Modeling Pt. 02


It was a wet Monday morning, the weekends stormy weather had given way to a fine yet constant drizzle.

It was unusual for the club to meet on a Monday, but it was a bank holiday and most of its members had nothing better to do.

As for Felicity, she too had an extra day off and had readily agreed to Nathen’s request for her to model for them.

Her forays into modelling for Nathen and his amateur photography club were something of a departure from her normal life and she usually enjoyed it. She had also been surprised to find a slightly sexy side to herself that she liked.


The walk from the bus stop to the studio was pleasant enough and she strode along happily, the large bag with her spare clothes and shoes, slung over her shoulder by its long strap.

As she approached the studio she saw Terry hauling his bulky camera case out of his car.

Shyly and with a little trepidation she greeted him with a small wave and uncertain smile. “Hello Terry.”

He smiled back warmly, “Hi Flick, we’re all really pleased you have decided to pose again.” He said without any hint of what had happened between them.

Felicity had wondered how it would be between them when next they met.

It seemed he wanted to act like it had never happened and she felt a bit relived yet at the same time saddened.

Just that morning she had looked over the pictures he had taken of her in nothing but a pair of pink high heels.

Each of the pictures had artfully hidden her breasts, bum and vagina with her mass of incredibly long hair. He was a talented photographer and had made her look sexy yet innocent while being totally naked.

Terry patted his camera case, “I hope you are willing to show more than usual this time.” He said with a friendly smile.

He might have gotten her to pose nude for him, but he was well aware how shy she was normally and that so far she had always worn clothes for the club’s shoots.

“Terry, you know I don’t get paid much for this or feel comfortable displaying myself.” She said with a slight frown of annoyance.

Terry shook his head sadly, “I know it’s not about money Flick, but let’s be honest. Those pictures we took of you on Saturday were the best anyone here has ever taken…seems a shame to not let the others have a chance to do the same.”

He moved closer and took her hand, looking into her eyes intently. “They are a good bunch, you are friends with most of them, do you HONESTLY think they would think less of you if you posed nude?”

His closeness and pleasantly warm grip on her hand made her weaken, he was so very handsome and so very talented.

His eyes seemed so warm and full of kindness and she felt herself giving in. Terry had something about him that made her want to make him happy and to prove she wasn’t just a silly little girl.

“I…I…I guess not.” She stammered out.

His smile made her heart melt.

“So let’s not be silly, you have a wonderful body and those people will be really pleased to try and capture your beauty.” He raised her hand to his lips and kissed it affectionately in a fatherly way.

He smoothly took her arm and led her inside, “So we are agreed? You WILL give everyone a chance to improve their skills?” he said.

Once more deliberately making her feel almost obligated to pose the way she had for him alone.

Felicity nodded in agreement, he was right, it wouldn’t be right to deny the group a chance to do something they would probably never get to do unless she did this.

“Yes, okay Terry.” She said with wide eyes that drank him in as her head swam.

Before she knew it they were in the changing room and he was helping her undress.

He didn’t stare at her nudity as she laced up the strappy high heels she had worn the last time she had been in the studio.

His professional and kind attitude kept her almost entranced as he led her out to stand in front of everyone.

As before she kept her eyes on the ground, even with Terry’s ‘help’, she still felt embarrassed to be naked in front of people.


Nathen and the group stopped their chatter as Terry led her onto the platform with its plain white backdrop and a single chair as a prop.

You could have heard a pin drop as Felicity sat down with her back to them, straddling the chair with her long hair dangling down to nearly touch the floor. It effectively hid most of her back and bare buttocks.

Terry gave her a reassuring smile and whispered in her ear, “just like you did for me, nothing rude will be captured.” He lied, knowing that he had taken some highly explicit pictures without her knowledge and had every intention of doing so again.

He patted her shoulder and walked towards the group of surprised but very pleased photographers.

Nathen lent in close to Terry, “Fuck me, how the hell did you get her to do that?” he said in a pleased whisper.

Terry just grinned at him and said loudly. “Okay everyone, Flick has agreed to pose for us in the nude as long as we keep it professional bahis siteleri and decent. So I don’t want to see anyone trying to get a cheap shot in.”

Nathen looked at his club members with a stern eye, “Exactly. Felicity is a friend and models for us as a favour more than anything else. So BE RESPECTFUL.” He reinforced Terry’s words.

The gathered men nodded and murmured sounds of agreement while falling over themselves to reassure Terry and Nathen that they would be respectful.

Felicity’s tummy was full of butterflies as she heard the first few clicks and the odd bright flash from the camera’s.

Usually they would have frequently asked her to change position, but none of them dared to this time, too frightened of exposing her too much and unsure of how to broach such a request anyway.

For most of them this was just a hobby, only Alex, William, Terry and Nathen were close to being professionally talented. So the group of Seven happy amateurs waited for one of those more qualified and experienced to take the lead.

Nathen was the closest to her as a friend and also the founding member of the club. It was his studio and he had been the one to get her to start modelling for them.

It was he who asked her to change position first.

“Flick, could you give me a profile shot, just turn your head slightly to the right.”…CLICK, CLICK…”Nice, thanks.”

Terry moved forward, “Your glasses spoiled that one, mind if I take them for you?” he said with a friendly smile as he reached out and removed them before she had even agreed.

Felicity blinked a couple of times and watched him place her glasses in his top pocket before going back to his tripod.

She disliked not wearing them as she was very short sighted and couldn’t see well without them. It was habit to reach for her glasses first thing in the morning and not take them off until after she had turned the lights out to go to sleep last thing at night.

“Much better Flick.” Said Nathen and Alex at the same time.

Alex moved to the right with his camera, “Could you look over your shoulder, give me just a hint of a smile.” He requested and was pleased with the movement of her head as her long hair swayed to the side to give a good view of her bare right buttock.

His face was partially obscured by his camera and combined with the loss of her glasses it was impossible for her to notice the dirty grin on his face as he took a few more pictures.


Terry took over with the directions, getting her to hold her hair up a little and look over her shoulder at the camera’s, all of his requests sounded innocent enough to her and she was starting to relax a little as she shifted her body, face and arms the way he directed her to.

The group took more and more pictures, she thought it was her mind playing tricks that the tempo of clicks had increased.

It wasn’t her imagination, Terry had skilfully gotten her to turn at the waist so that her right breast and nipple showed in profile, while her long hair was no longer hiding her bum.

With a few small instructions he had her positioned in a way that had her buttocks over the edge of the chairs seat so that they all got to take some very lewd looking pictures of her exposed rear and pussy lips.

Charlie was well into his sixties, initially had been keen to take advantage of a nude model. He only knew Felicity through the club and had always thought her a shy little thing.

He clicked away with the rest of them, but felt a bit guilty about it, he knew she wasn’t aware of how much she was showing and that Terry was abusing her trust.

By not saying anything he was too and Charlie stopped taking pictures as the tiny young girl lent forward and fully showed her pussy to the group while flicking her long hair from left to right. The fact that he had snapped a few of her bared vagina was just too much of guilt trip for him.

With her back to them she had no clue how much she was displaying and Charlie looked around at the others. They all had lecherous smiles and some even gave Terry a thumbs up.

He shook his head in anger, she was about his granddaughters age. Having never asked her age he saw her with an older man’s eyes and wrongly estimated her at around nineteen when in fact she was twenty two.

Charlie put down his camera and started to walk towards Felicity with the intent of telling her to go put some clothes on.

He got about five strides towards her when Terry grabbed his arm.

Terry had noticed the way Charlie’s face had clouded over and rightly assumed he was going to try and stop things.

“LET GO.” Hissed out Charlie in a soft but determined voice.

Terry smiled as he gripped the old man’s arm, “Now. Now, don’t go spoiling everyone’s fun Charlie.” He whispered quietly. “Imagine what your wife would say if she saw those pictures you just took.”

Charlie stared up into Terry’s smiling visage and knew that the evil shit would make good on his threat.

He visibly deflated as canlı bahis siteleri Terry continued to smile and walk him towards the exit, only pausing to pick up Charlies camera.

Charlie hated himself and felt ashamed that he wasn’t going to do anything to help Felicity.

Outside he took his camera from Terry after it’s memory card had been safely removed and placed in Terry’s top pocket, ironically joining Felicity’s glasses.

“I won’t be back, what you are doing is wrong.” He said in disgust…it was the best he could do. He walked away down the street and swore for the first time in years. “Evil fucking git.”


Terry grinned to himself as he hurried back inside, problem solved, he was eager to see how far he could push Felicity.

Inside he noticed immediately that the group had stalled, even Alex wasn’t sure what else to ask Felicity without letting her know how much she had been showing.

Nathen was happily adjusting the lighting to a lower setting and creating a dark sombre effect that would ruin the so far perfectly exposed shots of her.

Terry took it in his stride, he couldn’t ask Nathen to change the lighting back as that would make Flick suspicious.

Instead he clapped his hands, “let’s take a break.” He said as he strode up to Felicity and took off his jacket.

“Here, pop this on and grab a coffee while we decide on your next set.” His smile and attitude designed to make her feel comfortable.

Felicity smiled back and gratefully accepted his jacket. At five foot two, she was small and it swamped her.

Buttoned up, his jacket covered her up well, only the large V in the front was of any concern as her large boobs showed generously.

But she wasn’t naked and felt confident and happy as he handed over her glasses and placed a hand at the small of her back.

Guiding her back to the changing room. “Relax and I’ll come fetch you when Nathen and I finish with the lighting for the next set.” His tone confident and pitched to reassure her that everything was perfectly normal.

He left her alone in the changing room and went to re-join the others, he was building a plan of action as he walked towards Damian and Nathen.


Felicity sat at the well-lighted makeup cubical. Nathen’s studio had everything a professional studio had and he even rented it out occasionally.

She looked at her reflection with mixed emotions.

She hadn’t been completely unaware of how much she had shown, she knew they had probably got a few sights of her bare bum and some side boob.

However she still didn’t know that her vaginal lips had been displayed from behind or her anus or her nipples.

She was feeling quite good about herself, in a way she was impressed and just a little proud that she hadn’t run away from this.

Terry’s pictures of her fully naked had inspired her a bit. While they hadn’t shown any of her bits, they had been sexy and shown her ability to be sexy.

Felicity still felt nervous but at the same time just that bit more confident, she wondered how the photo’s would turn out and was hoping that at least some of them would be like the ones Terry had taken.

Logically she knew that all the photo club members would have taken a different view, changed exposure and lighting, adjusting things to their own personal liking.

Since starting to model for them she had seen wildly different effects from the exact same pose, all achieved by each different persons perspective.

Her pale skin and slim body lent itself well to photography, unfortunately she was too busty and short to be a truly great model and she did worry that some of those side boob pictures would look a bit obscene.

Felicity wished she had a better body.

She knew she was attractive and that quite a few people liked her shape. She however had never been totally happy with what she had.

Her reflection showed a petite young woman in her very early twenties, with a pale complexion. Bright blue eyes, a small nose above cute bow shaped lips. Her face framed by rosy gold hair that was so long that when standing it hung down her back and reached past her bum to brush the backs of her thighs.

She unbuttoned the borrowed Jacket and parted it, standing up to observe herself.

She had very large natural breasts that were still pert and didn’t drop much more than an inch or two when braless. Her nipples were a darker pink with medium sized areolas that were distinct from the two globes of soft flesh.

Her tummy was nearly flat and led down to her soft reddish gold pubic hair, trimmed to a perfect triangle that ended at the start of her waxed slit. Her vaginal lips bare of any hair the way she always kept them.

Slim shapely legs and a small bum gave her a pronounced thigh gap.

Her small feet still encased in the strappy four inch high heels.

Turning, she looked over her shoulder at her back and bum, on an impulse she bent forward slightly and briefly wondered if anyone had been able to güvenilir bahis see her shaved pussy lips.

She shook her head, positive that Terry or Nathen would have said something if she had accidently shown her most private parts.


Terry kept the conversation low, the studio might be large, but it wasn’t sound proof. Felicity might hear what they were discussing so they all lowered their voices as they talked.

“Terry, I don’t think we can ask her to do much more.” Said Nathen.

Nathen was a bit torn, while he had always wanted to see Felicity pose nude, he did still consider her a friend.

So far it wasn’t as if she had done anything full frontal, so he deceived himself that the few ‘accidentally exposed’ poses weren’t a direct betrayal of her trust.

Terry was smooth and smart.

“Nathen, Damien, Alex. We have never had a nude model. Felicity has so far been great and is FINE with the pictures.”

He looked around the gathered group and cast his smooth talking bullshit.

It didn’t take long to convince them that it was their right and privilege to take what he was offering.

Perhaps a fool would think he was being truthful, yet they all knew they were letting him persuade them into doing what they wanted to.

They told themselves it was all okay, doing mental gymnastics to convince themselves that whatever Terry got Felicity to do was consensual and if she didn’t realise exactly how much she was showing it wasn’t anyone’s fault.

Terry had Alex and Damien adjust the reflectors, while Nathen and Harold put up some backlights.

He hoped she would go with his suggestions as the chair she had sat on was removed and a small square modelling block was put in its place.

Once satisfied, Terry had a quick chat with Nathen. Making sure to reinforce the concept that this was all perfectly harmless and they shouldn’t waste such a good opportunity to work with a nude model.


Felicity Jumped slightly at the sound of the polite knock, she pulled the Jacket closed and holding it shut answered the door.

She peered out and up into Terry’s strong jawed handsome face. He smiled warmly and asked if he could come in for a quick chat before she posed again.

She nodded and gave him a slightly shy smile as she opened the door fully and let him in. He confidently walked to the table and lent against it, turning to face her.

It didn’t take long to explain what he was hoping for and she was inclined to refuse as he was asking her to pose facing them.

His visage was soft and caring as he asked her to give him a chance to explain.

Felicity let him remove the Jacket he had lent her and stood in front of him with one arm and hand covering her bare breasts and the other down below cupping and hiding her neat triangle of pubic hair.

Terry moved her before the mirror and had her stand looking at herself as he gently positioned her long hair.

It now cascaded down her front, effectively covering her breasts and with a few strokes from a brush, it fanned out at the bottom to cover her pubic area.

“There we go.” He said triumphantly, “As you can see, your modesty is protected yet the pictures will be beautiful and slightly sexy.”

He rummaged through her costume bag and handed her a pair of open toed bright yellow sling backed stilettos with a three inch heel.

“I think these will go better for the next round.” Terry acted as if her nudity was nothing and his calculated blasé attitude worked well.

Felicity might have been nervous and unsure, but the way he had approached it all had her changed into the Yellow heels and standing on the small modelling block before she could really think about it properly.

As the group took their positions, most of them using a tripod. She looked down at herself to make sure her hair was indeed covering her tits and pubic mound.

Slightly reassured but blushing furiously she stood still for the first few shots.


Terry was the only one to position her, the rest kept quiet and let him direct her and do the talking.

As sexy as the first pose was they were sure that Terry would soon get her to show more.

To start with, Felicity just stood on the block, she was very nervous and continued to blush lightly as she turned a bit to the left and then to the right.

Like before, Terry had removed her glasses, so she couldn’t properly see their expressions or the raging bulges in some of the men’s pants.

He asked her to smile, then pout, stick out her tongue like she was being mean and various other facial expressions. Doing those relaxed her a bit and she got into it.

Hardly blinking an eye when he asked her to put her hands on her head and go through some more facial expressions.

She looked down at herself a couple of times and was reassured each time to see her long tresses continued to protect her modesty.

They changed the lighting to throw her form into silhouette. Terry took a few shots and moved forward to show her what he had got.

She was pleased to see that only her outline showed, the picture was very sexy yet nothing but her outlined shape could be seen.

The powerful back lights shone through her hair and she looked like she had a reddish gold halo in some of the pictures.

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