Mom Bod

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Month 1

We’re sitting on the edge of the bed, mostly quiet. You keep checking your phone as the timer ticks down. I’m bouncing my legs nervously. Last time this happened, a few months ago, the test came out negative, but we’re both hopeful this time will be different.

We’ve been trying to have a baby for about six months now, and our lives have sort of dissolved into a series of timing measures, ovulation tests and body temperature, experimental sexual positions and what have you. It’s been kind of frustrating; your cycle has been a little irregular which led to an overly-anticipatory false alarm. Beyond that, two of our friends are currently pregnant and have flooded social media with assorted photos and posts—enough to put you in full baby-fever mode.

To say nothing of the fact that I have a raging fetish for pregnant women—I admitted this very early on in our relationship—and while for some time you tried to indulge me by talking about what your body would look like when you do get pregnant, it’s also become difficult for you because it hasn’t happened yet. Never mind your own anxieties about what being pregnant will do to your body.

Still, we sit there and hope this time will be different. Maybe it is—your period is now about a week late and the last couple of days you’ve been complaining about mild dizzy spells and you haven’t had much of an appetite.

The alarm goes off. We nod at each other and you go into the bathroom to check the test. I hear you gasp and come running in.

It’s positive.

We both start giggling, a kind of nervous, childlike giggle as though we can’t believe it’s real. You get a cold sensation, almost as though you’ve gone numb from the sight of the plus sign on the test in your hand, that quickly turns to goosebumps. I wrap my arms around your waist, and rest them on your hips, which were which were already round and ready for childbearing, and start to gently squeeze your soft stomach. You put your hands on top of mine and hold them there. I kiss the back of your neck as you whisper, “Can you believe it? It’s finally happened!” I’m still nervously laughing and holding you, kind of speechless. You then spin around in my arms and whisper, “I’m gonna get huge—are you so excited?”

Maybe that breaks the spell, as I start kissing you deeply, passionately, and I pick you up and carry you over to the bed. I’ve begun thinking about what the coming months will hold for us—for our relationship, for your body, for everything else and I’ve become overwhelmed with an anticipatory energy. I undress you and we begin to make love, but it’s different now. When we were trying to conceive, it had become somewhat unromantic. This time, it’s wild, unbridled, a release of emotional energy and months of frustration. I begin by licking up from your vagina, up your stomach, over your breasts and end up kissing you full on the mouth. You wrap your legs around me and start digging your hands into my sides as I grind hard into you. It takes time; we’re both sweating and moaning but we climax together. You leave fingernail marks on my arms and I fill you with a generous load of cum. I slide off of you and we both lie in bed silently. We look at each other and start laughing again. I put my hand on your stomach and we drift off to sleep.

The next morning, I wake you up, kiss you goodbye and head off to work. You get up, look down at your stomach, smile and start doing a little happy dance. Suddenly, you get hit with a violent feeling of nausea and run to the bathroom.

Month 2

It’s been a few weeks now since we found out you were pregnant. It’s not really obvious to anyone but you or I just yet. Your body is still adjusting to pregnancy and it’s been throwing you off a bit. Morning sickness for you has been intermittent-and also not just in the morning-but mostly you’ve been feeling kind of dizzy at times and you constantly need to sit down and drink something. Physically, you’re changing as well.

Though you don’t have a bump yet, your breasts have shot up in size, from an already healthy 36dd to an e. I’ve enjoyed this change as I’ve been able to, though as your breasts have grown, they’ve also become overly sensitive and you don’t seem to enjoy my playing with them as much as you used to. You promise me I’ll have a chance once you adjust and start to feel better.

We haven’t told many, or really any, people just yet. Parents. That’s about it. You’ve been to the doctor and she’s told you you’re in good shape, but you should try to keep active. You had your first ultrasound last week and both of our minds were blown to see this little pea of a thing growing inside you. We constantly look at each other with these big, doofy grins because we both still can’t quite believe this is actually happening.

Sex for us has been kind of difficult, mostly because you’ve been feeling so lousy and decidedly un-sexual at this point, and I’ve been overly concerned about being too rough with Escort Bayan you, although you’ve said I don’t need to be. That isn’t to say we haven’t done it at all, just less frequently than usual. The times we have had sex, though, have been passionate, much more than in the past. For you, it’s the feeling that we’re fulfilling this goal we set out on when we got married. Or maybe when we began dating, and the anticipation of all these changes that will be happening over the next several months. For me, well, you kind of expected I’d be more turned on by you during your pregnancy. And that’s certainly been the case. For me, though you haven’t “blossomed” just yet, it’s perhaps a feeling of anticipation for when you do and just how it will make your body look. You seem all too happy to tease me about this. One night, you weren’t feeling very sexual, but you were playful enough to indulge me by putting a pillow under your shirt and doing a silly dance, which was enough to get me to masturbate in front of you.

Month 3

You’re now in your third month of pregnancy and you’ve finally begun to get your bearings back and feel like yourself again. The morning sickness has subsided a bit and you’ve begun to have things like an appetite again. Which is good, because you dropped 8 pounds in the first two months. If people didn’t know you were pregnant, they probably still couldn’t tell, but for the fact that over the past 10 days or so you’ve begun devouring everything in sight. I’m more than happy to cook for you and you’ve been taking advantage of it. You don’t seem to be craving anything outlandish, though multiple times this week you’ve asked me to make you eggs in the morning, and in 4 years of marriage you’ve never done that. Also, pasta. And things with onion.

Some other things you’ve been doing now that you “feel like a person again,” as you put it, have included joining the yoga studio down the block and signing up for the maternity class twice a week. This, again, isn’t something you would have normally done, but you feel as though pregnancy has “awakened” something in you that’s motivated you to do things you’ve never tried before.

You’ve very quietly started to mention to some friends that you’re pregnant, and I have as well, now that we’ve moved out of the early stage and soon you won’t be able to hide it. We’ve discussed how, exactly, we’ll make this “social media official.” You think we need to take a silly photo, something where you’re pointing to your stomach and looking at me, and I’m looking down my pants wondering what happened. I feel differently. I want us to keep it a secret, but drop some vague hints here and there and have a few friends in on it as ringers that post messages to you like “I’m so excited for you!” and “How have you been feeling?”

You look absolutely radiant, or at least I think you do. So far, pregnancy has agreed with you, physically, even though it’s not totally evident. But I’ve noticed things. The features of your face have softened a bit, giving you a much warmer look. Your skin has softened and you’ve developed that motherly “glow” you’ve always heard about. You’ve become downright irresistible to me and I’ve been much more handsy with you than ever before. Yes, we knew my pregnancy fetish would play a big role in that, but my feelings for you have become even more intense than I would have imagined.

It snowed hard here a few days ago and I got off work early and came home. You were there eating goldfish and drinking seltzer. I mused that this was “baby making weather” except that we’ve already made the baby. You laughed.

I pulled you up off the couch and close to me and we kissed. Neither of us had to say a word after that because we knew what was coming. I grabbed your ass and slowly guided you to the bedroom as you giggled and pulled off your shorts, then your shirt, then your bra, letting your large breasts swing freely. You took off your glasses and leered at me intently. I undressed myself and lowered you down onto the bed, climbing on top of you as we both grinned maniacally at each other. I took my hand and drew it slowly up your left side, around and onto your breast, which I squeezed gently. You gasped and shivered, and took your hand and grabbed my cock, which was already well erect, and slowly inserted it in your vagina.

I started grinding away on top of you, and moved my hands again up to your wrists, grabbing then and pinning them against the bed, leaving you pinned and vulnerable. You smiled, contentedly and licked your lips as you looked up at me and asked that I give it to you harder. I oblige. I kiss you deeply and slide my tongue down your chin, across your throat and down to your breast, where I first lick and then latch on to your right nipple, which is dark and very sensitive. You moan with delight and ask me to keep going as I continue to grunt and grind into your pelvis. I let one of your arms go and start running my hand through your Bayan Escort soft, dark hair, gently pulling it up from your scalp and slowly outward. You close your eyes and tell me you’re about to cum and ask me to cum as well.

You moan and squint hard as I bring you to orgasm and begin ejaculating in you myself. I continue to pump hard inside you. Finally, we calm down. I slide off your body and lie next to you. You roll so your back is toward me and bury your ass deep in my crotch, and take my hand and pull it around you so my hand is on your belly and your hand is on top of mine. I hold you close, lovingly and protectively. For this moment, at least, everything is perfect.

Month 4

Things seem to have settled into something a little more “routine” for you now that you’re in your fourth month of pregnancy. Your body has made its necessary adjustments to its new occupant and you’ve returned to something close to your normal self. Except for that more-noticeable bulge starting to emerge around the lower part of your stomach, poking out from in between your generous, curvy hips. It’s noticeable to me, of course, and I love to rub and squeeze it, but if someone didn’t know you were pregnant, they wouldn’t pay it much mind.

We still haven’t made any sort of public announcement of the impending addition to our little family, but we have mentioned it to people here and there progressively more and more. Friends are very excited for us and many of them want to touch your bump—as much of a bump as you have right now, of course—which tickles you, and maybe makes you a little embarrassed. You confess to me that you seem to enjoy this kind of contact and attention more than you anticipated you would. From where I sit, you’ve never looked as sexy to me as you do right now, as you start to grow rounder with our child, and I make sure to remind you of this as often as possible.

The physical changes in you have started to come fast and furious and you feel a bit unprepared. The bras you bought when you first found out you were pregnant no longer fit—they’ve begun to cut into your abdomen and the best feeling of the day for you is when you get home and take the damn thing off. Eventually, you give in and buy larger bras. For the second time in three months. You’ve also had to begin to re-make your wardrobe slightly as many of your clothes are starting to get too tight. You’ve tried to find that balance of comfort and fashion but it’s proven elusive—particularly considering you’ve got a lot of growing left to do. When you’re home, it’s t-shirts and sweatpants. No bra. Sometimes no sweatpants either.

You’ve gotten your friskiness back and we’ve begun to have sex on a regular basis once again. This new-found sensitivity seems to have crept all over your body. You find that pinching seems to throw you over the edge—the other night I gave your left nipple a little tug and you felt like you’d been shot out of a cannon. You’ve also become more handsy with me. One evening, you slid into bed with me and without any warning stuck your hand in my boxers and started playing around. I have no desire to stop you.

Last night, something else happened. You demanded I be more rough with you, and to oblige, I threw you down on the bed and pinned down your wrists so you couldn’t move. I then proceeded to lick your nipples which drove you into a frenzy. I then flipped you over and pulled your ass up, spread your legs apart and took you from behind, and hard. You shook with delight and begged for me to smack your ass, which I did enough to leave an nice red handprint. You and I eventually came within a short time and you rolled on your back, purring and smiling and rubbing your belly—and then you gasped. You felt that gentle flutter from inside. It was moving and you felt it. You laughed and told me what was happening and of course I started touching and kneading your belly to see if I could feel it too. But I can’t. It’s only for you right now.

The next morning, you get in the shower and begin to wash yourself. You start feeling that flutter again and you stop and touch your belly, smiling maniacally. Between that and the warm water running over your body, you suddenly feel this incredible heat start to run up your body, like a rush that starts at your toes and climbs upward. You’re overcome with this feeling of femininity and sexiness like you’ve never experienced before. This—you think—is what I was meant to do.

The feeling is so intense that you slide your right hand down over your breasts, over your belly and down to your vagina and you begin to masturbate. You grab your breast with your left hand and start flicking your nipple. You shiver with excitement and it makes you just want to grab and pull it more, and harder, as you thrust your finger around your clit. You moan and slowly lower yourself down so you’re sitting on the floor of the tub, water still running on you, as you continue fingering yourself until you Escort cum, almost screaming with delight from the intensity of your orgasm. It takes you a few minutes to catch your breath. You bite your lip and think to yourself about what a wild ride these next few months will be.

Month 5

We hit the halfway point, 20 weeks into your pregnancy and with it came major news. You had an ultrasound which revealed that we’re having a girl. She looked so calm and peaceful and to this point is healthy and growing well. She looks happy. I know both of us are.

With this news, and with the fact that your belly—and we can now call it a belly—is starting to bulge out and make you look unmistakably pregnant, we decide it’s finally time to make this social media official. It requires a lengthy discussion—probably much longer than necessary—but we reach something agreeable. You and I are looking at each other kind of quizzically, the looks on our faces seem to be saying “How did this happen?!” with an ultrasound photo underneath. Between the two of us the post gathers 271 likes and 94 comments. You’re compelled to respond to all of them.

Physically, you’re in a really good place. Beyond the fact that the prenatal yoga class you’ve been going to three times a week has kept you flexible, you’ve also been awash with a kind of frenetic energy. Where previously I was the early riser, you’ve now been undersleeping your alarm (and mine), getting up extra early and puttering around the apartment. You don’t seem to be quite in a “nesting” phase just yet but you’re spending more and more time in the second bedroom—soon to be our daughter’s room—thinking about things like furniture and paint and decorations. I’d woke up one morning to find you’d covered the walls in post-it notes that you scribbled ideas on.

Our daughter has become quite an active little thing inside your belly. It was maybe about 10 days or so after you started to feel her moving around that I was finally able to feel her too and of course I absolutely melted when that happened. Your belly is starting to become a bit of a hand magnet, particularly when you’ve been around friends. You went out for brunch last weekend and of course your pregnancy was the main topic of conversation. It made you think of the times you’d been out with your friends and everyone—yourself included—was focused on someone else’s belly. Now it’s your turn. You’re filled with this overwhelming feeling of joy.

Of course, nobody has their hands on your belly more than I do. We both knew I wanted to have you this way for such a long time that this was inevitable; I’m going to enjoy your pregnant body as much as I possibly can. You feel that I’ve been looking at you differently, and I suppose that’s true. I’ve always looked at you with a healthy combination of love and lust, but there seems to be an extra layer of feeling to that now. Just like there’s an extra layer to you.

I’m constantly squeezing your belly (which has started to firm up and is now not so easy to squeeze) and your breasts, and really any other part of you I can get my hands on. When we have sex, which is frequent, you’ve begun asking me to talk about how much I love your pregnant body, and how much bigger you’ll get in the coming months. I’m happy to do this as I pound away inside you, touching and rubbing all your parts. Just talking about how your body has grown and changed is enough to throw me over the edge. Adding in thoughts about the changes yet to come and I can hold out no longer—I start blasting away a full, healthy load of cum in you—or on you as the case may be. We’re already having a lot of fun with your pregnancy. I think the best is yet to come.

Month 6

Spring arrives in full force as you move into your sixth month of pregnancy. There’s no mistaking it now: you are quite obviously pregnant. Your short, curvy frame has responded in kind, as your hips have widened considerably to make room for your continually growing belly. Given that you’re only 5’2″, your belly has only been able to grow one way, and that’s been straight out.

The combination of these things has resulted in you developing the beginnings of a waddle; though for the moment it’s more of a sexy little hip sashay as you walk. Maybe it’s the fetish talking, but you’ve become absolutely hypnotic to me. I love touching you all over, not just your belly, but every round, soft, pregnant inch of your body, and you’ve been all too happy to let me roam my hands over you as often as I’d like.

You get noticed when you’re out and about more and more, and you seem to enjoy the attention. More often than not you’ve found people offering you seats on the subway; although you don’t necessarily feel you need one, you’ve never said no.

Though you’ve been getting larger at a rapid pace, you still have plenty of energy. That being said, you’ve begun feeling as though your body has become less your own and more under the control of our daughter growing inside you. Though you’re not sleeping any more or less than usual, you’ve been sleeping more deeply and you find it more difficult to wake up. You’ll sit in a chair or lie in bed and quickly find yourself ensconced and planted where you are.

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