Missed Dinner Date

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It was 4:30. He knew he shouldn’t have waited so long to call, but he had hoped he wouldn’t need to call. Picking up the handset his fingers found the familiar digits. After three rings she answered.

“Hey there sexy, why aren’t you gone yet?” Kylie said, curiosity flavoring her words.

He swallowed. Scott knew he was over reacting, but only a little. They hadn’t missed a Friday night dinner date since they started them four years prior. They’d taken a break from them when Kay was pregnant with Christine; but they’d resumed them not too long after Chrissy was born. “I’m going to be late,” he grumbled. The four or five seconds of silence felt like an eternity to him.

“How late?” came her reply.

“We should order pizza tonight,” he said, pissed at himself more than she could ever be.

“The kids are at moms and our reservation is all set…you can’t handle this on Monday? Or even tomorrow morning?”

“The customer is calling me in about ten minutes. He needs to go over another set of changes to the design. He said he needs to get this nailed down today. I know if we can’t help him he’ll just take the work to Belko, and I won’t be the one to cost us a half million dollar job. I tried pushing it off, but the old man is set in his ways. I’m sorry,” Scott stammered.

“No no. I’m sorry. I know how important this project is. I’ll see if my parents can watch them again next week, ok?”

“What about tonight?” he queried.

“I’m bummed but not pissed. We order a couple of pizzas when you get home, and we’ll put a serious hurtin’ on the twelve pack of Sam’s I picked up today.”

Scott never failed to be impressed at how easy Kay rolled with it. Nothing ever seemed to rattle her or throw her off her game.

“So how late are talking?” she asked.

“I’ll be doing the changes while he goes through them on the phone. I don’t anticipate the whole thing to take longer than two hours, two and a half at the extreme.”

“So you should be home around sevenish?”

“Sounds about right; six thirty could be an optimistic goal.”

“I’ll plan for seven. Go get ready for your call so you can get home okay. I love you.”

“I love you too,” he answered, and then the line clicked dead.

Scott opened the AutoCAD drawing and tried to determine just what layout change they could possibly want to make this time. As he felt his frustration grow the phone rang.

“Beltford and Grimmel, how can I help you?” he asked into the receiver.

“Scott, is that you?” the grizzled voice on the other end asked.

“Yes Mr. Waterson, this is Scott.” The old man was fastidious when it came to the design layout of his projects. There had already been a half dozen changes and Scott wasn’t sure just what else could be tried.

“Scott my boy, I just wanted to call you and tell you what a fine job you’ve done. You’ve put up with every ounce of bullshit I’ve given you without one single gripe and that isn’t easy to do, I know. This was the last bit of it. There is no design change, I just wanted to personDallia tell you thank you, and let you know that the paperwork will be in your office first thing Monday morning. We’re looking forward to working with you.”

Scott sat in stunned silence as Mr. Waterson continued to heap praise at Beltford and Grimmel and rambled on about various other projects that have not started as smoothly. After fifteen minutes of this he couldn’t decide whether he should be pissed at this blatant waste of his time or thankful at the sincere praise.

“Scott? Are you there?” came the old mans voice.

“Yes Mr. Waterson, I was just going over the layout…”

“Bullshit…you were zoning out an old man’s ramblings, and that’s fine, I’d do the same. Again I thank you for your diligence. We’ll be in touch.” Then the line went dead.

Scott looked at the clock and was amazed that so little time had passed, it was only five minutes of five. Quickly shutting down his computer he ran the numbers through his head. Kay didn’t expect him until seven, six thirty at the earliest. Leaving now he’d be home around five thirty; he could make it twenty after if he wanted to risk a ticket. Deciding that an hour to an hour and a half early was better than half that time plus a speeding ticket, he decided to play it safe. Dinner at Bellisimo’s was still out of the question, but pizza and a night without kids was still very much on the menu. He jumped in his truck full of anticipation of what the night could bring, failing to imagine half of what would transpire.

“Not too shabby,” thought Scott as he turned onto his street at twenty three past five. “I’ll be in the driveway in two minutes and in Kay’s arms in three.”

Entering the driveway he pulled around Kylie’s Jeep Wrangler intending to park in front of the garage behind the house. When he got there, his spot was taken by an unfamiliar blue Nissan Pathfinder. Killing the engine he stared for a moment, trying to jog his memory and see if a name could be attached to this vehicle, but he came up blank. Exiting bursa eskort his truck he walked around the strange SUV and placed his hand on the hood: it was still warm.

Scott decided to enter the house through the back door. Stepping into the mud room, he slipped off his sneakers and walked through the kitchen towards the living room, curious as to the whereabouts ok Kylie. No sound emanated from the living room, but he peered in anyway, his belief that she wasn’t there verified. Standing mannequin still he listened, and was rewarded with a sound from upstairs. It was a moan. It was Kylie moaning, in the way she did during foreplay.

His cock grew to its full six and a half inches with the next moan that filled his ears. He could picture her lying across the bed nude, her chestnut hair spilling around her head in a silken puddle, her legs spread as she slowly worked her blue vibrator over her pink wetness.

Not wanting to reveal himself to her he stole silently up the stairs, halting at the fourth step when his mind was rocked by a thought that had been pushed from his mind by the lustful images of his wife in various poses of self pleasure: whose Pathfinder was parked in our driveway?

Standing dead still his heart hammered in his chest as new images flooded his mind: Images of another man having his way with his wife. Bending her over on their marital bed and stuffing her from behind as Kylie clawed at the sheets in the throes of passion. Kylie bouncing atop this mysterious lover, her 36B breasts jostling in time to their rhythmic fuck.

Though he did enjoy these images to a degree, the idea of this happening without his knowledge is what tainted them for him. As if on cue his fears were confirmed. Another noise drifted down the stairway to his waiting ears, and it wasn’t Kylie. Certain now that another man was in his bed with his wife Scott crept up the remaining stairs, intent up catching them in the act.

With cat like stealth he crept down the hall, slowly approaching the three quarter closed bedroom door, the two different moans differentiating themselves further the closer he got. Entering their bedroom, the bed was on the left wall, with their dressers and closet on the wall the door swung to. This would afford Scott an unobstructed view of half of their bed from his current vantage point with his next step. Steeling himself he slid forward and peered inside through the cracked door, the vision before him making him feel like a prophet or fortune teller; be it one with a skewed view.

Kylie was on her knees facing away from him at an angle. The upper body of her five foot ten inch frame was resting on the mattress, her head turned from him looking towards a window; her ass in the air, her wet pussy being filled by a long black cock.

Scott watched with a combination of shock and voyeuristic pleasure as his wife took what looked to be at least eight inches of thick cock into her hot pussy without so much as a whimper of pain, only moans of utter satisfaction. With much effort he forced his gaze to leave the heavy body of his wife that was clearly building to an amazing climax from the deep slow fucking she was receiving, to the body of the one that was filling his wife with more cock than he carried between his legs.

Her lover, though kneeling, looked to be no taller than Kylie: the upper end of the five foot scale, and surely no more than one hundred and twenty pounds, if that. Her blonde hair felt across her delicate shoulders in a cascade of mild curls, ending at the middle of her back. She had a tattoo barely visible above the leather thong, which Scott assumed was the harness for the faux cock she was fucking Kylie with, that looked like a rose and thorny vines. The rest of her back was an image of perfection, marred not by ink or blemish. Her figure was an hourglass, though not nearly as thin in the middle, but lacking of curves she was not. Her body carried the same bronze hue from head to toe as far as he could tell. She was either a master of the sprayless tan, or no stranger to sunbathing in the nude. Scott was certain it was the latter.

He watched transfixed as this blonde goddess continued to fuck his wife, uncertain why the rage he felt when he was sure a man was in his bed had fled as soon as he saw it was a woman. He stared as the slow and steady assault on his wife’s pussy lead her toward orgasm.

Unaware of when it had happened, Scott suddenly realized he was slowly stroking his rock hard member in time with the slow thrusts of his wife’s blonde lover. He gaped in true voyeur fashion as Kylie arched her back, tossing her head about as her right hand found her supple breast, her climax imminent, and her moans uncontrolled.

With a cry Kylie came hard, as did Scott spilling his seed on the carpeted hall floor. Her heaving body fell forward, off the dildo that had sent her to the stratosphere. She laid face down, shivers running through her heaving body as her orgasm subsided. Her lover stood and removed the dildo and harness before slinking bursa bayan escort into the bed along side his wife, her right leg draped across Kylie’s left.

Scott grew erect almost instantly when he stole his first complete look at his wife’s lover. Her chest had to be a 38C. Her stomach was as toned as any infomercial pitch woman that was trying to get you to buy the latest and greatest exercise device. The delicate bone structure of her face was a nearly perfect oval, but her eyes were her defining feature above all else. Perfectly placed on either side of her petite nose, the green orbs appeared to have been cut from a flawless dark emerald. They sparkled as if lit from within by the smoldering coals of a bonfire.

His gaze was locked on this gypsy goddess as she bent her faultless lips to his wife’s bare back; planting kisses that though delicate in delivery conveyed a passionate lust that was clearly nowhere near to being sated. He stared as she worked her way along Kylie’s spine. Anticipating the moment she would be kissing the firm globes of his wife’s ass he leaned too close to the cracked doorway, and was spotted.

She paused in the middle of Kylie’s back, her bright green eyes widening when she spied him. His cock again erect and in hand, Scott didn’t move. He knew he was caught, and was unsure how the coming moments would go down. Feeling like the caught voyeur that he was, the fact that his wife was fucking someone else was nowhere to be found in his mind.

The mysterious woman’s gaze held him frozen in place. Hypnotized. Mesmerized. Enraptured. The various words to describe the spell her eyes had cast upon him flashed through is mind, but the result was the same: he couldn’t move.

The trance was broke when he watched as her left eye closed slowly in what was the sexiest wink he’d ever seen. The gypsy sat back on her legs along side his wife, and trailed her right hand along Kylie’s nude form.

“I brought something new this time,” the jeweled eyed stranger said. Scott was entranced again at the smooth and melodious voice that flowed from her perfect lips. He was sure that comment had been said slightly louder than required for his benefit. This time? These two words cycled through his head in a loop as he tried to comprehend them. “How many times have there been?” he wondered.

Kylie propped herself up on her right side, drawing her legs up in a half fetal position. “Something new huh? Don’t keep me waiting!” she said, her voice full of unbridled lust.

He stared as the blonde vixen slipped lithely from the bed and moved beyond his view. His eyes now locked on his wife’s firm body as she turned over to watch her lover. He could hear the stranger unzipping a bag of some sort; Scott’s heart quickened in anticipation when Kylie’s eyes grew wide at what she saw.

“Oh my God Dallia, what the hell do you expect me to do with that?” Kylie cried out as she sat up, her eyes wide in a mix of apprehension and curiosity.

Scott was going nuts. His need to see what Dallia was holding was so great he had to fight the urge to rush through the door and see for himself. Overriding the urge he was rewarded a moment later when Dallia returned to the bed, carrying a double headed purple dildo that looked to be around twenty four inches long and about two inches in diameter.

“Oh sweetie, these are so much fun,” Dallia assured Kylie as she crawled across the bed to her lover, “we get to use this at the same time.”

“Shit Dallia, I thought you were going to try and DP me with it,” she said a little nervously.

“If you’re up for it we can, but I thought we could use it together first.”

Parting Kylie’s legs, Dallia lowered her mouth to his wife’s waiting pussy. Within seconds she was moaning and running her hands through Dallia’s locks, pulling her mouth tight to her sex.

“Swing your little ass up here, I want to taste your pussy,” Kylie ordered between gasps and moans.

Scott was again stroking his cock as he watched his wife and her lover engage in a passionate sixty-nine. He felt his cock twitch with excitement when Dallia lifted her mouth from his wife’s cunt and winked at him before diving back in.

They devoured one another’s sex for about ten minutes before Dallia raised arched her back and cried out, “That’s it baby, I’m gonna cum! Finger my ass while I cum…keep going…oh God yesss…..”

He watched as his wife continued lapping at her dripping pussy through her orgasm. Finally Dallia climbed off his wife and sat along side her.

Picking up the massive purpled cock she asked, “Are you ready to try it?”

Sitting up Kylie pulled her lover into her arms, their tits mashing together as their lips met. Breaking the kiss their tongues continued to duel in the small space between their parted lips.

“So how do we do it?” Kylie asked stroking the purple member.

“I have three positions I like to use it in,” Dallia said as she reached for the lube. “The first one is my “making bursa ucuz escort love” position. We lay with our legs scissored together. Then we thrust at each other nice and slow.”

Kylie lay back and again spread her legs. She gasped as Dallia worked about four inches of their purple friend into her waiting pussy.

“Oh Dale this feels so good,” Kylie moaned as her lover moved to the other end of the rubber cock.

“Just wait until we work it together,” Dallia assured her as she worked no less than six inches into her own wetness. “Give me your hands.”

The women grasped hands and began to slowly hump the cock between them. Moaning and whimpering they slowly worked the dildo until Scott could only see a small portion between their splayed legs. Writhing and squirming they made love to one another in a manner that was both tender and passionate enough to make Scott momentarily feel that his voyeurism was disrespectful to the lovers before him.

With a nearly simultaneous cry the women came with a loud wail, their hands grasping at the disheveled sheets as their orgasms carried them through the clouds.

Dallia slid from the purple pleasure piece first, and then withdrew it from Kylie with an audible sucking sound; as if her pussy didn’t want to give it up.

Languidly moving to a sitting position Kylie asked, “So what’s position number two?”

“Lay back down lover,” Dallia said while gently pushing Kylie back to the missionary position. Scott stared with quiet aplomb as Dallia again worked the long dildo into his wife’s waiting pussy.

She climbed between Kylie’s legs, where Scott had spent uncountable nights staring down into the stormy blue eyes of his beautiful wife as they moved in unison towards their mutual goal of climax. He watched as she bent the rubber phallus and guided it into her own wet cunt; both women moaning with what could only be described as nearly excruciating pleasure.

He could tell that the bend in the dildo was forcing it to press upwards within their vaginas. This pressure would stimulate the G spot in a way similar to Scott’s ‘come hither’ finger motion he was so fond of employing on Kylie when he wanted to see her scream in orgasm.

The action on the bed quickly devolved from a slow and passionate love making to something more primal and urgent. The women became a tangled confusion of whipping hair, entwined legs, groping hands and searching lips as they rolled about on the bed. Each woman appeared to be simultaneously concerned with only their own pleasure as well as the desire to send the other to climax first. Their cries, gasps, and moans provided an audible cornucopia of unadulterated sexual need and desire.

Scott slid away from the door and sat with his back to the wall, listening to the animalist sex between his wife and her lover. He stroked his cock to the noises they made until he came for the second time of the evening, soiling his jeans and shirt with his hot seed. Uncaring, he wiped his sticky hand on his shirt and crawled back to the doorway.

Somehow in the minutes he was away, Kylie had gained the upper hand and had kept it. She sat astride Dallia, the purple cock joining them. Her hips we pistoning back and forth as she ran her hands through her chestnut curls, Dallia’s hands working her tits as they rushed towards mutual orgasm.

When it happened Scott swore he felt the house move. They came within seconds of one another. There weren’t moans and gasps when they came, there weren’t even yells. They screamed; their screams birthing themselves from within the depths of their mind blowing orgasms.

For a fearful moment he thought Dallia was going to throw Kylie from the bed with her violent upward thrusts; but like a skilled bull rider she held on before collapsing onto Dallia exhausted and spent. Her body racked with wave after wave of orgasm Kylie fought to regain control of her shuddering body as Dallia kissed her neck and shoulder, whispering intimacies that Scott couldn’t make out. Reaching between them, Kylie removed the dildo from both of them and dropped it between their entwined legs.

He watched with a slight tang of jealousy as their kisses and caresses, only moments prior filled with wanton lust and desire, turned delicate and tender. Their lips flitting softly across each others ravished bodies, leaving not one inch unattended to: Kylie on top, her lips gently tugging at Dallia’s nipple before releasing it with a fluttering of her tongue; Dallia kissing her way up Kylie’s body as she lie face down, her tongue leaving slim trails of saliva over the globes of her firm ass; their legs again entwined as they hold each other in a tender embrace, kissing with such passion he was certain they would pass out from a lack of oxygen. And then they were holding each other, laying still, their respiration back to normal.

Scott stared in voyeuristic rapture as the scene played out before him. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined what he had just witnessed. He stared at the lounging lovers as they held each other in their post coital glow, hoping they had dozed so he could make a retreat. The idea had formed in his mind to make a nosier entrance and catch them while they were still in bed, curious about the story he would hear. As his plan took shape it was shattered beyond repair.

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