Mom’s So Hot! Pt. 02


Chapter 1

The next day was taken up by everyone chipping in to take care of the baby and with errands and helping Dad out, since he needed help every time he needed to get up. The baby took up a lot of Rita’s time, so I jumped in helping with the laundry and dinner too. That night we were all pretty worn out and just sat around watching t.v. When we were getting ready for bed the baby began to fuss and didn’t really settle down all night, so I never got a chance to visit Mom.

The next day was a lot like the last, with errands and such. I got a couple of long-full looks from Mom and at one point we managed to sneak put to the garage for a couple of long wet kisses. Before you knew it, it was time for dinner again and the whole evening took on a déjà vu kind of feeling. Dad seemed to get a little better and could sit up for a while. Once again we all sat around watching t.v. until bedtime. This time the baby seemed to go down nice and I found myself lying in bed waiting for Rita to go to sleep. About an hour later I was sure she was out and slid out of bed and out of the room and into my Mom’s. She was waiting for me as I slid into bed next to her, wrapping her arms around me and greeting me with a ferocious french kiss that soon led to another round of incestual lovemaking and that led to another. I crawled out of her room about two hours later and joined Rita in bed.

The next morning Mom decided to go do some shopping, winking at me, indicating it was time for some new teddies and I had some errands I needed to run. Rita gave me a list of things to get and said she would keep Dad company. I got halfway to the store when I realized I forgot my wallet and turned back to get it. I parked out front and ran in through the garage. The wallet was just where I left it in the kitchen, so I grabbed it and turned to go when I heard something sounding like sobbing coming from the living room. I quietly peered around the kitchen into the living room and saw Rita sitting next to Dad on the couch. She was wiping her eyes with a kleenex and my Dad had an arm around her shoulder.

“Thanks for listening Dad,” she sobbed. “If it wasn’t for you to talk to I don’t know what I’d do.”

“It’s o.k,” Dad replied. “Anytime you feel like it let me know.”

“Thanks,” replied Rita “I just don’t know what I’m going to do about Tom and I.”

“It will all work out for the best, you take my word for it,” Dad said, leaning over and kissing her temple.

I backed out and left and got into my car. Interesting, I thought to myself, she’s crying on Dad’s shoulder. I wonder how long that’s been going on? I put it out of my head and went about my business and made my way back. By then Rita seemed to be back to her old self as I helped her with the baby and dinner. Mom arrived back with a pile of boxes that made my dick lurch in my pants. She put them in her room and joined in with the preparation work. The night went on rather uneventful and we soon found ourselves back in front of the t.v. until bedtime. Tonight the baby was fussy again and it started a long night for Rita and I, so no visit to Mom.

The next morning Mom announced she made plans to go shopping with old friends and would be gone for a while. After breakfast Rita asked me if I’d go to the mall, it seems the baby had run out of a few different thinks and she needed to stay here and vacuum. The baby was down for his morning nap, so I agreed and went to my room to get dressed. When I came out Rita was already busy vacuuming the living room, but I noticed something that gave me reason to pause. Dad was lying on the couch as usual, but instead of watching t.v., he was watching Rita vacuum. She had on a v-neck t-shirt and a denim skirt that was about mid thigh in length. Just as I started to watch Dad watch Rita, she bent down to move some magazines out of her way. As she did her skirt rode way up the back of her thighs, coming to rest at the edge of her panties.

Now like I said, Rita has killer legs and if you like full built women with big tits, she’s pretty hot. Well it was obvious that Dad did because as Rita bent over Dad’s eyebrows flared up and the look on his face as he eyed the inadvertent leg shot was pure lust. I was kind of amused, realizing that the old man isn’t quite as dead as he professes. I stood there watch for a bit as Rita worked her way around the room, bending over every once in a while to move something in her path, giving Dad several unintentional leg shots. At one point she was vacuuming around the coffee table, right in front of Dad and accidentally knocked over the remote. She bent down to retrieve it, giving Dad an eyeful of cleavage of her huge tits. I thought he was going to come right out off the couch as his face dropped while looking down her shirt.

The show was over pretty quickly as Rita finished up and made her way into the hall. I gave her a wave as I walked by and made my way out to my car. Once again I realized that I had forgotten something and bonus veren siteler needed to turn around. I got back to the house and was looking for the list Rita had made for me when I realized the vacuum wasn’t running. I heard voices and wondered if Rita was having another sob session with my Dad. I carefully peered around the corner only to find that Rita was just helping Dad with his pill. He had a real tough time swallowing pills, so you had to be ready in case he starts to choke. He was sitting up and Rita was kneeling in front of him, water in one hand, the pill in the other.

“O.K. Dad, take a drink first,” she instructed. He took the water from her and took a gulp, wetting down his throat.

“You ready for the pill?” she asked.

“Yup,” he replied She gave it to him, watching carefully for any sign of choking. When he downed the pill with no problem she smiled at him and he smiled back.

“No problem,” she said.

“Nope,” he replied ‘Thanks for helping sweetie.”

“Oh, it’s my pleasure Dad,” she replied. “I’m glad I can help you.”

“You’re the best,” he said.

“OHHhh!” she moaned “Thanks.”

With that she leaned forward and gave Dad a quick kiss. Before she could move Dad leaned forward and gave her another kiss, though this one was softer and lingered for moment or two before he slowly pulled back, their lips clinging a bit before parting. Rita had a puzzled look on her face when he kissed her and as he leaned back she stared into his eyes, probably looking for an explanation. But one wasn’t coming. Instead he waited a moment and then started leaning back in towards her again, very, very slowly. Rita watched his face getting closer and I expected her to jump away at any moment. But, to my surprise, she didn’t. Instead as his face got closer she started to lean toward him. When their noses were inches apart she tilted her head, parting her lips, lining them up with his, and closed her eyes waiting for his kiss.

Just as their lips were about to meet the baby screamed out, causing them both to jerk back. She quickly got up and ran for the baby as I slowly backed out and ran for my car. Wow, I thought, I’m gonna have to keep an eye on them. I felt a combination of jealousy and excitement at what I had just seen, and excitement in a perverted way was winning. I quickly finished the errand Rita sent me on and got back to find her still tending to the baby. Dad was back laying down and you would never know what almost happened. Rita seemed a bit rattled the rest of the day and seemed to go out of her way to avoid Dad. She said she needed some fresh air and asked me to watch the baby for a bit while she went out. I agreed and took a seat in the living room, watching t.v. with Dad. Mom came home shortly after that and got a gleam in her eye when I told her that Rita had gone out. After she settled in she asked if I could give her a hand with something and I cautiously got up and went to her room. As I entered I found her standing there, stark naked!

“What if he sees you like this?” I asked, amused.

“How can he, he can’t get off the couch,” she replied. “Now come her and give your Mom some lovin.”

I didn’t have to be asked twice as we pealed my shorts and shirt off and quickly embraced, locking our open mouths together in a deep, french kiss. In moments we were on her bed, fucking like animals, muffling our voices so Dad couldn’t hear. It was a quick, but very satisfying session and I joined Dad back in the living room. Rita made her way back to the house in time to make dinner and that led to our usual routine until bedtime. The baby was out cold and as soon as Rita joined him I snuck into Moms room, where she greeted me in a new teddy that threatened to out do the last. We went at it for half the night, clawing at each other until that last satisfying cum finally sated us for the evening.

The next day Mom needed to run a few errands for her and Dad and said she’d be back in a couple of hours. I found myself real curious to see what would happen if I left Dad and Rita alone for a while, so I told Rita I was going out to hit a bucket of balls and I’d be back in an hour. She looked nice today in a sleeveless blue pull over blouse that really showed off her tits and a white wrap around skirt and it got me wondering what Dad thought. I made like I was leaving only all I did was back the car out of the driveway and up the street. I quickly got out and ran back to the house. I quietly entered the kitchen and saw the coast was clear so I made my way to the doorway and peered around. Dad was sitting up and Rita must have been in with the baby. She soon emerged and I saw her stop dead in her tracks and look at Dad with a pained face. She took a deep breath and made her way into the living room.

“Dad, can we talk for a minute?” she asked.

“Sure,” he said, trying to look up at her.

“Good, let me get you your pill first,” she said and soon disappeared, returning bahis with water and his pill. They went through the routine with Rita kneeling in front of him. When he was done she took the glass from him, putting it on the coffee table and turned back to face him.

“Uhm Dad… I.uh don’t know how to start,” she struggled.

“Just go ahead,” he replied.

“Well it’s about yesterday and what happened and what almost happened,” she blurted.

“Oh,” he said

“It’s just that I don’t know what that was all about, but I was hoping we could forget all about it and not let it get between us,” she said.

“UH, yea, sure, I uhm..don’t know what I was thinking,” he said somewhat embarrassed.

“It’s o.k. It’s already forgotten,” she said and smiled

“Good,” he said. “I can’t afford to lose my best gal.”

“Oh Dad, that would never happen,” she gushed. With that she leaned into him and gave him a quick kiss. She turned around to get the water glass behind her and as she did Dad leaned in close to her. As she turned back his face was inches from hers and he quickly leaned in and kissed her, taking her by surprise.

“Uhmmmph!” she mumbled as his lips were suddenly on hers.

It was again a soft kiss that lingered about 5-6 seconds, as Rita just froze looking into his eyes with surprise. He pulled away slowly, their lips clinging for a second before parting. Rita looked into his eyes and then down at his lips as if she were trying to figure out how that just happened. She continued to look up at his eyes and then down at his lips until Dad started slowly leaning toward her once again. She was frozen in place and became fixated on his lips as they closed the gap to hers. She didn’t move like yesterday as his nose nearly touched hers and his lips zeroed in on their target, her eyes fixed on them the whole way. Just as they were a fraction of an inch from touching, Rita suddenly jerked back a bit, as if she were touched by a live wire, causing Dad to jerk back as well. They stared at each other for a moment and then her gaze dropped back down to his lips and he began to slowly close the gap once again. She still didn’t move as he got closer and closer, her eyes never leaving his lips. She watched them as they got to that same point again and Dad paused for a second to see if she was going to jerk away again. When she didn’t he continued on until his lips touched hers lightly and then sealed against hers, her eyes fluttering and then closing. It was a light kiss that went on for about 10 seconds, neither of them moving, just seeming to register the feeling of their lips together. Finally they both moved apart slowly, peeling their lips apart.

They remained about ten inches apart, staring at each other until Rita’s gaze dropped to his lips once more and Dad started slowly leaning toward her once again. Her eyes never left his lips as they progressed once more towards hers until their noses were nearly touching. She tilted her head, lining up her lips with his, her eyes closing sleepily, and she leaned in towards him, their lips meeting and sealing again! The kiss started out light again, but they soon moved in, pressing their lips in firmer contact.

“uhmmmmm!” Rita groaned softly as they slightly moved their heads up and down. The kiss went on for a good 30 seconds until Rita pulled back, parting their lips slowly. She opened her eyes looking at him for a moment, looking a bit confused.

“I…I..uhm..better go check on the baby,” she said softly and got up quickly and left.

I decided to bolt at that moment and pretend like I just got back. Rita was real startled to see me get back so soon, obviously concerned that I could have walked in on them. The rest of the day Rita was like a cat on a hot tin roof, her composure totally shot. The rest of the day went uneventful, except for watching Dad watch Rita as she scurried about. After dinner Rita asked if I could watch the baby as she had a headache and wanted to go to bed early. I agreed and she quickly left the room. Being on baby duty didn’t allow me to sneak into Mom’s room and I was somewhat frustrated. I thought that we might have a chance to get together tomorrow during the day.

Chapter 2

The next morning I was surprised to see Dad a lot more limber as he managed to get up off the couch using a cane without any one’s help and saunter into the kitchen. He wasn’t about to go too far, as it took him a good 5 minuets to get there, but it was progress. Rita came out soon after saying the baby had his first check up and she needed to hurry out. She looked nice in a sleeveless, yellow summer dress, belted at the waist that came down about mid thigh and sandals. I told her I needed to do some things and might have to leave before she got back. I saw her shoot a nervous eye in my Dad’s direction and then mumble something at me like “o.k.”.

I needed to get my Mom out of the house as well, so I told her about a new shopping center that deneme bonusu had just opened a few towns away offering all kinds of give-away to the first shoppers there. That’s all she needed as she was up like a bolt, showered and gone in a half-hour. I puttered around another half-hour or so trying to time when Rita would be back. Just as I saw her car pull around the corner I shouted goodbye to Dad and headed out. I waved at Rita as our cars passed and pulled around the corner to give her enough time to get in the house. By the time I snuck in to the kitchen Rita had made her way to our room. As I hid I saw her come out of our room and then stop, glaring at the back of Dad’s head as he sat in the love seat. She seemed visibly upset as she started to pace in place, constantly looking up at Dad and then down at her feet. Finally she seemed to make a decision and walked into the living room. She stood by the love seat and stared down at Dad.

“Have you had your pill yet Dad?” she asked in a parental tone.

“Uh, no not yet,” Dad replied looking up at her. This was the first time I had seen them speak to each other since yesterday.

“O.K., I’ll get it,” she said as she marched to the bathroom.

She returned a moment later with the usual water and pill. This time she didn’t kneel down, but merely handed the water down to Dad and waited for him to ask for the pill. I figured she must have decided on no repeat performances of yesterday and was about to turn to leave. Just then Dad nodded at Rita to give him the pill and as she did he dropped it between his feet. He tried to search for it, but to no avail.

“I think it rolled under the seat,” she said flatly. “Hang on.” She got on her knees and leaned down, fishing for the pill. I could tell from the angle that Dad was getting an eyeful of cleavage, since Rita’s sun-dress was kind of low cut and any time that girl leans down there are few dresses that can hold those big tits in place!

“Here,” she said, straightening up on her knees and holding the pill out to him.

Dad reached out for the pill and instead of taking it he slid his hand into hers, caressing it with his thumb. Rita looked down at their hands and I could see her breathing increase rapidly. He kept rubbing her hand waiting for her to look up. I saw her eyes slowly look up and fix on his, breathing through pursed lips as if she had just run around the block. Dad tugged on her hand, pulling her slowly to him, as she seemed powerless to stop. He pulled her closer as he leaned in, closing the space between them until their lips met in a soft, firm kiss.

“Eeehhhmm!” Rita quickly breathed in as Dad’s lips pressed onto hers. Her eyelids lowered half way as they remained motionless, lips pressed together for a few moments. Dad pulled away, separating their lips slowly and looked at her. Rita seemed dazed and stared into his eyes. Dad leaned forward again as Rita’s gaze fell to his lips, breathing heavily. As Dad got close again Rita tilted her head, closed her eyes and leaned into him, meshing her lips with his in another kiss! They slowly moved their heads in an up and down motion, rubbing their lips together. This kiss lasted about a minute until they parted slowly, only inches separated them. Through half closed eyes Rita and Dad moved in and back several times, capturing each other’s lips and then releasing in a series of nibbling type kisses that grew in passion. The only sound in the room was that of their lips meeting and then parting. The last of these series of kisses left their mouths dangling open, lips glistening, as they paused for a moment, eyes fixed on each other’s mouths. Together they leaned forward, covering each others lips in a lustful, open-mouthed kiss!

“UHHmmmmm!” Rita breathed out and they pressed their lips firmly together, heads bobbing slowly as their mouths slid across each other’s. Dad reached out, placing his hands on her waist and slowly pulled her body to him, her tits flattening against his chest. Rita’s hands reached up and rested on his shoulders as they continued to grind their mouths together. Her hands slowly crept up his neck, fingers fanned out until she cradled his head in them. At this time the kiss grew in passion, as a sudden urgency seemed to come over them, their heads swiveling more quickly as if they were trying to bring their mouths closer together.

“Uhmmmmmmmm!” Rita moaned, jamming her mouth against my Dad’s as he slid his hands around her waist, wrapping his arms around her. Rita’s hands slowly crept around his head encircling his shoulders with her arms as the kiss continued to build in eagerness, seeming about to reach a crescendo.

“UUHHMMmmmmmmm!!” Rita moaned, wrapping her arms tightly round Dad’s neck as a flood of desire burst loose, their heads bobbing loosely as they ravished each other’s lips. Rita seemed to loose all control, her breaths coming in short, quick spurts as their kiss continued to reach new heights of desire, mouths fused together, their heads swaying urgently. Their kiss took on a frantic pace as it burst into a mad, unquenchable frenzy, their hands running wild over each other, heads swaying wildly as the room rang out with Rita’s lustful moans that were in rhythm to their bobbing heads.

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