Meeting in the Woods


Disclaimer: This story contains non-consensual scat and male bisexual action.


I was in Japan for a few weeks, alone, and my Japanese was still too bad to communicate easily with the Japanese people. I have never been really good at making friends, so I spent most of my free time alone. One of my favorite hobby is hiking, and I always loved to walk in the woods by myself.

I was walking in the forest for more than half an hour without meeting anyone when I heard a small noise. I got closer, cautiously, without making any noise and I spotted a girl. She was about 25, quite pretty. Rather small, even for a Japanese. She was loosening her skirt. I tried to get closer without getting noticed. I was less than ten meters away from her now, hidden behind a bush. She removed her panties and crouched. She was frowning.

Then her face appeared relieved as a stream of pee started to flow between her legs. I was getting seriously excited and my dick was hard. Suddenly, she yelled something in Japanese in my direction. She seemed angry. Because of my excitement, I must have gotten oblivious of the noise that I was making. I get closer to her to try to calm her down, saying that I didn’t have any intention to harm her. She didn’t seem to understand my words, but she didn’t seem angry anymore anyway. Actually, she started to get a naughty smile. Spreading her legs, she asked:

-Toilet paper?

Was she asking me to lick her clean? It seemed pretty dirty to do that after she peed, but I always loved giving oral and my dick got harder than ever. I knelt and buried my mouth inside her crotch. It definitely tasted stronger than usual, but it was bearable enough to keep being excited. She was patting my hair and was getting wetter. She was getting excited too. Then I heard and smelt her pooping. I was taken aback, and tried to get up. But she put pressure with her hand on the back of her head, and said:


She was humping my head now and came in a few minutes. As my head was released, I could see the small turd in the middle of the leaves wet by her pee. Then she turned around showing me her ass:

-Toilet paper, she said again but in a more affirmative tone than the first time.

I couldn’t move. There were brown patches left around her asshole. She wiggled her ass in front of my dumbed face for a few second.

-Toilet paper! she ordered and she brought my face to her asshole with her hand.

I was too stunned to fight and I started licking her dirty asshole. The taste was much much worse than the taste of her pee, and I felt like puking a few times. She was keeping on pushing with her asshole, clearly turned on by my licking. My tongue got sucked in by her asshole and the tip was now inside her.

As she kept pushing I felt something very smelly touching the tip of my tongue and moving forward. I panicked and got away from inside her ass. Another turd appeared between her ass cheeks and fell on the floor. The turd was slightly bigger than the first one, and softer. Her asshole was much dirtier now. I stayed there dumb once again.

-Toilet paper, she ordered once again.

She grabbed the back of my head and brought my mouth back to her asshole. So I kept on licking. She was making small noises, clearly enjoying herself. I was fucking her asshole with my tongue. As my tongue was buried deep inside her asshole, I felt yet another turd. I tried to withdraw as previously, but she was still grabbing my head with her hand. She was very strong, much stronger than I had first Escort Bayan imagined. I fought as hard as I could but still couldn’t move. She really wanted to take a shit inside my mouth, and I couldn’t do anything anymore to prevent it. The turd was moving quickly, and soon was between my lips. The turd was once again hitting the tip of my tongue, but my tongue couldn’t get away anymore, already deep back inside my mouth. She was orgasming as she kept shitting in my mouth. Soon my mouth was totally filled with her turd. I got worried I couldn’t breath anymore, when she released my head from her asshole. I spat the turd on the floor, but I couldn’t get the taste away. The turd was quite big. It must have been about five inches. She was sneering at me.

-No like gift?

Then she brought her hand to my crotch, squeezed roughly and laughed:


I was still rock hard. We got up and she dressed back quickly.


She was still sneering. I nodded. She ordered me to get naked, grabbed my clothes and took my hand so that I followed her.

We walked for about ten minutes before we arrived in a very small village, of about ten houses. An old couple saw us and laughed at me. We got inside her house, she brought me to her bathtub and had me sit inside. She started showering me with cold water, and fondled my own body. After fondling my dick, she put some more of another lotion, and started massaging my asshole. As she started getting one finger inside, I realized it was lube. I never had anything inside my ass before, and it felt weird, but not really painful.

After a few minutes of fondling my prostate, it actually started to feel good. She put some more lube on her fingers, and painfully got a second one inside. She was fucking my ass and striking my cock. As I got closer to coming, she stopped striking me and removed her fingers from inside. She took back the lube box, and got some more on her fingers. As she was trying to insert three fingers now, I felt anxious and my ass was fighting against it. But she kept pushing anyway till they got inside. It was much more painful. She was fucking me very roughly now, and was using her other hand to hold my ass so that she couldn’t stroke my cock anymore. After a few minutes of fucking my ass, she sneered once again.

-Clean now!

As I was getting out of the bathtub, she fondled my dick very gently.

-Fuck? she asked with a smile.

I was still hard and hadn’t cum yet so the obvious answer was yes. She brought me to the bedroom. I laid on the bed, still naked. She left.

-Back soon.

I waited for a few minutes. When she came back, she was naked but for a strap-on between her legs. It was huge. About 9 inches. I panicked and said no with my head. But she jumped eagerly on the bed. I was fighting but she was much stronger than me. She was laughing as if we were just playing. She put me on my front easily. I knew fighting was useless, so I just stopped. She got very gentle and started kissing me in the neck as she started pushing the head of the dildo against my asshole. She pushed very slowly. The dildo was well lubed but it was very painful anyway. Inch after inch, it slowly get inside. When fully inside, she stayed there for a few minutes as she kept kissing me in the neck and massaging me with her hands. She asked me if I were ok. As the pain was receding, I mumbled a yes. Then she started to thrust in and out slowly, not to hurt me too much. As my ass started to move along with the thrusts, she started Bayan Escort to fuck faster.

After ten minutes, she was fucking me as a cheap whore. She was lost in her own lust and didn’t worried anymore about hurting me. The stimulation of my prostate was getting too strong and I came quickly. but she didn’t care about it, and just kept fucking me. My ass was getting sore again, the lube wasn’t as efficient as it were, but she still kept fucking for twenty minutes. After she came, she just laid on me with the dildo still deeply buried inside me. She was kissing my neck tenderly.

-Good european boy. Nice ass.

She got out of my ass, unbuckled the strap-on, and got back to the bed kissing me and cuddling with me.

-Stay tonight?

When she was tender, she was wonderful, and I couldn’t say no. We cuddled and kissed.

Half an hour later, I heard some noise. It seem someone opened the door and walked inside the house. I startled.

-No worry. Husband.

The steps were getting closer. The door of the room opened and a man, about 40, appeared. He was tall and strong, he looked like a peasant. The girl jumped out of the bed and rushed to kiss her man. They started to talk japanese. I couldn’t understand anything. As they were talking, they looked at me and laughed. The girl walked bad to me and kissed me and caressed me again. The man was nearby. The girl kissed him as she kept fondling me. The man buried his hand in her pussy. The girl unbuckled his belt and opened his pants to bring back a cock. She started sucking on it eagerly. She was obviously fondly in love with that dick. The action was only about 10 inches from my face. The dick seemed about 7 inches long. She was good at cocksucking and within a few minutes was deepthroating him easily.

She stopped. And the girl, holding the dick with one hand, slapped my face with it. She grabbed my head with her other hand and started rubbing the dick all other my face. I was disgusted but knew I couldn’t really fight. As she was rubbing the dick against my mouth.

-Suck! she ordered.

I opened my mouth, disgusted. The man slid a few inches inside my mouth. As I wasn’t really obeying the order of sucking, but just stayed there with my mouth open, the guy started to fuck my face. The girl was still holding my head back, as I was trying unconsciously to get away from the dick. She started to masturbate with her free hand. The dick was soon knocking at the entrance of my throat. I was choking and couldn’t breathe. The man withdrew so that I could breathe a little, then plunged in till he got all of his meat inside me and fucked my throat for twenty seconds before letting me breathe again for a few seconds before fucking my throat back. The girl quickly came from watching the show. He kept on this way for about ten minutes. Then the girl said something in Japanese to her husband, slapped my ass and sneered.

-Other hole?

The girl laid me on my front and spread my ass for her husband. The man was rubbing his meat in my butt crack. The dick was smaller than the girl’s dildo, but I was worried there was no lube. The guy put the head to my asshole and pushed deeply. He had no mercy, and just kept pushing till the dick was all in. After two minutes of rest deep inside. He started fucking my ass, and quickly got into a pace. After ten minutes, he got out and brought his dick to my mouth. The dick was brown, coated with a layer of my own shit but I had to open my mouth anyway. He fucked my throat a little before he Escort came. I didn’t know one could have that much cum inside. The girl was still masturbating.

-No Swallow! Open!

So I opened my mouth full of cum. The girl got another orgasm.

-Swallow now!

I obeyed. The dick was slowly getting softer. The girl had me kiss the dickhead thankfully. She laughed.

-Good slutty mouth!

The man was laughing too. They started speaking japanese again for a few minutes. The dick was still in front of my mouth.

-Open Mouth! Wider! the girl ordered.

I did what I could. The man took his dick in his hand and brought it closer to my mouth. He started to pee. When my mouth was almost full, he stopped.

-Swallow! the girl ordered.

I did, and the guy started peeing again. When he finished peeing, I was told to lick the head clean. They spoke Japanese again for a few minutes. Then the girl had me lay on my back. The guy crouched over my mouth.

-Open mouth!

I didn’t fight. The man’s asshole was three inches above my mouth. He pushed. A big turd protruded and extended towards my mouth. It was much too big to fit in my mouth. so half of it just fell on my cheek. The girl split the turd in two with one hand and told me to swallow the part that was in my mouth. I tried and choked a few times. Finally I swallowed. She then took the other half of the turd, put it in my mouth and told me to swallow once again. I was getting used to it so it was slightly easier this time. The man said something in Japanese and they both laughed. The guy left. I was getting up towards the bathroom, but she blocked my way.

-No washing!

The girl drove me back to the bed, and laid on it with me, cuddling.

-Time to sleep!

We both fell asleep hugging each other. A bit later, probably about one hour, some noise woke me up. The man was back. He got into the bed and laid behind me. I could feel his cock against my ass cheek. It was quite hard. He put his arm around me and pulled my body against his. I got a bit scared but he only seemed to want to sleep, cuddling with me.

We woke up with the sun. I could feel the man’s hard on throbbing against my ass. I needed badly to take a shit, but his dickhead was pushing hard against my asshole. I tried to relax and felt both the dick and my shit slide forward from outside and inside. The dick won the fight. I was much too full. The girl opened her soaked pussy to my face and I started sucking her. The dick was fucking my ass harder and harder. They both came at the same time. The half-hard shit-coated dick slid out of my ass, and was followed by a big turd which fell on the man’s dick. The girl grabbed my hair to get my head right next to the turd.


So I took a piece of the turd in my mouth.

-No swallow!

The girl took the man’s dick in my mouth already filled with shit. The dick grew up once again. The guy grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my skull. The turd was pushed down my throat along with the dick. He kept face fucking me for ten minutes, with a short pause every thirty second so that I can breathe, then came in my mouth. I opened my mouth for the girl to check and then swallowed.

-Finish breakfast! she said pointing at the turd.

I did. The guy went to the bathroom, washed quickly, dressed up, and left. The girl gave me a thong and a half-transparent sexy dress and told me to dress. As I was dressed as a slut, she leaded me through the forest to the closest train station. There were only about ten people waiting for the train but I felt very uncomfortable with those clothes and the taste of shit in my mouth. She gave me back my wallet, hugged me strongly, and said that she hoped I would come back very soon to see them.

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