Mia and Jeff Pt. 04


(Continued from pt 03)

Jeff rolled onto his back, sweating and smiling broadly. Mia, next to him on the bed, was also on her back, grinning up at the ceiling. Her body also had a sheen of sweat, but her busy fingers, dipping into her pussy, were adding another fluid to the surface of her body. This fluid was a mixture of her clearer pussy juices and cum, along with the fresh, whitish deposit of Jeff’s semen. As her left hand trailed this fluid along a path that led from her mound to her breasts, her right hand idly toyed with her labia and clit, making her hum with happiness.

She painted her breasts liberally with the aromatic juices, making them glisten and stiffening her nipples even more in preparation for their expected visitor. Robin was due in the next several minutes, and Mia knew from experience that the younger man liked to nurse on her tits for a while before getting down to the business of fucking her passionately. He’d confessed to her, blushing a little, that he liked the smell and taste of that erotic mixture on her skin, and was all too glad to lick her clean after any of her lovers anointed her.

Jeff was pleased that Mia was regaining her sex drive. For the first couple months of her pregnancy, the changes going on in her body made it fairly uncomfortable for her to have sex. They compensated with a lot of cuddling, kissing, and whispered terms of endearment. But as she adjusted to those body and hormonal changes, her desires returned, and intensified. It was almost as if she was making up for the lost time. Jeff made love with her as often as his body would allow, but he was happy that their friends from the ‘impregnation team’ were again stepping up to help. He’d be happy to see Robin appear, because Mia was still stirring her honey pot with her fingers, and gently toying with her pleasure button — a sure sign that she wanted more sexual attention.

A few minutes later, Robin walked into their bedroom. The ‘team’ knew that they should stroll right in, rather than knocking or ringing the doorbell. After all, if Mia was being pleasured, no one wanted to interrupt that to answer the door! “Hi, Mia. Hi Jeff,” Robin greeted them. “You look lovely as ever, Mia,” Robin complimented her.

Mia grinned and winked. “How about you shuck off those clothes of yours and join us here on the bed?” she said, saucily. “My breasts can use some attention, if you’re willing. And this part down here,” she added, stirring the wet mixture of her cum, blended with Jeff’s, “could stand more stuffing and filling.” She’d barely had time to say all that before Robin was as naked as they were. The fact that he’d only worn a T-shirt, shorts, and sandals made his stripping effortless. Mia imagined that if the team could drive to their house naked, they probably would.

The bed was easily big enough for three people, so Robin climbed on, with Mia situated between the two men. Jeff just relaxed, smiling as he watched Robin grasp the bases of Mia’s tits, and then begin licking them from near their base up to their nipples. After just a few licks, Robin said, “You lovely woman! You flavored them for me, didn’t you?” It was sort of a rhetorical question, because he started sucking quite a bit of the tit flesh into his mouth so that his saliva could re-hydrate the now dried semen and make it easier to savor and swallow.

Mia moaned softly with delight, and answered anyway. “Mmmm… you can thank Jeff for the flavoring… it’s his spunk on them… mmmm… yes… right there… ohhh… that’s wonderful…” Her finger twirled a little faster in her honey pot as she raised her chest, feeding Robin even more of what he was suckling upon. His lips and tongue were certainly helping to dissipate the itchy feeling her newly stretching tit skin often experienced.

Not pausing in his oral worship of Mia’s breasts, Robin caught Jeff’s attention, winked, and gave him a happy thumbs-up of approval. Jeff laughed softly and nodded. Robin’s adoration of Mia’s tits continued until every square millimeter of their surface was cleaned of Jeff’s jizz, and replaced by the gleam of Robin’s saliva. Her pebbled nipples were aching now, so Mia started squeezing and tugging on them as she begged, “Please, Robin… give me that cock of yours! Fuck me silly with it! I can’t wait any longer to be plowed, dear!”

Robin plowed. And plowed. He and Jeff were treated to Mia’s special song… her glorious melodies that she voiced as she rode out her orgasms.

And still she wanted more. Robin was actually relieved when George tapped him on the shoulder, saying, “I’m here now, if you want me to take over.” Robin did. But he did slide down the bed and begin a sensuous sucking of Mia’s toes. Those almost electrical surges of pleasure shot up into her cunt, mingling with the arousal of George’s almost reverential thrusts. The three men — Robin, George, and Jeff managed to send Mia into a deep, restful sleep, once her immediate needs were met.

The next morning, Jeff, who’d come awake sporting gaziantep escortlar a lovely morning woodie, was happily fucking Mia’s slippery, wet-lubed pussy when John arrived. After a brief consultation, Jeff pulled free of his wife’s pussy, helped her onto her side, and slid his cunt-slickened cock up inside her rectum. John then worked the bulbous head of his cock in past her vaginal ring, and began reaming her honey pot. As he gave Mia some anal sex, Jeff experienced the curious sensation produced as the mighty head of John’s cock rubbed against his through the thin wall that separated her vaginal tunnel from her rectum. He couldn’t help it — that sensation made him cum fast, spewing his morning load deep inside Mia’s tunnel. Her thrilled gasp signaled that she was pleased to receive his gift there.

Jeff eased his deflating dick out of her ass, and propped his head up to watch John fuck Mia, who now threw her upper leg over John’s lower back, to grant him deeper access. Ten minutes later, they were still screwing when Pete made his appearance. Jeff greeted him with, “Good morning, Pete. Glad to see you. As you can see, Mia’s ass is dripping cum, but is available, as is her mouth. So, if you’re in a hurry, you have those options. But frankly. From the sounds both John and Mia are making, I think he’s about to flood her with his morning load.”

It was true. John was grunting hard, and Mia was making that peculiar keening sound that was often her response to his plunging piston as she was cumming. Pete just waited, grinning, apparently watching the jiggling Mia’s tits were performing from the combined bucking actions of the joined bodies. He moved closer to Jeff and whispered, “Is it my imagination, or are her tits getting a little bigger?”

Jeff grinned. “It’s not your imagination. She’s trying to decide whether to spend money on gradually larger and larger cup sizes of bras, or just to let her growing globes hang free and wait until she needs a nursing bra once the baby is born.”

“I vote that she let them hang free,” Pete chuckled. “She’ll probably need us to suck and chew on them gently, toughening those nipples in preparation of nursing the baby. Or so I’ve read.” As he was making this statement, John’s face screwed up into a sort of grimace as he flooded Mia’s pussy with a series of hot eruptions of his seed.

When Mia’s eyes uncrossed, Pete stepped into her line of sight, stroking his fat erection. “Where do you want this load, honey?” he asked.

Mia pondered a moment, smiling. “How about fucking my pussy with your salami, but when you’re ready to cum, squirt it all down my throat. I’m kind of hungry, this morning.”

“Your wish is my command,” he assured her. He pushed his cock into her pussy, which had slick walls, but felt rather empty, because, as usual, the swollen head of John’s cock had forced his fluids into her womb. Pete’s cock gave Mia the extra stuffed feeling that maximized her pleasure, so she had no trouble achieving two very satisfying climaxes before Pete started making the whistling breathing sounds that signaled his fast-approaching release.

Mia opened her lips extra wide as Pete gave a couple of final thrusts to prime his pump. He then pulled out of her cunt, scooting quickly up the bed to do a press-up with his pelvis above her face, presenting his slimy manhood to her mouth. Her lips stretched as she engulfed what she could, and began sucking. Her hand pumped the remaining exposed portion of his shaft as John and Jeff watched.

As Pete groaned loudly, the two male observers watched Mia’s cheeks bulge and her throat muscles go to work, swallowing. The swallowing seemed to go on for a long time before Mia’s cheeks went back to normal. Pete was puffing loudly, trying to catch his breath as he stood up. Gloriously naked, Mia got up from the bed and kissed John and Pete tenderly before they had to leave.

Over breakfast, Jeff, who’d observed how lusty Mia was again becoming, decided he’d better broach the subject. “Sweetheart, it’s wonderful to see your eroticism has returned to normal, if not more. I love having my sexy wife back again.” This earned him a loving kiss and a beaming smile. “It’s too bad though, that we’ve lost Steve from the team. It was great luck for him to get that new job with its whopping salary increase, but bad luck for us, since he had to move too far away to visit with any regularity.”

Mia looked sad. “True. And since he’s just started that position, it will really be quite a while before he accrues any significant time off.” She sighed. And there was something about that sigh that caught Jeff’s attention.

“Honey, it sounds like something is upsetting you, and not just the lack of another cock, although it’s true that my other four friends are starting to look a little ragged, trying to keep up with you now.”

“Oh no,” Mia whispered, a tiny tear forming in her eye. “Am I wearing them out, love? Do I need to cut back on my needs somehow? Are they starting to complain about my demands?” She sounded actually concerned.

Jeff wanted to see her smile again. “Cut back? Cut back on your semen injections? Do you want to risk our child not being fully developed?” He sounded so earnest that Mia had to laugh, sharing their private joke about cultures that believed that a pregnant woman needed lots and lots of semen, taken orally, vaginally, and anally, to ensure proper growth and formation of the baby. “It’s just getting to be a little difficult for the five of us to keep up with you now, love. And it might get even worse. But we all still agree that you need semen.”

Jeff smiled. Maybe this was the perfect time to broach his new subject. “In fact, darling, I have a suggestion.”

“I’m all ears,” Mia started. But then she rubbed her tummy, with its cute little baby bump. “All ears and tummy, that is.” She giggled. “OK, what’s your suggestion?”

“Back when we started this process, I picked the team based on their genetic similarities to me, so the child would have a good chance to look like my baby. But now that you’re pregnant, that’s no longer important, right?” He waited as Mia processed that idea, and gave him a slow nod. “Well, if it’s no longer important that the guys look like me, this’ll widen the pool of my friends that I can ask to help.”

“Help?” she said. “You mean invite more men to come here and fuck me?” Her voice sounded a little stern, as if she suspected that he just was excited by the prospect of seeing even more guys plowing her holes. As perhaps he was, since his cock was stiffening.

“Err… well, yes. More guys on the semen supply team, to give our current four a little more breathing space, honey.” He paused. “Ummm… what do you think? Can we put ‘more men on the job’ as it were?” He delivered the last sentence with an attempt to lighten the mood.

Mia let him stew a minute or so, then she joked along with him. “OK, OK. I’ll do it. As horrible and tedious as it is, I’ll keep fucking and sucking you and our growing team, getting all the semen you guys can give me.” She said this with a straight face, and managed to hold that face for a good five seconds before she and her husband broke out laughing together, and then hugged and kissed. As the kiss ended, Mia smiled and patted her tummy. “Yes, I think this baby might need a lot more semen to be fully formed. We don’t want our child lacking an ear, or a toe or anything.”

“Certainly not,” Jeff agreed. But he remembered his original concern. “So, darling, why did you look sad when we discussed Steve’s new job?”

Mia blushed slightly. And looked down at her feet. And her blush deepened as she tried to figure out what to say — how to explain. Jeff waited patiently. Finally, Mia began, “Maybe you didn’t notice what was different about Steve, compared to the rest of the team.”

Jeff thought about it, but nothing immediately came to mind, and he said so. “So, what was different?” he asked.

“Well, it didn’t happen all at once,” Mia stated. “At first, he was like the others, focused mainly on impregnating me.” Jeff nodded, concentrating on what she was explaining. “But then, things changed, once he got used to the idea.” She got a strange, wistful expression on her face. “He’d started calling me humiliating names as he fucked and spanked me. He gave me the impression that I was present merely to satisfy his carnal needs. That I was a lowly receptacle for his cum.” She spoke quickly now, before Jeff could get incensed. “Honey, I found those interactions strangely satisfying. That rough fucking and humiliation was actually sometime I began to look forward to experiencing, even when my pregnancy was making me nauseous or whatever.”

“Oh, I see,” Jeff stated. “I had no idea you felt that way, but I’m glad you shared it with me.” He rubbed his chin. “Maybe I can try to act that way with you, if you promise not to hate me for it.”

Mia thought there was little likelihood that her loving husband could put on a ‘tough, uncaring guy’ act, but she didn’t want to discourage him. “If you do, it’ll be OK, because I’ll know why your behavior has changed.”

The very next day, Jeff set about recruiting some more friends to help out with his wife’s growing needs. He thought that if he could get three, that should suffice. He gravitated toward his unmarried friends, feeling that would create less complications. A couple of them thought he was kidding about wanting them to have sex with Mia. But rather than laughing, Jeff presented a very serious expression and, after their initial shock, they became enthusiastic. After all, they were men, and Mia was a gorgeous woman, pregnancy or no.

Since genetics was no longer an issue, Jeff approached Darnell with the same offer. Even though Jeff was straight, even he could appreciate the sex appeal of this black man. He’d heard some of the female staff murmur ‘big, black, bold, and beautiful’ when referring to Darnell. And female heads turned, hearts beat faster, and their breathing rate accelerated, easily seen by the way their tits bobbed up and down in Darnell’s wake. He was well muscled, and had a deep, powerful voice, as befitting his body size. In spite of that, Jeff knew him to be a kind, gentle person, and was pleased when Darnell agreed to become part of the team.

They were shaking hands on the agreement, when a thought occurred to Jeff. Making doubly sure that they were not being overheard, Jeff said, “Buddy, I want to ask you a question, but please don’t get upset, OK?”

Darnell looked puzzled, but he said, “OK. What’s the question?”

Jeff had the grace to blush, but he asked, “Umm… could you… would it be possible for you to act… I don’t know… sort of street tough?”

Darnell’s brow wrinkled in confusion. “What do you mean by a ‘street tough’ sort of act?”

“Well, maybe using…” Jeff made a gulping sound, “… not so perfect English. And, and… sort of acting like you are only there to… sort of… get your rocks off?”

Rubbing his chin, Darnell asked hesitantly, “You mean treating your wife like a piece of meat? Like I don’t care about her, or something?”

Jeff’s eyes lit up. “Exactly! Let me explain why.” He then launched into a description of how Mia had confessed missing the rough sort of treatment that Steve had provided, answering Darnell’s requests for clarification at certain points.

Jeff wrapped it up by asking, “So, can you do it?”

Darnell looked worried, but he answered, “Sure, I can do it. I’ve been active in our community theater for a couple of seasons, and people tell me I’m a very good actor. But… but I’m afraid that Mia will hate me, or something, and demand that you throw me out.”

“Buddy, I seriously doubt that she’ll do either of those things,” Jeff replied. “But if she takes things negatively, I’ll jump right in and tell her that your act is only an act, confess that it was all my idea, and make sure she holds you blameless. She’ll quickly learn what a nice guy you really are.”

“But if I do this, and play it the way you’re asking, won’t I be perpetuating a stereotype?” As he asked this, Darnell actually realized that while he might make his language more crude, he certainly didn’t have to act ignorant. He’d just be a guy expecting to have a good fuck and walk away. But he hated to think that Mia would believe she’d met his real person and personality.

Jeff was thinking it over before giving him an answer. “Tell you what. Play it this way for the first encounter, please. We’re going for shock value, and trying to fulfill one of her needs. After that, we can either come clean completely, or we can have you gradually get more polished, but pretty much always give the impression you’re there to really just satisfy yourself, because she needs that. Besides, for doing me this favor, you’re going to get the pleasure of fucking my wife, with both our blessings. And not just once, if you become a regular part of her team. And she made some special promises for things the team members get to do after the baby is born.

Jeff went on to explain about the things that might happen when Mia began lactating. During all this, Darnell felt his cock stiffening inside his clothes. He became convinced. “Well, Jeff… if you’re sure… I guess I can give it a try,” Darnell decided. They made plans for his first appearance, which unfortunately had to be delayed more than a week.

Within a few days, Mia was settling into a nice routine of ‘carnal relations’ with what she thought was the complete team — her erstwhile four regulars, and the two new ones that Jeff recruited, the red haired Ian, and the ebony haired Conrad. Visually, they were quite a change of pace from the rest of the team, and that in itself was exciting to her. She thought she’d met the complete team.

Consequently, when Darnell showed up for the first time, Mia was so shocked that her jaw fell open. Jeff had just finished screwing her, and they were taking a breather when the door to the bedroom opened and this stranger entered. This big stranger. This big black stranger. This naked big black stranger. She didn’t have time to panic though, because Jeff said, “Hey, Darnell. Very glad you could make it. Join us.”

“Yo, Bro,” Darnell replied with a low, gravelly voice that even surprised Jeff. The black man put his hands on his hips and studied Mia carefully. “So, this is the bitch that’s here for me to fuck? This little piece of whore meat?” he asked, his voice dripping with scorn.

“Yep, this is Mia,” Jeff replied. “Say hello to Darnell, honey.”

Mia’s jaw went up and down a couple of times before she managed to squeak, “Hello, Darnell.”

“I didn’t come here to chit chat, ho,” Darnell complained. “I came here to fuck.”

When she heard him say the word ‘fuck’ with such emphasis, Mia looked down at his crotch for the first time. She gasped. His cock wasn’t erect, but even so, it was still larger — longer and thicker — than those sported by the rest of the team when they were fully erect! Her heart was hammering in her chest, seemingly trying to crawl up into her throat.

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