Mitzi Ch. 03


I was so happy my period started. After my shower I got dressed and checked my phone. James still had not texted or called. I became pissed again. I sent him another text anyway.

We need to talk. Call me 😉

I busied myself with homework and studying for finals the rest of the afternoon. When I got sick of my studies I got up and stretched. Glancing over at the mirror I admired the perfect female specimen staring back at me. “What is wrong with that asshole?” I thought, arching my back and pushing my chest out, “No one ignores me for this long…”

Sighing, I relented and went upstairs to help my mother prepare dinner. We had not seen each other for two days and she smiled sweetly.

“Hi honey. How was your weekend?”

“Fine mom,” I smiled back, “How was your dinner Friday?”

“It was great. Your father took me dancing afterwards.”

We exchanged idle chit chat all through dinner. I was so distracted by my thoughts of James I hardly caught a word of my parents endless prattling. I heard nothing but, “Blah, Blah, Blah.”

After the kitchen was cleaned and all the dishes were done I went back to my room telling my parents I had some more studying to do. What I did not mention was that it was on a subject other than school. It was James. If he used to be a star athlete I could find out more about him online. I was disappointed I found several articles about him, but the reporter always identified him by his nick name Big J. Nothing was useful. Around eleven I turned off my computer and crawled into bed, tired and pissed. James still had not called.

By Wednesday my period was over, but my eyes and mind were playing tricks on me. It started Monday when I left for school. I thought I saw the flat black van of James’s parked down my street in my rearview mirror. I would check a second later and it was gone. I would toss my bag in my car after school before practice, and my car would be in a different parking place when I returned.

All these strange occurrences had me thinking about James. My pussy would get hot and wet all on its own. It became so much of a problem I had stopped wearing panties at all. I even made sure the basement door remained unlocked whenever I went to bed.

In the meantime Kevin and I had made up. He apologized for passing out before and promised not to get drunk at this weekend’s parties. When he begged me to come with him, I couldn’t refuse.

After cheerleading practice Friday I showered at school while all the others changed and went home. After my shower I dried off with a towel dried my hair. I wrapped myself in a towel before stopping at the mirrors to blow dry my hair and pulled it into a pony tail after. But when I got to my locker, my clothes were gone. I panicked. I ran to the coach’s office but the lights were out and the door was locked – she must have left while I was in the shower.

I heard a locker slam and I whipped around, “Who’s there!?”

I had nowhere to run. Only covered in a towel and barefoot, I wouldn’t get far. I started looking around thinking one of the other girls must be playing a practical joke. I walked slowly checking around each row of lockers. I sighed when I checked the last row – no one was there. “I must be hearing things…” I thought and turned around to see a large black man staring at me.

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed. I turned to run and ran into a hard muscled body, falling onto my ass. I looked up into the steely-eyed gaze of James.

“God, you scared me. What do you want? Please don’t hurt me.”

James grabbed my arm and picked me up like I was a bag of feathers, “I have no intention of hurting you, sweet cheeks. Far from it.” He led me to my locker as I heard the locker room door slam shut. We reached my locker and I saw my clothes had been returned.

“Did you take my clothes? What do you want?”

“It’s not what I want,” His hard body pressed up against mine, “This is about what you know you want.”

My baby blue eyes gazed deeply into his evil dark stare, “And what is it I want?”

My pussy began to drool. He reached forward and tugged my already loose towel, and it fluttered to the floor. I heard his zipper as he spoke low, “You know what you want…”

Without mercy he stabbed his tongue between my puffy red lips. My urges flared up as my hand sank towards his open zipper. Fishing out his flaccid cock I could feel his heart beat as his black member lengthened in my dainty white hand. My tongue started wrestling with his. My snatch burned with an itch that needed to be scratched.

My chest started heaving with my need for air as my excitement grew. James broke the kiss and pushed me gasping to my knees. I guided his impressive black man meat to my posh white lips. I kissed the head before taking him into my wanton mouth. I bobbed my head with fervor, and in just five strokes I had my nose buried in his kinky pubic hair. Straining as best I could, I tickled his balls with the tip of my tongue. A slight minyon porno pulse of his shaft coated the back of my tongue with his steamy pre-cum, and I pulled back before I choked. I swallowed, my eyes never leaving his, and jammed two fingers of my right hand into my snatch. The taste of this Nubian god’s nectar inflamed my need to get laid.

James caught me. Taking hold of my pony tail, he jammed his massive cock down my tight throat. I gagged as his huge cock slid down, stretching my other hole like no one else. I gingerly felt my neck, and touching the moving bulge made me gush onto the tiled floor. He pushed in deep a few times before picking me up.

“Lay down and spread those legs, ho.”

Catching my breath I dutifully lay down on the bench, awaiting him to just fuck me into senselessness. He straddled the bench and slid forward until his cock inched along my thighs. Wrapping his hand around his massive organ he sawed it between my nether lips before slapping my clit with its head.

I squirmed and bucked my hips, screaming, “STOP TEASING! Just fuck me.”

He caught the edge of my wonton love hole, jabbing in just slightly, “Do you want me to fuck you with this black snake?”

I bucked up to capture more of him. I tossed my head side to side and cooed, “Yesss. Fuck me.”

My eyes were closed, waiting for the inevitable thrust. And I waited. And waited. And when I couldn’t take any more, he pulled back. He stood up and I heard him zip up his pants. My blue eyes shot open looking at him in total lust. He stared down at me with his dark eyes and grinning evilly. “Looking just like a slut already. How does it feel to want, whore?” He laughed and walked away.

“W-what!?” I shot up and screamed after him, “Where are you going? HEY! You’re such an asshole!!” But he disappeared without a second glance. I was rejected and left sexually frustrated by a thug. I offered up my horny white pussy for him to use and he didn’t take it. Staring after him, I brought myself off twice trying to get rid of my frustration, and it didn’t work. It only seemed to fuel the slow burn in my pussy. When I realized he wasn’t coming back, I threw on my clothes and sped home.

I got home just in time for dinner and its inevitable annoying questions. How was your week? What are you doing tonight? Any plans for the weekend? Hardly touching anything for dinner, I was so happy when it was over.

I excused myself to my bedroom, still thinking about James. Undressing to change for my date with Kevin I admired my long shiny brunette hair that framed my face, the sweet teasing look of my blue eyes, and the gentle slope of my nose ending just above my sweet succulent lips. My face was perfect.

Glancing downward I followed the slope of my perky upturned breasts to my nipples pointed towards the ceiling from the tips of my firm tits. I traced my eyes along the undersides of my breasts to my rib cage and then to my tight stomach. Seeing my landing strip I scanned down to the glimmer of my pussy, glistening in the light from my excitement. Turning to the side I checked out the swell of my hips and saw my perfectly firm apple shaped ass.

“I’m fucking perfect,” I ran my hands over myself, “And perfectly fuckable…” How could any man turn down the chance to fuck this perfect body? Cheerleading made me into a sex symbol. All the boys at school tripped over themselves to get a look at me. Who would ever turn down a chance to fuck me? But he did. I couldn’t understand it.

James pissed me off to no end. I dressed for Kevin. I chose a short black denim mini skirt with a lacy black bra under a tight white tank top and four inch black spiked heels. I’m hot. The black color of my bra under my white top outlined my perky boobs to draw the attention of any wandering eye, male or female. I was ready.

Kevin picked me up at eight forty-five and we headed over to Josh’s party. Once we arrived I glanced around and didn’t see James. I let out a sigh of relief, but at the same time felt disappointed. Kevin surprised me by grabbing each of us a soda.

We walked around together this time, talking to our friends for about an hour. Everybody we talked to noticed my top – I even caught a few guys and girls checking out my ass when we walked away. The attention had my vagina getting wet.

We were walking past the front door when James walked in. Kevin stopped me and waved to him.

“Hey big man!” Kevin said, “Glad you could make it.”

“Thanks for the invite,” James said, not even looking my way. He strode in like he owned the place, and walked past us without even a glance at me or my outfit.

I clenched my thighs together, “Why did you invite him?”

“Oh, James?” Kevin glanced at me, “He just moved back to town and mentioned he wanted to meet some new people.”

“Oh,” I felt my excitement trickle down my thighs, “I have to use the bathroom.”

I looked for James seeing him going through the door olgun porno to the basement as I turned for the bathroom. I certainly didn’t want a repeat of last weekend if he saw me. I grabbed a wad of toilet paper to dry my excitement from my pussy. Apparently one part of me wanted a repeat however. I looked in the mirror. “How could anybody not notice me?” I thought. When I exited the bathroom I found Kevin playing poker in the basement with James and a couple of our classmates.

For the next hour I did everything I could to get James’ attention. I bent down to hug Kevin to give a clear view down my shirt. I stood provocatively on one leg, throwing out my breasts while talking to friends. I bent at the waist to adjust the straps of my shoes. I even went as far as flopping back on the couch a couple of times with my legs up flashing my naked pussy ‘accidentally’. Everyone noticed, except James.

I had flaunted myself like a common whore and he didn’t even look! I got a queasy feeling in my stomach as my wantonness excited me more and more. I couldn’t take it, so I went out front to calm down. Seeing James’ van I stood near it, wishing he would follow and take me inside. He didn’t. I stormed about, stomping my feet and on the verge of tears. I had worked myself into a frazzle over being ignored when a car pulled up.

“Hey Mitzi. What’s up?” It was Brenda, the slut who was flirting with my boyfriend.

“Nothing,” I tried not to look at her.

“The party’s in there you know. What are you doing out here?”

“Um, not feeling so good,” I answered, “Could you… give me a ride home?”

“Sure,” she smiled all too sweetly, “But where’s Kevin?”

“He’s playing poker with Jim, Bobby and some other guy in the basement.”

“Okay. Get in,” she said. As much as I hated this girl, I never let her know. I knew she was going to go straight for the basement the moment she dropped me off, but I couldn’t stand it there a moment longer. Worse yet, I had to get out of there fast and Kevin wasn’t going anywhere soon.

There was no talk during the ride except directions to my house. One we arrived I stepped out and turned back, “Can you let Kevin know I came home?”

“Sure. I’ll probably run into him at the party,” Her smile assured me she was already planning on it.

“Thanks,” I managed before slamming the door a little too hard.

I woke up Saturday morning angrier at that thug than I was the night before. Finding out my parents were going out to dinner and then the theater that night, I formed a plan. After showering and getting dressed I went shopping. Since my parents would be gone all night, I decided to go really sluttish.

At a dress shop I tried on several short tight dresses until I found the perfect one. Ivory-white and made of a thin cotton fabric, the hem stopped just three inches below my crotch. It hugged my body tight showing every curve perfectly. The sky-blue of my bra showed through it clearly.

Then at my favorite lingerie shop I found a three-piece ensemble – A lace-trimmed satiny bra that held my firm breasts in a way that made them look a cup size larger, a new garter belt, and matching panties. Choosing the color was the easy part: fire-engine red. Next I chose a pair of matching stockings. The panties would be of my choosing normally, but tonight they would remain in my dresser. The color of my heels matched my new lingerie, and with a five inch spiked heel and a strappy open-toe look I knew they were perfect.

I arrived home as my parents were backing out of the driveway, “Have fun tonight honey. Love you!” My mom called to me.

“Love you too mom,” I waved.

After I had dinner I spent the next couple of hours getting ready. I had painted my finger and toe nails, when I first got home so they would be dry in time. I slipped into my bra and dress, and I spent over an hour teasing and fluffing my hair before it was just right. My brunette tresses framed my face perfectly making my blue eyes stand out.

As I pulled my new garter belt into place and was rolling my stockings into place, I couldn’t stop admiring myself in the mirror. I had just finished strapping my heels in place when the doorbell rang. I took one last look at my image. With the face of an angel and the body of a goddess, any person that didn’t notice me had to be blind.

It was nine o’clock when I walked upstairs to answer the door. When I opened it the look on Kevin’s face was priceless.

“Wow,” was all he muttered.

I gave him a light kiss on the lips. I didn’t want to smear my lip stick. “Where are we going tonight?” I asked., batting my eye lashes at him.

“Uh er,” he mumbled, “Jessie’s.” Kevin had a really hard time keeping his eyes on the road as we drove to Jessie’s. At every stoplight he poured over me, and I soaked in the attention. When we pulled into Jessie’s driveway I spotted James’ van.

“When I make my entrance, everybody’s eyes will be on me,” I şahin k porno thought, “Even that asshole.”

Kevin was first through the door to several slaps on the back and shouts of “It’s about time!” And when I made my entrance there where several loud whistles. I was right. As I scanned the room everyone was looking at me, checking me out from head to toe. Almost.

Every eye in the room was glued to me, EXCEPT HIS! James didn’t notice me all night.

Needless to say I was so furious with James for not noticing me I was home by eleven-thirty.

I went to bed, wetter than I had ever been. I was supposed to be angry, not horny. But his ignoring me just inflamed my need to get fucked. Our bodies fit together so well. My pussy fit his cock like a tailor-made glove, all the brighter against his dark skin. I wanted his hot semen gushing in me. No, my body craved it. I was addicted already, and the withdrawal was driving me insane.

I planned to waste Sunday away. I was downstairs in my room around eleven, hardly concentrating on my computer solitaire. I sat in some short denim cut offs and my new bra. Kevin showed up at my door.

“Hey! Where’d you go last night?” I turned. My boyfriend wasn’t alone. Kevin brought him. I covered my tits out of instinct.

“Kevin? What are you doing here?”

“Checking on you, you left me hanging two nights in a row.”

I grabbed my robe and threw it on, “I wasn’t feeling well and you were having a good time. I didn’t want to interrupt…”

James walked over to the basement door. “Okay I was just worried,” Kevin said.

“Yeah I think it was something I ate,” He hasn’t even looked or said anything, I thought.

Kevin smiled, “It’s a nice warm day. Why don’t you come to the park and watch us play touch football?”

I shrugged, “I can’t. I have to study for finals.”

“Okay,” he shrugged and smiled, “I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you.”

“Love you,” I said, “Until tomorrow.”

James and Kevin left. I watched James not even as much as glance over his shoulder. I waited until I was sure they had gone before checking the door knob. It was locked. I unlocked it before returning to my room. I spent the rest of the day flustered, unable to even study.

Monday and Tuesday came and went with nothing unusual happening. By Tuesday night it had been over a week since meeting James. I climbed into bed around eleven thirty and laid there trying to remember the reproduction cycle we were taught in sex education. I remembered that ten to fourteen days after was the fertile time for a woman. What I could not remember was if it was after the start or end of a woman’s period…

I drifted off to sleep wondering if I was fertile. I had a dream of James. He was on top of me, his big black cock buried to the hilt inside me. He pushed against me, and I felt the hot jets of him ejaculating into my fertile white womb. Whatever mind games he was playing had me thinking only of him impregnating me, and in my dream I knew by the tenth hot gush that he had done it. He grinned evilly down at me and disappeared, and when I looked down I saw myself with a large swollen belly.

My eyes flew open. That was the first time I had seen myself pregnant in a dream. When the shock wore off I rolled over and saw only an hour had passed since I first went to bed. I closed my eyes again when I heard the creak of my bedroom door. I opened an eye to see a large dark hulking figure outlined by the moon light behind it standing in my doorway.

I leaned up on one elbow turning my light on, “What are you doing here?”

James must have undressed before entering my room. My blue eyes met his broad white smile and scanned down his hard black pectorals and over his six-pack abs and fixated on the twelve inches of black meat hanging down to just above his knees.

“I’ve come to give you what you’ve been lusting for is all.”

With that being said I narrowed my eyes and tossed off my bed covers, showing him I was naked like he wanted. I didn’t say a word as I slid out of bed to my knees. I crawled to him on all fours, swaying my ass as I approached. I ran my hands up his muscular legs and across his pubic bone to caress his magical black staff and heavy balls.

Looking up to his deep dark gaze lustfully I lifted his heavy cock until the head was level with my lips. Not breaking eye contact I began to slowly stroke him to life. When the first dollop of pre-cum appeared I slowly stuck my tongue out to lovingly lick the nectar of love off his thick manhood.

The first taste ignited the flame lying dormant in my pussy. He wrapped his hand around his shaft about five inches below his head. Grabbing the back of my head, he forced me to take his hard cock all the way to his hand, “Did you miss me, ho?”

He would not let me remove my mouth from his cock so I nodded yes, “Answer me with words, bitch.”

“Wes,” I was forced to answer with a mouth full of cock, “Wes, I wissed woo.”

“You’re one talented cock sucker, you know that?”

“Twank woo,” I sucked another drop of pre-cum onto my tongue. His compliment made me hotter than ever.

“Do the boys you tease know what a fine cock sucker you are?”

“Nwo,” My pussy dripped down my thighs.

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