your house would be around $350 but managed to get you guys a deal.”

“Sweet so what’s the deal?”

“Well I said seeing as the price was so high for 1 clean that if he’d be ok with charging you guys at $100 for each clean considering you guys get a clean once a week on a set day for the same day every week.”

“What did he say?”

“Well he was fine with it because I said I trusted you guys enough that you’d stick to it, that’s if that works for you’s though”

“Mate you’re a bloody legend that definitely works for us, but who would do the cleaning though?”

“I’m not 100% sure as I’ve worked alone since I started, they gave me a company car and all.”

“Would you be able to do it, we trust you like you trust us and I’d rather not have someone we don’t know in our home because like you say the washing is something you’s don’t do and we sure wouldn’t want someone going through our washing now wouldn’t we K”

To which he gave Joels mom a slight wink and we all broke out laughing knowing exactly what he meant.

“I can definitely do that for you guys Matt no problems, so what day would work for you guys and I can head into work after breakfast and change my daily calendar so that you guys are on a set day”

“Wednesday will work for us frank as we’ll all be at work that day and it’ll be good knowing someone is watching our house. And each Wednesday well leave the money for you on the counter. Also seeing as we won’t be home we’ll leave you a spare key under the back mat just make sure you put it back when you’re done.”

“No problems Matt well I better head off and get that all sorted for you’s now.”

When I got to my car Joel’s mom come running out and said

“Hey Matt you forgot your phone.”

“Thanks K lucky I didn’t leave it behind I need it for the pass codes at work.”

“And frank I’ve gotta add I’m so sorry you had to see me in my nightgown this morning I thought you were still asleep.”

“No problems K that’s totally cool. Once again thanks for breakfast

“So I shall see you guys on maybe Wednesday?”

And with that I left, I then thought, so what I seen this morning wasn’t a dream and I started getting turned on and badly.

Wednesday had come around and I made my way to the house to start cleaning but first grabbing the spare key. When I entered the house I first got the money and then started doing my job.

I finished the outside and then started on the inside and by this time it was midday, firstly I did the kitchen all the dishes mopped, did the lounge vacuumed and man cave then made Yeşilyurt escort my way upstairs when I got into Matt and Kelly’s room I could smell the sweet scent of Kelly’s perfume as if she had just left and I found myself rubbing my cock, I quickly pulled my handout because of the sweat and could smell the musky cock scent coming from my cock and was just imagining Joel’s mom sucking my cock to clean it.

I started getting carried away so I quickly finished up their room and bathroom and noticed the massive pile of washing they had left but remembered explaining that we stay away from that.

The house was finished so I left and went home for the remainder of the day. At about 5:30pm I received a call from Joel telling me to pop over. When I got there, Joel and his parents greeted me with an expensive bottle of alcohol and dinner.

We sat down for dinner and they thanked me for the way I had cleaned their house both inside and out. I said to them

“It’s totally fine guys I was just doing my job but you’re welcome I’m glad you’s are happy with the finished product.”

I then handed them back their key saying I totally forgot to put it back as I left and they told me to just keep it as I’ll be back there every Wednesday and it’ll save them the trouble of having to remember to put it there. I just said

“no problems and put it back in my pocket.”

As we were having dinner they all had a look on their faces like they wanted to say something but couldn’t until Matt finally spoke up and said

“Frank I know you mentioned when it comes to houses that your company has a policy on no washing but I wanted to ask, is there anyway your boss would make an exception”

“The best I can do Matt is ask because the reason we have that policy is due to possible law suits because other companies in the past have had some of there workers both male and female, do or try inappropriate things and take clothing as well, I understand that we have a relationship on a personal level and things will be fine but if I’m going to be a good man at my job I will have to check with my boss, it’s not that I wouldn’t do it, it’s just I wanna make a good impression if I ever look for another job. If you’d like I’ll call him right now”

“Thanks for your honesty frank we totally understand and that’ll be good if you could.”

I called up terry and explained to him the situation and he was more than happy at an extra charge of $20 bringing the total of weekly cleans to $120.

“Hey Matt I just called my boss and he’s fine with it at an added cost of $20 making the weekly total of $120 would you be good with that?”

“Thank you so much frank that is totally fine with us.”

“Well as the night is still here guys I’m going to have to head off home as I’ve got an early start tomorrow. Thank you for the champagne and lovely dinner it truly means a lot.”

On the weekend I thought I’d go and see what Joel was doing if he wasn’t at work after I had been to the gym

When I got to Joel’s house I couldn’t see his car and thought it’d be in a garage so I knocked on the door but no one came. I grabbed my spare key to the house and thought I’d let myself in to check if he was asleep but when I got to his room he wasn’t in bed. I heard the shower going to which I thought it was him so as a prank I went down stairs to grab a pot of cold water.

As I got to the bathroom the shower still going with the shower curtain closed so I tipped the cold water in there and heard K scream so I immediately panicked and started saying sorry before walking out downstairs.

As I was on the couch K had come down in a tight top that clung to her body and I could see her nipples poking through the shirt with some tight yoga shorts that seemed see through with what looking like a black thong on underneath. She turned to me a said

“Dammit frank what the hell was that?”

“I’m so sorry K I thought you were joel and I wanted to play a prank on him for old time sake.”

“Please just don’t do it again and you didn’t see anything so I guess it’s ok.”

The whole time she was speaking I started getting hard and my cock was growing through my gym shorts so when she turned around I tucked my cock into my waist band.

Not long after Joel and his dad returned from where ever they were and seen me sitting there asking what I was doing over and I said to them.

“Well I thought I’d come over to see what Joel was doing as I had the weekend free but didn’t see his car and thought it’d be in the garage so I used the spare key to let myself in, as I got to his room I couldn’t see him but I could hear the shower and thought that was him, so I come down stairs and filled a pot of water up with ice cold water to prank who I thought was Joel in the shower. As I got upstairs to the bathroom I tipped the ice cold water over the shower curtain and heard a scream and it turned out that it was K and not Joel so I apologised and ran down stairs before she come out.”

They could Zeytinburnu escort bayan see the worry in my face as though I felt like I really fucked up so I carried on saying.

“I’m so sorry if I’ve over stepped a boundary by doing that I didn’t mean to it was just a prank on who I thought was Joel.”

They both looked at me told me to shut up and Matt chimes in and said

“Frank mate don’t worry about it, you’re family here.”

And they started laughing so hard saying why didn’t we think of something like that and were laughing so hard to the point they were crying but then K come down stairs and seen that they were laughing but didn’t look to happy and said.

“Why the hell do you guys think that’s funny I was in the shower and he tipped ice cold water on me.”

“Calm down Kelly, Matt said, he didn’t see anything so no harm done.”

K just stormed off and me and Joel hung out before I headed home.

On Wednesday morning I got all my gear ready for the day to clean their house, when I got there I did as usual and started with the outside before starting on the inside before I called Matt.

When I called Matt I asked him.

“Hey Matt I just wanted to go over a question and ask if you wanted me to fold and put your guys clothes away seeing as I’m washing them”

“Hey frank yes that’ll be good please if you could.”

“No problems Matt speak soon.”

Before I started cleaning I thought I’d put the washing on so by the time I had finished cleaning the washing will be ready to put in the dryer.

I put all of Joel’s clothes into the washing hamper and went to his parents room to collect theirs, as I was collecting their clothes into the hamper, my finger touch something that felt really wet, so I grabbed it and it was the black thing K had on on when I pranked her but it wasn’t wet from water, it was only wet on the gusset which was soaked in pussy juice. I just couldn’t stop looking at them so I put the wet part to my nose and the smell was amazing but then I put my tongue on the wet spot and the taste was even better.

My cock started growing and fast but thought what I was doing was just disgusting and put them in the hamper. Just then the door opened and K looked and me and asked

“Frank what the fuck are you doing in my room and to make it worse in our washing?”

“K it’s Wednesday which is the day I clean your house as we agreed remember”

I then started to feel a little uneasy around her, not because of what I just did but because of how she come in and assumed the worst.

“Oops yea it is, well I better let you get back to it”

“Would you mind if I went home? I’ll just give your money back and come back tomorrow maybe”

“Yea that’s fine frank”

With that I just left the house without doing the washing or cleaning the inside of the house.

Matt and Joel had gotten back from work as they worked together at a car sales lot across town and noticed the yard was done but the house wasn’t so Matt seen K and asked.

“Hey K I’m confused that the yard was done but the house isn’t, did Frank come by today”

“Yea he did but he left when I got home.”

“Why would he do that?”

“I’m not sure Matt but he said he’d be back tomorrow to finish up.”

Tomorrow came but I never showed up and then 2 weeks went by and I never showed up and Joel had called me and said

“Hey bro where have you been”

“I’ve been looking for work man after what happened.”

“What happened, I thought you had a deal with my parents.”

“Yea I did but didn’t your mum tell you what happened”

“Uhm no, what the hell happened?”

“Well I had just finished doing your guys yard and started gathering all your guys clothes to start washing. As I was finishing up putting your parents clothes in the basket your mum walked in and snapped at me and asked what the fuck I was doing in their room and touching their clothes before I explained to her that it was Wednesday which was the day we all agreed upon for me to clean and she just clicked and totally forgot that it was Wednesday but at that point I was surprised and a bit shocked and expected an apology but never got one so I asked if I could go home and I’d be back on Thursday to finish off once I felt better emotionally.”

“So I gave her the money back and left. The Thursday had come and just as I was about to leave my boss called me and fired me, when I asked him why, he said he received a call from your mom telling him that I had done a bad job by leaving the house untidy leaving out the part of me feeling uncomfortable after snapping at me and because I said I vouched for you guys for the deal I made with him also putting my job on the line he let me go on the spot so I had to return the company car all my gear that same day and I’ve just been feeling like shit and been looking for a new job but haven’t found anything.”

“Bro you’re fucking kidding me?”

“Na Joel I’m being serious man”

“So you’re telling me this whole time you haven’t been coming around is because of my mom”

“Yup and it’s hurt me pretty bad because you’re my bestfriend I’ve known you most of my life and I thought I was part of your guys family but then your mom goes and does this to me. So I feel a bit broken right now man so I’ll speak to you when I get the time if that’s ok”

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