Mistress Emma’s Revenge

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Hi I’m Ken. Well I was, now I’m called Brenda. Here’s a bit of my story for you. I hope you don’t make the same mistakes I did. Because until I got caught misbehaving by my mistress, life was pretty good.

At 38, I had a great job as an office manager in charge of 25 or so employees, mostly women, a really good salary, a nice office and plenty of job security. I was only 5’7″ but made up for it with my good looks & great personality. Seriously I looked like a junior version of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor just a bit less manly a build. But even better shoulder length hair. I was sadly widowed at 32, but I didn’t let it ruin my life. In fact I used it to make myself better. I started to live my life and that included learning to embrace my other side.

You see, I decided to let my kinky side out. Why not. Too many people keep their feelings bottled up inside them and struggle through life. As soon as I decided to act on mine it was like a veil was lifted. My work and improved and through me the entire offices efficiency went up. My health improved, physically and mentally and I haven’t felt been in years.

I was a closet cross-dresser, enjoyed bondage and bdsm games, and I always thought body piercing was hot. I even had my nipples pierced and a PA ring installed. It was really fun when a date found them for the first time. And none were ever put off by it. In fact they all said they could feel the PA ring when I was inside them.

But I guess much if not most of the credit for my personal improvements goes to encouragement from my lovely Mistress Emma, or Miss Em as she is often called. We met at a local BDSM club that I had started to visit and hit it off right away. She had quite a bit more experience than I did but I was a willing student and sub. In the first few months after meeting her I threw out my boxers and switched to panties, shaved my body and learned to worship hers. I Submitted to her paddles and canes and learned the joys of submission. It was all worth it just to be allowed to worship her amazing body.

Miss Em was and inch taller than me at 5’8″ with golden hair a trim waist and beautiful bottom and a lovey c-cup chest. She was trim and toned from regular workouts, and men and women’s eyes would turn towards her whenever she entered a room. She had a commanding presence and I was happy to play second fiddle to her.

Living only a few miles apart made it easy for us to get together. We regularly attended a few local clubs but spent most of our playtime together or with 2 or 3 other fem-dom couples that she knew, and a coupe of single domme women as well. I loved being on my knees between her legs while she or another domme was paddling my ass, urging my tongue deeper into her beautiful vagina or ass.

“So Mary I think I found a sub that may be a keeper.” she told her girlfriend over dinner. “We met at the club and he’s smart, intelligent, good looking, trainable and will make a really pretty sissy in time.

I still worry cause he is a guy. You never know if you can really believe them.”

“Yeah Em, they say anything until they get to cum then its see ya girl. You are too good to put up with that shit.”

“Listen Mary you are a wiz with computers. I would love to have you install and install some files and tracking stuff on his laptop. And maybe a couple hidden cams too. I will invite you to dinner at his house and keep him occupied. He will never know its there and we can set it so you can keep an eye on him too. We can follow her every move on line and even run sissy hypnosis tapes and subliminals in the background. In a month she won’t remember who or what Kenny was. Lol.”

Not long after I agreed to be her sub she called me at work one day and said she had a present for me and to pick up Chinese take out and bring it to her place for dinner. We drank some wine and ate with the usual small talk, all the while I kept glancing around the rooms to see if I could get a hint as to what was coming. She told me to clean up the dishes and meet her in the bedroom.

I knocked and waited to be allowed to enter the room. She was wearing 4″ stiletto heel pumps, a black lace bra and crotch-less panty set and deep red lipstick. Towering over me in the heels she said one word, “STRIP.” I hurriedly slipped out of my clothes and she grabbed me by my now hardening dick and directed me backwards towards the bed. With a firm push I found myself laying on the bed and she quickly was on top of me.

She knelt over my face and lowered her pussy down and I didn’t have to be told what was expected. I was addicted to her taste and would lick her for however long as she would allow. After a couple of hard grinding orgasms she turned around and said it was time for my present. She lowered her ass onto my mouth and told me to start licking and not to stop for any reason or I would be in deep trouble.

As I worked my tongue between her cheeks she reached past my hard dick and grabbed me by the balls. The pressure from her hands slowly increased and with the increased pain level I could do nothing but force my tongue deeper into her beautiful ass to keep from howling in pain. ankara türbanlı escort I could feel my hard on wilting as the pain became worse. She finally released her grip and grabbed a metal cock ring from under the blanket and forced my balls and softened cock through it. I then felt a metal tube being slid over my cock and realized she had gotten me a chastity cage.

After putting the lock in place she lifted off of me and laid down next to me stroking the gleaming metal tube. “Like your present,” she asked?

“Why Mistress” was all I could say.

“I got a promotion at work and will be traveling about 10 or 15 days a month and I want to be certain that my property is safe. I hope you don’t have a problem with that?”

“No Mistress.” What else could I say? She could have just thrown me out with the cage on. And besides, I really wanted this relationship to work so I was willing to do it to please her.

“Good. Now, before it gets removed, you will throw out all you men’s under wear. The next time I am at your home I expect to see at least a dozen pair of pretty panties and 3 or 4 vintage style panty or long leg girdles. Understood slave?”

“Yes Mistress Emma,”

“Very good slave. Now if you want to reduce the time you spend locked up I suggest you consider embracing more of your feminine side because I have been seeing way too much testosterone affecting you lately. Otherwise you may be stuck in that thing for a while, and that may piss me off as I wont be able to play with it either.”

“You will obviously be wearing panties under your clothes all the time now and if I find out differently I will start requiring bras or cami’s too. There is one benefit for you, the panties will help support your chastity and boxers wont. I got you a pair to get started and will give them to you to wear home later.”

So that’s how the move towards Brenda started. I went out and purchased the required clothing the next morning. I didn’t want to spend any more time than necessary in this metal contraption. Especially after I woke in pain twice through the night and again when my alarm went off. I texted Mistress before I was even out of the mall and told her of my purchases.

That day at work I felt like all eyes were on me. I felt everyone in the office knew what I was wearing and the dam cage was choking my cock. As soon as I got home I called Mistress Emma to see if she would be coming by to see my purchases and unlock me. My heart sunk when she texted back that she would not, as she had to go out of town the next morning for work and would not be back for 3 days. She was too busy packing to come by that night.

I asked if I could come to her to be unlocked before she left. She just laughed and reminded me of why she put it on me in the first place. I would not only have to wait until she returned but had to text a pic of my panties and chastity every morning and within 5 minutes any time during the day that she wanted one.

“Oh Fuck,” I thought this was not expected. I haven’t been 24 hours without squirting since I was 14. Now its already been a day and 3 more to come. Work was the worst. 3 times that first day Miss Em demanded pictures. I had to sneak off to the restroom and take a pic without arousing suspicion. I swear the whole office new I was up to something. I hoped I wasn’t blushing too much dammit. I struggled through the next few days sending pics and waking up in the middle of the night.

I couldn’t even check out porn on the web because it hurt too much. I found myself being busier with other things. I did some deep cleaning around my house. Did a few repairs I was putting off. Got ahead on my scheduling for work. Anything to take my mind off the damned cage.

Mistress finally returned from her trip and I cooked a nice dinner so she could relax more when she returned. When she arrived for dinner she immediately ordered me to strip to my panties. She fondled me a bit then handed me her coat to hang before heading to the living-room and turning on the evening news commanded “bring me a glass of wine and finish preparing dinner Brenda!”

We dined on a pork loin roasted with bacon and pineapple. And a bit more wine. Shortly after I finished cleaning the dishes Mistress said it was time for a fashion show. One at a time I was to model all my new panties for her. She smiled and had me do turns for her so she could see all sides. She not only took notes on a scrap of paper but took pics of me with her phone. When I questioned her about them she assured me they were just for her personal use. And then with a sly grin added “unless you do something to really piss me off”.

I then had to model the girdles for her. I hadn’t even tried them before. They crushed my chastity back and left me totally smooth in front. Mistress loved them. She loved the way they shaped my ass and said it looked so much more girly that way. “I knew when I first met you that there was a pretty girl inside you somewhere. Now I am convinced of it.”

Miss Em then looked at her notes and said that 2 pairs of the panties were not pretty enough and tuzla escort needed to be thrown out and replaced. Because of that 2 more days were added to the chastity time. She said I better have some nicer ones by then. “Now bring me my coat Brenda, I have jet lag and must go home to sleep.”

It took me till later that night to realize she had called me Brenda a few times. I would have to ask her about that.

2 days later I was summoned to her house and told to bring the new panties with me for her approval. I arrived promptly at 7 and handed her the package with the panties. Luckily she approved of both pair. She had me strip and model them for her then and excused herself from the room. She returned with a package of her own. Setting it aside she sat on the couch and unlocked my cock and sent me to the bathroom to clean myself and the cage thoroughly.

I returned and she directed me to stand in front of her. She pulled a girdle out of her bag and told me to put it on. It was shiny red satin and had no back to it. A large cut out for each ass cheek with a band separating the middle. She instructed me how to tuck my cock and balls and made sure the girdle was firmly pulled up. From the front I looked as smooth as any woman. As I turned she gave each of my cheeks a strong swat. “I would love to see those cheeks match the color of the girdle. They are just too full of temptation sticking out like that.”

She reached into the side of the couch and pulled out her short wooden paddle and pulled me over her lap. The paddle rained down on my bottom. The holes in it helped it travel faster and it blistered my bottom as Mistress held me firmly. She pushed me off and had me model the girdle again. Apparently pleased with the color of my bruised behind she told me, “now put your pants on I want to see how they look over the girdle.”

Just pulling the girdle and pants up was a chore. They felt like sandpaper as I struggled to get them over my swollen ass. My pants fit so much tighter and Mistress Emma must have been pleased as she was smiling broadly. She had me strip again and took another 4 girdles out. 2 were like the one I had on, a white one and a black one. The were all high waist styles. The white and black ones had a full back but when I pulled them over my sore ass they seemed to slide deep in my cleft and shape my bottom even more.

“Did you like your little spanky Brenda? I sure did. Strip everything off again and let me see your pretty red girly bottom. She rubbed her soft hand over my poor suffering ass and with a grin dragged her nails across my buns evoking a howl from me. I think you should be wearing a girdle when ever you are not locked, don’t you?”

“But Mistress, cant I wear the pretty panties, my pants will fit better if I do?”

“No, you can only wear pretty girly panties when you are locked up. So if that’s what you really want I can put the cage back on you now instead of when I leave town. As for the pants we will have to get you some that fit better. So its girdles for my little Brenda until I say different understood?”

“Yes Mistress Emma. May I ask a question Mistress?”

“Yes Brenda you may.”

Why are you calling me Brenda, Mistress Emma?”

“Well Brenda, do men wear panties and girdles?”

“No Mistress.”

“And who’s panties and girdles are these?” Pointing to the package of my new ones.

“Mine Mistress.”

“Well then you must not be a real man so how can I call you a mans name?”

“But Mistress!”

“No buts you silly sissy girl. I have decided that you will be Brenda for me from now on. My sweet little obedient sissy. You got a problem with that Brenda?”

Accepting my fate I bowed my head and said “No Mistress it is not a problem, I will be your sweet little girl.”

“Good answer slut, that just saved your ass another paddling. Now get this area cleaned up and meet me in the bedroom.”

I packed up the panties and girdles and folded my clothes and put the wine glasses in the sink. As I entered Mistress bedroom she was naked on the bed and beckoned me too her. “Lick” was all she said as she pointed to her glistening pussy. I almost lost track of how many orgasms she had as I gently tongued her lower lips and clit.

When she was sated she had me move up next to her. She began slowly stroking my cock and whispering in my ear. She told me how happy she was that I agreed to be her little girl. How she loved having a little lesbian toy to mold and shape. Telling me I couldn’t squirt until she said it was okay. Stroking and stroking. She didn’t stop or speed up enough to make me squirt.

She told me how she was going to make me a beautiful sissy that any woman would be proud to own and that I would love every minute of it. She held a small bottle under my nose and told me to take a deep sniff. I did as she said and felt instantly flushed and my cock started to throb. “Yes sissy Brenda. Feel that sissy sauce surge through your body. Feel it turning you into my sissy girl. Feel it as your mind cedes to my will and your once proud cock becomes my sissy’s clitty avrupa yakası ucuz escort toy. Never to be a cock again. Now make it squirt and beg me to own it and you with it. Do it Now Brenda!”

And I did. I screamed at her. “Please Mistress Please make me your sissy girl. Please own my sissy clit. I want to be sissy Brenda for you always.” As ropes of cum squirted all the way to my forehead in probably the most explosive orgasm of my life.

Mistress ran her fingers over my body sweeping up my cum on her finger and fucking my mouth with them. “That’s a good girl Brenda. That’s exactly what I wanted from you.”

I turned to her and held her and cried on her shoulder. “Thank you Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

It took a while to get out of sub-space and regain all my senses. As I was getting dressed Mistress handed me a business card and told me she made me an appointment for Friday at 3. I saw it was for a nail salon not far from her house. Noticing my puzzled look she said it was the salon she used and Judy, the owner was expecting me and already knew what to do, I just had to show up and do as I was told. Afterwards I was to report to her house. She would be leaving town again for four days that Monday.

Before I left from home she reminded me to wear my girdles to work the rest of the week and she would be expecting her pics as well.

The next day at work all I seemed to notice was how big my ass felt in that shaper girdle. That and how sore my ass was every time I sat down. Around 11 am mistress texted and requested a pic. I went to the restroom and complied. Not long afterwards as a group of my female employees was leaving for lunch it seemed like they were pointing at me and giggling among themselves.

The next text from mistress came around 2 pm. As I made my way to the restroom I know like the lady’s eyes were following me. As the restroom was empty I took a moment to look over my shoulder into the mirror. “Oh fuck,” I thought to myself. The panty line from my girdle showed clearly in my khaki slacks as my ass filled them differently than it did last week. That must be what they were giggling about. Did Mistress know it would cause me to be outed at work?

I called Mistress after work and told her what happened. “Well you should have thought of that and worn dark pants. Any woman would know that you silly girl.” She laughed into the phone at me. “Don’t forget your date at the salon on Friday honey. Tonight in bed I want you to think about how all the women at work now think you are a sissy. And while you do I want you to put on some pretty panties and squirt your sissy juice all over them. Bye.”

I had dinner and watched some football before going to my room and picking a lacy red panty, I put them on and went to bed. Thoughts of what would happen at work drove me mad as I squirted my load. I would wear black pants the next day.

The dark pants helped my mental state but I still felt my ass was on display every time I walked through the office. Mostly the day went smoothly. That night with a long tailed shirt hanging over my pants I went out with a couple of my buds for dinner. That night I repeated my actions from the night before.

I got through Friday at work okay, and left to find the salon for my appointment. I figured I would probably me getting a manicure. Judy greeted me at the front and directed me to the pedicure area and said to remove my shoes and socks and roll my pants up over my knees and have a seat. I thought I recognized Judy from somewhere but couldn’t place it. I placed my feet in the warm water as Annie, the nail tech showed me how to adjust the massage chair. Wow did that feel nice.

“We don’ get a lot of guys here but they all love it afterwards. Some just enjoy being pampered, but I think some want to be girly sissy-boys”, offered Annie as she started on my cuticles. Which one are you?”

A bit shocked at the openness of her statement, I hemmed and hawed a bit before telling her that my girl friend got me the pedicure as a treat to try.

“Oh really, that’s nice, and I guess it was she who ordered this pretty red polish for you too? I think you better tell the truth Brenda, because Miss Judy has filled us all in on why you are here.”

“Damn,” I thought to myself. “Miss Em is like always 1 step ahead of me.”

“”Okay Annie. You are right. My friend Miss Emma sent me here because she wants me to be prettier for her and I do as she says,” I confessed.

“See, now that’s much better being honest with us, we will make you feel so much prettier before you leave.” She finished my nails in a deep blood red and with little paper sandals on my feet I was led to the manicure station with all the lady customers laughing at my red nails as we went by.

Siting at the desk I soaked my fingers as Annie prepared her tools. She trimmed me smooth and took care of my cuticles and I figured we were done. She took out a small box and started to apply huge long extensions on. When she saw me gasp she said, “don’t worry, I will cut them down and shape them soon.” When she finished cutting and sealing them with some kind of gel she reached for a light pink polish and painted them all twice. Then a shiny clear topcoat was added. Between coats and at the end they were placed under a UV gel to set. They were almost a quarter inch past my finger tips now. Annie told me they would be super strong and last 2-3 weeks before I would have to come back for a fill.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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