Medieval Incest Stories 01


Author’s Note:

I’m so thankful that some of you like my work.

I want to create a collection of medieval incest stories.

Whether it be a princess and her brother or a Cobbler and her cousin.

I’m also thinking of adding mythical people/creatures.

As in Elves, Mermaids, and many more.

Every tale in this story will be different from the last, unless someone can convince me otherwise.

Don’t worry, each will be rather long so you get a pretty complete story.

If you’d like to comment suggestions or just leave me some motivation I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you.


Holly stared longingly at the chess board.

Her brother should have been here by now.

Sense they were kids they had always met twice a week for chess at dawn in either her or his chambers.

Although the game had changed a lot now that they were in their twenties.

As the stars shone one by one though her worry increased.

Henry had never missed a chess game… ever.

Had something happened to him?

Holly, princess of Morcant was the second eldest child, right behind her brother Prince Henry the Fourth.

Her mother and father, King and Queen of Morcant, had never gotten along.

For their father handsome and strong had been forced into marriage with their mother.

As her father was sweet and loving, her mother had fallen far from the tree.

Her outsides matched her insides.

Both ugly and cruel.

Her thoughts drifted back to her brother.

With just a year in age apart they had always been close.

Then another thought crossed her mind.

Had he tired of her?

She stood from her bed.

Walking to the window as her night gown touched the floor gently behind her.

She ran her hands through her dark blonde curls nervously.

Then came an abrupt knock on the door which in turn made Holly jump.

She put a hand over her pounding heart as she tried to get her breath back.

“Come in.” She said gently.

Her brother peeked his head into the room before a bright smile struck his face.

“Scared?” He ask jokingly as he closed the large wooden door.

Her cheeks turned the color of her satin red night gown. “Yes.”

His smile soon grew contagious.

They both sat cross legged on the wood floor on opposite sides of the chess board.

“Why are you so late?” Holly asked as she moved a black knight forward.

“The congress kept going on and on..” He moved a bishop forward.

She put her head down and softly spoke. “For a moment I had thought you had grown tired of…”When she trailed off her brother cut in with a knowing smirk. “Playing chess?”

She blushed once more and slowly slid her eyes up to his.

They were the same deep green as her’s.

The light playfulness darkened slightly with something she’d come to need and crave.

Without breaking eye contact she reached down and moved another piece.

She shifted slightly and her night gown sleeve slipped off her shoulder exposing the creamy skin there.

The pink teeth marks were barely still visible from last time they had played.

His eyes got even Escort bayan darker as he traced the teeth marks with his eyes.

“Your turn dear brother.” She said low while keeping eye contact with him.

He randomly reached for one and slid it across the board.

She smiled wickedly as she knocked his knight over. “Bad move dear brother.”

Her gown slipped farther down revealing the start of her breast.

His eyes lingered there as he licked his lips. “Never dear sister.”

He replied then knocked one of her knights over.

Warmth shot through her as his words sent tingles down her body.

She moved another piece.

He pulled his night shirt over his head and threw it carelessly to the ground.

She spread her legs and he growled loudly.

Between them sat nothing but her bare aching heat.

“Why don’t you give up dear brother?” She whispered softly with a slight purr to her voice.

His eyes snapped to her gaze, away from her heat. “NEVER.” He growled the words.

He kept his eyes on hers and moved a piece, knocking over her Queen.

She faked a pout. “No fair!”

He smiled wickedly and unbuckled his trousers. “You know what that means.”

He pulled his trousers down and his large cock sprang free.

She looked at it hungrily then at him.

“You know the deal dear sister.” He smirked at the way she stared at his cock intensely.

Holly got on her hands and knees and crawled toward him.

She loved the way his eyes darkened at the primal look on her face.

She stopped in front of him on her knees.

Hailey wrapped her hand around his shaft and he let out a deep groan.

She looked up at him and he met her gaze.

The love and passion that shown in his eyes caused her to lean down and take him into her mouth.

The king sat lazily on his throne.

His wife had angered him again and he was in need of his daughter.

“Gibson find my daughter and bring her to me.” Gibson hesitated which made the king annoyed. “What?”

He hesitated once more. “Sire the prince and princess are playing chess in her chambers.

You have informed us before not to disturb them during.”

The king let out a sigh. “Excuse my rudeness Gibson I had forgotten.”

The King stood. “I shall go talk to my children then.”

Gibson bowed and scurried off.

The king made his way down the halls and toward the princess’s chambers.

The guards outside of the door straightened at his approach.

“Your Majesty.” They said in illusion.

“You are relieved of your duties you may find business else where.” They bowed their heads and rushed off.

The king smiled.

Now to see his beautiful children.

He grabbed both wooden doors and swung them wide opened.


The door swung open and fear ran through the prince and princess.

Holly, Who was sucking her brothers cock enthusiastically only moments ago,

turned quickly and her brothers cock came out of her mouth with a pop.

The King stood there for a minute taking in the situation with a straight face as he closed the door.

Holly stood up quickly.

“Daddy I-” Bayan escort The King held up a hand and cut her off.

Then he cracked a smile.

Holly and Henry let out a breathe of relief. “I should have known you two would have started without me.” The King started tugging at his shirt and trousers.

Holly blushed as Henry laughed.

Now that the fear was gone an erotic tension started to build.

“Sis?” Holly turned and smiled at her still naked brother. “Yes brother?”

He reached for her and pulled her close.

He placed a kiss on her forehead, nose, then finally her lips.

It was always strange when they kissed, yet made them both want more.

Holly melted into him as he slid the gown off both her shoulder’s.

It fell in a heap on the floor.

Her hands went to his hair tugging lightly.

His hands roamed her body before settling on her wide hips.

She moaned as his tongue entered her mouth.

She felt her father watching, as Henry’s hand roamed lower.

He touched her soft pink lips, and growled.

He broke the kiss, and kissed her neck. “You’re already so wet.”

Holly moaned again as a finger slowly slide inside her waiting pussy.

Her legs shook but Henry’s other hand held her tightly.

“Please.” She whimpered, needing more.

Henry let her go as their father came closer.

“Get on the bed.” Her father ordered.

she quickly complied, eager as always.

Her brother and father shared a look.

Her father moved in front of her and she looked up at him.

“Suck my cock.” He nearly growled.

She did instantly, moaning when it hit the back of her throat.

Her father growled, grabbing a fist full of Holly’s hair.

She moved back and forth slowly.

For a moment she had forgotten about her brother.

That was until his hands grabbed her thighs.

She moaned loudly around her father’s cock as her brother rubbed his cock up and down her slit.

She almost stopped breathing as her brother entered her slowly.

Then he pulled almost all the way out.

She was about to protest when he slammed into her.


She cried out but it was muffled by the King’s cock.

She sucked her father eagerly once more loving the feeling of two cocks in her body.

After a moment they got into a rhythm.

Her climax hit her hard as she cried out once more.

She felt limp and tired.

All she could do was moan as she was being pounded into.

She felt her brother’s cock start to pulse. “I’m cumming!” He groaned out before pulling his cock from her body. His cum shot out quickly and covered her back and ass.

Her father pulled out of her mouth and moved behind her.

With no warning he slammed into her as well.

Now with nothing in her mouth she moaned loudly.

Her brother came over and stood in front of her.

His cock was at a half mash but he smiled broadly.

She smiled up at him then gasped as her Father hit that spot inside her. “Father and I have been talking.”

“Wa-What A-bout?” She could only breath out the question.

“He wants you to become my wife.” Pleasure coursed through Escort her as her orgasm hit hard again.

Did she just hear him right?

With a groan her father pulled out of her and more hot cum coated her back.

Now that she could think, she looked at her brother in confusion.

His soft cock was now quickly becoming hard again. “He wants me to get you pregnant tonight, so we can have the next heirs together.” Henry looked at his sister with a wide smile.

She was the only one he would be happy to marry and have children with.

Just thinking about Holly’s belly swelling with his seed was enough to get him rock hard.

“What would mother think?” She turned to their father. “She doesn’t have a choice in the matter.”

Holly had to admit she dreamed of her brother planting his seed inside her.

What it would feel like, having his warm semen coating her insides.

She also thought about caring for a baby.

Holly smiled nervously. “Alright, I can’t say I haven’t thought of it.”

Father chuckled and Henry laughed.

She reached out to Henry and gripped his cock firmly.

She gave him a sexy smile as her mouth neared his cock.

His gave a broken groan. “Gods what are you doing?”

“Giving you a kiss, for good luck.” Her breath fanned across his most sensitive muscle as he shivered.

Her wet lips slowly slid around the tip of his cock.

He couldn’t help it as he thrust forward making his cock disappear into his sisters mouth.

He loved the way her eyes rolled back as she moaned in pleasure.

She sucked his cock quickly making sure to get it extra wet.

She let him out of her mouth with a wet pop.

Holly lay on her back not caring if the cum there got on her bed.

She couldn’t wait to be filled with her brothers cum.

Her brother grabbed her legs and dragged her toward him.

She then wrapped her legs around his back pulling him closer.

Their father watched proudly as his son thrust into his sister.

Holly threw her head back with a moan.

He stroked his cock at the site.

He couldn’t wait to see his daughter with child.

Then he could rest easy, knowing that his children had made the next generation of Royal’s.

And because he’d have grandchildren to spoil.

He put his clothes on and slipped quietly out the door.

Holly squeezed her brothers cock hard as her pussy spasmed.

He let out a guttural moan as he rocked into his sisters waiting heat.

No matter how many times they had done this, It felt different this time.

This time he was going to cum in her, this time they would be creating life.

And it set them both a flame to know that she would soon be walking around with a baby growing inside her.

He could feel it building in him as he thrust into her snug wetness.

They’re gazes met and held as he let loose the first burst of his seed into her waiting pussy.

He stayed in her for a long moment just looking into her beautiful green eyes as he caught his breath.

Finally he pulled out of her and stood as he watched his seed leak out of his sister’s pussy.

“Do you think it took?” Holly asked as she felt the cum leak out.

Her brother gave her a smile that sent fresh shivers down her spine.

“I don’t know, I think we’ll have to try many more times just to be sure.”

She laughed softly and smiled “Many many more times.”

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