Mistress Makes Me

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Mistress Makes Me

The ad read, “Mistress Miri’s Glory Hole. My hot lips are dying to thank you for your cum. Seventy-five dollars. Major credit cards only.” There was a picture of Mistress Miri and she was hot in a way that pushed all my buttons.

I called the number, sure that it was a scam, but a real woman answered the phone and she sounded sincere. She explained she would greet me at the door so I could look her over in person, but all sexual activity had to happen through the hole to make sure I kept my hands to myself.

A woman that hot would be worth five times that. It really was too good to be true. She told me her main line of work was as a dominatrix but she kept only one fifteen minute time slot open per week to recruit new customers for her services. If I wanted only to get sucked through the hole that would be fine. If I wanted to reserve the time every week I could. And if I wanted to try out her other services I could do that too. But if the slot was filled before I reserved it someone else might snatch it up.

It was a thirty minute drive to her place and the allotted time was in forty-five minutes. I would have to make up my mind and hurry so in an impetuous instant I committed, “I’ll take it!”

Then right after she gave me the code for the front gate she added, “You better be freshly showered too – or else.”

She was a stranger on the other end of a phone line. I could easily stand her up and be no worse off. But the threat pierced me through and through.

It was the fastest shower I’d ever taken but before you knew it I was closing the gate behind me and going around to her back door.

True to her word she answered in person. She was far hotter in the flesh – imposing too. The place had the feel of a Gypsy fortune teller’s studio except with a decidedly S & M vibe.

There were dark oil paintings of erotic scenes on the walls. Men with big cocks, exotic women, but also slavish guys bowing to their queens.

She was welcoming and enticing as she beckoned me in. Sitting on the couch where she led me she put a tumbler of whiskey in my hand, “It’s seven dollars for the drink. Quite reasonable, don’t you think?” I had to agree.

She swished when she walked. Well, not her, but her long flowing negligee and the cascading body jewelry beneath. She was a living waterfall of sensuality.

We talked and she was remarkably charming. We talked longer than we should have for her to make a profit from her glory hole. As we chatted so pleasantly she crossed and uncrossed her legs in a most alluring way, almost displaying her pussy to my prying eyes.

I was drawn in. Drawn into her words. Drawn into her body. When she leaned forward I craved to see her cleavage. When she leaned back I desired to caress her flat tummy. And when she dangled her high heels from her delicate feet I wanted, for the first time, to pay homage to a woman’s toes.

I felt appreciated and accepted even as she told me how dismally normal I was, and how spectacularly lucky I was to be allowed to be there. How she made both feel true is a mystery, but I needed to hear more. More about how special it was to be there. But also more about how for a man with my slight build that she was going to do me a favor by letting me pay for the privilege of standing before her glory hole in just a few short minutes.

Suddenly she snapped at me, “Stand and strip!” I didn’t expect her to bark at me but without hesitation I jumped to my feet and dropped my clothing. Miri appraised my body coolly, “You’ll do. You’re not fat. Average cock. Underdeveloped biceps.”

It was insulting to be judged so accurately, but in the end, with a sigh of relief, I had passed the test.

“Would you like to see more of my body!” I nodded, almost drooling. “That’ll be an extra ten.” She informed me as she dropped her negligee. She took my credit card from my wallet and set it on a table next to a phallic jade lamp.

She was a beauty to behold. Sparkling all over from the jewelry which adorned her nakedness everywhere. “For another twenty would you like to suck my nipples?” I did! So badly did I want to suck them. And twenty dollars was cheap.

She bent over me, presenting her full breasts to me. There were silver caps on her nipples: shiny nipple jewelry, and they were shaped like tiny penises. I sucked her nipple with glee, feeling the little metal cock in my mouth, but also suckling on her large round areola. Nirvana!

She allowed me to suck for much longer than she should have for a measly twenty. By the time she stopped me I was hard as a rock just from the pleasure of her cocky nipples. She even touched my hardness through my pants, “I like this. Will you give it to me? Will it be mine?”

When I assented she yanked her teat from my disappointed lips, then splayed herself out in the easy chair before me. Now I could see clearly what I had only glimpsed before. A sparkly chain wrapped around her hips securing a silver oval nestled among her labia: more jewelry. hd porno This odd ring surrounded her clit, pushing it up and out for me to see more clearly than I had ever seen a clit before.

It was big. Huge even. It must have been just shy of an inch long. She traced it with her finger, asking with cruel derision, “Does my little man like my clit?” I nodded dumbly.

She leaned forward, waving her finger under my nose, “Do you like my scent?” I smiled like a fool. “It smells like the last time I had sex.” I was thinking about my wife’s pussy, but I didn’t say anything out loud.

I imagined plowing my dick into her pussy, rubbing her big clit while I did it. When she touched her finger to my lips I kissed it. She rewarded me with a smile, “Very good. You’re a natural.”

Always full of surprises she picked up a strange device, “Would you like to see me pump it?”

I must’ve looked confused. “I’ll pump it up and it’ll swell to twice its size.” She gestured to her clit.

“Yes! Yes! Show me!”

She removed the clitoral bauble only to suck that clit right up to gargantuan proportions with the pump. When she was satisfied she started a commentary, “It’s engorged. It’s sexy. It’s practically a cock. Stick around and some day you’ll get to suck my cock.” It seemed weird how she referred to her clit as a cock, but in all honesty, it did look like a tiny penis.

She stood up drastically, causing her diamond cascades to shimmer and her grand boobs to bounce majestically. She ran my card through a card reader, “That’ll be a hundred sixty. Right?” I consented and she rang it up. It was well worth every dollar. I would’ve paid five hundred for what I’d received so far.

Miri pointed to the glory hole, blew me a kiss with plumped scarlet lips, then she walked around into the other room behind the wall. Up high there was a little glass window. She looked at me dominantly through the window then pointed with her eyes where I saw her fingers protruding through the hole, wiggling and imploring me to put my average but lucky cock through to receive a great reward.

She grasped the head of my cock, pulling me all the way to the other side. Instantly her face dropped below the window whereupon I felt the most amazing sensations.

Lips! Warm plump red lips. Hotly sucking slurping lips. A wet wet feminine mouth gasping and smacking with lewd sucking sounds. She moaned loudly, like she really liked it. To me it seemed like no woman had ever relished my cock to any greater degree in all my life.

I slammed into the wall. I wanted desperately to grab hold of her head and force my dick down her throat. She was wise to insist on having a wall between us.

As much as I wanted to fuck her throat what happened next was better. I’d face fucked one girl once, years before, and it was great. It was great to feel my cock forced down a throat. But here and now, instead, a throat forced itself upon my cock. The gurgling and choking was proof of dedication in cocksucking.

With shaking knees I shot my load deep, deeper than I’d ever shot it. My cock throbbed multiple times depositing gobs of my cum directly where it belonged.

In a short five minutes the best blowjob of my life was over. I heard the lips I’d just ravished being licked free of my cum, no longer sucking on my spent dick. I heard her cough briefly then she popped up into the window again. I witnessed her wipe her lips with one finger then smear a drop of my cum on the window. Just as the ad had promised she mouthed silently from the other side, “Thank you for your cum.”

This alluring woman came back around the wall, “Darling, that was wonderful. Next time drink pineapple juice first.” Then she ushered me out the door faster than greased lightning.

A week later I needed to go back. So great was my desire that I was becoming obsessed with thoughts of the witchy woman.

Inside she hurried me to the hole where my average dick was pleasured in no average way.

Then it was over too quickly. Suddenly I was ushered out the door yet again. In the alley behind her studio I didn’t feel like it was enough. I needed more.

Midweek I begged her to let me come before my appointed time. She insisted that I could only do that if I became a sub and used her dominatrix services rather than just her glory hole. I would have agreed to anything just then.

Finally, on the other side of the wall I took in the kinky sights of her dominatrix chamber. There were whips and chains and odd devices everywhere. She asked me if I wanted to try her table. What harm could there be in a table?

Laying there exposed and naked while mistress remained clothed, she tied me intricately with more rope than could ever be necessary.

Next my cock and balls were tied too. Tiny ropes wound around, crisscrossing my helpless throbbing organ in repeating patterns. She implored, “Is it my cock? Do you give it to me?” I smiled wide, agreeing to give it to her. As far as I was concerned she could japon porno suck it, fuck it, or jerk it.

Mistress presented her nipples to me and I sucked them, also sucking the same cock shaped adornments as before. She asked in her exotic accent, “You like sucking my cockettes?” I nodded enthusiastically. I DID love sucking her tiny silver cocks.

As she turned away from me I ached to know what she had planned next.

When she returned to my immobilized but addicted body, she held a rather normal dildo. A mere five inches, pink, and shaped like a dick. She rubbed her pussy with the rubbery cock, “You want to taste me?” She put the tip of it in her pussy. “This makes me so wet.” Mistress then held the glistening cock before my face, waving it seductively. It smelled of plastic and pussy. Slowly she brought it close to my lips, then with agonizing anticipation she refused to give it to me until I discerned her wants and opened my lips willingly.

I sucked her dildo while she gently fucked my mouth with it, adding commentary, “My slave likes my cock in his mouth. He makes me happy and he’ll do anything for me. Won’t you?” I sucked harder in reply.

Mistress ran her fingers sensually down her body until she played with her labia and clit. All the while she continued fucking my mouth. Leaning against my body I felt her large firm juggs pressed against my tied arm and was delighted beyond belief. Five hundred per session was well worth it.

I witnessed her body writhe as she approached orgasm. Then with her climax her hot flesh became dewy with perspiration and she slumped slightly over my prostrate form.

She removed the dick from my mouth. I gave it up reluctantly only to learn what she intended to do with it now. She slid the spit-slicked penis up my bum relishing in the confused expression on my face.

When I was completely impaled she stood back for a second to appraise her handiwork. Then mistress flicked my cock just once, causing me to shoot an hour of pent up goo all over my stomach.

As usual I was kicked out in a hurry. Barely finished dressing I stood in the lonely alley tying my shoelaces.

I couldn’t wait till next week. Though it was a long wait.

I as standing naked and hairless before her tall form, a razor in her hand as she declared, “I’m going to tie your dick again. Well, my dick. It’s mine right?” I nodded. She went on, “If it’s mine then you’ll only give it to me? For the next week no one else may touch MY cock.” She tweaked it hard. “You will deny even your wife…just for one week. Say it!” I told her what she wanted to hear.

When she was done she pulled me by my balls, leading me to a realistic dildo suction cupped to the wall. “Can you smell me?”

I pressed my nose to the imposing black cock. “Yes. It smells just like you.” I longed to smell her directly at the source. But she was in control. This would have to do.

It seemed too gay, now that no part of the cock was attached to mistress. When she held the first one it was her doing the fucking. This was just a solitary cock protruding from a wall.

Then she said the words that drew me in again, “It’s been fully inside me. Not just the tip…and I came on it. Can you see how it’s slick? Taste me.”

I knelt there sucking her juices from the big phallic dildo when she reached around me, encircling my dick with her amazing hands for the first time. Fantastic!

Her nude breasts pushed two cold metal nubs against my back. Her breath was warm on my neck. Then she kissed my cheek. It was the first physical sign of affection I’d received from her.

Mistress rubbed my frenulum with one slicked finger while she forced my throat onto the cock. I couldn’t hold back any longer and spooed the wall, my bound dick throbbing inside the ropes. Mistress Ordered me to lick my sperm from the wall. It was a tremendously gross act though I felt compelled to please her.

A clock chimed somewhere, indicating my time was up. Mistress dumped my clothes into my hands and shoved me out the back door still naked with a tied dick. I must’ve taken an hour to free my penis from the knots, but only a few rushed moments to jump into my clothes as her next customer judged me on his way past.

I couldn’t wait to go back. Even the humiliation was worth it.

The next time I visited Mistress Miri’s backroom she tied my cock the same way, then as I knelt before her she dripped wax from a black candle on the exposed skin of my throbbing member. It cooled some before landing and hardening on my penis, but I still flinched as each warm drop fell. Finally, she brought the candle close so the drops had little time to cool as they fell. I added a grimace to my flinching as the heat was hard to bear. Mistress was so pleased with my ability to stay hard under duress that she thanked me by pinching my nipples with two black painted fingernails. Such delicious pain.

After that, mistress made a big show of pumping up her clit with the vacuum. lezbiyen porno When she removed it her clit stuck out like a two inch long cock. “Will you taste my cock?” I couldn’t wait.

Though it didn’t turn out like I wanted. Mistress applied her clitoral pump to my lips, so yes, I tasted her clit again, though sadly, yet again only from cold plastic. When she’d had her fun taunting me, she pumped up my lips so they looked plump and red like hers.

She stood before my kneeling form, “Are you ready to suck my cock?” I stared at her engorged clit emerging from the oval ring, afraid to commit, only to have my desire yanked away again.

But my lust was greater than my fear. “Yes! I want nothing more.” Mistress rubbed her sex on my face, almost inserting it into my mouth but teasing me mercilessly.

“Follow me.” She led me a few steps as I shuffled on my knees to the glory hole where a pillow waited for me to kneel on. “Wait here.” Disappearing, she went over to the other side of the wall. The passage of time was agony. By the time my wait was over my back was stiff and my knees hurt. It must’ve been an hour before she returned and she never did put her pussy up to the glory hole.

Mistress knelt next to me steadying herself with one hand on the wall and one on my shoulder. Her big breasts caressed my skin, sending ripples of pleasure through my body. When she kissed my cheek I felt giddy. When she kissed my neck all over, as lovers do, I was enchanted. “Will you do anything for me? For me?” I nodded vigorously as if she could love me if I only pleased her enough.

She moved her one hand from my shoulder to my tightly bound testicles. With her other hand she fingered the glory hole reminding me of that first time I’d visited her lair. “Will you suck my cock? Not the fake one like before, but my actual flesh?” Mistress rubbed her clit on my leg as she whispered in a husky voice and I had no will to refuse.

Kissing me quickly on the lips this time she gushed, “You’re wonderful!” My heart melted at her approving words. Then she spoke the words that sealed my fate, “I’ll kiss your lips again, lover…after you suck my cock.”

“Yes! Yes! Please let me suck you!”

I saw her pulling on her big clit as she corrected me, “My cock. Say you will suck my cock.”

So I did, “Yes, your cock. I’ll suck your cock.”

Tenderly she nibbled on my earlobe. “You’re such a good boy.” I felt special.

Her hand fumbled at the hole, then she retrieved her petite fingers followed by another man’s cock! Some guy’s dick was protruding through the hole and she was fingering it, massaging his frenulum like she had done mine. “Go on, lover, suck my cock.”

I swear my eyes bugged out of my head. “But, your cock…” I glanced down at her clit. She was still pulling it, even jerking on it like a man would masturbate his cock.

“Do it lover. Suck my cock and I’ll kiss you after, on the lips. I want you to do it. My cock needs you to do it. See how it throbs for you? See how it leaks in its need?” She waved it in front of my face like she had done before with her dildo. I almost succumbed.

I stared at her plump red lips needing to kiss them. Then I stared at the cock she was fondling. She pointed it at me. “It won’t bite. It’ll just spit a little.” She laughed evilly when she said that. “You know you want to.” She dropped her hand to my dick. All I could think of was that her hand caressing my dick had just caressed his. She was transferring his sweaty essence from it to me. And no, I DIDN’T want to.

Mistress stroked my cock: promising a handjob by the very act. She’d never given me a handjob and I really did want one. In all my recent visits she’d just gotten me so worked up that I dropped my load at the merest touch. In fact, she’d never pleasured my cock in person, eye to eye. She HAD blown me the first couple visits but only through this very hole.

Then it dawned on me… I hadn’t actually seen her blow me. Her face had been at the window and then it wasn’t. For all I knew some other rube had knelt where I was now. The guy over there surely thought it was she about to blow him.

But I didn’t want to suck a cock. What I wanted was to suck her cock. Well, not her cock in the sense that he had given her his cock. I wanted to suck her cock-like clit. I also wanted her to suck mine like I thought she had. Desperately, I bargained with her: “I’ll do his if you do mine.”

Mistress just laughed, mocking my words. “His? Mine? Don’t you know all the cocks belong to your mistress?” Again she pointed it at me, smiling wickedly. “Suck my cock and I’ll kiss you afterwards, my love.”

My resolve dissipated. I’d played my hand and lost. I needed her to love me, to do something sexual for me, but she held all the cards. “Ok.” I said meekly.

“Ok, what?”

“Ok,” I looked away from her eyes and right at the cock coming through the wall. “I’ll suck your cock.” Hearing my capitulation mistress placed her hand on the back of my head then licked my lips. It was an odd gesture, but I accepted it as an indication that she was going to kiss me again. And I really craved her kiss. In all her cruelty her kiss had been one of the only acts of kindness she’d given me. I needed her affection which was so hard to earn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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