[January 2021]

Real life isn’t like the movies.

In the movies, whenever the villain activates his villainous plot, the hero always arrives just in time to prevent it and save the day.

But in real life, by the time the villain is stopped they’ve had plenty of time to carry out their villainous designs.

Such was the case here. With the world in September 2020 still reeling and just starting to recover from the coronavirus crisis, a terrorist group calling themselves “Anarchy 99” suddenly appeared on the scene.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because they deliberately named themselves after the group in the Vin Diesel movie XXX. They had similar goals to the movie group – they didn’t favor a particular side of the political spectrum, they just wanted to cause total chaos everywhere. And while they, thankfully, didn’t have access to a city-destroying biochemical weapon like the group in the movie did, they *were* all former military and thus could identify with ease and kill any police or military man who tried to infiltrate the group.

And since Xander Cage *only* exists in the movies, he wasn’t around to save us from Anarchy 99’s depredations. Yes, they were eventually (mid-November 2020) caught and killed in a shootout. But not until they had removed most or all of the political (and judicial, media and financial) leadership of Russia, Israel, Britain, the United States, Brazil, Hungary, Italy and a few other countries.

Canada was the largest country left which had remained relatively unscathed. (One province had had their provincial government essentially taken out, but the overall government of the country was still in place.) They, along with the EU, assumed the global leadership role after Anarchy 99 was finally stopped.

As a Canadian diplomat, I was meeting with an envoy from Britain. She was representing the newly formed government there. They’d had to rebuild entirely from scratch, after just six members of the House of Commons survived and the entire House of Lords was taken out.

My internal phone line rang. It was my PA.

“The envoy from Britain is here, sir.”

“Send her in.”

Five seconds later, the door to my office opened, and the woman stepped forward.

The first thing I noticed was that she was very tall. I’m just about six feet (1.83 m) tall, and she was exactly my height. She was dressed professionally, wearing a white blouse revealing absolutely zero flesh and a black skirt that went to below her knees, and she was attractive and she knew it. Even covered up, she had a decent chest, her body was toned and curvy, and she had a very pretty face and blue eyes to complement her blonde hair. She was middle-aged, probably in her forties (so, about my own age), and she clearly had a core of steel. Perfect for the job – namely, to get as much for her country as possible.

Not that I was going to take a hard line to begin with. My orders were to assist in any reasonable manner. And as Adam Silver and Michele Roberts exemplify, when negotiations are carried out between two parties who view it as a cooperative instead of Sakarya Escort a competitive endeavor, things go much smoother and much quicker.

We came to a fast agreement. Canada, above all, had wheat in sufficient quantities that we could sell plenty of it. And we’d grow another banner crop over the summer. Britain needed food. The price per bushel was agreed on at once, and then it was a matter of figuring out how many bushels they needed and could transport in time. I had negotiated a similar deal with Russia the week before. (These things have to be negotiated months in advance: grain takes a long time to ship. Hence, negotiations in January for shipments the following autumn.)

It took just one day to get all the details worked out (they needed a few other minor things as well as the wheat), and everything signed. We were on a first name basis, we were so comfortable with each other.

“I’m not leaving for four more days,” Zoe informed me. “No one thought we could get this done so fast. How about I reward you for being so nice, Nate?”

I guessed what she had in mind, but wanted to confirm it first before assuming. “I’d like that, Zoe.”

“I’m staying at the Marriott, room 216. Come back there with me and stay until I have to leave.”

“I’d very much like that, Zoe.”

I went home first to shower, change and gather several days’ worth of clothes. Zoe waited politely in my living room until I was set, then I tagged along with her to the Marriott.

“We have three full nights after tonight,” she said. “So I suggest that tonight we just rest. It’s been a long, though productive, day.”

I agreed. Zoe showered and returned wearing a nightgown. I had gotten into my sleeping clothes – a pair of sweatpants. She lay down next to me, I held her against me, and we fell asleep that way.

When we woke up, we did our morning routine and ate breakfast. Zoe suggested returning to the bed. We lay there and talked for most of the day, knowing there was no race to get on with the sex we were going to have.

“I’m traditional, Nate,” Zoe explained. “I like to engage in sexual activities in the evenings only.”

“Whatever works for you,” I told her.

After dinner, Zoe stripped naked entirely and I, getting the hint, did so as well.

“I suggest that tonight be dedicated to the stages of sex before putting your cock in my pussy,” Zoe grinned. “Tomorrow we can reach that stage, and if you really satisfy me, on the third night I’ll let you do something truly special.”

That seemed fair. We started with a kiss. Because we’d gotten so comfortable with each other, the kiss was comfortable too.

It became a passionate kiss after we broke it momentarily for air. Zoe’s tongue was eager to explore my mouth. I can’t say I wasn’t equally eager to explore hers.

When that was done, I kissed her neck, taking my time to trace a delicate pattern with my tongue over her skin. Zoe moaned and shivered. I moved further downwards, kissing the top of her chest.

“You like my breasts?”

“They’re wonderful.”

“C cups.”

I Sakarya Escort Bayan moved my tongue through her cleavage, enjoying the feel of her C’s. Zoe pressed them around my face. I eventually reached the end of the valley and moved my tongue up to her nipple.

“Ooooh. Please suck my tits.”


I teased the nipple with the tip of my tongue for an instant, then took it into my mouth. Zoe’s shapely body quivered. I suckled, gently at first, then as her breathing changed, harder.

“I have two, you know.”

I switched to her other nipple. Zoe moaned and guided one of my hands to her free breast. I kept suckling as she pressed her body tightly up against mine. Then I cupped and caressed her breast with my hand.

She wrapped her arms around me and held me tight. I rolled her nipple between my fingertips. Her moaning increased in volume. I suckled still harder and began flicking my tongue over her nipple.

“Just… like that…”

I very gently took her nipple between my teeth. Zoe shook her head. I went back to suckling, and she nodded and moaned. I cupped her breast and tweaked her nipple between my fingertips. Zoe pressed up against me. I suckled a bit harder, and Zoe roared lustily and climaxed.

“My turn. Lie down.”

Zoe wrapped her hand around my hard cock, stroking it to its full length. (16 cm long at last measurement: between 6 and 6.5 inches.) She kissed me as she did so. I shivered as she moved her lips down towards my chest.


Zoe continued to stroke me. When her mouth reached my chest, she kissed my nipples. I hadn’t realized that nerves connected my chest directly with my dick. I moaned and shuddered.

Zoe stroked steadily, not rushing it. I lay there and let the pleasure wash through me. Her hand slid smoothly up and down. My balls began filling as my pole twitched.

She noticed. Her free hand went there. With her caressing my balls and pumping my cock, I was soon very close.

“Ready to cum, Nate?”


Zoe sped her motions, and sure enough, cum spurted from my cock. Zoe aimed me so that it coated my chest and belly. Then she produced a clean washcloth and wiped it off me.

“A good first evening. Tomorrow we make love.”

“Sounds good to me, hon.”

“I hit menopause three years ago, so…”

“Message received.”

We spent another day cuddling and chatting and cooking before evening came around. Then we got into the bed, made out for about two minutes, and Zoe declared herself ready. I was, too: men can usually get ready very quickly.

“What position would you like, Zoe?”

“Missionary, Nate. Thanks for asking.”

She lay on her back, legs spread, and I got between them. I rubbed my rod against her wet slit, lubing up with her juices, then slid on in.

“Mmmmmm. You feel good inside me.”

“Then you’ll love this.”

I began moving, pulling out until just the head of my cock was in her then pushing all the way back in until I was hilted. Zoe shivered. I built slowly to a steady rhythm. Her eyes smiled Escort Sakarya at me.

I dipped my head and began kissing her breasts, maintaining my steady pace. Zoe’s legs wrapped around my hips. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her close as I slid in and out.


Hearing that encouraged me. I suckled more firmly on her nipple. Zoe quickly reached climax. Her pussy tightened and spasmed, making my cock twitch in response.

She began deliberately milking me, squeezing with her pussy muscles on every thrust. I drove into her with more force. Her arms locked around me, securing me in place. I suckled with more vigor.

When she climaxed a second time, I couldn’t hold back. I shot jets of cum into her thirsty box. She held me very tightly until my cock started softening. Then she released me, I slid out of her and lay next to her, and we smiled at each other.

“That was awesome, Zoe. You are incredible.”

“Thanks, Nate. You’ve earned your special reward.”

Another day of cuddling and conversation followed. In the evening we made out for three minutes this time before Zoe proclaimed herself ready.

She got on her hands and knees and handed me a small container of lube. I got the message immediately.

“Just be very gentle, all right, Nate? It’s been about 15 years since I last had a cock back there.”

“I promise, Zoe.”

I lubed my cock up very well, dripped some into her butt crack, and placed my rod against her bumhole. And I moved forward at about a millimeter per second, letting Zoe’s body adjust slowly to the intrusion.

“Very good, Nate. This isn’t a race.”

When I got all the way in, I merely held my position for a moment. Then I slowly pulled back about an inch before sliding back in to the hilt.

Over the next few minutes, I gradually built to a slow, smooth rhythm. Zoe’s lovely body shivered. I leaned forwards and put my arms around her, cupping her breasts.


I very lightly teased her nipples with my fingertips. Zoe moaned softly and pressed her body backwards against mine. I placed my lips against the nape of her neck and gave her soft little kisses as I smoothly pumped her rear.

Her body started quivering more intensely. I moved one of my hands down to her box, found her clit with a fingertip and very lightly brushed the little nub.

Zoe began shaking with excitement. I moved my tongue in delicate patterns on her neck. She let out a roar of pure lust and climaxed violently.

That set me off and I filled her back-channel with my cum. Zoe shuddered and then collapsed into the bed face down, momentarily spent. I collapsed on top of her, my pole still embedded in her rear. After we rested for a few minutes, we untangled, showered together, and spent one last night in bed after drying off.

“Thank you for an amazing week, Zoe. Being with you was marvelous.”

“Having you in me… um, with me… was terrific, Nate.”

When we woke, we dressed and I took my leave, knowing Zoe had to head for the airport. But not before we said good-bye and kissed one more time.

“I understand that I’ll be paying a return visit to Britain in a few months for future negotiations.”

“I see. I look forward to negotiating more with you.”

“Have a safe flight, Zoe.”

“Au revoir, Nate.”

I headed back to my own home. It had been quite the week…

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