My Angry Tenants Ch. 15


It was a hot August night with a full moon. Ron and Gary had been working since sunup to finish a remodeling job in a un-air conditioned building and it had been in the 90’s all day. Even now, at 10pm it was still in the 80’s and they had 20 miles of country road to cover to get home.

Gary was in his favorite summer work outfit; a tight pair of 501’s cut off so high they barely held his balls in and a worn old white wife beater. Ron’s outfit was a pair of nylon gym shorts and a white tee that was cut off at the mid-chest level. Both were wearing work boots and thick work socks and neither one of them had bothered with underwear that morning.

The first thing they did after leaving the job was pull in to the all night market on the way home to get a 6 pack for the road. When Ron got out of the truck to go into the store, he noticed a state trooper car parked on the dark side of the building, hidden in the shadows. It was too dark to see who was inside, just the silhouettes of 2 heads so he saluted the car and went in to make his buy.

On his way back out, with his 6 pack swinging in one hand he called out, “Have a nice night, officers.” as he climbed into the truck.

Gary pulled back out onto the road and Ron cracked open a can of beer for each of them which they both downed in one long chug. They hadn’t even gone half a mile when the rearview lit up with revolving lights and the trooper car from the market beeped the siren for them to pull over.

“Fuck! This is the last thing I need tonight. “Gary said as he eased over onto the shoulder.

The trooper car pulled in behind them and both officers got out and approached the truck on opposite sides. They both shined their flashlights into the cab and the cop on the driver’s side said, “Well, what have we here? Looks like drinking and driving to me.”

“Aw, man! The moon is bright as daylight, there’s nobody else on the road and we’re just trying to get home after working all day! Why are you hassling us?”

The cop on the passenger side said, “Damn, I think I smell weed in this vehicle, too. I’m going to need both of you boys to step outside the vehicle and show me some identification, please.”

“Fuck, you’re the Man.” Gary said as they both climbed out.

The cop on Gary’s side was a black guy in his 40’s, lanky but muscularly built and with a short mustache. Even pissed off, Gary couldn’t help noticing the large mound straining at his fly. Ron and the other cop came around the truck and stopped at the tailgate while the first cop herded Gary back to stand beside Ron. The headlights from the squad car lit them both up like they were on stage.

Ron’s cop was a white guy, also in his 40’s with blond hair and a thick build, more muscle than fat.

“Where’d you two get those outfits?” the black cop asked. “Is that what you wear to dance on the bar at the fag bar?” Both cops laughed.

“No,” Gary said. “This is what I wear when I go out cruising for an off duty cop to suck my dick.”

“You’ve got a real smart mouth on you, don’t you?” the black cop said. “Give your ID’s to my partner and just stand here and shut up.”

The boys handed over their papers and the other cop took them back to the car to call in.

Gary asked, “Mind if we sit while we wait?” and lowered the tailgate to sit down. He hopped up and spread his legs, knowing that his big cock and balls would spill out of his cut offs.

When he caught the black cop looking at them, he said, “That’s been happening all day. Mind if I put them away Ankara escort or would you rather keep admiring them?”

“You know, I really don’t like a smart ass.” the cop said.

“I bet you like any ass you can get.” Gary replied.

Ron just looked at the two of them and said, “Gary, just cool it.”

“Yeah, listen to your girl friend before she cuts you off from her pussy.” the cop said.

“If he was my girl friend, I bet he’d still be a better fuck than you.” Ron replied.

Just then, the other cop reappeared.

“Well, well.” he said. “We caught ourselves a real pair of desperadoes. Both of these assholes are on parole. They’ve both got a sheet as long as my arm.”

He looked at his partner and smirked while saying, “Both busted for prostitution and soliciting in the past. I guess that fag bar crack wasn’t too far off.”

“Yeah, well, we’re both retired from whoring.” Ron spoke up, pissed off himself now. “Except when cops pay us for a blowjob. Lots of those.”

“I guess you pair of cocksuckers know you can get sent back if we bust you?” the black cop said.

“Man, all we were doing is trying to get home. Can’t you give us a break?” Gary said.

The black cop looked at his partner who gave a slight nod.

“We could maybe overlook it this time if you two want to play nice and put your smart mouths to work at something besides talking.” the white cop said.

“Aw, man, I’ve worked all day and now I have to suck a cop dick? Fuck, you promise you’ll drop this?” Gary asked.

“Get us off if you want to get off.” the black cop said.

“Fine, but I’m not sucking your mangy dick.” Gary said to the black cop.

“You just guaranteed that you are.” the black cop replied. “Hit your knees, asshole.” He keyed the radio on his shoulder and said, “Central, we’re going on lunch break. Back in 30.” then turned back to Gary and said, “Lunch time, cocksucker.”

Ron and Gary knelt on the pavement and the two cops stood in front of them as they unzipped and drew out their cocks and balls. The black cop had a fat uncut piece of meat, darker than his regular skin tone, which hung down about 5 inches only half hard over a meaty ball sack containing egg sized balls. The other cop’s dick was shorter in length but was already as big around as a beer can soft and his balls were the kind that hugs the base of the cock.

“Wow, what a big man.” Gary said. “I had black friends in prison that had cocks twice the size of this one. At least it was a pleasure to suck on some real meat then.”

“You’ve got a real dirty mouth on you.” the cop replied. “Maybe I’d better wash it out before I stick my dick in it so I don’t catch anything.” He grabbed his shaft and aimed the head of his cock at Gary’s face. “Open wide, piss breath.”

“I’m not going to let you piss in my mouth, no way.” Gary said.

“Then I guess you’ll be getting a chance to swing on those big black dicks you just told me about, again.” the cop replied.

Ron was already sucking the other cop’s cock. It was about 6 inches long hard but at least 9 inches around. Ron was rather enjoying it, swallowing it down to the balls.

“Oh, fuck, go ahead.” Gary said and held his mouth open.

The black cop skinned back his foreskin over the pink head and started to piss, a strong stream that splashed on Gary’s face and then he directed it so that it squirted into Gary’s mouth and ran down over his chest and lap, soaking his clothes. When he’d emptied his bladder, his shook the last drops at Gary and then Ankara escort bayan rubbed his cock head over his face.

“You even look like a urinal.” he said. “Now suck my cock and unlike my piss, you’re going to swallow my cum. And don’t get any piss on my uniform.”

Gary looked over at Ron who was bobbing up and down on the other cop’s incredibly fat cock.

“Yours isn’t the first cop dick I’ve sucked.” Gary told the black cop, “But it sure is the ugliest.”

He grabbed the big cock by the shaft and skinned back the foreskin.

“Lick my balls first.” the cop said. “I want to enjoy this.”

Gary buried his face against the meaty ball sack, inhaling the man smell. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, after all. He licked the sack, feeling the big balls inside shift against his tongue and then he sucked each nut into his mouth, one at a time.

“Okay, piss face, eat my dick.” the cop instructed.

Gary opened his mouth and then engulfed the fat head of the cock in his hand. It had grown to a considerable 10 inches of hard meat and the shaft had expanded to twice as thick. He could taste the rank flavor of smegma and piss as he licked and sucked the rock hard pole.

“How’s that taste, cocksucker?” the cop asked.

“Like ham and cheese, Porky.” Gary replied.

The cop looked at him, finally totally pissed off.

“I think you need a lesson in respect for the long arm of the law.” he said. “Get up and strip.”

“I knew you liked looking at me.” Gary replied as he stood up.

He kicked off his boots and peeled off his socks, the lifted his shirt over his head and unloosened his pants so they dropped at his feet. He stood in front of the cop totally nude and grasped his cock and pointed it at him and said, “Is this what you want?”

“Not hardly, dickwad.” the cop replied. “Get up in the truck on your back and spread your legs wide.”

“Oh, no, I’m not getting fucked.” Gary said. “I’m not on having a dick up me.”

“You keep thinking I care how you feel about it.” the cop said. “It’s either ride my black cock tonight or ride a black dick every time you shower for the next few years.”

“Motherfucker, I really hate you.” Gary replied.

He climbed up onto the tailgate and lay down and pulled his knees up to his chest so that his ass was spread open and his tight little hole was exposed. Ron’s head was exactly level with his ass and he could see Gary’s hole pucker when the night breeze hit it.

“Come on, you big ugly bastard.” Gary said. “I haven’t got all night.”

The cop was unbuttoning his shirt and he pulled it open so that his muscular chest was bare, then unhooked his belt and stepped up between Gary’s spread legs to where his ass hung over the edge of the tailgate. He shucked his uniform pants down to his knees and grasping the base of his hard cock, ran the head up and down Gary’s spread ass crack. Then, he took two of his fingers and rammed them into Gary’s hole.

“Nice and tight, just how I like it.” he said as he dug his fingers deeper into Gary’s ass. “But it’ll be nice and loose after my big dick gets through pounding it.”

“Skip the bullshit.” Gary said. “I’ve had bigger and better. Let’s see if you know how to use that thing or if it’s just decorative.”

From where he knelt sucking the fat cock of the other cop Ron could see the big cock head poised against Gary’s hole. The cop dropped a big gob of spit onto the hole and then speared his cock deep into Gary’s ass with one thrust. Gary arched his back like he had Escort Ankara gotten an electric shock, rising off of the truck bed.

“Looks like you felt that, dickhead.” the cop said.

“Yeah, and if it was a little longer and a little wider it might have made an impression.” Gary replied.

The cop pulled his hips back so that just the head of his cock was inside of Gary’s ass and then slammed it all of the way back in.

After he’d plunged in and out a couple of times Gary said, “Do you just get off on watching your dick go in and out or are you going to fuck me?”

The cop grabbed Gary by the hips and pulled him down so that his ass was all of the way off of the tailgate and he hooked Gary’s knees over his shoulders, then began to fuck his ass in long strokes.

“I thought black guys were supposed to know how to fuck.” Gary said. “Wake me up if I nod off.”

The cop retaliated by slamming his cock deep and hard into Gary’s ass, over and over.

“Damn, I bet your poor wife has to call up her white boyfriends every time she wants a decent fuck.” Gary said. “I bet you wondered why all of your babies came out so pale.”

Ron could see that Gary had his hands gripped on the edge of the tailgate as the massive cock slammed in and out of his hole, rocking the truck on its suspension.

“Goddamn!” The white cop cried, watching his partner demolish Gary’s hole. Ron felt the wide cock in his mouth buck and then squirt load after load of bitter cum out of its head. He grasped the cock by the base and then spit the cum load in his mouth into the dust. He and the cop went back to watching the fuck show going on next to them. The black cop’s huge dick was flying in and out of Gary’s reddened ass hole and Gary’s cock was so hard that it stood in an arc over his belly.

“Come on, you ugly piece of shit.” Gary said. “Fuck my ass like you mean it. Stop playing around.”

Incredibly, the black cop started to fuck him even harder and faster, the truck squealing with the violence of his thrusts. It was finally more than Gary could handle and without even touching himself his cock began spewing thick ropes of cum that landed on his face and hair and chest.

Seeing Gary cum pushed the cop over the edge and Ron could see the base of his cock swell in Gary’s ass hole and throb as his ball juice emptied into Gary’s abused ass. He stayed with his cock buried full length in the hole until every drop was wrung from his nuts, and then slowly withdrew his softening dick.

“Not bad.” Gary said. “Too bad we didn’t have more time so you could really fuck me.”

“Kiss my ass, cocksucker.” the cop said. That’s not my cum all over you so it must have been better than not bad. Get your clothes on and get out of here.”

He started to rearrange his uniform as Gary dressed and Ron walked back with the other cop to retrieve their ID’s.

“I thought he was going to fuck your friend to death.” the cop said to Ron.

“Gary can take care of himself.” Ron replied.

As he walked back, Ron could see the black cop and Gary having a low conversation and then they shook hands. The cop turned and walked past Ron and then Gary and Ron both climbed into the truck. The cop car pulled out from behind them and went past and finally Gary started up the engine and they continued their journey home.

After a few minutes, Ron reached over between Gary’s legs and felt his ass hole. It was still gaping open and slimy cum was leaking out of it.

“He really tore up your hole.” Ron said.

“Yeah, that’s alright.” Gary said, turning to Ron with an evil smile. “The big ugly fuckhead is off this coming Tuesday night so I invited him over. I’ll get my revenge then. That asshole won’t know what hit him when I’m done with him.”

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