Measuring Up

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April had been a teacher at her old high school for almost five years now, and at 35, she felt she was doing all right for herself. She kept her body in decent shape, although she did realize that she had put on just a few pounds since she was on the other side of the desk. Her usual attire consisted of slacks, a blouse that snuggly showed off her 36D breasts, and a blazer, which was usually taken off by the end of the day. Her long rich red hair alternated between being pulled back, and framing her thin face.

She taught most of the various English classes for the senior class, and although she didn’t even try, April found herself under the lustful eye of many of her male students, and even a few of the female ones. April knew that she could never do anything to indulge or encourage their behavior, which made her incredibly horny sometimes. Two months, she found a letter from an anonymous writer in her desk that torridly described how they would like to have her. From the writing style, she guessed it was from one of her more talented students. Although she should have reported it to the school, she instead took it home and franticly masturbated the entire weekend, thinking about which student it might be.

It was early May, and April was wearing a thin floral skirt and a long sleeve, matching blouse. Her thong had been rubbing her the right way all afternoon, and she was counting the hours before she got home. She looked down at her watch. It was 5:30. She had to hurry over to the school auditorium to help take measurements for the school play. Most of the actors and actresses were students of hers, and she felt a little uncomfortable measuring them. But her best friend Bernadette was directing, and she couldn’t turn her down.

When she arrived, April was lead to the small maze of back rooms, where all the prep work took place for the shows. All the books for recording the measurements and which costumes would be needed were laid out, along with the measuring tape.

“Thank you so much for helping me, April,” Bernadette said.

“Its quite okay. But just remember, you owe me one,” April replied. After a moment she added, “send them in whenever they’re read,”

“We’re going over specific scenes, so the flow of students gaziantep grup escort bayan should be steady. I’ll talk to you later,” Bernadette said, as she walked out of the room.

Soon, one 18-year-old after another came into the room. She measured as best she could, with her limited knowledge from her seamstress work in college. Her hands lightly ran over one student after another, both male and female. Although they tried to resist, she could tell that most of the male students were starting to harden when she did their crotch. Some of the female students’ breath quickened when she measured their breasts. April hadn’t touched this many people since she became a willing participant in the drunken orgy the house she lived in during college had.

The next student that came in was Jason. He was a handsome teen, with a wiry body. He was an excellent writer, and April knew it was only a matter of time before she saw his name in print.

“Hello, Jason,” April said, “Ready for your measurements?”

“Ready, willing, and able, Miss Cunningham” Jason calmly said. Was he flirting with me? April thought.

April went through the standard measurements, and was soon kneeling down as she measured his inseam. She could hear his breath getting a little shallow. But when he spoke, April’s own breath completely stopped.

“You are wearing a tight pair of black pants and that light green shirt you like so much,” Jason said. This was the first sentence, word for word, from the mysterious letter she had received. Now it was her turn to try and keep her hormones from overtaking her. But it was too late. The combination of the thong riding up her crotch and the faint aroma of cock drifting from his pants was too much. She stood up, and prepared to confront her ‘Mr. X’.

“You wrote that letter?” She said, pretending to be shocked. The truth was she had almost guessed it was Jason before, and desperately wanted it to be.

“Yes… I did,” Jason’s words caught in his throat. “I’ve wanted to confess since the day I slipped it into your desk.” April’s nipples stiffened beneath her satin bra. She knew she could be fired, for what was about to happen, but güneyşehir escort bayan she hoped it would stay within these walls.

April leaned in to his ear and whispered, “I masturbated all weekend reading that letter. And now, I can’t stop my pussy from getting all wet thinking about it now. She paused for a moment, and then made the offer, “Jason, go shut the door.”

Jason did as he was told, and when he turned around, April had unbuttoned her blouse. “Oh my god, Miss Cunningham!”

“Jason, you’re about to have sex with me. Call me April,” she cooed. April reached up and unfastened the front of her bra. The cups fell aside, as her breasts spilled out. Without a word, the two embraced, and began awkwardly making out. Jason’s inexperienced hands groped her tits, and rubbed her nipples. He was a little rough, but April was so horny, she didn’t say anything. She reached down to his crotch, and began stroking his cock through his pants. It was a bit small, but April needed sex so bad, she knew it would still feel great inside her.

“We have to be quick. We can not get caught,” April warned. Jason’s hands were still feeling her breasts, as she undid his pants, and pulled his cock out through his boxers. April hiked up her skirt and quickly pulled of her thong. With a smile, she grabbed Jason’s pants, and shoved the thong into his pocket. With one motion, she turned around, pulled the skirt up over her waist, and bent over the table. “Please Jason, I need you inside me,” April moaned.

“I don’t have a condom, and I don’t want to get you pregnant,” Jason whispered.

At least the school had taught him well. “I can’t have children, Jason”, April said. It was a horrible lie, but she didn’t want him to worry.

“Oh,” Jason said. April hoped she didn’t scare him. Her fears subsided a moment later, as she felt his hard cock trying to slip into her open vagina. She reached behind her, and guided him in. Jason immediately began thrusting back and forth. April wondered if this was his first time. She repositioned her hand, and began to rub her sensitive clit. April knew Jason wouldn’t last long, and she needed to have an orgasm before his finished. Her own expert fingers islahiye escort bayan knew exactly what to do, and she was soon riding the waves of her self brought on orgasm. April spread her legs open more, as Jason continued to ravage her. He had an iron grip on her ass, and was trying his best to keep from grunting with each thrust. April reached back as far as she could, and began massaging his balls.

“Oh god, April!” Jason said. Her name sounded so alien coming out of his mouth. “I’m going to cum!”

“Push your dick all the way in, baby. I want to feel you cum inside me,” April pleaded to him. Jason did as he was told, and the next moment, April felt Jason’s cock pulsate, as her cavity filled up with his youthful cum. “Oh yes, fill me up, honey” April hummed, trying to sound as sexy as she could. Jason pumped several spurts into her. When he was done, he stayed inside her for a moment, before pulling out.

April stood up a moment later, and wiped the last drip off of his tip. Jason pulled his pants up quickly, and zipped up. April fastened her bra up, and slowly buttoned her blouse. She wanted to give Jason one last gaze. “I think you should go now. The other students will probably wonder what’s taking so long, if they haven’t guessed already.” April winked at him. Jason turned a deep red. April could feel his cum slowly dripping out of her. It smeared between her thighs as she finished getting herself proper again.

Without a word, Jason walked toward the door. “Oh and Jason, two things. One, what just happened stays here and will never be mentioned again. Two, this will never happen again.

Jason nodded, and left the room through the half-opened door. April looked at the door, puzzled. Hadn’t he shut it all the way? April shrugged it off, and figured it has just opened naturally on the uneven hinges. She checked herself, making sure it wasn’t too obvious she wasn’t wearing panties. She wrote down Jason’s final measurement, 5″, and waited for the next student.

Just down the hall, Bernadette was sitting on the toilet in the last stall of the women’s room. Her pants and panties were bunched up around her ankles. Her legs were spread wide open, and both hands worked with a frenzy on her soaking pussy. In her mind, she replayed what she had seen as she opened the door to the room April was in. Through the crack, she had seen April bent over a table, rubbing her crotch as Jason plowed away at her from behind. Bernadette came for a third time, her juices splashing in the water beneath her. She rested for a moment, and then began once again on her clit and shaved pussy, which still ached for relief.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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