My Best Friend

Double Penetration

We had been friends for almost seven years. We met at work one day. I had always seen her around but never spoke to her, until the day I bumped into her. She had long brown hair and hazel green eyes, and a great smile. She was thick and plump, just like me, just like I like my women.

We were both married with wonderful loving husbands, but deep down inside we had always wondered. What it would be like to be with her? I had always been attracted to women. Soft, sensual, thick, plump women and she knew that. I had always been honest about my attraction to her. I was by far an ” expert” on women, but I knew what I liked and I knew what I wanted.

My husband calls me his “LITTLE FREAK”, he loves the fact that I am into women. Mainly because he like to watch my love sessions, but mostly because I usually ask him to join in. I love watching my fatty of the week, suck his thick, 9 inch cock, and he loves watching her suck on my thick, juicy pussy. But that is another story, for another time.

One night, while having dinner with my husband he said “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, you can ask me anything.”

“Have you ever been with her?” I replied by saying “No.”

“Do you want to?”

I just smiled. I thought of the day that I walked in on her while she was taking a shower. I had to pee and couldn’t hold it in any longer, I knocked on the door. “I’m comming in to pee.”

“That’s fine, I needed your help anyway.”

HELP? What did she need MY help for? She swung open the shower curtain, releasing all the hot steam that had been building up inside. There she was, standing right in front of me. Hot water, streaming down over her body, her nipples were erect from the cold air that was let in. My heart started to pound in my chest, my pussy started to throb. “What did you need me for?”

“Would you mind washing my back for me?”

Would I mind?? Every part of me was now screaming inside.

“Sure I’ll wash your back.”

She handed me the body wash. Sweet Pea, from Bath & Body Works. I knew, because I had it also. She turned the shower head away from her, as to not get me wet, but I was already wet. My pussy was wet.

I placed a big mound of body wash in my hand and slowly ran my hands over her shoulders. My heart was pounding so hard. I was sure she could hear it. Her back was all soft and soapy, my hands glided over her skin so easily.

I slowly ran my hands down the middle of her back to her ass, and ran 2 fingers between her plump ass cheeks. I heard her gently moan and say

“That feels nice.”

All I could do was smile. My hands made their way back up to her neck, she raised her arms, exposing the sides of her breasts, which I couldn’t help but stare at. My hands made their way down to her breasts, slowly rubbing the soap all over them, causing them to turn white from the bubbles. I moved closer and closer to her nipples, finally feeling their hardness under my finger tips.

Is this really happening to me, am I dreaming? She let out a gasp when I gently pinched them, which caused me to let go.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“No, you didn’t hurt me.” as she turned around showing me her very erect nipples and her clean shaven pussy.

I just stood there, watching the water run down over her belly and the soft, sensual rolls of her white flesh. Watching the water wash away all the soapiness my hands had left behind.

Should I tell her how badly I wanted to take her nipples into my mouth or how my panties were now soaked from my juices. I just stood there, looking at her.

“Anything else you need me for?”

“Not right now.” she replied.

Not right now?? What did she mean by that? I got myself together and walked out of the bathroom.

“Hello, are you still here with me?” I heard a deep, male voice say. I quickly realized that it was my husbands voice, he was sitting across from me at the dinner table. “Was it good?” he asked

“Was what good?”

“What ever you were thinking about. From the smile on your face it must have been good.”

“Yeah, it was good.”

We finished our dinner and after the flash back I had just had, I was now ready for desert. What I had in mind the restaurant didn’t offer. I didn’t realize how horny I had gotten until my husband brushed up against my ass with his crotch, and I felt his firmness through his pants.

We walked to the car, got in and drove away. I could feel the heat rise from my womanhood. I spread my legs, slowly slid up my skirt and ran my fingers over my pussy. I could feel the wetness on my panties. The light touch of my fingers sent goose bumps racing down my body.

My husband looked over and smiled, his hand slowly finding its way to my wet slit and from there his fingers Bycasino made their way to my clit. He started gently, rubbing it, making sure that my juices completely covered my now throbbing erect clit.

“You like that baby?” he asked.

“Oh yes, please don’t stop, Make me cum.”

“You know I will.” His pace quickened and this touch became firmer, he could tell I was getting close, by the way I was rocking my hips against his hand, and by the way I was breathing, heavier and faster. “Come on baby, Cum for me. Cum on my fingers.” he repeated those words over and over.

“YES, OH YES, its coming!!” I thrust my hips hard into his hand as my body exploded in pleasure.

“You’re a very bad girl.” he said.

“You will soon see what a bad girl is.”

“I want you to taste yourself on my fingers.”, he placed his fingers in my mouth. “Suck on them!”

I slowly started to suck on them. I looked over, and saw his cock bulging inside his pants. I couldn’t resist, I had to release his manhood from its confines. I unzipped his jeans releasing his beast. He quickly became completely erect.

I gently ran my tongue over the tip of his dick, making it glisten from my spit. Slowly I lowered my mouth over his cock, taking him all in. Up and down, up and down, sucking him harder with each pass. He started rocking his hips back and forth, forcing himself deeper into my mouth with each thrust.

I could feel his body starting to stiffen and his cock swell. I knew he was ready to cum, I sucked harder and deeper taking in the whole 9 inches of his big, black, cock. Gagging each time he hit the back of my throat.

“Get ready, Im gonna cum.” I did not let up, I wanted to feel his hot juice run down my throat. He grabbed a hand full of my hair, and held my head down, as he unloaded his sweetness into my mouth, forcing me to swallow every last drop of him.

“MMM, that was good.” as I licked my lips. I was amazed that he was able to control the car as well as he did, especially after the explosion I had just felt from his body.

We finally made it home and I could no longer hold in my desire for him and his touch. We made our way to the bedroom where I slowly started to undress in front of him. Layer by layer, each piece slowly came off, until I was left with nothing but my pink lace panties and pink bra, they were his favorites.

He liked how my 40DDD looked poking out from the top. Barely revealing the pink from my nipples. He laid me on the bed and made love to me for hours.

The next morning, I had made plans to go out with her. We were gonna do some shopping and lunch, you know, a girls day out. She looked cute in her short shorts and low cut t-shirt. She had her hair pulled up with a few strands hanging down on her neck.

It had been a long, hot, summer day of shopping and running errands and we were pretty tired and hungry. We went to one of our favorite restaurants, got a quiet booth all the way in the back, away from the crowd and away from noisy kids.

During lunch, she asked me how my dinner date with my husband had been. I told her it was wonderful, and from the look on my face she knew there was more to the story.

“What else happened?” she said, with a smirk on her face.

I then began to tell her every detail about our ride home from the restaurant. She sat there quietly, in amazement at what she was hearing. I couldn’t help but to notice her chest moving up and down from her heavy breathing.

The waitress had walked by and ask us if we needed anything else, she asked for a cup of ice water.

“Are you OK.” I asked

“Yeah Im fine, my mouth was just a little dry.”

I wondered why her mouth was so dry, was it from the heat or was it from what I was telling her. She excused herself and went to the bathroom. Upon returning, I noticed that her nipples were hard and her cheeks were flush.

I was now sure that it wasn’t the heat that was causing this reaction from her, it was my encounter with my husband. I needed to know and I had to ask her.

“Tell me something?”

“Does hearing about me and my husband excite you? Does it turn you on?”

“YES!!You and him are beautiful together, I cant imagine the passion you both share. I would love to feel passion like that.” She lowered her head and looked away.

I gently touched her neck, and softly kissed her cheek, she turned to me and kissed my lips firmly, slowly sliding her tongue in my mouth. Her tongue found mine and they danced around in our mouths.

I placed my hand on her leg. I started rubbing the inside of her thigh, working my way up under her shorts. I made my way to her thick womanhood, where to my surprise I found no panties.

I gently ran my fingers between her juicy pussy lips, Bycasino giriş where I found a valley of creaminess. She pressed my hand deeper into her, as she enjoyed the pleasure I was providing her. She closed her eyes in complete enjoyment, not worried about where we were or who was there.

Her breath is all I heard. I told myself I needed to stop, I needed to take this to another place. A place where she could get comfortable and release all her fears, a place where she could let go and feel all the passion I wanted to provide her.

I pulled my hand away slowly, I looked down and saw her sweet juices covering the two fingers that had been inside her. I couldn’t resist I had to see what she tasted like. Before I could put my fingers in my mouth she stopped me and told me she wanted to taste herself. She took my fingers and placed them in her mouth and sucked every last bit of herself off my fingers.

“What do you think?”

“I think I want to know what YOU taste like now.”

“Would you like to go?”

“YES I do.”

I told her that we could go back to my house, my husband had gone out with the guys and would be home late. She was a little hesitant at first but then quickly agreed. The drive home was long and quiet, a bit awkward.

We soon, arrived at my house, she looked for any signs of my husband being home. I assured her that he had gone out and would be in very late.

We made it inside and worked our way to my bedroom. I lit some candles, causing a warm glow in the room. She was very tense and nervous, I needed to do something to relax her. I realized that I had not turned on the AC before I had gone out and it was very hot in the house.

I apologized for the heat and told her that I knew how we could cool down while we were waiting for the AC to kick in. I went into the bathroom and started up the shower.

I took her by the hand and led her into the bathroom, where I then started to undress her.

“Turn off the lights, please.”

“No, I dont want to turn the lights off. I tink you are beautiful and I want to see all of you in the light. I will light some candles for you instead.” It would provide enough light to hide her flaws, and enough to enjoy the sight of her soft, white skin.

Slowly I unbuttoned her shorts, causing them to drop to the floor. She removed her shirt, showing me her pretty baby blue bra. She helped me undress, enjoying and taking in the sight of my body, in the candle light. She reached behind me and unhooked my bra, the same bra that I had worn the night before with my husband,

“I see why this is his favorite bra.It makes your breasts look delicious!”.

She removed the straps from over my shoulders, kissing me, as my breasts were released from their restraints. I leaned my head to the side causing her to move her lips down my neck to my cleavage, where she then started to lick.

I could feel my nipples become harder and she got closer to them, until she finally took them in her hot mouth. She moaned in excitement and enjoyment from what she was doing.

We made our way into the shower and the cool water over our bodies was very refreshing. I reached for the Sweet Pea body wash. It brought back pleasant memories of my first encounter with her. We poured the body wash all over each others bodies, enjoying the touching and the rubbing that came from it.

We rubbed our bodies together creating a warm friction that only comes from two bodies rubbing together. I slid my hand between her legs as I sucked on her breast, she leaned her body back allowing me to slide my fingers deep inside her.

“I want to be with you now!! Take me to bed.” We quickly rinsed the soap off our bodies and got out of the shower, and got into bed. “This is my first time being with a woman. I’m afraid of doing something wrong.”

“Dont worry, I will show you what its like to be with a woman, and I will show you how much pleasure I can provide you. It is an experience that cannot compare to being with a man.” I started to kiss her neck, a spot that was very sensitive to her, her nipples became erect as soon as my tongue touched her neck. I moved to her mouth where she patiently waited for mine, we kissed for what seemed like forever.

Our tongues dancing around, her lips wet from mine. I slowly moved my mouth down to her breasts and took her nipples into my mouth, gently sucking on them.

Her hands slowly stroked my hair holding back any strands that gotten in the way. She ran her fingers through my hair, caressing my head and sending shivers down my spine.

“Are you ok. Does this feel good to you?”

“I never imagined a woman could ever make me feel this way. You are so soft, so sensual, so sexy.”

I could tell by the way she was moving Bycasino güncel giriş her hips, that she was ready for me. I asked her if she minded if I use some of my toys on her, to pleasure her. I told her that I would be gentile and I would not hurt her. She told me that it would be fine.

I had a thick black dildo, that reminded me of hubby, I use it on occasions when my husband is not around and I need a little something to get me by.

I worked my way down to her spot, she was squirming with anticipation. I placed my body between her legs and slowly spread them farther and farther apart. She placed her hands on my head as she felt my hot breath on her pussy.

I started kissing on her pussy lips making sure that I didn’t touch any other part of her purring kitty. I could feel how badly she wanted me now. She took her fingers and spread her lips for me. Allowing me to see her pink flesh, and the cream that was starting to run from her valley.

I showed her how I wanted her to hold her pussy open. Wide enough so that I could get a good look at her erect clit, and far enough so that I could suck on it. I slowly placed my mouth over her pussy, letting her feel my hot, wet, tongue against her sensitive flesh.

I placed my tongue against her clit, to feel her hardness. I started running my tongue up and down, flicking her clit slowly and gently with the tip of my tongue.

“OH GOD, that feels so good!” She started rocking her hips against my mouth I continued licking her and sucking her clit for a while making sure I took my time pleasuring her and bringing her to a near climax.

I took two of my fingers and slid them inside her. I wanted to taste her cum and I wanted to make sure she was wet enough for the black dildo I had waiting for her. Her pussy was wet enough as my fingers were covered with her cum. I wanted her to feel an intense heat inside her pussy, as I sucked on her.

I placed some KY warming liquid on the dildo making sure it was spread all over the whole length of it. I very slowly slid it inside her, waiting for her reaction. I felt her legs lift off the bed and spread even farther awaiting the feeling of my lips sucking on her and me fucking her with my dick.

“Please Fuck Me!!I cant wait anymore.” She whisperd. I was pleased to hear those words from her lips and I was even happier to give her what she wanted. I buried my face deep in her pussy as I started to fuck her.

My pace started to quicken as I could feel her body start to stiffen, she moaned louder and more intensely, I could tell that she was ready to cum.

“Tell me you want it. Tell me to fuck you.”

“Fuck me, Please Fuck Me!! OOOHHHHHHH GOD!!”.

She was begging me to fuck her, begging me to make her cum. I could feel my own pussy throbbing between my legs as she got closer to orgasm. I fucked her hard and fast and sucked on her clit furiously.

“Is this what you want? Is this how you want me to fuck you?”


I continued, not letting up, on her now, sloppy wet pussy. She grabbed my head and pulled it into her hard, as she let out an incredible moan. I felt her body jerk a few times in pure ecstacy as she released the passion that she had been holding inside of her for so long.

Her body relaxed as her orgasm passed, she just laid there, still and silent, taking in, all of what had happened.

She had this sort of glow to her face and a smile of contentment that seemed to remain on her face for the rest of the night. I asked her if she was alright and if she enjoyed the way I had pleasured her. She did not say a word, she just continued to smile and nodded her head.

After a while of laying there in my arms, she began to gather her things to get ready to leave. I told her that she did not have to leave just yet but she insisted. She knew that my husband would be getting home soon and she did not want to be there when he arrived.

I realized that I had to take her home since I did the driving for the day. I blew out all the candles, got dressed and we walked out together.

We arrived at her house. She kissed me sweetly and said

“Thank You for the wonderful time we shared together.”

I returned the kiss, smiled and said goodnight. As I drove home, I couldn’t believe what had just happened, I had made love to my best friend. I couldn’t stop wondering if we would ever be together again. I couldn’t help wanting to taste her in my mouth again.

I arrived home and could still smell the scent of her in my room. A scent that made my pussy ache for her. I decided to take a shower and get cleaned up before my hubby got home.

As I got out of the shower, I noticed the glow of a candle coming from my bedroom. I thought I had blown out all of the candles. I slowly walked in to the bedroom, to find my husband laying on the bed, naked, stroking this massive hard on.

“When did you get home?” I asked

“I never went out!I’ve been here the whole time”.


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