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Rodrigo Salgado was a lucky man. He had a great job that challenged him and rewarded his highly technical skills. He did not make quite as much money from that job as he wanted, but the bills were getting paid and he could live in comfort next to the biggest blessing that his life had given him: Amanda, his beautiful wife.

Rodrigo and Amanda had met four years ago. They were attending a special course designed to improve their professional skills, particularly their interaction with clients and that all-illusive ability to nail the sale. Turns out that all those lessons were not nearly as interesting as the desire they were building for each other. No one could have blamed them though; they were both young and attractive.

Rodrigo had a proud stride, if not the stature to match it. At five feet and eleven inches tall (eleven and a half, he would always remind her), he wasn’t the tallest man to have taken notice of her, but Amanda recognized him as one of the most attractive. His hair was very dark and he wore it in an elegant style that reached his shoulders. He had a slightly athletic build from what she could tell. The formal attire required in the courses made it difficult to gauge his build, but she was certain of her assessment. His skin tone was rather fair, but she was looking for that in a man anyway.

Amanda herself was a stunning number. Not particularly tall, but she stood in her five feet and five inches with an atmosphere of grandness. She had cat-like, expressive eyes, somewhat like Cleopatra is portrayed to have in the movies. Her skin tone similar to the color of a caramel candy and she wore her wavy hair in a lively Caribbean style. Most notable of all was the silhouette of her body, particularly her derriere. Like many Latin women, she had curvy hips and small breasts, but her tiny waist and impressive rear end made up for any perceived deficiencies at the top. She also had thick, powerful thighs which she demonstrated with her tight, slightly above the knee skirt. She was turning heads all right.

It was during a 15-minute break at around 7:15 PM on the second day of the training course, a Friday, that Rodrigo approached her for the first time. He had noticed her since the beginning of the course, but it took him a while to muster up the courage to talk to her. Even though many women considered him attractive, Rodrigo was a shy individual.

She was quite the opposite. A bright, enthusiastic woman, Amanda was always up to meet new people. She greeted him with a warm smile and an enthusiastic comment about all the people that she was networking with thanks to the course. She wasn’t oblivious to the real reason he had walked over to meet her though. She could see it in his eyes, and in truth, she was very much intrigued.

As the break was over and the course resumed they exchanged business cards and returned to their seats. Rodrigo was disappointed with himself for not being more forward with her, but he convinced himself that he would call her and make up for that lack of courage.

As the course ended for the night, Rodrigo took Amanda’s business card from a pocket and, while looking for her mobile phone number, he noticed that she had scrawled something in it for him:

“Please call me. I’ll make it worth your while, handsome.”

There it was, written by her own hand. She wanted to meet him. He was about to call her that instant, but decided to wait a day. He did not want to appear to be desperate.

Of course, Amanda wasn’t really the type of person that one would describe as patient. She had already added him as a contact on her cell phone, and just as she was driving towards the hotel she was driving, she hit the voice command key on her phone.

“Rodrigo bostancı escort Salgado,” she said aloud and the phone dialed his cell phone’s number.

Unknown Caller was displayed on the big screen of his PDA cell phone. The number seemed familiar but he could not place it. He was waiting for a red traffic light to turn green at an intersection when he replied to the call.

“Good evening, this is Salgado on the phone,” he answered as usual. He was surprised to hear the voice of the woman he had just met on the other side of the line.

“I told you I’d make it worth your while yet you hadn’t called me yet. Do you want to hook up with me or not?”

Her statement was so simple and yet so surprising to him. It took him a moment to regain his composure and reply.

“Sorry about that, miss Morales. I was having trouble finding my phone,” he replied rather nervously.

“Call me Amanda. Anyway Rodrigo, I’d like to meet you…”

Therefore, they did; that very same night. He drove towards her hotel and picked her up in the lobby. She was not from the city, but she knew she wanted to walk around it next to him during this night.

Many hotels in the Metropolitan Area are close to the beach, so they spent the first few hours of their night just walking along the coast and chatting away. They were both surprised at how easy it was to talk to each other and the high level of comfort and trust they were sharing.

It was during those talks that the expected topics, such as sexuality came up. Somewhat surprisingly, even though Amanda was so bold and confident, she was still a virgin. This caught Rodrigo by surprise, though possibly he wasn’t as surprised as she was upon his confession that he was a virgin as well!

“How is that even possible,” she asked him. “Men are supposed to be walking hormones that want to stick their dicks into any hole they come across!”

He laughed at her statement and simply replied, “Well, I was always under the impression that you could only find virgin girls in a kindergarten so I’ll call us even in the surprise department.”

“Maybe,” she replied. “But virgin doesn’t mean totally inexperienced.”

“Oh?” he looked at her with curiosity.

She grinned. “I’ve held cocks. Even made some guys come by jerking them off. I always figured if I make them blow their load they’ll leave my pussy safe and sound.”

“So in a way, you’ve had sex. You just haven’t had a man inside you then.”

She looked at the dark waters of the beach and the reflection of the moon on them as she replied. “I suppose that’s accurate.” She grinned. “So I’ve noticed all this sex talk has formed a bulge in your pants. Do you want to come up to my room? Or, I can unzip your fly right here.”

“Ahhh… you’re an odd one,” he said to her as she unzipped his pants. She grinned as she pulled his member out with her right hand and cupped his balls. Then she began to caress the bottom of his sack with the tips of her fingers.

“I’m glad that I’ve made you so hard,” she whispered to him as she wrapped her right hand around his erection. He could hear the waves as she rhythmically stroked him, the up and down motion of her hand matching the slow but constant sound of the waves.

She stopped stroking him for a moment, pressing the tip of her thumb against the tip of his member, spreading the lubrication that he was producing all around the glans.

“You’re driving me crazy,” he said to her in deep tone of voice. She smiled and gently pressed her mouth against his, kissing him gently.

This was the important part to her. During her 26 years she had indeed remained a virgin as far as her büyükçekmece escort maidenhead was concerned, but she enjoyed sex. The power that she knew she had over the man, knowing that they would beg for her touch. And that she would do, and then she would kiss. She was convinced that the kiss would tell her if she had met the right man.

She was not sure with Rodrigo at first. He reacted awkwardly as her lips met his, but soon she realized that it was because he had never been kissed before! Thus, she took her time, making sure every spot on her lips would meet every spot on his. She tasted his mouth, and soon after her tongue entered his mouth, she felt his tongue shyly lash out at hers. It took him a moment, but soon he was twining his tongue around hers while keeping the pressure on her lips under control. She liked the kiss, so she increased the speed of her strokes. As soon as those intensified so did his kiss, matching her passion, sometimes surpassing it and she just knew immediately.

Then she felt his hands, hands that slowly began to travel along her body. Caressing the side of her torso quite gently, then one of them smoothly gliding down her back and cupping a luscious buttock. “I want you!” he moaned in her ear. She knew she was feeling the need as well. Every time that happened she would just continue jerking the guy off until he came, send him on his way and just repress the need, but this time she wouldn’t. She was sure this was the man she wanted to take her. The man whose penis she wanted to feel breaking through her maidenhead and filling her desire with hot passion.

She was made even more aware of her need as she felt the tip of a finger brush against her sex through the fabric of her panties. He had already made it past one of her usually perfectly defended zones, and it felt good. She whispered in his ear, “let’s go to my room; I’ll be more relaxed to be taken there.”

He nodded. Slowly, she stuffed his wet member back in his pants and zipped them back up. The bulge was there, but it was not out and about. Before taking his hand out from her skirt, Rodrigo slipped it past her panties and caressed the skin of her pussy, then smelled and licked the fingers. She was slightly shocked from seeing him do that, but it also did trigger off a wild lust within her.

They rushed up to her room, which they locked up quite promptly. The whole walk through the lobby had calmed Rodrigo’s erection, but Amanda knew just what to do. Without turning off any of the lights, she promptly started to dance seductively in front of him.

She turned his back to him, telling him to stay away as she swayed her hips in a most inviting manner. She would gyrate her hips to a slow rhythm, then lean forward, bending over slightly so her buttocks would assume a luscious, round shape and he could get a look at her damp panties. Just as she suspected, as she turned around she noticed that besutiful bulge in his pants once more.

She walked towards him little by little, unbuttoning her blouse as she did so. She was wearing an unremarkable red bra, but Rodrigo didn’t get much of a chance to make out its details as she got down on her knees and undid his pants all the way down.

“This is my first time doing this,” she said as she licked his scrotum. The feeling was incredible to him. He felt her hot, soft, wet tongue as it drew circles on the sack, outlining his balls. Then she licked slowly upwards along the bottom of his shaft towards the opening, where she licked and moved away, a thin string of his precome sticking to her tongue.

Then she opened her mouth and tried to take him into it. Her lips surrounded the glans of his çekmeköy escort penis, giving him the most amazing experienced of his life. She suckled on it, somewhat embarrassed at her inability to take him in further. To him though, this was a heavenly experience.

She moved away a little and just licked his member, sending shivers all over his body. As she did that, he finally managed to unhook her bra. She felt somewhat vulnerable as she realized he had undone the garment covering up her modest breasts, but realizing that she had just licked and sucked on his member made him dismiss any inhibitions about her breasts if only for that encounter.

Gently, he held the sides of her face and pulled her up. They looked into each other’s eyes and saw a great need and a very loving gaze from each other. Slowly, they both disrobed each other, enjoying every inch of skin as it revealed itself.

Once they were both fully naked, he gently placed her on top of the hotel bed and climbed on top of her. They shared a kiss and shortly afterwards he took her right nipple into his mouth. That sent a wave of electricity along her body. Yes, her breasts were modest, but they were very sensitive, and she loved the overwhelming feeling of pleasure he was producing from them.

“Are you ready?” he asked her. She had waited 26 years for that moment. She had never gotten that far into it. This is it, she thought to herself. Rather than get enough time to allow any shred of uncertainty ruin it, she grabbed his penis and aligned its tip against those swollen, beautiful lips between her legs. Then, she grabbed his buttocks and began pulling him close.

She closed her eyes tightly. Feeling her pulling him towards her, Rodrigo pressed into Amanda’s tight pussy lips. She was wet, but she was also very tight. He also lacked experience. All the while, Amanda was not sure how to describe what was happening. It was intensely erotic, but also painful. She wanted to get it over with though, so she held on to him, hugging him closely as he pushed his hard member all the way inside her yielding pussy.

She wanted to scream at the top of her lungs but just as suddenly as the pain had started it went away. She still was not fully comfortable with his penis inside her, but she was glad it was. That feeling of fullness was entirely new and very welcome.

“Please, stay still,” she requested. He nodded at her and held her tight. He may be still, but he could feel her all around him. She was hot inside, and soft. He knew that if he moved just a bit he would come, for the feeling was so intense.

He kissed her gently and moved slowly, feeling as how the lips of her pussy clenched on to his dick on every inch as it worked itself in and out. She was also bleeding just a little bit, but it added some lubrication.

“I am yours,” she said to him as she realized how overwhelmed she was by her feelings as he took her. She could feel that manly shaft of his touching her so deeply as her body gripped it tightly. Juices from her excitement were flowing like never before as he plunged ever deeper into her.

“Oh my.. I’m about to come,” he said to her as he moaned loader and increased the speed and intensity of his thrusts. A wild instinct requested that he be as deep inside of her as he came, and he was making sure of it. His intensity made her follow suit as she spread her legs wider and found herself craving his semen deep inside of her.

“Do it!” she pleaded. “Come inside my pussy! It wants your seed!”

He could not hold it anymore as he felt his loins exploding, shooting far more semen than he had ever ejaculated deep inside Amanda’s pussy. She felt that explosion deep within her, a hot, thick liquid shot into her body, making her feel pleased and relaxed. She had not climaxed, and she had no idea if she could have due to the pain of having her maidenhead penetrated, but she felt a degree of pleasure that she had never experienced before, and she knew they would share that pleasure many more times as she felt how tightly Rodrigo held her.

It has been four years since then…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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