Mother-in-law Lust Ch. 03


In July 2007 my wife, Liz and I plus her parents, Georgina and Ken flew to Majorca for a week’s holiday together. If you have read my first two stories you will know that for a few months prior to this Georgie, as my mother in law likes to be called, and myself had been having an affair. This had started late the previous year (for all the details read Mother in law lust 1 & 2) and after a gap had continued with us having sex virtually every week for a few months.

We’d had a few holidays with Georgie and Ken before, but this was the first one without any of our children and had been a late idea by Georgie. She had actually suggested it to Liz without my knowledge at the end of May and Liz had thought it a good idea, but had told her Mum that she didn’t think I would be up for it. I seemingly gave the impression that a week with the in laws and especially Liz’s Mum was the equivalent of a week in a Russian gulag. (An act I was very proud of when Georgie told me later that week after the holiday was booked). On the day Georgie suggested it, she told her daughter to see if she could convince me and that to make the whole thing more appealing her and Ken would pay for a villa if we could rustle up the money for our flights. When Liz mentioned it, my initial reaction was one of trepidation. All I could think about was a week in the sun with my horny mother in law but not being able to do anything because her husband and my wife would be with us all the time. I did however agree because I just wanted to spend a week living with Georgie, in the hope that I might get something. In fact as the time moved towards the holiday, I got more excited especially about having a quick fondle or a kiss under Liz and Ken’s noses whilst Georgie started to worry that Liz or Ken would suss us out and everything would be ruined.

We managed to find a vacant villa in Sa Coma on the east side of the island and got some cheap budget flights from Stansted Airport.

Two days before we left, Ken played a round of golf and Georgie asked me round for a quick shag. Afterwards we lay in her bed and she asked me if I would fuck her on holiday if we got the chance.

“I think the temptation of being around you for a week is going to be too hard to resist,” I told her.

She giggled and said “We’ll have to be careful, but the more I have thought about it over the last couple of days, the more I have thought I’d love to have sex with you when those 2 are around.”

“Like how?”

“Oh I don’t know, but maybe in the bathroom whilst they are outside by the pool or even in the lounge when they are asleep in bed or even us two going off for a walk along the beach and you screwing me in the sand dunes.”

I looked down at my naked mother in law. It was incredible to think that this woman who was almost 65 and who for many years had acted like a stereotypical grandmother was talking this way.

“You want me to fuck you outside where Ken and Liz might not see, but someone else might?” I asked.

“Mmmmmm a nice fuck on a hot beach and if a stranger wants to watch so what, as long as Ken and Liz don’t find out.”

This conversation really gave me the hots and I couldn’t wait to get to the villa.

The villa was great, three bedrooms and a small private pool set about 200 metres or so from the beach and just a short walk into Sa Coma. The first full day was strange for me. The hot weather always does something to Liz and the first morning I woke up to her stroking my cock. She was feeling as horny as hell and wanted me desperately. And even though I made some quip about her parents being in the next bedroom that just seemed to make her extra horny.

“I don’t care if they hear us I just to want to feel your cock inside me.”

So that morning I ended up fucking my wife once in bed and then a little while later fucking her arse whilst we were in the shower together.

Georgie obviously had heard us and later when we were alone in the kitchen, she grabbed my cock through my swimming shorts and said,

“Has this been inside my daughter’s crack this morning?”

I just nodded feeling a bit sheepish, like I had let Georgie down but she then gave me a wicked grin and said,

“Was it good babe, better than me?”

I looked around to make sure we were alone and leaned down and kissed her lips,

“No, nothing beats fucking your lovely pussy.”

She squeezed Escort bayan my cock, which was quickly getting hard and said,

“Yes you prefer older pussy don’t you, however by the sound of it you did it twice this morning or was Liz finishing herself off in the shower? No! didn’t think, so therefore it can’t have been too bad.”

“Well in the shower was a bit different,” I said “We did something Liz likes to have every now and then.”

Georgie raised her eyebrows, “Oh I’m intrigued now and what is it my little girl wanted in the shower?”

I kissed Georgie again and had a quick squeeze of her tits through her top and swimsuit.

“Liz likes it up the arse sometimes, in fact holidays bring the worst out of her and that is when she demands it most,” I said.

Georgie put her hand inside my swimming shorts and continued to stroke my now stiff cock.

“So this little baby has been up my daughter’s bum this morning and at other times?” Up to this point I hadn’t told Georgie about some of the things her daughter and I did in bed, wanting her to think that the sex I had with Liz was just like the sex I had with her. This consisted of some oral sex plus some straight fucking which at that time involved only 3 positions, me on top, her on top and her getting it from behind.

“Well, well,” she continued, “So why haven’t I been told this before?”

“I’m not sure really, didn’t want to shock you I suppose,” I said.

“I’m your mother in law and we are screwing, how shocking is that,”

“I know but I want to keep what we’ve got precious and don’t want our sex sessions to stop, so I didn’t want you to think I was getting some stuff from Liz that I wasn’t getting from you.”

Georgie released my cock and said “I might be getting on a bit but I’m sure I am fit enough to try a few other things in bed.”

“So you fancy a few more naughty things?” I asked.

“What I want is for you and I to enjoy each other’s bodies. I can honestly say that I have never thought about anal sex before, even though I note that there are TV channels dedicated to it, but if you enjoy putting that nice hard cock up Liz’s arse, then I want you to enjoy putting it inside mine as well.”

The thought of putting my cock up Georgie’s 64 year old virgin arse nearly made me cum there and then but I just promised we would give it a go sometime.

That was it for the first day and even the second wasn’t much better. I managed to catch Georgie alone in the kitchen again, this time she had a bikini on and I had a good feel of her tits and got my hand inside her bikini bottoms for a feel of her cunt, but that was it.

In fact that night it was strange in bed with Liz because she was feeling randy again and soon had me hard using her hand and lips and then she mentioned her Mum flaunting herself in that green bikini and asked me straight if I had noted her body. Being the dutiful husband I said that of course I hadn’t, even though it had been a struggle to keep my cock from having a raging hard on all day. As Liz continued to wank me off, she started to fondle her own naked breasts and said “Only Mum had really erect nipples at one point and I thought you must have noticed that especially as her tits and nipples are so big.”

This talk from my wife, coupled with the fact that she was masturbating with one hand and playing with my cock with the other sent me over the edge and my spunk shot across her naked body.

Fortunately Liz thought it was down to her wanking skills, whereas the reality was that my mind had been taken back to a few hours before with that vision of Georgie and her nipples straining against the material of her bikini top.

Day 3 was much better and even though not much happened during the day, I had the best experience ever (up to that day) that night.

After a day by the pool, reading, we decided to go into town for a meal that night. We found a nice restaurant and had a good meal and then went on to a bar afterwards. I am not a great one for drink and a few bottles of San Miguel was all I wanted. Georgie had a few glasses of wine whilst Ken got on to the whiskey and Liz, after some wine with her Mum, moved on to the Bacardi.

By 11.30 Ken and Liz were drunk, Georgie was a bit merry and I helped all three of them home.

Georgie helped Ken into their bedroom, and shut the door and all went silent. I took Bayan escort Liz into our room, helped her undress and she flopped down on the bed naked and within seconds she was asleep.

I took my clothes off, went to the bathroom and joined her, running my hands over her soft tits and her shaven pussy for a few minutes before turning onto my side to read my book before going to sleep.

I hadn’t yet fallen asleep when I heard our bedroom door open. I turned over to look and saw the unmistakable figure of my mother in law step into the room. She walked over to the bed and looked down at her naked daughter and then looked at me,

“Smashed is she?”

Her glazed look and slightly slurred voice revealed that the wine had taken effect and Georgie had dropped her guard when it came to our situation.

I smiled and nodded, “Completely out of it, won’t see much of her until tomorrow unless she has to pee or be sick.”

Georgie was staring at my naked body now and I reached down for my cock, knowing how much she just loved watching me play with myself.

She walked round the bed and knelt beside it putting her hand on mine to help me with my masturbation.

“This is too naughty,” she whispered and giggled, looking over me at her daughter again.

“Suck it Georgie, suck my cock now.”

Georgie didn’t hesitate, she leaned over me and took my stiff cock into her mouth. I reached up and fondled her tits through her clothing, feeling the hardness of her nipples.

“Oh yes Mum, that is good, make your son in law cum.”

Her lips increased their pressure and she squeezed my balls as I continued my feel of her breasts.

She moved her lips away from me and joined me on the bed, sitting on top of me. She lifted her skirt as she did so and then eased herself down onto my cock. Georgie had removed her knickers and my cock eased into her moist pussy.

Beside us Liz was lying on the bed, sound asleep and I couldn’t help but look across at her as her Mum started to ride me. If she woke up now, I didn’t know what we would do, but Georgie was in such a state of lust she seemingly didn’t care. Her bouncing up and down got more vigorous and I had to hold her back for fear of Liz waking up, but I couldn’t stop her moans.

At first it was a hoarse whisper, “Oh yes darling fuck Georgie, fuck your Mum stupid!” but it gradually got louder and louder as with every thrust my cock seemed to penetrate deeper into her.


“Oh Babe I going to cum, I’m going to soak your bed, I’M CUMMMMMMING”

In fact as Georgie let out a huge amount of love juice, her daughter stirred and moved onto her side facing me, fortunately still fast asleep.

Georgie rolled off me and onto the side of the bed away from her daughter.

“Keep fucking me,” she said.

I rolled on top of her and slowly thrust in and out of Georgie as she now lay next to her daughter on the bed.

It was a bizarre scene, my mother in law was still fully clothed apart from having no panties on and I was screwing her whilst my wife, 20 years younger, was lying there completely naked and I was virtually ignoring her. However the fact that she was there and that we could have been caught made this fuck just that bit special.

It didn’t take long for me to lose control and shoot my load into Georgie and I eventually rolled off the other side of Liz, leaving mother and daughter next to each other.

Georgie kissed me and had a quick look at Liz,

“Yes she is certainly out of it, we’ll have to get her and Ken drunk more often,” she said.

“Do you like her body?” she continued.

“Of course I do, but you’re different.”

“Her tits are much firmer than mine and I was right in thinking that she has no pubic hair.”

“Yeah well she is younger than you and her tits are not nearly as big and nice as yours and yes she does like a nice smooth cunt.”

“Do you like it like that? Would you like me to shave?” Georgie asked.

“It would be a bit difficult with Ken wouldn’t, he might wonder why you’ve done it?”

Georgie stifled a laugh “He hasn’t been there for a few months now, anyway I’d tell him I fancied a change.”

I put my hand up Georgie’s skirt and felt her mat of pubic hair.

“I don’t mind a bit of hair around my pussy, but if you want to it would be nice to see you without Escort any.”

We kissed for a while passionately and Georgie climbed on top of me again.

“Feel her tits,” she said.

“Georgie, if she wakes up, we’re busted.”

I said that, but the thought of fondling my wife, whilst her Mum watched was very exciting.

“I’m going anyway,” she said, “I thought you might like to feel mother and daughter at the same time just for a second.”

She reached up and unbuttoned her blouse and then eased her right tit out of her bra cup. I reached up for it with my left hand and she held my hand on her as I fondled her. Then very gently I twisted my right hand round and just laid it on Liz’s right breast.

I had never had two women in bed before and up to this day and I still haven’t really, in the way any man would like, but this moment was just magic. My cock stiffened as I gently squeezed Liz, feeling her nipple against the palm of my hand whilst at the same time I was giving her mother’s tit a good caress. Georgie threw her head back and helped me with her own tit and then quite amazingly reached over and placed her left hand over mine as I fondled Liz. For a brief second I parted my fingers and Georgie’s fingers toyed with her daughter’s nipple and then she realised enough was enough and she lifted herself off me and disappeared out of the bedroom.

That meant a bit of self relief for me, but the picture in my head of Georgie just feeling Liz’s tit had me cumming in no time.

The next morning I awoke to noise in the kitchen. Liz was still asleep, so I left the bedroom and found Georgie in the kitchen. She had a thin dressing gown on and I could make out clearly that she at least wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Is Ken still in bed?” I asked.

“Still sleeping off the whiskey, the daft old sod,” she said with a smile.

I walked over to her and placed my hands on her voluptuous breasts, feeling their softness and heaviness through the thin material covering them.

“Oh we are horny this morning,” she said giving me a little peck on the cheek.

“Last night was the most amazing sex ever,” I declared, “To fuck you whilst Liz was in the same bed, God I just can’t believe we did it.”

She placed her hands over mine and squeezed as I continued to fondle her.

“Well we are lucky,” she said “I don’t know what came over me, if Liz had woken up…… well I don’t even want to think about it. We have got to be more careful. I don’t want our fun to stop, but I don’t want to break my daughter’s heart. What she doesn’t know will do her no harm. Now you have got to promise me that you won’t let that happen again.”

“You came to me,” I said “Anyway at one point you were feeling your daughter’s nipple.”

Georgie was obviously embarrassed by this and pulled her hands away and mine at the same time.

“Okay so I’m a horny bitch, I do need your cock and I want to try some new things, but I’m certainly not getting into incest. In the heat of the moment, and with all that alcohol in me, my fingers may have touched Liz, but that was more your doing than mine. I don’t mind us comparing my body and hers or how I do it and she does. I don’t mind you telling me what you and Liz have been doing, in fact it quite turns me on, like the other morning. I like talking about sex, I even like having a mental picture of you fucking my daughter. I like a bit of porn you know I do. I even like watching 2 women fucking, and maybe if I was a bit younger I might fancy a bit of pussy myself but not my daughter’s. Now if you can accept that, you can have another feel of my luscious tits.”

I laughed and grabbed her breasts again.

“You’re the boss Georgie and of course I don’t expect you to have sex with your daughter, another woman though that would be great.”

She slapped me playfully.

“When we get home you can buy some lesbian porn dvd’s and we’ll watch them together, but that’s it for now,” she said.

I continued to have a good feel of her for a few more minutes until there was a sleepy call out from Liz who had just woken up and was looking for signs of life.

Just a note from this, Georgie and I did manage one more fuck that holiday, in the bathroom when Ken and Liz were asleep on the sunbeds by the pool.

Also we have watched a lot of porn together over the past two years which has given us lots of ideas for fun including loads of lesbian stuff. However even though we have talked about her doing things with another woman, whilst we have been having sex together, this has only lead to a lot of masturbation and sadly not the real thing YET.

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